Headline writers who are Trump haters are now in ‘Replace Biden’ mode after disastrous debate

POLITICO's front page after June 27 debate between Trump and Biden.

There was simply no spinning it for the mainstream media after Thursday night. President Joe Biden was an old, old man muttering nonsense, and even CNN and the New York Times could see it.

How bad was it for the president with the reporter-and-editor class that usually protects him? Here are some of the brutal headlines from Friday morning:

New York Times

  • Biden’s Struggles in Debate Alarm Democrats
  • Shaky Performance Against Trump Reinforces Doubts
  • President Biden sought to reassure Democrats after the debate.
  • Former President Trump’s attacks were frequently false, lacked context or were vague enough to be misleading.
  • For U.S. allies, the debate renewed concerns about America’s stability.
  • The debate has left Democratic donors wondering about a Plan B.
  • ‘God Help Us’: 12 Writers Rate Biden’s Performance at the First Presidential Debate
  • THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: Joe Biden Is a Good Man and a Good President. He Must Bow Out of the Race.
  • PAUL KRUGMAN: The Best President of My Adult Life Needs to Withdraw
  • MICHELLE COTTLE, ROSS DOUTHAT AND EZRA KLEIN: Is Biden Too Old? America Got Its Answer.

Washington Post

  • Democrats panic over Biden, doubting his future
  • ‘There was a slow start’: Harris reacts to Biden’s debate performance
  • Could Biden be replaced as the Democratic nominee?
  • Shares of Trump media company spike nearly 11 percent in premarket trading
  • Can Biden recover from his damaging performance?
  • Perspective: It’s time for Jill Biden to have a hard talk with her husband

Drudge Report

  • U.S. Allies Watch With Shaking Heads and a Question: What Now?
  • China Mocks: ‘Very Entertaining’…
  • Axelrod Tells Republicans, If Biden’s Replaced, ‘You Guys Are in Trouble’…
  • Drudge Poll: Who Should Replace Biden? (Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Other)


  • Biden disappoints, Trump lies and deflects
  • Biden’s age problem got worse, Trump ducks on deportations and other key moments to know
  • Live Updates ‘It’s hard to debate a liar,’ Biden says
  • Reaction Biden’s debate performance sets off alarm bells for Democrats
  • CNN Flash Poll Majority of debate watchers say Trump outperformed Biden

Anchorage Daily News

  • A halting Biden tries to confront an untruthful Trump in debate but sparks Democratic anxiety about his candidacy


  1. Earlier this week we were told to not believe our lying eyes, that the emperor was wearing clothes. Now, suddenly we all have become aware that the emperor has no clothes. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, somehow it is.

    • I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone.
      Except our little Mary P.

      It’s just the quiet part screamed so loudly there is no way to spin it.

    • Politicians are bad at stepping aside when it’s appropriate. Yet(!) … They’ve tasted the good life (power – prestige – prominence), and now that savage lust for more drives them to feed their narcissism.

  2. Biden said he thought “we did well” when asked about how the debate went…that should tell you everything you need to know.

  3. I’ve got an idea for a drinking game. A shot every time the media incorrectly calls Trump a liar (90+% of the time).

    Alternative game is two shots every time Russia is brought up.

    Local bars gonna make lots of money.

  4. While it’s untested ground, as I recall civics (it’s what used to be taught in school decades ago to help us understand our government)

    It’s still Grandpa Bloodstains decision. He can’t be forced out against his will.
    The primary delegates are pledged to him and must be released by him. They can’t just wander to Newsom, Kamala, or anyone else.

    So Grandpa Bloodstains still controls the process. He has to be convinced or bribed to quit.

    No idea what happens if he’s out via 25th Amendment. Guess is the delegates remain his.

    But this is wildly uncharted ground and the left tends to disregard the law when inconvenient.

