How bad was it for Biden? Best pundit comments of the night …


The first debate of the presidential election cycle had barely started when the pundits of X/Twitter were at it on the keyboard. They had plenty of material to work with, as President Joe Biden fumbled, mumbled, and was mostly incoherent.

The debate was hosted by CNN in Atlanta and there was no studio audience. Pollsters reported that 70% or more of the audience for the debate were Trump supporters, while Biden voters generally chose not to watch.

Here were some of the best lines from the X pundits as the spectacle unfurled on CNN:

Jesse Kelly: We all thought Joe Biden was a Camp David resting but clearly he spent the last week in Vegas with Charlie Sheen.

Rick Whitbeck: Our Commander in Chief. They totally screwed up his meds tonight…

Jeremy Boreing: So… It’s Michelle, right?

Bill Ackman: I have to say this is embarrassing not just for @POTUS Biden but also for our country.

Ann Coulter: Even CNN can’t save Biden from this performance.

Charlie Kirk: Gavin Newsom is skyrocketing on PredictIt right now.

Greg Gutfeld: Holy sh*t.

Tim Murtaugh: Any media want to take a stab at calling Biden’s performance a “cheap fake” this time?

Jesse Kelly: This might be it for Joe. Man. This is brutal.

Matt Maćkowiak: Senior Dem lobbyist to me just now: “There are going to be multiple members of congress that come out tomorrow and say Biden needs to step aside. For the good of the country.”

Scott Adams: I’ve never see Biden worse. Bad time to find his bottom.

Charles C Cook: Robert Hur deserves an apology.

Russell Brand: We’re 17 minutes in, and Joe Biden is discussing the problem of people being raped by their brothers and sisters, which is quite an extraordinary yet niche topic to discuss.

Sarah Isgur: Forget the election, this is heading into 25th amendment territory.

Kayleigh McEnany: How in the world did 16 people sit at Camp David with Biden for a week and think this was a good idea? Political malpractice.

Ann Coulter: CNN moderators are surprisingly great. Not wildly unfair, as I expected. Good questions. LOVE the mic cut, LOVE no audience.

Michael Steele: This is painful. Trump full of sh!t and Biden can’t find his.

Tim Murtaugh: This is as bad a blowout as any debate I’ve ever seen. The first 30 minutes are key for catching the most viewers and Biden has just been a muttering ghost of his former self. It’s really, really bad. Trump is calm, firm, and in command. The contrast is undeniable.

BIDEN: *rambles incoherently about his failure to secure the border*

TRUMP: “I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he knows what he said either.”

Amy Walter: Odds of a September 10 debate are close to zero about now.

Matt Walsh: That was it. The debate is over. Biden can’t even finish his sentence. Trails off into nonsense. Never seen a presidential candidate freeze like that. A moment that will be remembered forever. And it’s only going to get worse for Biden from here.

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    • You’re not far off…

      I highly believe it is Harris operatives serving as Biden “advisors” telling him he’s got the fight for another term. She needs him to be on the ticket, (win), and survive until January 20, 2025 at best or November 6, 2024 at worse; which would resolve in one of the greatest constitutional questions of our lifetimes does the VPOTUS-elect get elected POTUS by the Electoral Colege. This is her only possible path to the Oval Office. She does not have the traditional political capital needed or saved up for a traditional track to the office.

  1. If Grandpa Bloodstains is one of the smartest people in DC our little Mary knows,

    Who the hell is she hanging out with?

  2. Biden’s “senile” and “incompetent” condition has only gotten worse, as clearly quite evident with tonight’s performance. The last four years he’s been in hiding and the accomplices can no longer hide – protect him. I think this might’ve been the ultimate plan all along?

    Maybe(?), Mary-P would like to amend her recent statements about his mental competency and sharpness? Those statements only make her look even more foolish and incompetent herself.

    This is the perfect performance that will sink him, no doubt, the Dems will push hard on replacing him at their Convention … the ultimate rug pull.

    • Mary’s one saving grace and only appeal is fhat she “is nice.”

      She’s sort of figured out her best chance of re-election is to do little and say little, hence not offending any one person or group too much.

      Which means, all the “nice people” in Anchorage, Juneau, and the villages will vote for her.

      • She’s already failed in 100.1%. Many in the villages will not vote for her, because she has already “renege” in her so-called promises..

