Homer city council goes into full ‘resist Trump’ mode with resolution

Some Homer residents want to make Homer, Alaska the most intolerant city in the 49th state. A city intolerant of any opposing ideas about what makes a country great. Intolerant of the legally elected president. Intolerant of enforcing the laws on immigration unless the federal government can “document” it has the authority to do so.
They want Homer to be an official “resistance” city, and they’ve got a resolution to prove it.
Read on, it gets better.
On Feb. 27, 2017, the City Council of Homer will entertain a resolution that smacks President Donald Trump upside his head for, among other things, being elected without “a popular mandate.” Someone will need to inform the president of this development because he thinks he won 306 electoral votes to 232 for Clinton.
The names of the council members sponsoring the resolution are Donna Aderhold, Catriona Reynolds, and David Lewis.
If the resolution passes, Homer will join Dearborn, Michigan’s city council, which this month passed its own resolution rebuking Trump’s travel “pause button” for immigrants from seven countries that have a high degree of terrorism associated with them.
Mild-mannered Bothell, Washington passed a tame, somewhat simpering inclusivity resolution, which was also aimed at admonishing Trump and his base of voters. Other city councils have entertained becoming “sanctuary cities.”
Sanctuary cities are places where local police won’t detain illegal noncitizens on the federal government’s behalf.
Homer’s resolution would create a sanctuary city without saying so directly.
Homer’s resolution says: “That the City of Homer will resist any and all efforts to profile undocumented immigrants or any other vulnerable population… the City of Homer will cooperate with federal agencies in detaining undocumented immigrants when court-issued federal warrants are delivered.” (italics ours). That is a sanctuary city by definition.
We’ll summarize the rest of the resolution for you: Homer, Alaska thinks the president is an awful, dreadful little man who is inciting hatred from sea to shining sea, is undoing the Paris Climate Treaty, Obamacare, gender-confused bathroom policies, and myriad other Obama stuff. The Homer City Council will, through this resolution, be joining the nascent “resistance movement,” and will not tolerate either the president or the point of view he represents, which, by the way is nearly 50 percent of the voters in America and a good deal more than that in Homer.
Here’s how Homer voted in November: Homer 1, (District 31-350) voted 433 for Trump to 329 for Clinton. Homer 2, (District 31-360) voted 346 for Trump to 284 for Clinton.
The resolution in full:




WHEREAS, A new administration is in power in Washington, D.C. without a popular mandate;

WHEREAS, During his campaign, President Donald Trump made statements offensive and harmful to the rights of women; immigrants; religious, racial, and ethnic minorities; veterans; the disabled; LGBTQ citizens; and the general public; and that such statements have continued since his election; and

WHEREAS, The President on numerous occasions has stated clearly his disregard for freedom of speech; freedom of the press; freedom of assembly; and freedom of religion, particularly with regard to Muslim Americans; and

WHEREAS, The President has not disavowed his intention to create a registry of Muslim Americans and now intends to ban Muslims from entering the United States; and

WHEREAS, The President now is following through on his promises to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, including millions brought here as children who have grown up to know no other life than that of an American; and

WHEREAS, The President now is following through on plans to build a wall on the border separating the United States from Mexico without apparent regard to its cost, its effects upon our nation’s economy, or its sociological ramifications, and to impose an ideological test for entry into our country; and

WHEREAS, The President has promised to repeal federal regulations protecting LGBTQ citizens; and

WHEREAS, The President already has issued executive orders to effect the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which provides tens of millions of Americans with health care insurance coverage; and

WHEREAS, The President has issued executive orders to rescind certain women’s reproductive rights; and

WHEREAS, The President has promised to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and to remove other environmental protections instituted under the previous administration, and has begun a process to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency; and

WHEREAS, Before and especially since the election, some citizens have been emboldened to express overtly an intolerance of diversity that is opposed to the views of most Homer residents and most Americans; and

WHEREAS, The President’s cabinet nominees have expressed views similar to those laid out in the whereas clauses above and thus are largely out of step with the attitudes of most Homer residents; and

WHEREAS, The presidential election has exposed deep social and political divisions among Americans and these divisions threaten the general peace as expressions of intolerance rise; and

WHEREAS, The City of Homer recognizes that while the minority community here may be relatively small, it may be vulnerable, and that if those residents feel in any way threatened simply because they are minorities, the City should be on record as opposing all such intolerance; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Homer unequivocally rejects expressions of fear and hate wherever they may exist, and specifically rejects harassment of women, immigrants, religious minorities, racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ individuals.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Homer embraces all people regardless of skin color, country of birth, faith, sex, gender, marital status, or abilities; and that the City of Homer will not waver in its commitment to inclusion and to continuing to create a village safe for a diverse population.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Homer will resist any and all efforts to profile undocumented immigrants or any other vulnerable population.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Homer will cooperate with federal agencies in detaining undocumented immigrants when court-issued federal warrants are delivered.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Homer shall steadfastly defend the United States and Alaska constitutions, especially with regard to the former’s precedent-backed right of privacy and the latter’s specified right of privacy (Article 1, Section 22), and safeguard the rights declared in the Bill of Rights.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Homer will continue its staunch support of our local police in their ongoing efforts to enforce law and protect our community and its visitors in a just, unbiased and transparent manner.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Homer will declare itself a safety net for the most vulnerable members of and visitors to our community.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Homer calls on all its citizens to stand against intolerance and resist expressions of hate toward any members of the community, and thus to set an example for the rest of the nation, demonstrating that Homer residents and Alaskans adhere to the principle of live-and-let-live.

PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Homer City Council this 27th day of February, 2017. CITY OF HOMER

________________________ BRYAN ZAK, MAYOR


______________________________ JO JOHNSON, MMC, CITY CLERK

Fiscal Note: N/A


    • Maybe the tolerant people groups need to buy guns if they want to start a war with their non combatant well armed conservative neighbors.

        • The tolerance religion has preached that abortion, promiscuity, homosexuality, and trans gendering are moral and good. Can they claim these things are good and right and not declare war on those who believe otherwise? When the marriage license clerk was put in jail, where guns involved? What about the business owners who lost their businesses because of “tolerant” religious litigation? Any time people use government to push their religion on the unbelieving, there is guns involved.

          • First a question, what he hell is transgendering? On the question of morals, morals are subjective, no? If not, then you and I have the same morals, right? The lady arrested was not a marriage license clerk and she was arrested for contempt of court, stayed in jail only until she agreed to comply with the law of the land, which, by the law of the land, must treat all individuals equally before the law. Do you think the law should be different depending on who one is? If so, that is not very American of you. The baker who was heavily fined by the state, was not arrested for her religious beliefs (by the way, what the hell is “religious litigation” , government has no business dictating to religions, no?), but for failure to comply with stipulations on the operation of her public accommodation business which she knowingly agreed to in order to obtain said license. You do know there is no recognized right to operate a public accommodation business in any manner one sees fit, don’t you?

      • BS, they are saying “laws are only there when they fit our wants and views” grow up. If you oppose the laws of the land how will you feel when another group opposes due process because it doesn’t fit their idea of justice? Be careful of the slippery slope you knuckle heads are building.

        • No, they are not saying that!!!
          Just because something is legal, does not make it right.Just to mention some examples:
          By law, women could not vote or own property not long ago.
          Blacks were segregated at buses, schools, restaurants, etc.
          Children were expected to work long hours at a lower wage just for being children.
          Slavery itself was legal!!!

          All these laws and more where changed because different groups of people “opposed the laws of the land”.
          It is because some “knuckle heads” decided to “build a slippery slope” that we now enjoy the freedoms and rights that we have gotten!!!
          Do not believe me? Read a history book!!!

          • Uhh yes they are; conflating changes to the law through the legislative process as was done with women’s sufferance, civil rights and child labor laws with the city writing a law in conflict with Federal law absent a legislative mandate is an association fallacy in your argument. I wonder what your feelings would be if a group proposed to limit the criminal appeals to only one per case because the systematic delays in the courts because of multiple appeals denied people the right to a speedy trail. This is an example of this situation with the boot on the less liberal foot. By the way the multiple exclamation points in your post really made it tough to ignore . . . thats sarcasm in case you are truly as thick as your post indicates. I suggest you ditch checkers and take up chess so you can learn to think more than one move at a time.

      • How dare President Trump protect America at the expense of what could be well meaning non-Homer sexuals ??? If they have a phew illegal immigrants in their mist they can always return 2 dare country of origin. I am sure a Homer insurrection can be put down by themselves in just a phew weak moments.

      • Exactly. Mr. Zak says Homer will not tolerate anyone that does not believe exactly as he does. Ironically, his decree is the very legal definition of intolerance, “unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own”. So Mr Zak “tolerance decree” has made Homer just a “intolerant” as San Francisco. Oh, Zak, BTW, yourknow Trump carried the “popular mandate” in Homer, right?

      • I think it is intolerance to put me in jail for theft I was just trying to get money for rent.. I think it is intolerance to put me in jail for selling drugs I have an addiction.. Laws restrict rights (which are the entitlement of CITIZENS as guaranteed by our Constitution and bill of rights) when those rights infringe on others. Such as when programs like welfare, medical care, ect are used by those who have not paid into them increasing the liability paid by honest citizens. Not to mention breaking the law. Prosecuting those who break the law should not be a choice. Laws are made if you don’t like them there is a process to change them but it must be a majority of people who want it. Not a few city council members.

    • Do you mean, Kathy Haywood, will they tolerate racism, bigotry, misogyny, isolationism, taking away people’s health care, defunding needed health care funding, placing oil and gas proponents ahead of protection of clean water and clean air…I would think the answer would be NO. Thanks for asking.

      • You people are idiots, thanks for telling us ahead of time so we don’t waste our money this summer in Homer, will miss the Salty Dog but that’s ok.