  5. I’m sure this has been their plan all along. Let him fail miserably and shove some other liberal loser out there as the new candidate. The list of “potential” replacements I’ve seen isn’t promising for them, let alone America; Kamala, Pete Bootygieg, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, JB Pritzker………

  6. Like children, leftists have to have their mistakes pointed out and suffer the consequences before they realize they were wrong.

  7. Anyone who still votes for Biden is brain dead in my opinion. I don’t necessarily like Trump, but at least he is a smart business person who can actually SPEAK without bumbling words. He actually has a plan to get this country back from being on it’s ass with the current regime!
    Watch the Dems scramble…

  8. The feeble, old, lying lier was exposed as a feeble old lying lier by none other than the Trump hating CNN. This was classic TV and probably gave CNN their best ratings in twenty years. Sadly, the rest of the world was watching too.

  9. Joe’s handlers on the Left put out this official statement on his behalf:

    “We have said over and over again that Biden is ‘fit for office’ and ‘the best president ever,’ so when it could appear that things started slowly in the debate, it must be Trump’s fault because he is a liar and because Joe had a cold….”

    And from China and Russia:

    “Ready the war machine. If our friends Soros and Gates can get Biden re-elected by these soft-minded gullible Americans, the US will look like Poland in WWII. Good thing they don’t teach that history to their increasingly myopic and dumb children so they’ll never expect it while they watch TikTok.”

  10. Too bad! Too little, too late. Replacing Biden now will create a chaotic storm for Democrats. This is what the 2020 election fraud has brought to this country. Trump by a landslide in 2024 to begin to repair the complete and utter damage the Democrats have caused to this country

  11. Despite the BS that Trump lies and deflects, I have yet to see ANY article that shows what he said to be false. The only problem Trump has is getting all the information into his statements before someone turns off his mic. Biden was absolute proof that he doesn’t have the mental acuity to function in any capacity.

    • Obama is on record saying he would love a third term where someone else is the figurehead while he calls the shots.

  12. Do you know how difficult if not impossible that would be? He won nearing 99 percent of the candidates. The only way he gets replaced is if he bows out or drops dead. I think the needle hasn’t moved much if any after the debate. It’s still Trump he’s running against after all. Sometimes you gotta just see where the missile falls after launch. Hope for luck.

  13. The “real story” that cannot be ignored any longer … everyone surrounding Joe Biden (including the press) has been lying and deceiving the American people. They knew all along but(!), continued to lie and deceive and manipulate! They’ve all looked at the American people and continued to tell us that POTUS is competent and sharp and in-tune. For all of those in-the-know, why would they put Joe in this compromising position, such as this horrific performance, for what purpose? This appears to be an inside job, he was set up, and this was some sort of devious game-play.
    Now, what’s the current plan?
    … Replace him before the DNC Convention?
    … If so: when, how and by what means?
    … Who’s currently in-charge and control?
    What do you think our adversaries think? Probably(?), their thinking they have a limited time of opportunity to take action while the Presidency is in despair – disfunction!

    • I agree rob. The press has acted treasonous from day 1 of Biden’s election. Hopefully they start being held accountable. Bunch of lying thieves and all at the detriment of our country.

  14. I think the whole debate debacle was actually expected and wanted by the Dem Party; even all those spinning to hide the fact know damn well that No Mojo Joe is a tottering, senile, husk of a man and knew he would completely implode; you know, just be himself. But after ginning up their public on anti-realities year after year for so long about how great he is, they couldn’t then do a complete turn-around and stab their false Golden-Boy in the back; that would tank their image too much.
    Solution: let him hang himself so utterly horribly with no chance of redemption that the only responsible thing to do would be to replace him as the D nominee. Then by cleaning up the mess ie) replacing him they can be merciful heroes and take credit for “doing the right thing”
    By letting him step on that debate stage he was basically given what is referred to in rugby, Aussie rules, and football as a “hospital pass”

  15. Replacement was the plan all along, that’s why the earliest ever presidential debate. It was the old man’s last chance. Gavin Newsom waiting in the wings.