  3. A Biden aide, a little over halfway through claimed he “has a cold” as Biden himself would say, “c’mon man!”

    It’s embarrassing as a nation that these two are the best we can do, but there’s no doubt one of them is completely unfit for office.

      • And that speaks volumes about today’s GOP. The best they have to offer is a narcissistic convicted felon.

          • Climbing mountains requires a certain amount of training, discipline, and undeniable personal persistence, (even though considerable fear and dread of loved ones about the weather at that elevation, possible equipment failure, crevasses, avalanche–and that life insurers avoid issuing policies). The form of insult as if coming from one located far above the plain of reality is a bit of a distraction; one might welcome hopping down off the high horse and out of the rarefied air at that elevation, so to speak, to provide a measured and honest opinion based on live and actual past experiences, especially by a longtime Alaskan.

            Most of us, by retirement age, have met or heard tell of someone in their life who is inherently evil, and can identify differences between someone on a personal power trip and another attempting to do the best for the most. Our society values the lives planned before birth through the lifetime to senescence and beyond. One should also be able to recognize the value of those who contribute to the future of all humanity, and civilization, beyond pure showmanship.

            There were certain advantages/disadvantages of the particular verbal format of American theater, i.e. no notes, especially when it came to dates and names. Debate evaluations based on substance, fact, and proving a point. If all one debater had to do was enter the stage on a bully swagger to provide a continuous line of lies in stentorian tones, then we all know the favored presenter.

            Now, here’s the kicker. What if it was President Biden that came out forcefully, and firmly, and allowed to refute all misrepresentation of the truth by the other participant? Would I still be able to argue as vociferously? Hmm. Let’s hear an honest opinion by MA, not some drive-by swipe of irrelevancy.

            • “Now, here’s the kicker. What if it was President Biden that came out forcefully, and firmly, and allowed to refute all misrepresentation of the truth by the other participant?”

              The point here Mr. N is that he DID NOT come out and didn’t refute ANYTHING forcefully or coherently for that matter.
              Whishful thinking isn’t going to change the facts of what all witnessed, as much as your wandering narrative desires it.

            • Throwing out a ton of word salad doesn’t impress anyone; it only discredits you. All communists complain about Trump lying… while never precisely describing even one lie. Rivers of nonsense.

        • Not sure this attempt at deflection, is right approach here AK, considering that the ONLY other guy running is a senile, doddering old man, who is clearly incapable of running the country. The true narcissists are the people, who keep this man in office to take advantage of his infirmity, pushing the country to the brink and then having him blamed for it all.

  4. Traded several comments with my mostly liberal family members from coast to coast. Names changed for obvious reasons

    [Step-D] …so there’s quite a bit of drinking happening here in the Duluth household

    [DIL in VA] I refuse to watch. I can’t afford to drink the required amount for that activity.

    [Me] Fun to watch Joey blow a gasket

    [Step-S in VA] If I wanted to watch monkey’s flinging feces I’d go to the zoo.

    [Step-D] It’s not that brother. Biden looks *so* bad. Trump is looking really good.

    [Step-D] I sorta want to write in Kamala now

    [Step-D] Biden. Looks. So. Bad.

    [Step-S] (Pointless comment) [Step-D] Are you not watching this? Any random 30 seconds of Biden is pretty f***ing horrible. I’ll vote for Beto.

    [DIL in VA] My [other] SIL just posted a clip that sounds like static.

    [Step-D] I’m happy to hear the comforting shproing of a modem compared to this. Bernie, my man!

    [Me] Oh, please don’t write in Kamala. OMG, the woman’s only redeeming feature is her ability to toss a word salad.

    [Me] (Running commentary with proper responses to questions DJT didn’t focus on long enough to answer. For education of [Step-D] and east-coasters if they bother to read through it when they awake tomorrow.

    [Me] My 92 year old mother is more cogent than Brandon.

    [Step-D] For true, I’d vote for grandma over Biden.

    [Me] LOL. I’ll let her know when I see her

    [Step-D] I’m serious. I’ll make bumper stickers. “Grandma 2024.”

    [Me] (Comment on Ukraine not being in NATO)

    [Step-D] sigh…drinking…whiskey now, I’ve run out of wine.

