Andy Teuber missing, helicopter wreckage found


The Coast Guard has found debris of an overdue helicopter approximately 66 nautical miles northeast of Kodiak, Alaska, Tuesday.

Missing is Andy Teuber, 52, from Anchorage, who recently resigned from Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, where he had been the chief executive officer. On Tuesday, the Anchorage Daily News revealed why Teuber had resigned — an employee accused his of forcing her to have sex with him. She released a letter with the details about his abusive pattern that caused her to resign from the organization.

The helicopter Teuber was reported to be flying is a black and white Robinson R66 with the tail number N1767.

Teuber owns Kodiak Helicopters LLC, which owns the missing helicopter.

A MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew and an HC-130 Hercules airplane crew from Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak was searching for the missing helicopter.

Watchstanders at the Coast Guard Sector Anchorage command center received notification from a family member at 5 pm that Teuber left Merrill Field Airport at 2:09 pm with intentions of traveling to Kodiak. Teuber’s last known location was approximately 66 nautical miles northeast of Kodiak.

Watchstanders issued an urgent marine information broadcast and directed the launch of aircrews from Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak and searched late into the night.


  1. What did he know?
    Who did he know about?
    How far up did it go?
    Is there any connection to the missing native children?

  2. ANTHC would be an Ideal workplace to work for one’s lifetime and retire if the company wasn’t so abusive. It would be an ideal place for me at least, Except I don’t feel like being emotionally, mentally abused just to recieve good pay and better take care my family.

    Although I am doubtful if the Board will even know how to change ANTHC other than just handing out a corporate email and post flyers about the signs of abuse and harrassment putting on a good face assurring its employees abuse will not be tolerated with employees going on their merry way continuing their own subtle abuse behaviors and communication. Most normal people don’t want to see themselves as the Abuser. Most Alaskans have experienced abuse sometime in their life, and continue the patterns without realizing their dysfunctional behavior and communication negatively affects the people they work around including their own family members and close contact friends, and anyone around them.

    • So very true. HR and admin just look the other way. Watched it happen for over 20 years. Lots of sexual harassment. Admin tells HR what to do.

  3. The final episode of “Dallas” was more interesting than this. Move on. Nothing to see here.

  4. Prayers to the family of course, first and foremost, one hopes this man is found alive and well.. but one can’t help but think the entire situation is very interesting…Wealthy healthcare executive with access and money who also owns a helicopter company crashes, while flying solo at night, in mysterious circumstances, near remote terrain that he is very familiar with.. while in the middle of sex abuse scandal that lead to the end of his career and potential lawsuits to follow…. body not recovered… not to make light of any of it, but it sort of sounds like a movie plot..

    • No doubt the holy-wood pedos will rally to twist and bury this sordid example of the Native Culture spearheaded by the Stevens, Murkowski,Young RINO Cabal. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s time to look behind the curtain out here in Nome at NSHC where Monday another young native woman attempted suicide! Apparently their “Native Connections” approach to suicide prevention administered by. Sherry Anderson and other partners (follow the money) leaves much to be desired as evidenced in 2/25/21 letter to the Nome Nugget from Dr. William Cox, not to mention the ongoing litigation in the Bun Hardy rape case which seems to have quietly disappeared from their news cycle in favor of a weekly dose of covid and climate fear mongering! Oh and by the way, how come the regular flu cases have all but disappeared?

  5. Didn’t one of the “Corrupt Bastards Club” scofflaws appear to stage a disappearance at sea involving a contrived boating mishap only to turn up later back in the day?

    Just musing, of course…

  6. New hottie wife, lots of money, everything in favor of starting his life over … I rule out suicide. He may have just been too confident of his pilot skills, and was trying to hurry the transition to his new life.
    As far as any life insurance … he was a key person, CEO, business owner, all critical management, which always has big insurance policies … the bulk of payouts usually go towards compensation to the companies for the lose of a key person.

  7. HMMM, Wonder who it was who broke into fort Andrews airforce base recently? Waiting for a biden update,…….lol

  8. No body, no pinging emergency locator and no wife accompanying him back to his rush to his family in Alaska makes all this feel very strange. Unless something more concrete shows up in the water or on a beach, I bet he hightailed it to a country without extradition living the good life with his new wife.

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