  16. The “debate” last night was a total dumpster fire. Biden looked and sounded absolutely awful while Trump, while coherent, was not much better. Neither offered much of substance on any policy and only attacked each other.

    Neither one of those two old men should be running for President of the United States.

    It is sad that we are being forced to choose between a senile old man who should be in a nursing home and a pathological liar who is also a convicted felon.

    Reminds me of a South Park episode where the kids were forced to choose a new mascot with their choices being a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

    Frankly, I would be happier choosing between those two options than Biden or Trump

  17. Isn’t it interesting that NOBODY is attempting to spin this as a minor hiccup. Amazingly every single major news outlet was reporting the exact same conclusion within minutes of the debate ending.

    Biden’s spectacular failure and almost immediate authorization for the media to play it up is entirely too obvious to be genuine.

    Not sure who, but the a replacement is ready to go. Perhaps Newsome but he is risky because he has a record on politics. More likely it’s a personality like Oprah or some other left wing actor who can make a huge splash based on popularity.

    It’s perfect. Delay until there is no time to evaluate substance….before you know it, bang, the election is over and Dems have a new stooge, wildly unqualified, and easily controlled.

    This is how it goes when power and control are more important than legitimacy and honesty.

  18. Only the most brainwashed media people and their consumers were surprised. Anyone who has been paying attention was aware Biden has been propped up, going back to the last election. I was initially shocked with Bidens scripted invitation to debate, but realized the people backing him needed an incident to make it easier to replace him.

  19. Party leaders kept Biden in place long enough to avoid a primary challenge. Now that they have control of who the next candidate will be, he is of no use to them.

    Throwing an old man under the bus like that is elder abuse.

  20. Joe Biden spent a week at camp David with 16 people coaching him to get ready for the Debate.
    If you think they were all gung ho GO Joe you can do it, your just not paying attention. They all knew Joe would fall on his face. Now the people are saying the puppet masters let Joe make a fool of himself because, as 99% of the talk today is, WE need to replace Joe or If you think it’s about replacing Joe your just Not paying attention. Behind the curtain Obama, Susan Rice , Clapper and others did this for a reason. It’s like a magic show… they’re already out door counting the money and your dumb ass is sitting there going , how did they do that ?
    Look deeper my friends, your getting played.

  21. NYT “For U.S. allies, the debate renewed concerns about America’s stability.“. We have been unstable since Biden took office. Paul Krugman must be on drugs. Best president of his lifetime? Good grief.

  22. Oh, my, this didn’t go so well…

    While many have refused to look closely at Joseph Robinette Biden or ask him hard questions, a deeper dive will reveal nothing more than a very average old-school East-coast Democrat. He has never been a star. It has been my conclusion that he has NEVER had to work hard or to please a boss. Now, he is an OLD very average Democrat politician pandering to interest groups. I am not at all surprised at the implosion.

  23. Communists always eat there own eventually and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Clinton’s/ obamas don’t have him suicided if he doesn’t bow out.

    • Give Trump a Louisville slugger and send him in. It better hit the fan the day he takes office. The problem is so huge I got to wonder if it’s correctable without blood getting spilled.?? These people in places of power are completely corrupt and in your face about it. If it doesn’t get fixed in 2025 I don’t think it will ever get fixed. The Chinese communist party will love all these liberals in their workforce.

    • Is AOC old enough?
      The debate alone would we “must see TV” and she is so shrill and dis-likeable the country would never vote for her…

  24. First of all, it would be nice if so many on both sides would stop harping about Biden’s age. It’s about his mental and physiological functionality. Trump is in the same age bracket yet very functional.

    The real focus should be the moral deficiency of Biden supporters. They have all seen his dysfunctionality on display for the last five years yet they propagated lies that he is functioning just fine. Example: Peltola’s recent comment regarding Biden being the sharpest mind in DC. What kind of person lies so blatantly?… yet expects your vote?


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