        • No more Homer summers for me or anyone else in my family. I spread the word to those who I know support our Country’s laws, constitution and of course our elected President!

        • Homer voted down this, it was strongly opposed. We Homerites are a strong community and even when we have different views we can still manage to be civil. Come to Homer, it’s beautiful and we love to share it.

      • Much like you don’t seem to tolerate critical thinking? Do you just swallow all the liberal talking points without doing your research?

    • They will not have to tolerate those of us who voted for president Trump. I for one will no longer visit their town and I am asking ALL ALASKANS who voted for and back our PRESIDENT to do the same,, do not visit our do business of any kind in the town of Homer until the town of Homer obeys, complys, and honors the Rules of law of the state of Alaska and the Federal government and respect our elected President, Donald Trump.

      • I agree with you Stormy, I had plans to bring friends from outside to visit Homer this summer but not now. I won’t be visiting Homer any time soon that’s for sure…

        • Yup! Time to drain the swamp in Homer for sure! The ppl of Homer voted for Trump! These elected officials are not listening to “We The People”. Do they think we are too stupid to understand what we voted for? I’m pretty sure the sleeping beast has woken up. These “leaders” may find themselves voted out of office if they keep this bs up!

      • I agree with you 100% Stormy Coleman! I was going to be bringing a lot of family and friends to Homer this coming summer…..spend several nights in their hotels, go halibut fishing, spend a lot of money on the spit but not now!!!! I did not like Obama as president but I did not raise a fuss with all the crap he pulled…..but….he got by with it because he was a Democrat. I can say that since I am neither Republican or Democrat…but…I will vote for ANYONE that is not a lying, stealing, killing sack of s— like hillary!

      • Please do not label all the residents of Homer because of a few; not only is that grossly unfair, it is completely incorrect to assume something that was created by a few is supported by all.

      • This did NOT pass, it was voted down this Monday. Come to Homer, we are proud of our beautiful city. It’s a great little town with a great big beautiful view. We do know the laws and we were able to convey to our council that we are not going to go along with this.

    • No one should ever support a President who is so evil & corrupt. I am sure the good people of Homer who have common sense and morals will tolerate all humans, because they have ethics. They will also speak out against injustice, as they beautifully have. #StandForSomethingOrFallForAnything! Go Homer!!!❤️

      • Riiiggghhhtt…but I’m sure you are/were a supporter of Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt, evil, lying members of the human race. And let’s not forget her husband, who is fond of taking advantage of women. But I’m sure you’re for women’s rights, correct? As long as those women support your screwed up worldview.

        • I’m not a Clinton fan by any means, but think about what you just said there. “one of the most corrupt, evil, lying members of the human race”? Really? Based on what exactly? I think she’s definitely dishonest, but so is the guy in the White House who keeps telling blatant lies day after day. And evil? In a country where about 16,000 people a year are murdered and another 90,000 raped, Hillary Clinton is one of the most evil? Seriously?

          Come on, get some perspective. She’s a manipulative polician like most of the rest of them, but she’s not the anti-Christ.

      • Uh huh so what you’re saying is you fully support people from other countries BREAKING America’s immigration laws because it’s convienient for them to do so. Please explain to me how Mexico and Russia oh and Canada as well deal with people who come into THIER countries illeagally .
        Yeah and btw we’ll be spending our time and money in Seward this year .

        • This did not pass. We are not changing, A few tried to jump on a bandwagon most of us did not agree with. We spoke up and made sure our council knew this was not ok with us. Homer looks forward to our visitors I hope you make it down.

    • I totally support our president Trump! His agenda is what us real Americans want. He speaks for us. Drain the swamp!!!

    • why would people who support tolerance actively support intolerance?

      thats kind of a dumb question.

      its like asking the anti-defamation league to support nazism just because the ADL works toward social inclusion.

    • I’m an American veteran and I do, I’m ashamed of these petty people trying to manipulate the public with their ego drivin emotional breakdowns over a president that repsects the laws of the people

    • I expect they feel they are close enough to Russia to have to support a Russian puppet in the White House. Remember when Sister Sarah said she could see Russia from her house? Now the entire state of Virginia can make the samevclaim. As can Florida every weekend.

    • Yep doesn’t matter what and how much illegals cost the country now does it. It is not fascism should look the word up there dave. Illegal means illegal. Any other country in the world will put you in Jail. Look up Mexicos laws on illegal immigration. The key word here is Illegal. Living off of taxpayers money for taxpayer provided services, Illegal. Getting social security that they don’t pay into Illegal. Then the government wants to tell people that have paid in all their lives that it may not be there. Crap. With the muslim refugees why don’t you pick up a paper or google what is going on in Germany, France. any European country that is letting these “refugees” mostly men ages 18-40. They have their own courts trying to instill Sharia law. Want to see fascism Look up sharia law what they do to homosexuals. Women who don’t obey. People that are not muslim in muslim majority countries. We need strong borders and our president is not against immigration. Nor am I come to the country, get a job, learn the language, assimilate to America. If you don’t want to assimilate then why did you come here. There is always the choice to go back to that grand 3rd world country that you came from.

