In Homer, an election watch party cheers Vance on election night



Rep. Sarah Vance’s election watch party at Land’s End in Homer was the place to be on Tuesday night after a long and contentious election season. Jon Faulkner, owner of Land’s End Resort, had set up a huge screen in the dining area, and on the screen was a board of OAN national elections results and Must Read Alaska live election programming from Anchorage.

George Hall provided music, and more than 75 people enjoyed the food prepared by the staff at Land’s End.  

After the first results for House District 31 appeared, Vance stood at the microphone as the cheering crowd welcomed their representative and saw the numbers going in her favor. 

Vance thanked everyone for stopping by and spending a few hours with her and her family as the results came in. She said that it was an honor to represent District 31. Then, she made her way around the room, personally thanking people for coming.  

When the second round of results came out, the excitement in the room could be felt, as Sarah was leading 69% to Kelly Cooper’s 30%, with 3 precincts reporting.  When someone in the room rose to update everyone on the presidential race, the crowd erupted every time he said President Trump had won a state. 

There were groups of people following the US Senate and House race as well as the Ballot Measures on their own computers and smart phones.  The energy in the room was positive and healthy with people laughing and enjoying each other’s company and satisfying results.  

By 10:30 pm there were still nearly 50 people and when when a third round of results come in with 5 precincts reporting, Vance was leading 72% to Coopers 27%.  The crowd was ecstatic. 

A dozen people remained after 11 pm as the hard working crew at Land’s End put away tables and the big screen.  The results were unchanged. There were smiles and laughter as people were saying goodbye. Many were saying the numbers will hold, as others said they will be praying.


  1. Thank you for your prayers… God does answers prays.
    Congrats to district 31 …while it may be a win for Sarah…. We in her district are blessed to have her. Sarah is a remarkable mother, a pleasant and strong person and an inspiration with her gracious handling of critics. District 31 has a lady returning to Juneau!

  2. Go Sarah! District 31 voters are thrilled to have you as their representative once again. Anyone who knows you, knows you will do great things for our state. As to praying no one had Coved 19 at the event, maybe its time to read some pier papers from some of the many prestigious medical institutions instead of CNN, or NPR? And for those among us too lazy to think for themselves, try

    Simone Gold, M.D., J.D. also has a great book just published, I Do Not Consent. It’s worth reading. There is also a lot of other data out there that supports an IFR of 0.14. Remember, the Mask Nazis are just being complaint to their masters. As to the rest of us, we refuse to be compliant to tyranny

    • What’s wrong with praying nobody gets sick? What is wrong with you when you actually want people to become ill? Strange.

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