David Ignell: A mentor for Democrats who care about justice



My last column referenced two bills seeking to reform Alaska’s judiciary, currently pending in the Senate State Affairs and House Judiciary Committees.  

In support of their bills, sponsors Sen. Mike Shower and Rep. George Rauscher invited testimony this past spring from former Lt. Governor Loren Leman.

Leman testified that back in the early 1990s a leader in the Alaska House boasted to him that the Democrat Party would always control the judiciary because of the way Alaska selects its judges.  

Leman’s testimony should send chills through the spine of any Alaska lawyer or judge who cares about democracy. One of their preeminent organizations, the American College of Trial Lawyers, leaves no doubt that we must change this reality with the following statement:   

“The concept of judicial independence — that judges should decide cases, faithful to the law, without ‘fear or favor’ and free from political or external pressures — remains one of the fundamental cornerstones of our political and legal systems, both federal and state.”

I quoted this statement in a November column, but it’s worth repeating. A few months later, Sens. Matt Claman and Bill Wielechowski, and Rep. Cliff Groh, sat in their committee seats and listened to Leman’s testimony.  Each of these elected officials are members of the Democrat Party and the Alaska Bar Association.   

None of them challenged Leman. They challenged other individuals testifying in support of the judicial reform bills, but not Leman. Perhaps these lawyers knew his testimony was unimpeachable, and they didn’t want to draw additional attention to it.     

After all, Leman is a Republican and they’re Democrats. In the burgeoning field of partisanship politics, the truth is becoming increasingly ignored if it is spoken from across the aisle.   

Claman, Wielechowski, and Groh can’t ignore Edgar Paul Boyko, however. He was one of them.     

Boyko was a prominent leader in the Alaska Democrat Party when our Constitution was formed. He was a delegate to the territorial conventions of 1954 and 1956, and chairman of the platform committee in 1956.  

Born in Austria, Boyko was educated at the universities of Vienna and St. Andrews and became a research chemist. He and his Jewish wife immigrated to America in 1940 to escape Nazism. They had $100 to their names. He then entered the legal profession, licensed to practice in Maryland, D.C., Alaska, and California. From 1967-1968 he served as the Attorney General in Alaska.  

Towards the end of his career Boyko became a very outspoken critic of Alaska’s judicial system. In 1990 he took advantage of a rare, unbiased public platform to voice these concerns, a forum unfiltered by judges and what he termed our “establishment media.”  

From August through November 1990, the Senate Family Law Task Force, chaired by Senator Jack Coghill, held six days of public testimony. More than 250 Alaskans testified about the nightmares harming their families caused by judicial decisions on divorce, child custody, child support, and foster care issues.  

Boyko, a father of six children, testified twice and didn’t mince his words.  

Boyko began by saying he had quit practicing family law about 10 years earlier because it was “too tough on my heart muscle. There is just too much misery and too much injustice and too much failure on the system day in and day out and I couldn’t handle it.”  He later added that family law matters were just “the tip of the iceberg as far as our judicial system is concerned.”

Boyko was known as the “Snow Tiger.”  Former Gov. Wally Hickel said, “You could never intimidate Ed.”  If Alaska’s family law practice could frustrate such a legendary lawyer to quit, no wonder AK Mom’s family can’t obtain justice.  

Boyko also heaped considerable criticism on the predecessor to the Office of Children Services, saying a lot of its functions should be taken away: “They are overloaded. They are basically unqualified. They tend to be dictatorial being … unaccountable appointed bureaucrats.” 

Boyko cited Lord Acton’s axiom — that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  

He said, “We have given too much power to various functionaries of our government, particularly the judiciary, but also other parts of the government.  We have given too much power to our government. We have given too much power to the judges. We have diluted accountability, by having only one statewide, two statewide officials elected and everyone else appointed.” 

Boyko testified, “There’s a number of reforms that are crying out to be made in the judicial system in this state.” He said many constitutional delegates didn’t know much about running a state and we had “some ultra-liberals in there who had ideas that have now been disproven across the world … They created some really horrible things.”  