      • ALLEN, very well said, absolutely right on all points. Fascism is a word that liberals love to use but have no clue what it means. Liberals also care less that what they accuse Trump of doing or being is nothing but fabricated and just bold face lies. The majority of Alaskans voted for Trump, so if we all just stop visiting and spending our money there, especially during summer, we can watch them struggle to make a living while they embrace the illegal population that they seem to appreciate so much more than us or those who come here legally and become real citizens.

        • While I agree with you, like someone said above, most voted for trump, and it’s just a few people in power that are pushing this. Time for a “regime” change .

        • Actually, a large percentage of Liberals have attended college and understand what the word facism means, but for your benefit I will post the actual definition here: Definition: an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
          synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More
          (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

          They will likely do better economically since they will have less expensive labor to do the jobs that most Americans don’t want to do, and more people spending money there, so I doubt they will struggle. More than likely they will have an increase in tourism, as all minority groups will want to visit Homer due to their open tolerance, and since Alaska is only 66% white, which lets say is 40% white men. I think we can safely say that they will do just fine in the minority visitor commerce sector. I suspect they don’t want to take money from white racist males.

          • ROFLMAO did you really just cut and paste the Google definition of Fascism? Here’s something with a little more credibility, before you claim the intellectual high ground get your intellect right.
            “For these and other reasons, there is no universally accepted definition of fascism. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify a number of general characteristics that fascist movements between 1922 and 1945 tended to have in common.”

          • Actually, that is a new definition that is not recognized by Merriam-Webster. I believe it is the Wikipedia (editable by anyone) definition, which is chosen by Google as it’s landing page definition. The actual definition, as stated by Merriam-Webster is “Definition of fascism
            often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”
            (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fascism) Fascism is a bi-partisan occurrence, so let’s not spread alternative facts. 🙂

          • The new edited version of the word. Books are being rewritten. This is not the original definition and there are many.

        • The real definition of fascism

          an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
          synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More
          (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

        • Problem is, if they get their way, those illegals will start migrating into other parts of Alaska. Those fools who are pushing this need to be shut down hard.

      • Right on Allen ans Stormy! There are parts of Dearborn that an American would not be welcome and could be life tthreatening. Have always loved Homer, but should this pass doubt I would ever head that way either. Pray they can rise above being delusional. Thanks for your insite!

      • Trump has stated that he is not wanting “legal” people deported
        It’s only the “illegal” individuals.
        View it like this, the United States is private property. Just like many of us own. Our own private is no different to us as the USA is to a broader view.
        Would the city council of Homer Alaska want people to trespass on their personal property.
        Next topic. If this joke passes I will take my friends and family
        To Seward and spend our hard earned money in that beautiful town.

      • Illegal immigrants do not get SS benefits. The keyword here is lawful (now you might not like any immigrants legal or illegal). Where did you get that piece of information. See below from the SS department website:
        Generally, if you’re a non-citizen in one of
        certain immigration categories granted by the
        Department of Homeland Security (DHS), you
        may be eligible for SSI if:
        • You were lawfully residing in the United
        States on Aug. 22, 1996, and you’re blind or
        disabled; or
        • You were receiving SSI on Aug. 22, 1996, and
        you’re lawfully residing in the United States; or
        • You were lawfully admitted for permanent
        residence under the Immigration and
        Nationality Act (INA) and you have a total of
        40 credits of work in the United States. (Your
        spouse’s or parent’s work also may count.)
        NOTE: If you entered the United States
        on or after Aug. 22, 1996, then you may not
        be eligible for SSI for the first five years as a
        lawfully admitted permanent resident, even if
        you have 40 credits of earnings.
        Some other noncitizens who may be eligible
        for SSI payments are:
        • Active duty members of the U.S. armed forces;
        • Noncitizen members of federally recognized
        Indian tribes;
        • Certain noncitizens admitted as
        Amerasian immigrants;
        • Cuban/Haitian entrants admitted under the
        Refugee Education Assistance Act;
        • Certain victims of severe forms of human
        trafficking; and
        • Certain Iraqi or Afghan special
        immigrants who are admitted as lawful
        permanent residents.
        There are others who may be eligible for
        payments. If you’re a noncitizen and want
        to apply for SSI benefits, contact us to see if
        you’re eligible.

      • perfectly said Allen! I can not believe so many are against our laws, constitution and our President. NO more visits to Homer for me and I will tell everyone else how hateful and un American they are.

      • you know what else is illegal?

        breaking your own treaties.

        when the usa honors its treaties is when d-wads like you can whine on about “illegal immigrants”.

        until then stfu.

