Family of Andy Teuber issues statement on his passing


From the family of Andy Teuber, for immediate release:

Andy Teuber was a talented, energetic, successful, and proud Alaskan. We knew him as all of these things, but also as our loving, kind, and gregarious father, brother, cousin, partner, and spouse. We cannot express in words the depth of our sorrow for his loss. We will have many occasions to share our happy memories of this remarkable man with his many friends and associates, and we will announce the arrangements in future communications.

We regret at this difficult time that we are also compelled to address the unfair, hateful, untrue, and malicious attacks recently published against Andy. We feel that these attacks do not describe the extraordinary man whose loss we mourn so deeply. There is much more to be said on this, but for now we request the space and time to mourn and remember our Andy as the great man we knew him to be.

We appreciate all of your kind thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.


  1. God’s blessings.

    The pain of this runs deep and will last long – I do not know any facts and this comment is not about that.

    The loss to his family is a pain and hurt we all have known or will know in our lives.

    My heart breaks for them.

    • AkFireflower:

      You might not respect the guy but for you to say “good riddance” is about the most heartless thing I have ever read. Regardless of whether he did as claimed, he has a family, kids, other relatives and quite a few friends who will be mourning his loss. Your mean spirited callous comment is truly unacceptable. I am glad, in a way, that the host of this site allowed it so everyone can know what kind of a person you really are.

  2. One must wonder how much life insurance cash the family stands to benefit from and how much they stand to lose if his apparent victim(s) litigate against his estate?

  3. We will see after the Investigation. felt the same way about late founder and president Ravi in 2017, regrettably they realized in August 2020 Ravi lied and he had a problem.
    She was still a single mother, whatever they done, he was a man (head of a family) and should had at least respected her not touch her out of respect for her child.

    • Respect for her child? As a mother SHE clearly did not have respect for HER child when she made the decision to participate in that relationship…OR failed to report abuse. Any ‘child issues’ are ON HER. Maybe he was abusive. Maybe not. Either way, as a mother, SHE IS RESPONSIBLE to behave in a respectful, dignified manner.

  4. You are defending a sexual predator of women. I’m glad everyone can see exactly who you are, someone who feels sorry for a powerful man who sexually, mentally and financially abuses his female employees. If my father had done what teuber had done, I would be just as disgusted probably more so. His family should have some shame. As should you.

    • What do you think he did? You were in the room? You were aware of their intimate encounters? That affair took two persons to initiate and maintain. She had other opportunities, using the correct chain of command to make her case. His family should not bear the shame of anything.

      • I think Teuber only loved himself and his helicopter. His life is nothing but a bad cliche.

  5. AKFire, you don’t know if the allegations are true or false…..but what is true this man had just gotten married two days before Savannah came out with her complaints. So to me it sounds like she thought she won the lotto but when she found out she had been played, she’d decided to cry foul… see how easy it is to just assume. So just chill until all the facts come to light before you speak ill of the dead.

  6. I knew Andy. I respected Andy. I am tired of the slander and backbiting this is causing. I have strong concerns about how Savannah handled her complaint. So, Hey, Savannah, there is a robust, competent HR department down on that first floor. If you had concerns about your relationship with a coworker, you knew to take it to them. You took the mandated harassment class along with the rest of us, didn’t you? Did you sign off that you understood that chain of command? You would have done better to sue ANTHC than to take your complaint to the media, forcing this all out war. What has this accomplished. You have dragged us all through the mud. You put yourself out there as a strong Athabascan woman, you make the rest of us look weak. You reap what you sew.

    • With slanderous and back biting coworkers like you, camai, it’s no wonder Savanah took her abuse complaint outside. Oh and It’s reap what you sow but nice try.

    • You must not work for ANTHC. HR’s only job is to prevent lawsuits. They do not help or protect anyone. Admin tells HR what to do. Watched lots of good people lose their job because they spoke up. So many in admin did sexual harassment. At least one married his secretary.

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