The curriculum vitae Boyko submitted to the Senate Task Force concluded with his motto: 

“To try to live each day in such a way that I may look myself in the eye in the mirror the next morning; without shame or embarrassment; to hold integrity above material gain; truthfulness and principle above popularity; to stand fast against oppression and injustice; to avoid confrontation – but never to run from it; to prefer love of God and man to religious self-righteousness; love of country to chauvinism or jingoism; to disdain, reject and fight against cruelty, hypocrisy, greed and bigotry, as the most despicable of human failings; to walk proudly among men and humbly before God and his universe.”

Bokyo suffered a series of strokes in 1998 and died Jan. 1, 2002.  Well said and done, Snow Tiger.  May you rest in peace.

Senators Claman, Wielechowski, and Representative Groh, do you look in the mirror every morning and ask yourselves if you’re following that same motto?  

I imagine you’ve earned and continue to earn a very comfortable living appearing before this flawed judicial system, which Boyko said “works wonderful for the people on top.”  

But the system you’re defending doesn’t work well for most Alaskans – people like AK Mom’s family, whose lives have been torn apart the past two years; people like Thomas Jack, Jr., who are denied by your judges a jury of their peers and a fair trial, families struggling financially who are denied their full Permanent Fund dividends, or Alaska Natives who fill our prisons at twice the rate they populate our state.  

You ignored Loren Leman.  Will you ignore Edgar Paul Boyko too? 

David Ignell was born and raised in Juneau, where he currently resides. He holds a law degree from University of San Diego and formerly practiced as a licensed attorney in California. He has experience as a volunteer analyst for the California Innocence Project, and is currently a forensic journalist and author of a recent book on the Alaska Grand Jury.


    • The one and ONLY thing that virtually every Democrat cares about is the furtherance of their political agenda, and the acquisition and exercise of raw, naked power. POWER over others is their end-all and be-all. Concepts such as “justice”, “fairness” and “honesty” are irrelevancies and mere hindrances to them in the laser-focused pursuit of their sociopathic goals.

  1. If the word democrat is attached to ANY candidate or politician that is supporting another candidate, that a NO go for me!!! Plain and simple.

  2. Paul Boyco had a weekly column in Alaska newspapers called, “Roar of the Snow Tiger.” He was a personal friend of Wally Hickel. The Committee to which David references, was chaired by Lt. Governor-elect Jack Coghill, who along with Hickel had just won the November 1990 election on the Alaska Independence ticket.
    The party chair of the AIP was Joe Vogler, an outspoken conservative attorney, who cleared the field for the Hickel/Coghill victory. The man who stepped aside for Hickel’s candidacy was John Lindauer, a Republican who later ran for governor in 1998, without the endorsement of Wally Hickel.
    Good article, David. But you know as well as the rest of the attorneys in Alaska (Loren Leman is not an attorney), that Republican attorneys in Alaska are disproportionate to Democrat attorneys by at least a 10:1 ratio. Democrats flock to this business and they bring all of their political influences with them. That’s what Loren Leman was talking about. Our Supreme Court is fully Democrat. If you examine the composition of all Superior Court judgeships in Alaska, you would be hard pressed to find one or two Republicans. Democrat lawyers have packed the judicial system. And when it comes to the practice of family law, you are in the exclusive domain of Democrat lawyers. So ask yourself, David, is the family unit under today’s judicial system better off than during the Paul Boyco years?

    • Elaine, your reply touched on an issue which goes to the heart of the problem and its solution. My research on this critical issue is ongoing, and I welcome additional input from you and other MRAK readers who closely followed Alaskan politics back in the 80s and 90s.

      Here are some more background facts:

      When Coghill assumed the office of Lt. Governor on December 3, 1990, the chair of the Senate Family Law Task was turned over to Senator Paul Fischer.

      Under Fischer, the Task Force issued a Report to the Legislature on January 24, 1991. The Report recommended the Task Force become a Legislative Committee with the power of subpoena.