    • Sounds like complete intolerance to me. When the city votes 817 for Trump to 675 for Hillary, that is no mandate for Hillary. ” supposedly” winning 306 to 234 electoral votes? Another don’ confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up leftist thought. The electoral collage is set up so that big cities with tons of public handouts, can’t control the rest of the country. Look at the map- blue, new york city, chicago. La, seattle, orlando, portland..
      Look at the red- the rest of the US. Grow up coty council!

      • Up is down and black is white. A resolution calling for tolerance is intolerance. Someone is confused, but it’s not “leftists.”

        Oh, and BTW, the electoral college was set up to keep northern states from abolishing slavery.

        • You are wrong, The first purpose was to create a buffer between population in the selection of a president the second part of the structure was the government that gave extra power to the smaller States.

      • Yes Dan and when you figure in the millions in rigged votes in the big cities – Hillary got far less votes than is being claimed. I have a feeling that Homer is going to end up like California, begging for help in the future. Hopefully the fools in your city council will have the doors hit them on their way out of these political positions as more of the fine citizens of Homer vote in people of integrity and intelligence for the future prosperity of Homer.

      • Yep, the Lefties were all for the electoral college when they thought they had the election sewn up. Now they’re all about the popular vote. Whatever will get their agenda shoved down our throats.

      • He won through gerrymandering and an outdated electoral college system that was built in the era of slave states and was designed to give slave states more power in elections because they always lost to northern states who were more populated.

        He had 3 million less votes than Hillary.

        He does not have a popular mandate.

        • So he won, legally, and he is your President. Go ahead and say it- Donald Trump is your President, and he became President by winning the electoral college votes necessary for that to happen.
          Say it, Jeremiah. Because it’s the truth.

          • Donald Trump is my president. I along with many others do not have to respect him. We do not have to do what he tells us to. We do not have to agree with him. We do not have to sit back and just let him do whatever he wants.

            His power is derived from the people and if we choose to be ungovernable he has no power over us.

            We may also choose to remove him and every complicit member of congress if we so desire.

        • Do you know the difference between a Republic and a Democracy? Do you know which one the United States is?
          Funny how some think parts of the Constitution are outdated but hold dearly to other parts. It is not a document that you get to pick and choose from. By the way, your reasoning for why at have the Electoral College is so far from reality. It was Rhode Island and New Hampshire that fought to make sure their small stars had a voice and would not be squashed by New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. It had zero to do with slaves.

          • @Jerimiah Emmerson: Yes, Jerimiah, I’m sure the thriving metropolis of Homer, Alaska, has the power and influence to remove our legally elected republican president AND our legally elected mostly republican congress. I’m sure it will shock and awe them.

        • The voting districts in my state, (democrat dominated), got rewritten while Obama was in office, and I’m sure they wanted to make sure it stayed democrat and did not favor republicans, so you have a weak argument, besides the fact that it has nothing to do with slavery and our electoral college comes from law which is written and not a living document that can be jerry rigged to favor a political view. Trump won the popular vote because of the millions of illegals who voted illegally. We should be aghast about the fact that you have people who have no right to vote in this country, registered to vote, canceling out the franchise of lawful citizens of this country.”
          Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2017/02/nearly-2-million-non-citizen-hispanics-registered-to-vote/#kP1fe66JkW65AIzg.99
          Stop being purely political and pay attention to the facts and the truth. Here is your leftist news report on this so you can know this is a fair and balanced report: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/feb/15/nearly-2-million-non-citizen-hispanics-illegally-r/

    • Good for you Dave. Those people who understand the law realize that the proposed resolution follows the existing laws and asks that the city resolve to not step outside those laws.

      I don’t know how I got this opinion piece, since most of it is rabble rousing opinion not based on fact. Sad that people like this are out there, and call law abiding citizens “intolerant.”

    • Idiot you are no wonder Homer has yet to come in to modern times what a shit hole you people are living in I hope a total wave takes you er city out!! And the it does don’t ask for any federal relief !!!!

    • Ours is a fascist society. We are owned by, operated by and prey for corporations. They have to keep us in line somehow.

  1. Don’t even think about it, if this is passed there will be in kind payback, whoever wrote this garbage can put it back up where they found it

  2. Peace. I do not understand the objection to the practice of democracy. If ‘sanctuary’ cities offend you, what are your feelings about the Underground Railroad. It was legal to own slaves and illegal to treat them as full-fledged human beings. I do not fully appreciate the objection this blog is having to Homer, Alaska choosing to do treat people as human beings.

    In Juneau, they just passed a law against camping inside the city. The ACLU told the Juneau Assembly that such a law is unconstitutional. The Assembly passed it anyway. Not good. Not good at all.

    That law should be resisted.

    • How is the law unconstitutional. Camping on city grounds. Democracy has nothing to do with sanctuary cities. The constitution only is for citizens of the United States. Most undocumented don’t work or make such a median income that they are on welfare. They don’t try to become citizens sense they can just get benefits. Have anchor babies that the taxpayers are responsible for. We have our own homeless living in the streets veterans dying living in the streets. Look to anchorage. The homeless that are citizens standing on the streets asking for money. Homeless shelters filled to the maximum. Illegal means exactly that not a citizen in the country illegally voting illegally getting benefits that citizens could use illegally. The ACLU are a bunch of boneheads.