    Anyway, it was a fun exchange. Over at, John Hindraker gave DJT a +1/2 and Brandon a -1. I’ll echo that sentiment.

  5. Nonsense! Balderdash! Joe was sensational. Don’t give up on the man now, he’s just hitting his stride, you’ll see. And he could have Hunter, the smartest guy Joe knows as his vice dictator, er uh I mean vice mob boss, uh, er vice el presidente! And what about Jill? If Joe loses his lofty position Jill might ditch poor old Joe. Just like she did her first husband. You wouldn’t want that. Would you? And just how would Little Hunter support his expensive life style without Big Daddy’s gravy train money? Cmon man!

    • Hunter can always go back to the porn business.
      He and his sister in law made a bombshell video called “the lonely widow” according to the documentary that was made from his laptop…. that the russians made for him???
      There are so many porn addicts in the country it has become a lucrative business to be in.
      Porn sells just like fentanyl.

  6. It isn’t the conservative pundits’ opinions that matter. The liberal media’s opinions do.
    Headline on Politico is “Biden is Toast”
    This is being repeated all over.
    Biden will not be the nominee. And Trump’s best chance of winning went with him.

    • That’a what I think. Trump can beat Joe, but won’t beat the replacement.
      The sad thing is, this debate finished Trump & Biden ….imo.
      I can’t figure why the GOP & the talking class keep dumping on Joe.
      He is the GOP’s best chance of getting the WH back.
      Now that’s over.

  7. How could the Marxist party have not seen this coming. ??? Either they are up to something or they have become lemmings. I’d like to think the second choice. Expect the unexpected.

    Did anyone but me notice he didn’t blink the entire debate. I’m
    Thinking the 8 ball at the White House may have been his and not hunters. I’m thinking his handlers have him jacked up on the white stuff.

  8. Keep in kind that this was Creepy Joe at his absolute best, after a week of practicing answering questions that we KNOW CNN gave him in advance, and jacked up on the best meds known to man.

    I will bet anyone that Greasy Gavin is who the Dems will replace Creepy Joe with.

  9. This was just weird. One has to wonder what are the Dems up to? I’m thinking Michelle O. She would be a puppet like Joe and Barack would get his 3rd, well, 4th term.

    • I’m doubting Michelle.

      There is very bad blood between her and the Grandpa Bloodstains machine.
      Bad enough to rally against her.

      There is a long line of “it’s my turn. dammit” people waiting for their shot. Kamala, Warren, Mayor Pete, governor hair gel out of California. All want it so bad they would run over their mothers to get it.

      Does she really want it? Evidence to date is insufficient. Might interfere with the grift. Plus it would damage her halo.

      Does the Obama name still hold enough sway to get a glorified housewife elected?

      Possible? Of course. Likely? Really don’t know. We’re in deep uncharted waters here.

    • Its all the “change” the Democrats and liberals wanted in 2008….
      Now it has become the plague that just wont go away.

    • Trump team (Trump) got suckered into an early debate. The dems wanted time to replace Biden at the convention. Trump’s best shot at winning was Creepy Joe. He’s gone. It was universal across the liberal media headlines that his campaign is done after last night. Trump’s next best shot is Kamala which is why some are pushing for 25th amendment so Kamala can replace him.

  10. Only morons would want to put Newsom in office…so he can eff-up the whole country like he did the formerly wonderful state of California?

    • Yes they are called Democrats and they are in charge.
      Here in ANC and all over the West Coast.
      They may be morons, but they are very successful morons.

  11. Biden came across like a toddler with a full diaper. He looked and sounded awful. That being said, Trump is still the sociopath in the room so it doesn’t change my vote. I do think if Trump keeps lying like he does, but does it in a calm, controlled manner like he did last night, he wins easily. We shall see. Still a long time till November.

    • Stop to think about what you just wrote!

      You will vote for a toddler with a full diaper regardless?
      Cman, you always imply that MAGA people (whoever they actually are) are a cult! Respectfully after that statement it appears certain that there is a cult and it is spelled DEMOCRATS!

      Frankly the creepy behavior I saw in a clip from Joe at the afterparty being told that he “did so great, answered all the questions and knew all the facts” by the wife, made me feel sad for him. Then he smirked at girls in the audience and rambled on about Apaches and dog-faced pony soldiers. (While Dr. Jill stood in the background and cringed) and that scared me and made me wonder who is actually running the country!
      We should not tolerated anyone ruling by fiat!

