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District 14 votes to recall Rep. Kelly Merrick

District 14 Republicans officers met in Eagle River on Wednesday and voted unanimously to work to recall Rep. Kelly Merrick.

The grounds will be that she voted for a speaker who is part of the Democrat-controlled caucus, and because she lied to the district.

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District members say she told them she would not caucus with the Democrats, and thus she was endorsed by the district in 2020. But she flipped last month and, on the invitation of Democrat Rep. Zack Fields, joined the Democrat-controlled caucus.

The meeting was held after an executive board meeting. The group will not be able to file for a recall petition until 120 days from Jan. 19, 2021, which is May 18. The group already has more than 50 signatures on an application for a recall petition, but will need to bide its time before filing with the Division of Elections for the petition booklets.

Merrick attended via Zoom from Juneau and defended herself, saying the Republicans gathered tonight do not represent the community, but she does. However, the members present say they are confident they will get enough signatures to bring Merrick to a recall vote, and that Eagle River is fired up that their representative emboldened the Democrat-led binding caucus.

The Alaska courts have ruled, in their decision to allow the recall to proceed against Gov. Mike Dunleavy, that nearly any justification may be used by the public to recall an elected leader.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. I’m so tired of these RINO jerks and the head of the Republican Party in Alaska thinks Murky Murkowski is great for our State. We are screwed if these clowns remain in control.

  2. Congratulations District 14 some much needed fortitude after being beleaguered and miss-represented. I have to commend the district committee for stepping up.

  3. Nicely done Eagle River. Reminds me of an “At Will Clause” in a employment contract. GOP … Who’s next? Hopefully, Daddy’d Little Princess!

  4. Whatever it takes to show Alaska Democrats Alaska has a Two-party system, not a one democrat-republican party system, and differing point of views are Okay. The republicans have just as much right stand their ground as the Democrats. Remember when A herd of Elephants stand together and charge they can scatter and trample a herd of Donkeys a lot better than a Donkey herd can’t do to a herd of Elephants.

  5. Remember Boys and Girls, in Alaska we have a two party system in politics. We have an Evil Party and a Stupid Party. Republicans are the Stupid Party. Republicans run for office saying government does not work, after they win a majority and are in power they prove their statement to be true!
    I do not know this Woman in Question, however it occurs to me that she is in a position to do some good for her district, (isn’t she on Finance?). I would hold my fire until 2022 if I lived in Eagle River.
    So, let the circular firing squad begin! The Evil Party just loves seeing you dummies shoot each other.

  6. Mrs. Merrick has pushed the envelope here. I think that an orderly process will follow and she will be tossed out. Democracy will be allowed to run its course. But she is flying upside down right at the very edge of the envelope. She is testing what honest people will abide.

  7. Letting a compromised liar stick around until 2022 because she may do some good is a cop out. Get rid of low integrity opportunists.

  8. I have to wonder why people like Ms Merrick think that their political beliefs qualify them to join the Republican party in the first place. I could say the same thing for Lisa Murkowski.

    • Randall Frank, Please Sir’, kindly enumerate the Political Beliefs one must possess to be a member of the Alaska Republican Party. I am curious to know what this might be.
      I do not know Ms. Merrick, however I understand that she is ardently pro-life, is that something that would qualify her to be a Republican? I also see where she is committed to building infrastructure and pro resource development. Are you suggesting we exclude people from those factions too?
      A Political Purity Test? Are you suggesting that? Huh, See my comment above about Republicans being the stooopid party.

      • I perceive you are identifying ironies. Few Republicans hold firmly to principals any more. The lady, Merrick, seems to hold stronger conservative principals; probably more so than those seeking her ouster. I acknowledge party loyalty in and of itself is a core principal.
        Party membership is a covenant in which support is given in trade for loyalty. Such a covenant should never be casually broken. If, as you say, Merrick can achieve more conservative results by aligning with Democrats then she may actually have the moral upper hand over a stubborn Republican House apparatus. She has time to reveal her intentions.

      • One’s position on a particular issue doesn’t make him left or right. However, we have put way too much faith in people who don’t give a fat rats ass about what you (or I for that matter) think.

  9. “The Alaska courts have ruled…that nearly any justification may be used by the public to recall an elected leader.”

    Unless you are trying to recall an Anchorage Assembly member, then it practically takes divine intervention.

  10. I don’t know Kelly Merrick at all and I certainly wouldn’t judge her based on this one vote.
    By her action, at least the friggin’ House got organized and could actually start to work. The impasse between the coalitions was wasting a lot of precious time. Under our current circumstances (pandemic and economic damage) and minimum savings accounts to raid, the choices in the Legislature this year are few.
    In such a closely contested Legislature, there is a long road ahead for any bill to pass.
    It seems a huge over-reaction for District 14 to create such animosity with your elected representative at this time.
    Wouldn’t it be better to cordially speak with her about issues of real importance to the District?
    The main issue where people need to pay attention is the fundamental choices of:
    1. Reducing and eliminating the PFD.
    2. Impose new taxes on income, sales, and industries.
    3. Raid the Permanent Fund beyond the statutory 5%.
    4. Sharply cut the State operating Budget.
    5. Deplete the CBR to a zero balance. Its already been drained of $12 Billion.

    None of these choices will make anybody happy. The legislature has deficit-spent every year for the past 5-8 years. Our fiscal house is a shambles. So my choice is 1. and 4.

    What;s your choice? This is what I want to know from Representative Kelly Merrick.

  11. Good for Eagle River! It’s well past time to hold lying elected officials accountable! There are far too many liars holding public office. I hope Eagle River is successful in recalling Ms. Merrick and can replace her with someone of integrity that will represent Eagle River residents more truthfully.

    • Agree there are far too many liars holding public office. We need to do our homework on these politicians, the best way we can, and be well-informed at the ballot box. I’m not in the Eagle River district, but I saw this coming well before the election when I read she is married to a union boss. Watch her actions in the House and see what she supports. She can’t be recalled for months, but her agenda can hopefully be neutered with careful vigilance from informed voters.

  12. Where do I go to sign the Petition?

    She could save all of us in Eagle River some time and effort if she would just resign.

  13. Sign me up for the recall. Anyone who misrepresents themselves to get elected- regardless of what committee assignment they stand benefit from- deserves the full wrath of the constituents who voted to get them there.

    Kelly, you lied to us. Time to go home and find a way to get elected by the party you truly represent- Democrats. Bye.

  14. Sign me up for the recall on Merrick and let’s not forget the recall petitions for Anchorage’s assembly members.

  15. As a Eagle River resident who Voted for Kelly, I will sign the petition. because Integrity matters. I will encourage my neighbors to sign the petition as well. Enough is enough. These politicians need to be held accountable for their actions.

  16. Surprised there isn’t an government attorney that is blocking the recall attempts… oh wait. She’s a republican and this is state level, not people’s republic of Anchorage.

  17. Kelly … double dealing dishonesty is not protected from citizen concern.
    Think about it.

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