      • Trump is doing a great job closing the tax loopholes that let him avoid paying taxes for 20 years! Go Trump! He’ll save us from those non-tax paying leeches who harvest our food, and do other menial jobs that white Americans are too good to do since they had to get rid of slaves. Oh, wait…

      • Sigh. Please take a minute to actually research the subject of illegal immigrants and public aid/welfare (and Breitbart’s doesn’t count). Then, once you’ve learned how erroneous your perceptions on the matter are, reflect upon the fact that illegal immigrants take the money that they earn, doing the jobs that “real Americans” refuse to do, and they spend that money on TAXABLE items (meaning, they pay sales taxes that benefit “real Americans “), and in some cases — depending upon their employer — they even pay State and Federal taxes which will be used for programs that THEY can not access!.

        • But what they do do is accept jobs because of there situation at a lower then market rate causing the decline of wages in that industry.. This keeps citizens who would do these jobs if they had a living wage from working them. People don’t want to do these jobs because they are to low paid which wouldn’t be the case if no one would. Demand for workers = higher wages.

    • You can’t camp inside Kodiak City limits either. You are totally wrong in trying to shove this over zealous resolution down our throats! It is dictating! You are not looking out for the greater good of our citizens and community!
      This is not how Americans act toward our government. Grow up!

    • The United States is a REPUBLIC, NOT A DEMOCRACY. Look it up. Also look up facsim because all of you not supporting President Trump for the reasons your posting shows just how uneduducated and Ignorant you all are.

    • I think part of the reason for that law is people get tired of cleaning up after them. If you have ever been to a homeless camp, there are needles, there is human stools, there are all kinds of things that SOMEONE has to clean up. Maybe talk to the landowners. They didn’t buy their property for that purpose. Why should they be forced to let trespassers use their property. Are you ready to open up your back yard for tent city? I think it would be a very kind and humane thing for you to do. When you do, please let us know where we can drop off food, socks, extra coats etc., because the City of Homer and all of Alaska is one of the most caring places around, we just care for everyone’s rights, landowner, renter, homeless. I am not against helping anyone who needs it, but no, I will be HONEST and say I don’t want them camping in my backyard either. We need to get housing, yurts maybe, something, in designated areas, not just tell someone else what they must do with their property.

    • Just object to illegal ILLEGAL, people coming into our country and sapping it of resources that are needed for our citizens. They want to come to America? Do it.legally, assemulate , work, pay taxes and prosper. LEGALLY.

    • No, the law, and any law one doesn’t agree with, should be challenged and changed, but not resisted which is against the law, unless I misunderstand the intention of “resist.” Laws became law through a process. Shouldn’t they be challenged usining the same American process? Am I naive?

    • Democracy is a self-defeating, degenerating dead end. A Constitutional Republic has a chance with intelligence, strength and pragmatism at the helm.

    • Well, if Homer is to be denied Federal monies, then I guess Homer residents no longer need to pay Federal taxes? If Trump can hide his income from the American people, I’d say that precedent has been set…

      • Elaine you will pay your federal taxes regardless. But by all means don’t pay so I can watch your ignorant a$$ go to jail. The Feds will come to Homer and round up anybody that’s there illegally and there’s nothing you can do about it.

      • Trump’s income may be hidden from the people, but if I were a betting person, I would bet that it’s not hidden from the IRS. How many of you would like to have your income tax information out there for the world to see. I wouldn’t.

    • That tolerance would destroy America! You really don’t understand how we came into existence, do you. You would benefit in reading the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They are our country ‘S foundation.

      • Are you reading the same Bill of Rights and Constitution that I’m reading, because I’ve read the original in the National Archives (DC), and I never perceived our Founding Fathers are supporting intolerance.

        • Not for it CITIZENS.. Which illegal immigrants are not. Sorry that’s the truth. Rights don’t extend to citizens of other countries. This is why there is a process to become a citizen.

    • Pray for the man, the President.

      Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.
      — Romans 13:1

      Jesus answered [speaking to Pilate], “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.”
      — John 19:11

      By me kings reign…
      — Proverbs 8:15

      …he removes kings, and sets up kings…
      — Daniel 2:21

      Then God removed Saul and made David their king…
      — Acts 13:22

      No one … can exalt themselves. It is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another.
      — Psalms 75:6-7

      …the Most High has power over human kingdoms. He gives them to whomever he wishes.
      — Daniel 4:17

      God know what He’s doing.

