‘He said, she said’: Was this a case of journalistic murder?



(Update: The U.S. Coast Guard has called off the search for Andy Teuber’s helicopter.)

You cannot libel the dead, the saying goes. But you also can’t always get their side of the story.

From the Anchorage Daily News perspective, the owners may hope their news story about former Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium CEO Andy Teuber came after his helicopter crashed on Tuesday and not before, because they may have committed character assassination against Teuber, with sexual abuse allegations that open the newspaper up to litigation from Teuber’s widow.

Widow? Teuber was married? That’s right, and we’ll get to that in a moment. This is a story of a powerful man, a beautiful woman, and a relationship gone very wrong. If Shakespeare was alive, he’d find a more elegant way to tell it, but Must Read Alaska just has a set of documents that tell both sides of the story.

To be clear, at this writing it’s not yet certain that Teuber was in the helicopter that went down near Kodiak. Must Read Alaska presumes it was Teuber; after all, it his helicopter, he was piloting it, and he is missing on the way to Kodiak, and helicopter debris was found. We don’t yet know if he survived, but he is long overdue. The pieces all add up to his untimely death at age 52.

Teuber resigned from Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium last week, and on Monday the ADN broke a story from the side of an alleged victim of sexual harassment.

The woman making the allegations said she had been sexually targeted by Teuber and forced to have sex with him in order to keep her job at ANTHC. She offered a letter she had written to ANTHC resigning from her job, and detailing exactly why, in sordid detail.

The letter paints her as the victim.

Teuber’s side has never been told. He begged the ADN to hold the story until he could get back to Alaska; he was out of state getting married.

There are basic facts not reported by the ADN that put Teuber, but also the complainant in this matter, in an unflattering light.

The woman who went to the press, Savanah Evans, has powerful political ties. She is related to U.S. Sen. Sullivan through his wife Julie Fate Sullivan and is reportedly close with the Sullivans.

In a letter sent on Feb. 23 to “Whom it may concern,” Evans wrote that Teuber forced her to have sex with him and held the threat of employment over her head. He denies those allegations and says she was the sexual aggressor.

Within 10 minutes of Evans’ letter being sent to ANTHC in February, Teuber had resigned from the organization. He quit the University of Alaska Board of Regents. Engaged to a long-time girlfriend, he got married out of state and planned to start his life over.

Evans’ letter with her allegations is printed in full here, followed by Teuber’s written responses to questions posed to him by the Anchorage Daily News regarding this incident.


To Whom it May Concern: 

My name is Savanah Evans. I have been employed with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) since April 22, 2019. Unfortunately, I am writing to you today to give my formal notice that I am resigning from ANTHC, effective immediately. 

I appreciate the opportunities this employment has provided me. However, the work environment is hostile. I understand a letter like this should go directly to Human Resources, however, I do not feel comfortable expressing my concerns to Human Resources or to any compliance division of ANTHC. My distrust of Human Resources and any compliance tools afforded to employees of ANTHC stems from the established institutional protection of President Teuber. Human Resources, Ethics and Compliance and Executive Leadership have overlooked and been unresponsive to similar abuses and perversion of President Teuber’s power, which, until today, I have been subjected to on a regular basis. 

The sight of the Administration’s offices, the boardroom, and the boardroom executive suite fills me with anxiety, concern, hurt, anger, and shame. For over a year, I have been abused regularly by President Teuber, and it happened under ANTHC’s roof. 

The sad part of what I have to say is, it is rumored that there have been other ANTHC employees who have experienced this pain and abuse and silently endured what I now know to be true. If this is not stopped now, the cycle will continue. My present situation and the past 16 months have taught me that our own people are now allowing and enabling those with power to do this to women. If I don’t speak up, I am no less guilty than those who have heard the rumors and done nothing. I will be no less guilty than those who have done nothing but swept it under the rug. I will not be part of this cycle – I have documented evidence of this abuse, and I want it to stop. I want this organization to protect the tribal members who we are to serve and all employees. 

ANTHC is the largest tribal health organization in the state. FTCA coverage and potentially sovereign immunity may be used as shields and ANTHC may choose to vigorously defend absolutely horrendous actions by its most powerful leader, Andy Teuber. My hope is you don’t. My hope is you replace him and create an effective reporting program to report all abuse including abuse by the executive leadership members. 

I want to share with you just a snapshot of what I have been dealing with for the last 16 months. I want to share with you a piece of who I am and who I have been forced to be over my course of employment with ANTHC: 

I am a single mother of a 4-year-old daughter. I am an Athabascan from the Koyukon region. I was excited to begin work at ANTHC on April 22, 2019 working in the Talent Bank for Kirsten Kolb. I did a variety of administrative work and supported the Marketing department, I did well and was hired as a full-time employee. I have always had a desire to learn and grow both personally and professionally, so when the position of Administrative Assistant to the President of ANTHC was posted I applied and was hired. 

During my first week President Teuber coordinated with Leah Pili to have me fly to Kodiak to “learn the operations at KANA”. President Teuber had dinner with me on that Friday night and later that evening requested via text message that I send him an inappropriate photo. I ignored his text message, and I did not comply with his request. Nothing physical occurred on my first trip to Kodiak. However, he asked that I return to Kodiak on October 11​ to help with the KANA annual meeting and again, Leah helped coordinate my trip to Kodiak. After dinner and a walk at the harbor, President Teuber reached around me and kissed me. He then took me back to his room and had sex with me. You may wonder if this relationship was consensual. It is not, when the person controls your employment. 

On October 15, 2019, there was a dinner with a representative from Moda insurance, to which President Teuber requested I bring logowear. When I delivered the logowear, President Teuber asked me to stay for dinner. President Teuber had several glasses of wine during dinner and continued to drink alcohol after the dinner at Fletcher’s. He was so intoxicated, I agreed to give him a ride home. I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had provided an Uber for him, because once at his house, he pulled me into the downstairs back bedroom and had sex with me and wouldn’t get off of me to let me leave. I was finally able to push him off and rush out. Later he texted me, simply saying “I’m sorry; that wasn’t cool.” 

Approximately two weeks later, I made it clear to President Teuber I wanted to end the sexual relationship and that’s when the “Fly Incident” occurred. President Teuber flew into a rage about flies in his office stating that he couldn’t work under such conditions and ordered Clinton Demientieff and I to pack up his office things so that he could work from home. He also required that anything that needed to be signed must be delivered to his house by me. During my first trip to deliver papers for his signature, he pushed me into the downstairs front bedroom for sex and told me that, ​“You always listen better after I fuck you”.​ My self-worth was plummeting and my shame rose to unbearable levels. On November 23​ , 2019, I tried to take my own life as I was unable to deal with the depression that took hold of me as a result of the treatment from my direct supervisor. 

