How low can they go? Sen. Shelley Hughes gets bizarre thank you letter from Satanic Temple in Salem, Mass.


Sen. Shelley Hughes, a conservative in the Alaska Legislature for District M, was shocked to get a letter from the Satanic Temple in Salem, Mass.

The letter thanked her because a donation had been made to the satanic center in her name. The letter said that the donation would go toward the group’s “Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic,” which provides satanic abortion rituals. The “clinic” mails abortion medication to people who “wish to perform The Satanic Temple’s Religious Abortion Ritual.”

Hughes, who represents one of the most conservative parts of the state and has been in the Legislature since 2013, was taken aback by the brazen act. She is known as very pro-life.

On the other hand, her heart was not that troubled. She figures she must be over the target.

“I’ve always liked the Joanne Clancy saying, ‘Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says Oh, no! She’s up.’ And that’s the kind of advocate I always hope to be for the people of Alaska,” she said.

Naming the abortion clinic after U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito’s mother is beyond the pale, Hughes said.

Hughes added that if people feel so moved, they could counter the donation made in her name by tithing to a good cause in Alaska, such as a church; pro-life pregnancy support center; MyHouse, for homeless youth in the MatSu Valley; or Downtown Hope Center in Anchorage, which supports homeless people with meals, and provides safe places for women who are homeless to sleep.

“There are many good causes to contribute to in Alaska,” Sen. Hughes said. “The kind and caring people of Alaska are working to make the world a better place.”

The Satanic Temple, which is a political organization that is pro-abortion, was given the same same tax-exempt status as churches by the IRS in 2019.

In addition to promoting a type of child sacrifice as a religious ritual, the group works to defeat conservatives at the ballot box, and has chapters across the country that have been successful at putting an end to invocations at the outset of public meetings, by insisting that “Hail, Satan” priests must be permitted to pray aloud, if other spiritual leaders, such as pastors and rabbis, are permitted.


    • Curious how quiet some people get when these sorts of things happen.

      But, say, a donation was made to the Klan in Biden’s name by the Knights of Columbus, the usual suspects would be raising the usual hell.

  1. I ran a search on the IRS Tax Exempt Database. The Satanic Temple is there, but the only additional information on them was their address and phone number. I looked the address up on Google Earth. Their building is identified as The Satanic Temple. I checked their website. No where are any names of officials. The content is disturbing.
    They’re here among us. They hide their identities. They’re active in the demise of our culture. They are trying to corrupt our children. They send hints of their activities to our good leaders like Shelley.
    Evil exists.

  2. That’s why I stopped letting my child go trick-o-treating or celebrate Halloween , there are a lot more devil worshippers in anchorage than you’d realize. Although I learned Christians or those who thought they were Christians should’nt been taking part in the festivities when I was a kid. We didn’t know any better cause Alaskan pastors and church leaders in the 1980s and nineties weren’t teaching God’s word. You know how nasty politicians get in October before November election, its when the public sees the Worse out of campaigns, I bet you anything everyone is bewitched if they aren’t anchored on God’s Word that’s why we see such nastiness campaigning, since October is Devil worshippers Most important month to them.

  3. WOW! The only other thing I can say is Pray for our country and it’s people. Those who know Shelly knows this would not come from her, but I think this backfired on the person or persons who did this. (we need to pray for them too.)

  4. Typical liberal tactic. Thats our State folks. We may have Shelly, but we have Murky and Peltola. Look at the book issues, drag queen story hour etc. You better wake up and not be a passive door mat. Be vocal, be involved The thief is in the house.

  5. I stopped celebrating or even offering candy out to the younger(up to 9-10yrs) ones. Celebrating satanic holidays is NOT what I do. I will celebrate “All Saints Day.. if there is a celebration to that. In Germany and Europe that’s what they celebrate.. It’s the next day Nov 1st.. Halloween is an American celebration. Those Europeans who do celebrate Halloween got it from the American military families and with the years of exposure, they do celebrate it more..

  6. We all should send a card to Shelley thanking her for her great work in the state legislature. That was a great response, Senator Hughes.

  7. Never underestimate democrat tactics. Who’s going to be first to send Donald Trump a donation in Jesse Kiehl’s name?

  8. These people are sick deranged animals. Nothing is shocking anymore insanity is abundant. Seems like the country is on a downward trajectory with lunatics leading the way.

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