      The Report specified subpoena power was needed to investigate the cases presented by testimony, alleged wrongdoing by state workers, confidential records of OCS and the courts, and the actions of Anchorage Superior Court Judge Victor Carlson.

      The Task Force heard a significant amount of public testimony against Carlson so it submitted a complaint against him to the Commission on Judicial Conduct. Included was the 36 page transcript of detective Frank Feichtinger’s testimony detailing APD’s undercover investigation of Carlson over concerns of sexual abuse of minors and sex trafficking.

      Feichtinger came to Alaska in 1972 as an Army officer and later started his career in law enforcement as an Alaska State Trooper. His testimony detailed how Trooper investigators back in the last 70s had been aware of multiple alleged incidents involving Carlson.

      Despite all of this evidence, the Commission apparently found there was no probable cause against Carlson. Their finding enabled them to avoid a public hearing on the complaint, which would have been required under statutory amendments to the Commission that had become effective September 12, 1990. The complaint died behind the Commission’s closed doors.

      The Task Force had the cooperation of HSS Commissioner Ted Mala and by memo to OCS dated April 8, 1991, attempted to obtain their records on 8 specified cases. However, a week later the Department of Law issued a memo to OCS saying they should “refrain from providing further access unless the Senate President indicates in writing that the task force is a legitimate committee of the legislature.”

      The opposite happened though. On May 21, Senate President Richard Eliason sent a letter to Fischer terminating the Task Force. His letter said, “I am disappointed that the activities being conducted under the auspices of the Task Force have veered so far off course that it must be terminated.”

      Eliason belonged to the same Republican party as Fischer and Coghill, yet he stopped the truth from coming out. 25 years later the Walker administration stopped the truth from coming out when his Attorney General hijacked Senator Tammie Wilson’s efforts to launch a grand jury investigation.

      This past fall, Dunleavy’s Attorney General teamed up with the Chief Justice to stop the truth through the implementation of Supreme Court Order 1993, which hijacked Thomas Garber’s requested grand jury investigation.

      Today we have Must Read Alaska as a platform to expose the truth, and I welcome further input, either publicly or privately. Thank you, Suzanne.

      • Great continuation to this story, David. Nice job on the research and exposing the true facts. One correction: Tammie Wilson was never a state senator. She was a representative, appointed to the position by Governor Sean Parnell. The position was previously held by Jack Coghill’s son, John, who went on to become a state senator like his father. Then John Coghill lost his senate seat to Rob Meyers, who holds that North Pole area seat to this day. Tammie Wilson, an extremely popular conservative from Fairbanks, is a borough assembly member and a champion for children.

    • By our Alaska State Constitution, Alaska Governors can only appoint judges from the list given to him/her by the Alaska Judicial Council made up of lawyers, the vast majority of whom are Democrats. Another issue that needs correcting in our Alaska Constitution is the part that allows the chief justice of the Alaska Supreme Court to pick one of the five members of the State Redistricting Board. I think that this is a definite conflict of interest since the Alaska Supreme Court who always leans left, has been deciding the statewide district boundaries for the last few decades, always throwing out districts drawn by boards with Republican majorities.

      • Randall, the powers of the Judicial Council under the Constitution apply only to vacancies for Supreme Court and Superior Court positions. The Legislature is specifically authorized to establish other courts and determine the method of selecting those judges, the length of their term, and their qualifications.

        The Court of Appeals and the District Courts are examples of legislatively created courts. The Legislature can establish a different way of selecting these judges, such as elections, instead of having to go through the Judicial Council.

        My proposed amendments to SB 31 and 8B 82 call for election of judges to these courts, the establishment of family law courts, and having magistrates swear in grand jurors and support them in carrying out their Constitutional and common law rights and responsibilities. The Supreme Court has no authority to make rules restricting grand juries.

        Boyko felt that the Judicial Council should be abolished, but if a Constitutional Amendment couldn’t be passed, these and other alternatives existed.