      • I’d vote for a patch of warm brown liquid before I’d vote for Trump. He represents a real threat to the future of our Republic. He wants to be a dictator and the bum lickers in the GOP will let him do it. No thanks.

        • I feel sad for you, I don’t believe anyone by the name of “Warm Brown Liquid” is running (pardon the pun)

  12. It’s time for Gretchen Whitmer to take the torch. Even if the MAGA’s tried to kidnap her once already. The policies and platform are in place, they just need someone able to articulate them.

    • Oh child. Do you have any idea just how badly you’ve exposed yourself?

      Go find some chalk and draw in your driveway.

  13. Newsom is as dumb as a bag of hammers. He looks like someone in a prison line up. He has destroyed California. I expect something very radical coming. These freaks want the freak show to continue.

  14. I did not watch this.
    I don’t condone elder abuse.
    However I saw a chilling opinion from Glenn Beck this morning. He pointed out that Joe Biden is the ONLY person authorized to have his finger on the nuclear button….let that sink in!

    • Wouldn’t worry much about “authorized”, what can Americans do about it?
      Whose finger’s actually on or near the button, how close a fit of dementia-induced pique is to causing a civilization-changing finger twitch, now there’s six months of real worry, no?

      • Thanks for making my point! Authorized in this context means exactly that, it is both scary that Joe in his mental instability has his finger on the button AND that there may be others, who think they have authority to do so, because he isn’t capable…..

  15. Biden/Brandon is MUBAR – messed up beyond all recognition. In what universe is that mumbling, incontinent codger a fit candidate for the presidency? Oh, wait, there’s the “Jill and Hunter Biden universe.” And there is “The View” talk show universe.

    Trump performed about as well as expected. He is certainly not in Teddy Roosevelt’s category of character, intellect, and statesmanship, but neither is he a vertical carcass on Obama’s puppet strings.

    Current events will remind us that a nation’s people will usually get the government that they deserve, and we the people must deserve to be very badly governed by a limp and demented president. We Americans may not deserve better, but we must earnestly pray that the One who rules the universe will be merciful to us. After last night’s presidential debate, what other hope might we have?

  16. The MOST ENTERTAINING program on the network and I wasn’t disappointed 😆That was the fastest 90 minutes ever. The ONLY way I could stomach listening to Biden was with a whiskey 🥃 in one hand and another one waiting for me🤪

  17. I found it painful to watch. Not that I have any even remote favor toward Biden, I think he is the worst president we have ever had, but what I saw was a bewildered elderly man essentially ‘abused’ by his family and ‘handlers’, not to mention his own party. My father had dementia in his last years and it was awful. We protected him and made his life as pleasant and peaceful as possible. The whole scenario surrounding Biden is horrifying.

  18. For 3 1/2 years the senators, congresspeople, military, Intelligence agencies, Justice dept, all have pretended that Biden was remotely capable of being the CEO. The Executive Orders and legislation signings and any decisions have always been clearly not made by him. We are closer to the real potential of a nuclear exchange, ever, and congress is willing to play along with this insanity through next January. Biden might be replaced, irregardless, every possible means will be used to interfere with this election.

  19. The biggest battle is how to persuade the ignorant, uninformed, low information voters NOT to vote for Biden. My sister, an Irish Catholic Democrat, only watches MSNBC. I talked to her and her only comment was, “Trump told 33 lies-fact checked by MSNBC”. And the worst part-she believes them. I told her that as a Catholic, Joe Biden believes in abortion up to the birth which is the position of Planned Parenthood. She said, “He doesn’t believe that”.

    Enough said. How the hell do we survive as a country if we have so many ignorant voters?

  20. This is not even about Biden. Its not entirely unusual for an 81-yr old to suffer from dementia. The entire nation has seen Biden’s infirmity play out for the last 5-yrs. However, half the nation, the Democrats and their media lackies, have been propagating the lie that Biden is in top form. Their extended, inveterate lying has been exposed.

  21. The best politician in the group of democrats? Jill Biden. I watcher her at the after rally and she was dynamic. Joe on the other had, looked lost. It’s elder abuse. Who has really been running the country? Those whom God intends to destroy, He first makes mad.


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