    • Pray for the Pesident. Godknow what he is doing.
      Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.
      — Romans 13:1

      Jesus answered [speaking to Pilate], “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.”
      — John 19:11

      By me kings reign…
      — Proverbs 8:15

      …he removes kings, and sets up kings…
      — Daniel 2:21

      Then God removed Saul and made David their king…
      — Acts 13:22

      No one … can exalt themselves. It is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another.
      — Psalms 75:6-7

      …the Most High has power over human kingdoms. He gives them to whomever he wishes.
      — Daniel 4:17

      • From a Christian stand point you are correct. God will also use a leader to hasten our destination to Revelations and end of days. I can see why God would allow him to be president

        • Or maybe we have no clue whatsoever what God has in mind by allowing this man to sit in power. Why would you presume to know God’s plan of hastening us toward Revelation. You have no clue, nor do I nor does anyone know the plans of God.

  3. I was so disgusted by HJ 69 being introduced by Rep. Don Young, that I thought twice about a planned visit to Alaska this summer. But thanks for this article, Suzanne. My family and I will now turn our attentions to Homer. Unparalleled beauty AND resisting the fascism coming from Washington DC? We’re there!

    • Your more than welcome to come here. We are a loving community regardless of the 1/3 of homer residents who support Trump and his dreadful agenda.

  4. The liberal minority run the city! I support Trump and own a home in Homer! Talk about people talking out the corners of their mouths! LOL…

    • Your dead wrong about that. Only about 40% of Homer’s voters came out and voted this last election cycle. Just over half supported Trump. You do not have the full majority of minds in Homer.

      Most folks didn’t vote because there was no one worth supporting. You should look at the turnout for the DNC caucus and look up the percentage of democrats who wanted Sanders.

      I think we had the highest in the nation if I am not mistaken.

      • “You’re dead wrong about that”. See, anyone can say it. How do you know how the 60% you say didn’t vote, would have have voted? Maybe out of that 60% , the majority would have voted for Trump following the trend of the voters who voted. “Most folks didn’t vote because there was no one worth supporting”? How do you know that? All of the people I know of legal age to vote , voted. The number of people voting has decreased in the last 10 years, that’s not something that just started with this election. It feels like you are trying to blame President Trump for the failure of the Democrats to put up the candidate that you “say” the majority supported. Also, the majority of minds in Homer supported President Trump, because more then half, of the VOTERS, voted that way, (majority). Question, why in the world if Sanders had all this support was he NOT on the ballot? That is how it works. You want votes get on the ballot. If you want to elect your candidate, get out and vote. You can’t blame the failure of your candidate on the other party. What “point” did the ones who didn’t vote expect to make? Someone was going to be elected President. If you want a say in that you better vote, that’s how it works. If you didn’t vote and now regret that, that’s not my problem or my fault. I am sure you voted Mr. Emmerson, not referring to you, just to that “mindful” 60% you “say” would have voted for someone else.

      • Not voting is voting. If people were too stoned or drunk or both to bother making that incredible effort to vote, they made their voices heard, cupcake. The numbers don’t lie- Homer is TRUMP TOWN.
        As for you Sandernistas- how’d that Super Delegate thing work out for you? And didn’t Hillary win the popular vote in 2008? How’d that work out for you? Democrat party is racist and sexist.

  5. WHEREAS My feelings are hurt because the legal process by which we elect the President selected the wrong candidate;
    WHEREAS The election process in the City of Homer must have been hacked by the Russian Federation, as the local popular mandate supported the wrong candidate. This is the only plausible explanation;
    WHEREAS Mainstream Media opinion pieces will be the only acceptable form of research for citation. Factual, non-partisan pieces of journalism from any source will not be accepted or tolerated;
    WHEREAS Discrimination is expressly and strongly forbidden, unless we disagree with a groups particular cultural identity;
    WHEREAS Equality for all cannot be defined by standard dictionary usage. It must be defined as a continuous process of segregation into unique, non-overlapping groups;
    WHEREAS The only political views acceptable are those from Left-wing parties;
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Homer Police will enforce all laws, except those that we, the undersigned, choose to ignore.
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Homer will purse the principals of Ingsoc as official government policy.

    Protesting is one thing, but I hope they laugh this nonsense out of the Chamber.

  6. I shared this resolution on a Facebook group. I got over 300 comments, mostly people repeating themselves about how they hate liberals, how this is a waste of time, and how Trump is God himself. I was also threatened when someone posted “RIP” and deleted it quickly after I asked if it was meant to be a threat. I wish I had captured a screenshot.

    I finally deleted the post, got tired of being threatened and berated over my opinion.

  7. Thank you Homer city council for taking a stand against intolerance and resisting expressions of hate toward any members of the community.

  8. Well done, Homer, AK! Thank you for exemplifying the core values of the United States of America, and the precepts which our Founding Fathers embraced. Thank you for rejecting racism, xenophobia, bigotry, rancor, deceit and subterfuge. Thank you for acknowledging that gerrymandering created the means by which an inexperienced and seemingly inept man was granted the Presidency by the sole virtue of Electoral votes, rather than the popular vote which reflected the true will of the people. Thank you for recognizing the vital importance of not only our natural resources, but the critical importance of a healthy global environment. Thank you for understanding that we are in the 21st century, and that it is crucial that we maintain strong allies, in both policy and trade. Thank you for [likely] understanding also that the lose of American jobs is due not to immigrants (legal or illegal) or to even foreign trade policies, but due almost entirely to corporate greed and industrial/commercial mechanization (machines replacing workers). Thank you for embracing facts and research and common sense, as opposed to propaganda and speculation and fear-generated reactionary behaviors. Thank you for being strong enough to say, “The emperor wears no clothes!”. Thank you, from a former Alaskan resident, for reminding me of the proud and independent nature of Alaska!