  3. David, You have authored many thoughtful articles on Must Read. This one above in my opinion is your best effort yet! One must go to the root of the problem in order to remedy the problem. Thanks David.

  4. I agree with Robert Schenker. This article sits atop all his others as being the clearest articulation of truth. However, I must offer a little correction to Boyko’s admonition: “to walk proudly among men and humbly before God” should be rephrased “to walk humbly among men and before God.” Pride is a sin; any good arising from us comes only if we allow His spirit to work through us; it is of no credit to us; no man has anything to be proud of. Behold how the homosexuals have ironically seized the term as a virtue–a testament to how they are deceived.

  5. The root of the problem is corruption. Lying by omission, sleight-of-hand move, as a witness lying under oath (perjury) and the good-old-boys/gals club are the roots of the problem.

    Alaska needs judicial reform. Legislative Session 2022 SB 14 Selection and Review of Judges was introduced. SB 14 Sponsor Statement was 1 page and the bill was 11 pages. What happened to SB 14? It died in Finance. Senator Stedman why did SB 14 die in Finance?

    Legislative Session 2023. SB 31 Selection and Review of Judges
    https://www.akleg.gov/basis/Bill/Detail/33?Root=SB%20%2031 SB 31 Testimony Starts are 04:30:06 PM

    Former Governor Bill Walker rescinded his offer a few years ago of the Juneau Superior Court Judge position? Why? Was it because the individual minimized an Alaska Statute in a trial court case? Did the individual’s political party affiliation have anything to do with the position being rescinded?

    What is the remedy when a Judge in any federal, state or tribal court in Alaska violates an individual’s right to due process? Where is the crystal clear roadmap to ensure Alaskans constitutional rights are protected? Attorney General Michael Geraghty intervened on Mr. Parks behalf to protect his right to due process. However, Senator Hollis French wrote AG Geraghty “Since the state’s status as an Intervenor-Respondent in this case is optional, I strongly urge you to drop the administration’s intervention…” Did the legislative branch of government just cross the line into the executive branch? Protection of an Alaskan’s constitutional right should never be an option for the Attorney General.

    Alaska needed an Alaska Constitutional Convention. As Senator Shelley Hughes pointed out there was only one (1) Alaska Native delegate that served in the Convention in 1956. Alaska Natives needed to have more than one (1) delegate’s voice at a Constitutional Convention.

    Alaska Judicial Council Marla Greenstein, Executive Director gave me a copy of AS 22.30.011 https://www.akleg.gov/basis/statutes.asp#22.30.011 When a Judge fails to follow the Alaska Statutes and best interest of a child I would say that the Judge failed to perform judicial duties. What Ms. Greenstein didn’t write me is that she was a reference for this particular person to get appointed to the Superior Court Judge position in Juneau.

    What is the remedy to ensure equal justice under the law? Open a case to go before the grand jury regarding the public safety and well-being of the public. However, December 1, 2022 SCO 1993 severed an Alaskan’s constitutional right to appear before a grand jury. Now what is the remedy to right a Judge’s wrongful error(s)?

    The Supreme Justices wrote https://courts.alaska.gov/media/docs/sc-2020-stmt.pdf “…We commit ourselves and the court system to seek always to ensure equal justice under the law. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently stated long ago, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

    Alaska needs judicial reform. Every Alaskan please call, write, and talk to your Senator and Representative to support judicial reform. And be sure to VOTE!

    Sovereignty, politics, money, the good-old boys/gals club should never obstruct justice anywhere in the great State of Alaska.

    Thank you Mr. Ignell for another excellent article.

    • Betty Jo, you have raised many excellent related issues in your comment. To help answer your questions about Ms. Julie Willoughby, she was one of the rare attorneys in Alaska to publicly assert a prosecutor was engaging in unethical and unconstitutional behavior. That may have had a lot to do with Walker’s rescission, and because her opinions carried so much clout in Alaska legal circles, why his rescission was carried out in such humiliating fashion.

