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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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House drama: Is it OK to get crass about women’s bodies on the House floor?


The Alaska House of Representatives disintegrated into chaos today after Rep. Sarah Vance of Homer asked the body to approve a “Sense of the House” regarding the treatment of other members.

“I move a Sense of the House regarding comments … that brought discredit upon the House of Representatives, and that no member should be objectified on the House floor and no such comments be again be uttered on the House floor,” Vance said. She asked for unanimous consent.

She was referring to comment made by Rep. Zack Fields last week, when he stated during “special orders” that Rep. Sara Rasmussen was a traffic hazard in her district when she wore short skirts and that for her birthday he would be supplying her with sweatpants to wear in her district.

Neither Fields nor Rasmussen were present for Wednesday’s floor session, as both were in quarantine for possible Covid-19 exposure.

House Speaker Louise Stutes called for an “at ease” to consult with former House Speaker Bryce Edgmon and other lawmakers at length. The at-ease went on for several minutes, before Stutes referred Vance’s “sense of the House” to a committee — Community and Regional Affairs — where Stutes presumably could put it to death.

Fields, a hardline Democrat from downtown Anchorage, is a member of Stutes’ caucus and his crass remarks about Rasmussen’s body in the House Chambers has raised the ire of several women in the Democrat and Republican caucuses.

Fields is powerful because he is the one who courted Republican Kelly Merrick over to the Democrat side, and put Stutes in as Speaker.

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There were several awkward pauses. Rep. David Eastman of Wasilla objected to the motion being referred to committee, and Stutes again called another “at ease,” until she eventually called for the House to stand in recess until 4 pm.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • When times likes these get me down, I like to watch old episodes of Charlie’s Angels & CHIPS online.
    Woman cannot accept a compliment these days and EVERYTHING seems to be taken out of context.
    I do not agree with Zack’s political biases but I feel this event has garnished WAY too much attention.
    It is a shame that this is what our modern workplace has become in the 21st century…

    • I believe the issue is that it was in appropriate during a legislative session. Also, the lady in question wasn’t even there at the time. There are certain standards/protocol on legislative floor.

  • I don’t think that’s what happened. I think what happened was a woman was complimented on the floor of the House and woke feminists don’t know how to handle it.

  • Let’s just keep banning speech until there’s nothing left we’re allowed to say! People have become so thin-skinned and intolerant, it’s embarrassing. Humans (can I say that?) aren’t perfect, we say stupid things. It’s time for small-minded politicians to move on and get to work doing great things for our state.

  • Fields got caught with his sweatpants down.

  • It’s always amusing when one of the woke crowd steps on their own woke landmine. All the woke among us, run around and no one knows what to do. Usually they end up forced to have to put on a show of condemning them, but the whole thing is a total joke, just like the wokesters themselves.

  • First, this comment does not reflect specifically one way or another on this story, rather to feminism and me too! in general.
    Welcome to the wonderful woke world of the new Amerika. When (pardon the expression) someone’s panties get in a wad because of a compliment that was well taken for most of our history, you pretty soon realize that we have allowed the creation of a monster. Thank the feminazi movement for the depths to which we have sunk. The women’s movement has been a huge success in the feminizing of America. Men are nothing more than useful idiots in the common culture. Great job all you lgbtqxyz man haters out there. You won…America lost.

    • Inappropriate comments are NOT the same as compliments. An example of a compliment would be, “Ms. Rasmussin dresses very nicely/elegantly/professionally/stylishly”. What he actually said was what is considered sexual innuendo and as such is very crass and unprofessional. It is long past time for you and others to learn the difference.

      • Karen, I view myself as very conservative in all matters politic. I have general disdain for leftist, post-modern, political correctness run amuck. That said, I acknowledge your comment hits the mark perfectly. Its a sad commentary that you must connect the dots of common sense for some on this thread.

  • While I applaud Rep Vance for coming to the aid of Rep Rasmussen, the later has said Rep Fields apologized and she accepted his apology. Not everything has to be done in committee. Sometimes people say stupid things and if they apologize and it’s not a pattern, then let’s get on to the business of governing. This wasted an entire day of an already too short a session. If they go into Special Session, fine them $350 a day.

    • Yes, He apologized because he was caught “Red Handed”, but what about the next time?. He’ll be careful next time in saying it in a gov’t/Legislative session, but what about next time in some other public place??

      • By the way, I am NOT a part of the WOKE so-called grp.

  • Meanwhile, where’s our secure, honest, and fair election voting bill. April is almost here.

  • Glad to know those idiots are addressing the important issues we face.

    This is why we can’t have nice things Alaska. We vote these buffoons into office and expect them to behave like adults.

  • “Is it OK to get crass about women’s bodies on the House floor?”
    If you’re a Democrat…absolutely it is okay.
    If you’re a Republican….you will be metaphorically hung from the nearest lamp post, and then burned in the town square.
    “The Alaska House of Representatives disintegrated into chaos today”………These woke clowns are nothing more than greedy little children who have completely lost touch with the real world, and continue to slurp up vast amounts of per diem money while accomplishing nothing, except for the rare moments when they do agree on something…it results in another incremental loss of your liberties, and costs you even more money.

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