His manipulation and invasion of private life knew no bounds. On August 1, 2020, I was on the Kenai Peninsula celebrating my daughter’s birthday when I received communication from President Teuber. He alluded to having a positive COVID-19 test and informed me I should immediately act as if I were also positive. In response to this, not wanting to spread COVID-19 to my loved ones and my community, I immediately drove back to Anchorage and got a rapid COVID-19 with the rapid testing machine in ​the boardroom executive suite​. That night at 10:40 pm I got my negative test results and texted it to President Teuber. He responded that he was coming to the office. When he arrived there were no words exchanged, he simply unbuckled my pants, pulled them down, and had sex with me, and when finished he joked about never having had sex with his mask on. As I was leaving the consortium office building and getting into my car, he drove up and said “​Thanks – I feel a lot better now.”​ . This is yet another degrading, dehumanizing example of the requirement to keep my job. Any time I tried to ignore his calls or texts during my personal non-work private time, he would swear at me, demand responses, and threaten me by referring to my job and stating that I have it because of him. I have records that will demonstrate the facts above. 

I made it clear multiple times that I did not want to have a “quid pro quo” relationship with my superior, when I didn’t comply, I paid for it during the workdays. Andy unrelentingly coerced, forced, and required sex of me. In December of 2020, I was given my evaluation for the period of time between October 2019 – September 2020. The summary of performance states: 

“Summary of Employee Performance during this evaluation period does not meet expectations”. 

On December 23​ , 2020, I was told I would be transferred within the organization and was placed in the Special Assistant to the CFO office. On February 8​ , 2021, it was proposed by Leah Pili in association with HR that my salary should be reduced from $89k to approximately $60k. 

President Teuber has repeatedly asked me to destroy evidence, keep our conversations private, and has told me I would be “ill advised” to share or disclose any of the events that have transpired over the past 16 months. And again, given that all reports of issues like this are decided by the very person inflicting the abuse. I believe him when he says that there will be consequences, both from the organization and from President Teuber, for speaking out about the truth of this ongoing abuse. There is much more than what I have put in this letter of resignation – it’s only a glimpse of what I have endured over the past 16 months. 

Therefore, I respectfully resign, effective immediately. /s/ Savanah Evans 


The allegations are specific and damning, and Evans says she has lots of text messages from him to back up her claims of emotional and sexual abuse.

But Teuber also has a side of the story. In what may be his last written words, he begged the Anchorage Daily News to hold off publication of their accusations of him.

He wanted to get to Kodiak to be with his daughter when the news broke. He was rushing on Tuesday because the newspaper told him they would not wait. He was distraught, but did he intentionally crash the helicopter?

Teuber had also gotten married on Monday, March 1, out of state to Amy Belisle of Anchorage. Must Read Alaska has seen the marriage certificate. It’s clear that Belisle knew of the allegations against her fiancé and married him anyway.

Here is what Teuber wrote on Monday:

  1. Today is my wedding day and I am out of state;
  2. This afternoon, I was contacted by reporters from the Anchorage Daily News, who paraphrased allegations made against me by a former ANTHC employee with whom I had a completely consensual personal relationship.  I have never, and would never, engage in a non-consensual or “quid pro quo” personal relationship with anyone.  The allegations of wrongdoing that I have been made aware of are false, and these allegations and their timing appear designed to portray me unjustly and falsely; to damage my personal and family relationships; but especially to sabotage my recent engagement and new marriage; and to undermine my professional prospects;
  3. My former position with ANTHC was governed by a contract which includes strict confidentiality provisions.  Unless authorized to do so, I am not able to respond to allegations involving ANTHC, its business, or its current or former employees or practices;
  4. I intend to cooperate fully with ANTHC’s investigatory process, and to provide relevant documentation and evidence refuting the allegations of wrongdoing made against me;
  5. On advice of counsel I must withhold further comment at this time.

Here is exactly what Teuber told the ADN, including material the newspaper chose to not include in its story:

Michelle: As you know, I have been out of state attending my wedding. Please note that I am a private citizen, and I do not consider myself a public figure. You have insisted that I respond on very short notice, and at a time when you know that it would be extremely difficult for anyone to do so. You have presented me with a Hobson’s choice of either responding in detail about private relations between consenting adults, or see false allegations about my private life published in your paper, treating Ms. Evans’s false allegations as true. To be clear, I believe Ms. Evans has strong personal and financial motives to attack me, and you are being manipulated to advance those motives on an accelerated timetable deliberately timed and designed to hurt me and my family. 

Although I request that you not publish a story including these false and malicious allegations against me, if you do, you have given me no choice but to respond (set forth in bold type below) to your specific questions as follows: 

1. When did you learn of any allegations against you by Ms. Evans? 

a. On Tuesday, February 23 at approximately 8:15 am 

2. When did the board receive Ms. Evans letter of resignation? 

a. Unsure. This is a question best addressed to ANTHC. 

3. When did you resign? 

a. Tuesday, February 23, a few minutes after learning of the allegations. 

  • Were you asked to resign, and if so, by whom? 

a. No. 

  • Did you provide a letter of resignation? If so can you provide it? 

a. I did not submit a letter. 

6. Ms. Evans says that you created a hostile work environment for her at ANTHC. Do you dispute that? 

a. Yes, I dispute this. 

7. She said that she did not feel able to bring her complaints about you to Human Resources officials within ANTHC, nor any compliance division within ANTHC, because ANTHC has “established institutional protection of President Tueber” and because human resources, ethics and compliance officers and executive leadership have “overlooked and been unresponsive to similar abuses and perversion of President Teuber’s power.” Do you dispute this? 

a. I dispute this, but am not able to further comment as it involves questions for ANTHC, about whom I am not authorized to speak. 

8. Have you been accused of harassment, ethics violations or abuse by other employees, and if so, how were those complaints handled and resolved? 

a. I have not. 

9. Ms. Evans says ANTHC is “allowing and enabling those with power” to abuse women. How do you respond to this accusation? 

a. This never happened to my knowledge, but I am not able to further comment as it involves questions for ANTHC, for and about whom I am not authorized to speak. 

10. Do you agree that the current process for reporting abuse committed by executive members is flawed? 

a. I am not able to comment as it involves questions for ANTHC, for and about whom I am not authorized to speak. 

11. Ms. Evans said that during her first week working for you, she was flown to Kodiak and you at one point asked her to send you an inappropriate photo. How do you respond to this accusation? 

a. During the very first occasion when we were alone, Ms. Evans demanded sex from me in a very direct and aggressive way. After she made her interest plainly known, we did engage in intimate relations, which were always willing, voluntary and consensual, and often initiated by Ms. Evans. 

(Sources have detailed to Must Read Alaska the specific sexual offers allegedly made by Evans, but we are not repeating them here.)