  6. Great article David Ignell. Keep writing, keep bringing things to the light.

    I wonder if there was a catastrophic accident or natural disaster what would the people of this great State do? We saw a taste of that not too long ago with the earthquake that hit 11/30/2018. Everyone came together, got things done, checked on their neighbors, helped each other and the country looked at us in amazement as to how we handle the initial quake and getting things back in operation in record time. I was so proud to be a part of that, so proud to be from Alaska. But NEVER, not ONCE did I hear anyone say “are you Republican or Democrat?” “Oh, sorry I can’t help you, maybe I’ll even make it harder to help yourself, because you’re ‘one of them.'” Didn’t happen, did it? why? Because when it comes right down to it, we are Alaskans, we live in the “last frontier.” My question to everyone is, if we can do that why can’t we do that when it comes to our children and grandchildren?

    What is sad, a tragedy really, is that AKMom’s children and other children caught in the corrupt web of OCS are the ones being hurt and traumatized. AGAIN, this should not be about Republican or Democrat. This should be about those children and what is best for them. With ICWA laws, disability laws and State laws that have been totally ignored how is this about our children? David, as you continue to write about and expose the root to the branches, I pray people will look within themselves and do the right thing for our children. Thank you again Judge Haas for taking that step. Others can follow with the first step.

    • Mary, you hit the nail on the head. To solve our problems we need to stop thinking in terms of political party allegiance and start thinking in terms of justice and caring towards our fellow Alaskans, especially our children.

      The damage being done by OCS and our judges is far worse than the damage inflicted by the 2018 earthquake. Families are being irreparably torn apart and innocent children are being abused and killed.

      • Precisely David. We must all collectively protect the constitutionally-defined personal liberties of each sovereign individual equally. Parties be damned. We have clearly lost this concept to victim ideology over the last few decades. We need regrounding in patriotic constitutionalism.

  7. Scariest action to happen to anyone is when God gives one over to a reprobate mind because of their continuance to keep a hardened heart. Look what happened to king Saul in Samuel and pharaoh in exodus, you can’t say God hardened these two men’s hearts when their hearts were already disobedient and hardened and their failure to make good choices. If these leftest legislators were going to change they’d be changed by now. The Root of the problem is Alaska has never been rooted in God’s Word. These leaders are likened to ancient Israel’s enemies whom used to surround Israel. Our sourdough Alaskan relatives, most of them, came up to Alaska for money not to bring the Word of God with them. Every Alaskan history book I am reading all start out when the crowd rushed to Alaska it was all for money. The only change is raise a new generation on God’s Word, continuing fighting the skirmishes, and wait.

  8. No one understands the degrees of reality more than Yahweh (I AM), the creator of said reality. Whatever condition Pharaoh’s heart was: disobedient, lacking faith, or hardened, Yahweh knew it full well; like he knows the hearts of all men. If Yahweh wanted to harden Pharaoh’s heart further, He knew exactly what it would take. An analogy: if you know what makes a small child tick, you can tempt him into doing your will.

  9. Sore losers, Alaska has the strongest Constitution for privacy and personal rights. The method of selecting judges is enshrined in the Constitution and the sore losers get a chance every 10 years to change the Constitution. Both Loren and Matt are friends of mine, we can disagree, but still get along.

    • Frank,

      Boyko was sore all right, but he was certainly no loser. He was only being true to his motto of standing fast against oppression and injustice, and holding integrity above material gain.

      Boyko was in favor of a constitutional amendment to change the judicial system. Here’s what he told Coghill, immediately after saying the ultra-liberals created some really horrible things:

      “In 1992, it should have been this year but thanks to one of those political decisions of the Alaska Supreme Court the people were deprived of that opportunity, but in 1992 we will have a shot at the constitutional convention and that would probably be the best answer to all these problems. Just briefly, the establishment media are going to start the barrage of propaganda ‘let’s not do it’, ‘let’s not touch it, it’s working wonderful’. Sure it works wonderful for the people on top.”