12. Ms. Evans said that she returned to Kodiak later, in October 2019, to help with the annual KANA meeting and that during that trip, you “reached around (her) and kissed (her). He then took me back to his room and had sex with me. You may wonder if this relationship was consensual. It is not, when the person controls your employment.” How do you respond to this accusation that you forced Ms Evans to have sex with you? 

a. I have never forced or coerced sex from anyone, including Ms. Evans. I do not recall every occasion when we had relations, but any time we did she freely participated. 

13. Did you consider the sex to be consensual? If so, how did you know it was consensual? 

a. It was always completely voluntary and consensual, and many if not most times she was the initiator. 

14. How many of your assistants and past personal staff have accused you of sexual harassment? 

a. I have never been made aware of any such allegation. 

15. How many of your assistants and past personal staff have accused you of emotional abuse? 

a. I have never been made aware of any such allegation. 

16. How many of your assistants and past personal staff have accused you of sexual assault? 

a. I have never committed sexual assault against anyone, and I have never been accused of this.

17. Ms. Evans says that on Oct. 15, 2019, she agreed to drive you home from Fletcher’s bar in Anchorage, because you’d been drinking, and that when you arrived at your home “he pulled me into the downstairs back bedroom and sex with me and wouldn’t get off of me to let me leave.” How do you respond to this accusation? 

a. I do not remember this particular night, and this allegation is false to the extent that she is accusing me of coercing or forcing her to do anything against her will. As stated previously, any and all occasions where Ms. Evans and I engaged in intimate relations were completely voluntary, and many if not most times initiated by her. 

18. Ms. Evans said that she “was finally able to push him off and rush out. Later he texted me, simply saying ‘I’m sorry; that wasn’t cool.’” How do you respond to this accusation? 

a. Again, this allegation is false as stated above. 

19. Was this incident reported to police? 

a. Not to my knowledge. 

  • Have you been contacted by police about this incident? 

a. No. 

  • Has ANTHC hired an outside counsel or attorney to investigate this matter? 

a. I am not sure what you mean by “this matter,” but all questions about what ANTHC is or is not doing should be directed to ANTHC. 

22. Do you have a personal attorney representing you in this matter? If so, whom? 

a. Yes, I do, and he has contacted you off the record on my behalf. 

23. Ms. Evans said that you began working from home about two weeks later, and that she was required to deliver papers to your house for signature. She said that during her first visit to his home, for work purposes, “he pushed me into he downstairs front bedroom for sex and told me that, ‘You always listen better after I fuck you.’” How do you respond to this accusation? 

a. I am not sure of the timing referred to in this question, but this allegation is false. 

24. Ms. Evans describes an encounter on Aug. 1, 2020, when you came to the office while COVID-19 positive and had sex with her, telling her aftward, “Thanks – I feel a lot better now.” How do you respond to this accusation? Did this occur in a room behind the ANTHC boardroom, within the executive suite? 

a. This allegation is false. 

25. Ms. Evans writes that, “Any time I tried to ignore his calls or texts during my personal non-work private time, he would swear at me, demand responses, and threaten me by referring to my job and stating that I have it because of him.” How do you respond to this accusation? 

a. I did at times express myself strongly to Ms. Evans, but all such expressions were job performance related. 

26. Is there a recording of you berating Ms. Evans? If so, has the board been provided with that recording? 

a. I am aware of a recording that Ms. Evans made of a conversation regarding a work-related and very stressful situation while I was on personal time. Beyond this, I am unable to comment on ANTHC business. 

27. Ms. Evans writes that she “made it clear multiple times that I did not want to have a ‘quid pro quo’ relationship with my superior, when I didn’t comply, I paid for it during workdays.” How do you respond to this accusation? 

a. This allegation is false. 

28. She writes that you “unrelentingly coerced, forced and required sex of me.” How do you respond to this accusation? 

a. This allegation is false, and as stated above, any and intimate relations were completely voluntary and often initiated by Ms. Evans. 

29.Ms. Evans said that her job performance, provided in December, stated that her performance “does not meet expectations.” Is this correct? 

a. I have not seen her job evaluation, and beyond this I would refer you to ANTHC. 

30. She said that on Dec. 23 — after she told you she no longer wanted to have sex as part of a “quid pro quo” relationship — she was told that she would be transferred to a job as special assistant to the CFO, with her salary reduced from about $89,000 to about $60,000. Is this correct? In other words, is it accurate to say that when Ms. Evans told you she no longer wanted to have sex she received a pay cut? 

a. This allegation is false. There never was a “quid pro quo” relationship between us. I had no involvement in setting her salary or benefits. As far as the terms of her employment and duty assignments made by her supervisor, such questions should be directed to ANTHC. 

31. Ms. Evans writes that you repeatedly asked her to destroy evidence and told her it would be “ill advised” if she were to share or disclose any of the events that transpired over the past 16 months. Is that correct? 

a. I never told her to “destroy evidence.” She and I both agreed that our personal relationship should be handled with discretion. 

32. Has ANTHC destroyed any of your electronic records, including email, phone or text archive? 

a. This is a question you should direct to ANTHC. 


  1. “He took me to his hotel room.” Really? Were you tied up and bound and gagged? Did you get into the car, get out of the car, walk to his room, go into the room, and then what? This woman willingly went along simply because of a job. If she was good at her job she could have gotten another one. No job is worth being treated like this, if true, she could have just friggin left! How do you go along with something like this over and over and over again?

    • Single mother with a 4 year old. Maybe she needed the job. Have you tried looking for a job recently.
      Oh, she did just friggin leave. Did you read her resignation letter.

    • Not every woman knows what to do like you know what to do when a charming and admired man gets her alone. Like most women and men, I am sure there was a smidgen of pride she had access to the president/ceo of the largest Native healthcare provider.

      You also forget her age would had been 26 or 27 to his 51 or 52 and that he has had more sexual partners than she had, so he was more experienced what to do with a woman and what a woman can and can’t do physically.

      26 year old females don’t know much about what to do when something doesnt feel right until after the incident passed.

      Just as Art Chance said in his last column, don’t put a 20-something year old in a managerial position, and her $89,000 is clearly a managerial position. Andy Tueber should have had another 50 year old as his executive administrative assistant. Maybe a woman executive who is 60.

      • Way to infantilize and strip the agency from a presumably competent, autonomous, adult human being of (at least) normal intelligence.

        By this constantly used misogynistic logic, women and women alone are to be presumed incapable of operating as adults among adults, needing special protections which men of the same age and experience do not.

        • Women are generally smaller and less strong than men, so yes women and others of smaller size and skill are unable to defend themselves at those points. Guessing you are a guy and are looking at how you have treated those less strong and skilled than you now. Thanks!

  2. This should have been reported to HR at time 0. I cannot understand why it was not. Instead, it is sent to a news outlet for maximum distribution, to be “judged” in the court of public opinion.
    Even if we assume she is truthful in her allegations, it is a political hit job.
    One wonders what really happened here…

    • Can’t trust ANTHC HR more likely would not do anything. I doubt any employor will want to investgate and discipline anyone like the President/CEO. Just recently, It took ministry RZIM.org an investigation regrettably realize and admit its late founder and President Ravi had a sexual addiction while he was living. They knew since 2017 but took his side until Aug 2020 began a new investigation after Ravi’s death.

      • No excuse. She had the responsibility to report this to HR if she was victimized as she says. If no action from HR, then hire a lawyer. She participated (at best) or allowed it ( at worst). Sending this to a newspaper appears to be the act of a vindictive scorned woman. It puts her former employer in a very bad position as well. Condolences to his wife and family. Clearly, poor judgment on his part to become involved with her in the first place.

  3. I found his timing of marriage is interesting. Learn about the allegations, resign within minutes, engage immediately, and hurry up to get married before the story hits the media. Multiple people has pointed out this is a repetitive behavior for this men (from reddit comments). Thank you for posting the interview script, his responses made me further believe he had a lot more to hide, and crashing his helicopter was the best way out in his mind.

    • Or maybe.. just maybe…. his accuser got pissed when she found out he was marrying another woman and that she wasn’t “the one” that was gonna gain access to his money and power and as a scorned woman decided to destroy him in the public eye by going to the ADN, hell hath no fury……

  4. Whenever news reports of any stripe include references to how “powerful” someone is, the setting involves people and organizations that are deeply flawed. People that possess and exercise actual power do so with discretion and restraint. Organizations and people that allow discussions about “power” and “powerful” people to take hold deserve all the downside that arises.

  5. What a mess… If her allegations are true, he was a predatory and evil POS, and if the allegations are false then the same could be said of her… Either way the ADN made a hash of the story as per their SOP and went out of their way to destroy this guy without giving him a chance to defend himself.

    It should go without saying, but I guess it doesn’t.. nonconsensual sexual relations with anyone is criminal. consensual sexual relations with someone you work with in this day and age is stupid, bordering on insane.

    Guilty or innocent, his new wife and family have my deepest condolences. What a tragedy to loose someone in an accident under any circumstances.

  6. Weird how this all came out while he was out of state getting married, sounds like a lover scorned to me.

  7. I think He is still alive and hiding. The U.S Coast Guard spent longer time searching for other missing people before calling off a search. For them to call off the search for a man obliviously powerfully well connected and obscenely wealthy so quickly doesn’t make sense.

    I believe her story. I believe she isn’t admitting as much as she can, anymore information she gives and she’ll look too much a loose woman. I believe he isn’t admitting as much as he should. But, what was Andy Teuber having a so-called consensual relationship with a single mother. She was a mother. He should had thought about her child.

  8. MRAK was were I first read about this story. It was quite review – had his exorbitant salaries listed and there was some suggestion about Medicaid funds. How did those allegations resolve.

  9. I’m standing by the saying if something doesn’t make sense, it’s not true. This was a consensual relationship that was turned into sexual assault because this woman wants her 15 minutes of fame. Life is about choices. She chose to sleep with a co worker in a high position. At work. What i surmise is someone found out about it and she knew she was gonna get into big trouble… Or she was ticked off that he was with another woman he was going to marry… Too many things with this that points to another woman crying wolf to get attention from the media and to destroy her former lover. If this was sexual assault, why did she not report it immediately, and why agree to give him a ride if he was so out of line and drunk? None of this sounds credible. She made her bed, now she will have to sleep in it. We will probably never know the real story here.

  10. We need to learn this simple fact: when there is a position of authority involved, sexual relations are rarely completely consensual. We see this pattern over and over, where the man in power says it was consensual, but the woman says it wasn’t. Maybe she went along with it at the time, outwardly, but was cringing on the inside. Maybe she was fine at first but regretted it later. The truth is, these matters are never simple.

    Bottom line: don’t get involved in a workplace relationship! And report to HR right away if an inappropriate advance is made!

    • “We need to learn this simple fact: when there is a position of authority involved, sexual relations are rarely completely consensual.”

      Not according to Bill Clinton with respect to Monica Lewinsky. There’s ample historical evidence that power attracts, making such liaison’s consensual. Ask Henry Kissinger about that.

    • “wherever the new wife calls home will be a good place to look for this guy.”

      Don’t think so. Not if the Coasties found part of his helicopter in the drink.
      It’s cold out there!
      U ben watchin too many mystery movies.

    • “We need to learn this simple fact: when there is a position of authority involved, sexual relations are rarely completely consensual. We see this pattern over and over. . . .”

      We also see a worldwide pattern, over and over again – by the millions in fact, of vulnerable women seeking out strong men to protect themselves (and their children), and using sexual relations to cement the relationship.
      Also, we have the Marilyn, Evita, and Monica types, probably by the hundreds of thousands in contemporary America, seeking powerful men to boost their own egos or material welfare.

  11. Well folks, there’s a bit of a lesson here as well for MRAK. This site often publishes stories that are damaging to people’s reputations (Dr. Zink comes to mind as a recent example). I hope that the authors and publisher are prepared for the fallout that may someday result from such stories. Regret and guilt last a long, long time.

    And maybe, just maybe, in a manner similar to the incitement of the “Patriots” on 6 January by Trump, some MRAK reader, agitated by these stories and comments, may actually act on their feelings and do some real damage (Ping Pong Pizza anyone?).

    So, folks, be careful what you write, because thoughts can become actions, “journalism” can destroy lives and families, and the consequences can be irreversible.

  12. My heart is broken for Savanah, I am so sorry she had to deal with these terrible actions. And after being as brave as she was to come forward, I am so sorry that there are people out there so messed up and disgusting as to find a way to blame she for any of it.

    Savanah’s words speak for themselves. This DISGUSTING article tries to shame a victim. How dare you, Suzanne Downing. Take your hate and lies elsewhere.

    • “Savanah’s words speak for themselves. ”
      That’s right! But that doesn’t make them true.

        • Um, no… Savanah continued to place herself alone in these situations over and over. There were many avenues she could have taken to keep this from repeating and many reasons or “excuses” she could’ve used to keep from being alone with him (for Christ sake why didn’t she immediately leave when he said “I’m coming up to the facility” after her negative COVID test?!). Sounds to me that she enjoyed the attention while it was happening, but wanted to cry foul when it stopped or she came to realize that she wasn’t going to be his one and only. By no means should he have acted upon his impulses given his position (not to mention the choice to rendezvous on company grounds), and for that they both deserve to lose their jobs…. but she is no victim.