      What Boyko predicted for 1992 came true and has been repeated every 10 years. Indeed, last year we witnessed the media blitz to “Vote No on 1” funded by people on top and supported by some who were recipients of fat government contracts.

      Frank, if your grandchildren were taken away by OCS for bogus reasons, you might not be feeling so comfortable about our Constitution. Just ask AK Mom. She once thought she had strong privacy and personal rights, only to find out that wasn’t true. Both judges in her case haven’t enforced her rights.

      You appear to be in that upper layer Boyko referred to, so maybe you’re confident your political connections will help protect your family. Be vigilant however, unless you’re at the top your position in the pecking order can change rapidly.

    • Frank, and who spent a zillion dollars trying to convince Alaskans not to call for a Constitutional Convention?
      Got any ideas Frank? Hint, the ABA controls the Judiciary, vast majority of the ABA are of what political affiliation, ponder that Frank. In the meantime, trust me when I say that in prohibiting having a “Con-Con” you were most certainly the victim of a CON Job!

  10. What is the purpose of human life (in AK or anywhere else?) To praise God and make wealth.

  11. U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski denounced President Trump in her statement a few days ago. Murkowski said, “As I’ve stated before, no one is above the law but every American is innocent until proven guilty.”

    world wide web: Obstruction of Justice. In its most basic definition, obstruction of justice occurs when someone prevents a part of the legal system from proceeding by interfering with government investigations or processes or the people involved, such as investigators, prosecutors, judges, jurors, victims, or witnesses.

    world wide web: Malfeasance is an act that is illegal and causes physical or monetary harm to someone else. Malfeasance is intentional conduct that is wrongful or unlawful, especially by officials or public employees.

    Where is the crystal clear roadmap to ensure every Alaskan shall have our constitutional rights protected, the right to a fair trial, the right to protect our children and grandchildren from ongoing abuse, neglect, abandonment, trauma, etc.?

    SCO 1993 that was signed December 1, 2022 violated the Alaska Constitution Article 1 § 8 severing every Alaskans right to appear before a grand jury. Why did the attorneys from the DOL appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee during the 2023 Legislative session about SCO 1993? Does evidence warrant a special grand jury investigation regarding SCO 1993? I would say yes.

    October 2022 during Thomas Garber’s hearing before Judge Morse I saw Mr. Garber hand Judge Morse a white binder. What verified information did Mr. Garber present to the Court in the “unidentified binder” that he was also going to present to the grand jury? Next hearing that was scheduled for December 14, 2022 did not happen.

    Did Representative Tammie Wilson see the children and families that were being marinated in trauma and injustices? Representative Wilson on September 2, 2016 provided a list of concerns to the Grand Jury? “I have scores of cases of exhausted families on my desk. I cannot turn my back on these suffering, crying and sometimes beaten down individuals. We are mistreating the most vulnerable.” Rep Wilson’s case 3AN-16-09924CR.

    Senate President Richard Eliason is from Sitka, and he stopped the truth from coming out. Is stopping the truth obstruction of justice?

    January 2023 I mailed Congresswoman Peltola, Senators Murkowski and Sullivan, Governor Dunleavy, all Alaska Senators and Representatives a packet of information regarding SCO 1993. March 2023 a black notebook of documents and a copy of the “unidentified binder” of documents were hand delivered to a Representative at the Capitol building. The process to ensure justice in Alaska is broken and we need our Legislatures to help restore truth and justice for all.

    A Superior Court Judge in her November 2018 Order wrote, “By extension then, a parent with a history of domestic violence could properly be viewed as unfit. A history of domestic violence is statutorily defined as an incident causing a serious physical injury or engaging in more than one act of domestic violence….” Defendant’s attorney said, “But domestic violence, as I read it, refers to actual physical contact.” I believe according to the DOL webpage that domestic violence is more than just physical contact. The Judge should have believed the Defendant’s sworn undisputed testimony and exhibits. The Judge should have taken into consideration the best interest of a child(ren), adverse affects of childhood trauma, and ordered a parenting family plan, and Judge should have believed the Defendant’s sworn undisputed testimony.