    • All Suzanne did was report both parties sides, what has to date been said by both parties about the matter, which is only fair.

      Beyond that, I am not privy to the evidence on hand, so I don’t have enough information to make any judgments on either one.
      I do however know, I have never slept with anyone or did anything I felt was wrong for any job or salary. I would walk away, and probably punch someone before anything ever got started. ~self respect~ is priceless..

    • Suzanne Downing did the responsible reporting. The ADN has been assassinating it’s opponents for years.

    • Take her “hate” off of her own website? If the entirety of what you wrote in that hyperbolic, sophomoric comment was not enough for any reader to recognize as the beliefs of an ignorant person, you definitely proved it by ending on that absurd conclusion. Every claim of wrongdoing must include the version if events according to the plaintiff, and the defendant. Otherwise, you have to accept that–for all people–no one lies (I made sure to include the scope of that statement for formal logic purposes).

    • Savannah I know the courage and strength it took for you to come forward. I am proud of you and I thank you for doing so. You are not the only women to be branded with society’s scarlet letter. There are many of us. Unfortunately the man never is called out as you can see by many comments. The men are always considered poor victims as teuber permanently made himself to be. This will pass. But in the meantime, the vultures are waiting to pick your bones. So hold your head high and keep it there. There are people out here who know the truth.

    • My heart is broken for Savanah too. But for different reasons. She didn’t HAVE TO deal with these terrible actions. She did NOTHING to stop it. She had several options to stop it and she did nothing. She is responsible for her behavior as well. The DISGUSTING thing here is that a man is most likely dead because of horrible judgment and and a relationship with someone he had no business being involved with. The VICTIMS here are the loved ones he left behind.

    • Nope, Suzanne has kindly laid out both sides of the argument which ADN failed to do. Please enlighten me by pointing out her “hate” and “lies”?

  13. Although this guy’s heritage is primarily caucasoid it is a surprise to no one that native guys are hard on the women. If you think that dork Fields was out of line just look at the legacy news any you’ll find a plethora of articles indicating that village culture has not been kind to the weaker sex… and you’ll find that a significant percentage of village raised women bail out of the village once they come of age; in part an indication that the word consentual has complex meaning and doesn’t translate well.

    And yeah, if there’s no carcass, there’s no death.

    And yeah, I’d bet a nickel there’s an interesting insurance policy and beneficiary.

    And yeah, wherever the new wife calls home will be a good place to look for this guy.

    And oh yeah, that this came out after her income dropped is not entirely coincidental.

    • I was mulling over some of the same points, S.C., but I didn’t want to be so insensitive to their culture.

      You do make some very good points there.

  14. As I read this, I can’t help to think this article is victim shaming and that’s even more painful to read as it is coming from a female journalist. Reporting on fact is one thing, but making political ties for her is just so low. While you were on that topic, why didn’t you mention she is also related to Mary Jane Fate who was inducted to Alaska Women Hall of Fame for her tireless activist work in Alaska native women right issues? Savanah got the guts to finally speaking up, and from the comments I read from other sources, she isn’t the first victim and the rest were prepared to come forward.

    • Savanah should have gone to HR and not dragged ANTHC through this mudslinging fest. Alaska Native women are women just like the rest of women all over this state. If she was smart enough to get the job, she should have been smart enough to stay out of his reach. This is not the cultural thing you all are making it out to be. The girl slept with her boss. She should have taken it to HR or gotten a different job. ANTHC failed her by not getting her out of the situation if they were ever aware of it.

      • Her Boss slept with her. Fixed it for you. But keep slut shaming since you enjoy it so much camai.

        • Boss slept with her, she slept with her boss, same thing. Unfortunately, they aren’t the first nor the last. Savanah is clearly smart enough to land this position and know the correct route to take to bring him down…. which means she was smart enough to find another position and seek help after their first “non-consensual” romp. Do you honestly believe that she thought “other duties as assigned” in her job description included sexual favors?! She knew better! She’s no dummy and no victim..

  15. I also find the timeline interesting: This guy quit his job minutes after the letter was sent to the board – put his house on the market (ADN reported) – engage – told the news outlet to hold off the story – got married on Monday – story came out on Tuesday – disappear in a helicopter right after (ALONE, without the newly wedded wife, day after their wedding).
    I’m glad you published his side of story too, a lot of “no comment” …

  16. “wherever the new wife calls home will be a good place to look for this guy.”

    Don’t think so. Not if the Coasties found part of his helicopter in the drink.
    It’s cold out there!
    U ben watchin too many mystery movies.

  17. My comments focus on the journalistic responsibility in question here.

    The experiences Ms. Evans felt are horrifying.

    But journalists should be held to a higher standard when it comes to what would be considered investigative reporting.

    I am not diminishing Ms. Evans allegations at all. However, the Anchorage Daily News took the time to have a photo shoot of her as a part of the story.

    Using the “going to print” deadline as a tool against a party in any story is not an honest statement anymore.

    The Anchorage Daily News posts news stories online that are “breaking” which are not confined by “going to print” deadlines.

    That being the case, so holds their professional integrity of ensuring that both sides of the story are reported fairly.

    Having a photo shoot is strange when coupled with the pressure to force quick responses from the accused.

    Guilty until proven innocent by news outlets in America is a practice that needs legislative attention.

    News outlets have taken on the self-rightous role of judging American citizens that violates the U.S. Constitutional rights of due process.

    I do not claim to know any facts or derails.

    That is the role of the judicial process – not the Anchorage Daily News or others.

  18. These people are mostly white with a little alaska native blood. They are claiming native blood for their own personal gain when it suits them. Follow the money. I’m personally tired of these less than half breeds. These people don’t even marry natives, lessen the native blood of their kids who will then expect to call themselves native when their is money involved. I think the native health service benefits should only given in the percentage the a persons blood quantity. Half breeds receive 50 percent, quarter breeds 25 percent and so forth.

    • Full breeds receive hemophilia and all the other genetic disorders. Heinze-57 breeds are healthier, smarter, and live longer.
      Your solution would encourage inbreeding, like the royalty of Europe in times past.
      There are a couple of AmeriNative tribes which average already less than 1/8 blood, yet the BIA still recognizes their tribal status. Otherwise, their tribal status would be in question, and their reservation lands would be up for grabs.
      The BIA doesn’t want the responsibility of deciding whom is AmeriNative, and whom isn’t. They rightfully leave it up to the tribes to decide.
      Unions, churches, political parties, and etc have their own rules for deciding who qualifies for membership. Seems to be the SOP for everyone.
      In Alaska one had to have at least 1/4 blood quantum to have been included in the original enrollment. Less than 1/4 blood children can inherit their parent’s shares, and are allowed to vote those shares.
      In that sense, the 12 regional corp membership blood quantum will eventually become diluted over many generations.
      Sometime down the line this may become an issue, which the by then 1/16th blood quantum or so Natives can vote on.
      You’re correct, it’s much to do about the money, but it’s not that simplistic. There are many other issues in play.
      For one, the BIA doesn’t want to be dissolved because it ran out of AmeriNatives. Ahahahahahaha!

      • Wait until the casinos get here. Blood quantum will cause the corps to start disenrolling members left and right.

    • I think Federal money for Indian Health need to go all together. Make the beneficiaries pay for their own health visits, care, and pharmaceutical drugs. After all the Native community demands respect and to be treated as a sovereign nation within a nation! So tribal families can start that sovereignty goal paying for their own health care.

      If I grew up without IHS, surely the independence will have made me learn much earlier I need a job that pays me better so my wages can afford a health care plan.

      When something always existed, the children take it for granted and miss out the monetary lesson that nothing is free.

      • I’m guessing A lot of people wish, that Maybe at some point, another 2-300 years from now, we can all just be Americans (or whatever we are at that time) and we won’t need to take blood tests or hold up a color wheel to our faces to see what things we get or don’t get or what we can say or can’t say, etc. I think that’s what Dr King spoke about? Feels like it’s going the other way though to me…

    • You raise an interesting issue, Jeff, but as long as we’re evaluating scrapping the current system which you object to because some individuals with a bit of white ancestry might benefit from it, wouldn’t it just make more sense to scrap it entirely rather than continue to saddle taxpayers in perpetuity with the healthcare costs for anyone at all based strictly along racial lines? Or might you wish to suggest that would be racist?

    • Who are you to determine what blood quantum decides who is a Native American and who is not? I have two sets of GGG grandparents that were removed via the Trail of Tears. I am a member of the Cherokee Nation and you don’t get to decide what benefits me or my descendants receive because you are butt hurt.

      • Let’s just pretend that the massive governmental wealth redistribution and taxpayer-supported “non-profit” machines were to go away next week, CKBII, and you had a chance to receive one final payout for you and your descendants to carry on just like everyone else.

        How much would you say that you’re owed?

        • Aunt Sally,

          I am so glad you brought up this question. Our ancestors that negotiated with the federal government were savvy leaders – regardless of race.

          As such, there us a contractual agreement between the Alaska Native and Native American people and the federal government – otherwise more commonly referred to as Treaty Agreements.

          In the Treaty of Cessation, the Russian Government required that the United States honor the treaty deals executed with Lower 48 Tribes.

          As such, those contracts include a wide variety of guaranteed services into perpetuity for Ak Native and Native American people in exchange for the U.S. Government to gain title to what is now American land.

          So, my point is, these contract obligations are carried out through a variety of vehicles, such as the non-profit organizations you referred to.

          However, to be very clear – these are not charitable, tax-dolkar sucking entitlement programs.

          These are payments into perpetuity for the land that was “accepted” by the U.S. Government also into perpetuity – per the contract agreement.

          Simply, it was a business transaction that created a legally-binding contract agreement.

          Again, I am glad you asked. ?

          • Thanks for taking the time to try to educate me, Trudy!

            Please pardon me for making the observation if it’s improper to do so but y’know that young lady in the picture serving as your avatar looks remarkably white yet you’re clearly here posturing as a native who’s entitled to taxpayers’ earnings and special privileges. Might that blonde-haired young lady be you, Trudy?

            If so, I must have missed your retort to Jeff Turner’s post above wherein he states “These people are mostly white with a little alaska native blood. They are claiming native blood for their own personal gain when it suits them. Follow the money. I’m personally tired of these less than half breeds”. Might Jeff have been referring to someone like you, Trudy?

            And isn’t it the case that you’ve been profitably making your way through life affixed to one native organization or another, sometimes right up until they have to sue you for fraud and breech of fiduciary duty, and that your livelihood would be jeopardized if the race-based redistribution of taxpayers’ earnings which you view as an eternal entitlement were to come to a grinding halt?

            Again, I am glad you took the time to respond.

          • What Treaty of Cessation are you referring to? The only one I know of contains no such clause and further, the Russian Gov’t couldn’t care less what the AK Native population thought. The Russians had enslaved AK Natives when it suited them and some natives would tell you that Russians compromised the dignity of Native women at their whim and without consequence. That’s a landlord that doesn’t give a rip about the tenant for certain.

            The Treaty of Cessation contains only a harsh reference to Natives by modern standards and it appears in Article III as follows:

            “…uncivilized native tribes, shall be admitted to the enjoyment of all the rights, and immunities of citizens of the United States and shall be protected in the free enjoyment of their liberty, property and religion”.

            Property of course referring to chattel as it was the land Alaska Natives were on that was being sold.

            If that’s the document you’re referring to there is nothing in those pages that imply the special privileges you claim. Where are you finding something different?

        • I could care less about money. But since you ask. You could start with the value of over 100 million acres and every nickel that land has produced since the genocide.

      • The Cherokee don’t seem to have a blood quantum rule. They let anyone in. You being an example. I’m much more native than you and I have no interest in enrolling as I did not grow up on the reservation or in the culture much. Hence I am not entitled. My grandparents knew what they doing when they moved to the city.

        • Excuse me? You know nothing about me nor do you have any idea about the number of “full blood” members of my family. If you don’t care about your heritage that is your business. Do not however disparage my background or my nation.

    • Even Superman couldn’t make that giant leap in speculation, based on conjecture, re-enforced by supposition.

    • …and in a nutshell it boils down to exactly that.
      The ADN could not be bothered to follow the Mallot story and reported as little as possible until a year or so later, when they printed a bizarre story of the woman supposedly involved.
      Yet here they “rush” to print, no waiting on a statement from the accused party, no waiting on an investigation by ANTHC and their findings. The ADN staff uses their power of the press to protect those they like and damage those they either do not care about or disagrees with. That’s not journalism that’s journalistic vigilantism.
      As for the case itself, basing any conclusion on either her or his answers is severely premature. I am certain there are witnesses and physical or electronic evidence that may shed light on this, that we do not have access too.

    • HahahhHA! He’d have been the perfect guy to sort this out! Culturally sensitive and adept at compromising native women. Now where’d I leave that ouija board?

  19. Whatever it was, He still shouldn’t have been having a consensual sexual relationship with a single mother. This state does not respect and understand single mothers. She was still a mother. Whatever their initial behaviors were to one another, he was the man with the responsibility, and he should had respected Savanah because of her child without a stable father. If anything, he should had demonstrated a good example of a surrogate father figure to that child by having compassion to the mother. Whatever her job her job as single parent is challenging enough, she lucky her jobs will pay her enough at least she and child will never be wanting physical things. Most single mothers don’t have that financial security.