    Alaska Constitution Article III § 16. Governor’s Authority. The governor shall be responsible for the faithful execution of the laws.

    Alaska needs judicial reform. How is Governor Dunleavy going to make judicial reform happen today?

    Politics, sovereignty, money, the good-old-boys/gals club, the sleight-of-hand, lying under oath, lying by omission, etc., should never protect a person who commits a crime or obstructs the course of justice. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid and don’t call OCS. Contact your Congressional team, Governor Dunleavy, your Senator and Representative in your district with your concerns. No one person in Alaska should ever be above the law. Be sure to vote!

    Thank you Mr. Ignell for this article and Suzanne Downing http://www.mustreadalaska.com

    • Betty Jo, the road map was laid out by Ed Boyko in 1990. Our elected officials are the navigators and if they’re incapable of following the correct route, then we need to replace them by educating voters. There’s no other way.

      • Educating the voters is exactly what Senators Shower and Hughes did regarding an Alaska Constitutional Convention last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDThfjcuv6E Both Senators travelled to many meetings sharing the importance of voting YES for an Alaska Constitutional Convention.

        Last year many volunteers were out knocking on doors explaining why and encouraging voters to get out and vote because Alaska needed new congressional team members, new assembly members that were for Alaska and public safety and well-being of all Alaskans.

        In a letter to the editor that I submitted to several newspapers ADN published my letter. I was asking all Alaskans to vote YES for a constitutional convention.

        Through your articles I’m hoping Alaskans are reading and sharing the importance of voting and speaking out to ensure truth and justice prevail for all Alaskans, especially our children, grandchildren and those who did not get a fair trial within the court system.

        As more pressing issues regarding the public safety and well-being, our constitutional rights, judicial corruption, human sex trafficking, etc., we-the-people are being put in the position of pleading to our Senator and Representative in our district and going to the public in hopes of finding that crystal clear roadmap to truth and justice for all Alaskans.

        Every vote matters!

  12. Thank you David for another truth Bomb that seems makes some people uncomfortable and others moved to respond with demands for justice for all.
    My brother Thomas Jack Jr’s case represents the corruption of the Ak judicial system. The perfect opportunity for building careers. Thomas was not a person, apart of a large close family. Thomas was not a son, not a brother, just an opportunity to move up and on in personal ambitions. They did what they did simply because they could. See ‘WWW.PoweredbyJustice for details. Stats do not lie, this practice of inequal incarceration continues without much notice or resistance in Alaska.
    My brother Thomas Jack Jr. continues to fight for his freedom. Thanks to David Ignell’s constant and consistent public advocacy I doubt there is one elected individual in South East Ak that doesn’t know about the injustice my brother is suffering every day.
    The remedy is clear. Elected officials above all and to the exclusion of anything else, value their next term, in my opinion.
    Betty Jo is right. Once the message is sent to your elected representatives that we the people demand justice for all, no matter your party we the people will have equality in our legal/judicial systems. But not until then. Please vote!!
    Please read an article published by U.S Commission on Civil Rights, Racism s Frontier more than 20 years ago. Has much changed for Native Alaskans since then? Stats do not lie.

    • Yvette, when State officials protect the powerful who are alleged to have sexually assaulted others, they must compensate by preying on the weak to make it appear they’re actually doing something.

      The consequence is this: Those guilty of sexual assault are allowed to continue assaulting their victims, while those guilty of violating their oaths are allowed to create a new class of victims — innocent people like your brother and family.

      The State Troopers, OCS, the DA’s office, and the judges involved — they all knew your brother was innocent but it was an election year. Those involved were later rewarded instead of held accountable.

      The State figured your brother would fold and plead guilty like so many other villagers have done. But he and his wife remained steadfast. They drew on their faith in God and marched around Dimond Courthouse seven times.

      The shofar has sounded and the walls protecting corrupt officials are beginning to crack. If all the people shout loudly, those walls will fall down flat. Its up to us if we want justice.

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