  20. I have no idea who, if either of them is telling the truth.

    But I have to wonder how many 26 -year-old people are making 89K per year. MS Evans must have had some impressive skills as an intern.

  21. Right on Ken D. Impressive is right!
    Savannah had and ignored opportunities to do something different. Go to HR, get a different job, say NO. There is huge support at ANTHC for reporting. They are well aware that this kind of abuse can go on. Savannah had to have taken the corporate education on this subject. We all do. Annually. With explicit directions on what to do if the situation occurs. She has one kid (single mother), she knows how this works. There was NO and I mean NO reason to take this where she did. I am ashamed of her actions and hope that she realizes the far reaching consequences of her actions. I personally think that the timing of her little stunt says it all.

    • What fangirl or fanboy you are of teuber! You have some real hatred toward Savanah. So tell us camai why do you have such a personal vendetta against her? Why do you have a such a big dog in this fight?

  22. Why does ANTHC and SEARHC not look harder for people with better background checks before hiring, especially when hiring leadership? They don’t stick the legal specifics of Native Preference hiring either. Come to work drunk? You may just get sent home or you may be fired but they’ll rehire you a few weeks later. Teuber is another one with DWI and a few other things on his record.

    No matter who initiated it, calling a sexual relation between a low ranking employee and the top boss consensual is like calling a sexual relationship between a professor and a college student consensual. It isn’t no matter how you spin it

    • Just FYI if you look at the DUI charge the Teuber that has it has a DOB of 1938. Pretty sure that is his dad and not him. He is a Jr.

  23. Each passing day after Mr. Teuber’s disappearance yields new and interesting information. This type of theater is becoming common, coming on the heels of the Berkowitz-Athens saga. Who’s next?

    • Another dumb-dumb who won’t listen to these experiences changing the direction of their life, repenting, getting help before the man is humiliated. Teuber didn’t listen to Byron Mallott’s experience in October 2018. You’d think Teuber would have stopped fooling around in 2018. Interesting, while Berkowitz’ naked butt picture was circulating, this scandal was in the works, being exposed short months later. It didn’t have to happen, Teuber choice allowed it all to happen.
      Now! Everyone will wait for the next evil exposed after months of hiding.

  24. This woman was suffering from mental illness long before 2019. The timing of his marriage and then this allegedly non-consensual relationship suddenly coming to light seems convenient- like a lover scorned perhaps?

    And wasn’t she married during this period as well? Whatever happened to her husband? I’m sure he has a side of this story to tell.

  25. This story is far too familiar. I find great comfort that someone finally was heard. Not to mention have respect for this young woman coming forward. You are not alone.

  26. Who cares if Ms. Evans was a single mother; being a single mother or parent for that matter, does not deteriorate her credibility. It seems Mr. Teuber wanted to get home to Kodiak to his child, or children. That would technically make him a single-father, right?

    From some of the responses, it makes me wonder, “did we go back in time and travel across the country to Salem, MA”?

    All these outrageous comments and public judgments go exactly back to my original point.

    No one knows the actual facts. The Anchorage Daily News and other media outlets do not have the right to trample on citizen’s rights of due process.

    Everyone on every side of this is exercising public discourse that was slanted against the accused in the Anchorage Daily News in the first place.

    Now I do not know who is right or wrong, likely these things are not that simple. But the journalistic rights to Freedom of the Press, is not covered speech in this particular ADN article, if you ask me. The Freedom of the Press is for the purpose of protecting journalists against government retaliation.

    The Freedom of the Press does not cover anything outside of that. So as Americans, we have to stand up of ourselves as citizens and demand change within this deterioration of news culture.

    • I am surprised, considering Teuber’s position, ADN didnt oblige and hold the story. But I reminded, I shouldnt think ADN is any different even after BLM and Woke stuff. You’d think they’d have held the story when Teuber begged them to. But he has Native blood and he is an established Native leader.

      According to Democrats both He and Mallott didn’t deserve the same protection given to the Berkowitz family. Anchorage is still waiting for an ADN story about Mara Kimmel’s vehicular death story as an example.

      Alaska Natives still support Democrats even while Democrats enjoy watching us beat up our leaders, while democrat news take their turn punching them out.

  27. Aunt Sally,

    My avatar? Lol. That “young lady” is me at 49 years old.

    I am not sure what about my post triggered you so much – but clearly you were triggered.

    Was it that you are unsatisfied that there was a contractual agreement executed years ago that you feel is unfair to you today?

    If so, take it up with the government, your legislator – file a lawsuit.

    However, instead you just chose to attack how I look, diminish my career, undermine my heritage, and spit on Alaska Native Corporations for-profit and non-profit in your response.

    And to circle back to my original post in regards to the ADN article a journalistic responsibility – you just proved my point – by using this media platform to try and discredit my integrity.

    You responded exactly the way a group of people wanted you to.

    A group of others worked together spending a lot of time, money and effort in their attempt to make it appear I was guilty of wrongdoing based on a dismissed civil lawsuit – on another website or multiples of webite platforms.

    Well done.

    Trudy Sobocienski

    • Ms. Sobocienski… your opening salvo was intended to impugn the integrity of Ms. Downing by stating that journalists should be held to a higher standard (apparently than you believe she upholds).

      Now after having blasted Ms. Downing and journalists in general you would like to hide from having your comments scrutinized and quite frankly, anyone with an objective nature could find it odd that you might cast aspersion on another’s honor.

      You have also stated that the treaty of cessation includes comments that indicate AK Natives should be given special consideration. If you’re referring to Seward’s document your assertion is patently untrue.

    • C’mon, Trudy, pull yourself together and quit playing the victim card.

      The fact is that none of us want to see those in need of medical care go without but because we’re also paying our own way in life, we’re careful with our own expenditures and we expect others whose healthcare costs we’re covering to be at least as frugal as we are.

      Instead, we can see that we’re paying massive, inexcusably inflated wages to functionaries like this Teuber creep, we find that there’s no cap on Medicaid spending with the result that the state coffers are being bled dry to support some in need and many who aren’t strictly because they carry certain DNA that the rest of us don’t, and we further find that we could actually see a state income tax imposed and PFD payments to all of us cease in order to continue the collosal transfers of wealth from the private sector to many who aren’t paying their own way as well as to a whole host of middlemen (and women).

      And to your point that I “chose to attack” how you look, the fact of the matter is that you look no more native than Rachel Dolezal looks black and it was hardly a surprise to look up your name and quickly learn that you’d been embroiled in a public scandal of your own centering around allegations of fraud and breech of fiduciary duty.

      Moreover, I still don’t see that you’ve replied to Jeff Turner above with regard to his statement that “These people are mostly white with a little alaska native blood. They are claiming native blood for their own personal gain when it suits them. Follow the money. I’m personally tired of these less than half breeds”. Again I’ll ask, might Jeff have been referring to someone like you, Trudy?

  28. This story is less about the actual incident and more about MRAK trying to stick it to the ADN, whom they are trying to unseat as Alaska’s premier news source.

    • WT – not exactly. One person will not unseat a news organization owned by millionaires, nor is it my goal. Must Read Alaska is here to keep the mainstream media on its toes. – sd

  29. Allow me to enlighten you on who Andy Teuber was.

    I grew up in Kodiak, where KANA was a thriving business that provided high-quality service. After Andy rose to power in 2009, he began cleaning house by firing all the senior employees and replacing them with fresh high school graduates, to cut costs. He paid these new replacements without educations a fraction of the cost, while upping his own salary.

    He was a predator known throughout Kodiak. He would grope waitresses in public and when they reported the activity to their managers, they would be fired. He sexually extorted a number of employees at KANA and when they would report the activity to HR, they too were fired. There were several women from my class who were employed by KANA. They were all propositioned by Andy and ended up resigning. But, he blackballed them, so now they work in states such as California, North Carolina and West Virginia.

    I agree that journalistic integrity is important. Yet, for those here who are victim-shaming, know that you’re not defending any prince of a man – or spring chicken, for that matter.

  30. There once was a man who decided to do the annual Mt. Marathon race. As the man ascended the heights, the guides waved him on. Yet he was never found to descend. Within a week a memorial was held for the man who never returned. Deja vu all over again!!!!

    • I knew Mike.
      He had nothing in common with a self serving predator and never had an $89k/yr on staff doxy.

      • My posts about journalist responsibility are not targeted at Suzanne. I appreciate Suzanne and thank God MRAK has come into existence.

        The key difference about Suzanne is that she will go where the story leads; she does not – at least in my opinion – get locked into any single storyline.

        Is that not what investigative journalism entails?

        I post my personal commentary and my personal opinions on my personal blog – that I do not attribute in any way shape or form to be news or newsworthy.

        I just think Suzanne and Craig Medred hold true to the covenants of news reporting.

        If I in any way, shape or form, came across as undermining Suzanne and MRAK, that simply is not what I unintentionally meant to convey.

        I generally only read her pieces that she authors, for full disclosure.

        And I read the ones that are of interest to me.

        Also the beauty of why I have always preferred reading the news instead of being bombarded by it 24-7 on the television.

        I get to pick and choose what I am willing to tolerate for the day or that certain point in time – the choice is mine.

        And I appreciate that when I comment in posts to Suzanne’s articles – she posts it. She takes whatever action or non-action that she chooses. She is phenonemal in that regard.

        And to be clear. I have never met Suzanne or had a phone conversation with her. I am not writing a love-fest post supporting her because of any prior relationship or anything like that.

        It is simply from what I appreciate about her journalistic integrity – which does not appear to me to be based on ego or other such trappings.

        Thank you for asking me about that. It helps to have a community forum that Suzanne has created and embraces – to discuss in the purest sense of its meaning, public discourse.

        • Less pap, please. You’ve made an incorrect statement about the Treaty of Cessation and how it provides AK Natives with special interest group status when in fact their only inclusion was in a passing reference to “uncivilized native tribes”.

          Please expand on your statement. You appear to be inventing an historical narrative to fit your fantasy and stating it as fact.

  31. I am not sure what pap means.

    However, I have read that citation again since we are discussing it.

    It is vague.

    But – on that note, did the reader’s here know that the Anchorage Municipality sold the neighborhood citing imminent domain?

    Now, the imminent domain clause in this situation will be executed in 99 years.

    But the City received pennies on the dollar – oops, not correct, because I am not sure about the bitcoin value to the dollar – especially since a foreign government bought it.

    But the City included a sentence that says the original Bootlegger’s Cove resident families will be treated as other neighborhood families throughout the United States.

    How would you choose to interpret that?

    • Your dictionary is not broken and the citation is not vague. The Treaty of Cessation does not provide for Alaska natives as a special interest group.

      Natives were given away with as much care for their future as the kid offering puppies from a cardboard box in front of the Carr’s store. I suspect you may be appropriating the charm of an Alaska Native but likely may not be of local origin. Might you actually be posting from stateside? Carr’s is a grocery store masquerading as a local concern when they too are a stateside entity incognito.

      My apologies for not responding to the bitcoin imminent domain fiction story you posted. My interest in fantasy is curiously narrow.

      • Trouser,

        I was making the same point as you – Alaska Natives are NOT a special interest group. Absolutely, unequivocally NOT a special interest group.

        Alaska Natives are the original landowners of ALL of Alaska.

        Interesting though, the comparison of myself to Carrs.

        Also interesting that you compare Alaska Natives to dogs outside of a Carrs store.

        You wonder if I am local or that I am pretending to be local while living “stateside”?

        I live in the Lower 48 and yave since 2017. Before that time I was born, raised and lived in McGrath, Nome, Anchorage and Palmer.

        I did spend a winter in Oregon.

        So am I authentic enough for you? The “you” who has put yourself in a “self-appointed seat” of judgement and christening?

        I get to live anywhere I want to. That does not deplete who I am.

        I actually am not the one hiding behind a screen name and fictious front, Trouser.

  32. Aunt Sally,

    I needed consider what you were communicating to me, because being the human being that I am, I get triggered and react.

    So I will respond as you requested about Mr. Turner’s comments first. Then, I will finish to address your question.

    I do not know Mr.Turner. I do not know or care if he is blue, purple, or magenta – much less if he is depleting his “color” by marrying who he chooses to marry.

    He has a right to his opinion.

    I just am not one who will pit people against each other, especially when Mr. Turner’s concerns are valid points to be discussed.

    Taking our anger and frustration out about valid issues, but communicated through intolerance of each other, in my opinion, is why it has been why all of us are getting louder and louder and concurrently feeling like none of us are being heard.

    Absolutely, there are exorbinant amounts of money being funneled through non-profits to the middlemen or women – which I agree whole-heartedly needs to stop.

    Obama did a bunch of investment in the Nome and Barrow hospitals.

    But there waa no new specialty care services to the people included.

    So now, people just have a prettier building to die in.

    If anyone listened to the people, they would know that the want better and more advanced healthcare services closer to home – versus a $300 million new hospital building with similar services to what has always and only been available.

    Now I see the Dems are funneling $31 billion through all their syphens for Native Americans.

    Well, President Trump bi-passed all said syphens at $8 billion.

    I wonder what the end result will be when all is said and done and $31 billion is filtered and filtered on the way to the actual individual Native person?

    I apologize if I was evasive before, but I had to unpackage what you were asking.

    Take care.

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