  9. Homer sounds like a city of intolerance. Intolerant to abiding by the laws of the land. Duly noted. Note to self, avoid Homer as a fun summer vacation and fishing destination from now on. I’ll spend my money in places that uphold law and order

      • Wrong, Denise. Everyone who doesn’t share your opinion and isn’t coming to Homer WILL be missed because those are exactly the people who flavor this town and every other town across this nation with savory diversity. To say they wont be missed is to not tolerate that which you are preaching on. And all of you not coming, that certainly is your choice, but is equally intolerant to say Homer has no value of any sort, now, so You won’t come, yet you were once planning to come. shameful,

    • Which law would that be, Ralph? Did you read the part of the resolution that says Homer will cooperate with federal agencies in detaining illegal immigrants when presented with a legally executed warrant? Did you want Homer to start grabbing people off the streets without a warrant or probable cause for arrest?

    • Of course, because while the rest of the civilized world would be applauding Homer (citizens of the UK want to revoke their State visit invitation to Trump on the same grounds that the Homer City Council listed), some would rather condemn the virtues of Tolerance, Charity, Forgiveness, Intergrity, Compassion, Honesty, and Justice — you know, those qualities that every single life-affirming religion in the world espouses, along wth every single ethical human being.

      • Amazing response Elaine. We might be getting resistance from hard core right wingers here, but the rest of the world will see this as a stand against hatred. I am happy to be on the right side of history.

          • Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.
            — Romans 13:1

            Jesus answered [speaking to Pilate], “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.”
            — John 19:11

            By me kings reign…
            — Proverbs 8:15

            …he removes kings, and sets up kings…
            — Daniel 2:21

            Then God removed Saul and made David their king…
            — Acts 13:22

            No one … can exalt themselves. It is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another.
            — Psalms 75:6-7

            …the Most High has power over human kingdoms. He gives them to whomever he wishes.
            — Daniel 4:17

      • Trump did not make the laws that define the lawful ways to enter this country only asked that they be enforced. I guess enforcing laws is wrong and intolerant. And I am very great full I live in this country not others so if we followed that line of thought our country would have never existed.

  10. I will NOT!! be shopping or spending money in Homer if this passes!!!!!!!!!!! The president was elected legally!! Get off the Trump bashing wagon!!!!!!

  11. Good for you, Homer City! We need more like you, courageous enough to point out that the orange emperor is a naked fool.

  12. hubby and I plan to move to Homer after our grandkids are all out of school. Jeremiah Emmerson, I will be proud to look you up and chat with you. You sound like you have your head on straight. Good for you!

    It is interesting to note how many people go directly to the tired verbiage that this is “against he who shall not be named”, rather than looking at the “RESOLVED” section which is speaking out against how 45 wants to treat other human beings.

    Keep on keeping on, Homer!!!


  13. I hope to God that if Homer officials adopt this, they ought to think again. When you have illegals in your city and you see things being taken over or crime starts going up, don’t come crying to anyone. You will have created this. And you will be accountable for it.

  14. I live in Anchorage, usually drive down to Homer a couple of times a year. I like to stay at Lands End, walk on the beach, eat at Fat Olives. I didn’t vote for Trump but I am willing to give him a chance. Apparently, the folks in Homer are not so I guess they can do without me. I’ll go to Seward a couple of extra times instead.

    • Have you been paying attention? Give him a chance? He got his chance and blew it within the first two weeks he was in office. Have fun in Seward!

  15. I think it is time to boycott Homer Alaska. I will not go there for charter fishing or any other thing now. Seward or Valdez will get my business. If you want a great alternative to Homer Halibut fishing, visit Seward and fish with Saltwater Safari. Homer liberals, you are working on ruining your city.

  16. So let me understand what you are saying Jeremiah Emmerson, you would rather have voted Bernie Sanders for president, an admitted socialist??….And maybe the reason President Trump won was because alot of people stayed home for what ever reason..Well maybe they should not have. Get over it Buttercup, he won and that’s it.. Give him the respect he deserves as President and if he is not what the majority of the people want then vote him out… Next election show up at the voting boxes and things might change….

    • 1) Bernie Sanders is a self-professed Democratic-Socialist, NOT a “Socialist”. There’s a difference; look it up.

      2) The MAJORITY of people voted for Clinton; Trump only won the Electoral College. There’s a difference; look it up.

      3) This is a free country. No one is required to respect the person filling the role of President, although it is considered patriotic to respect the OFFICE (or title) of President.

      4) After listening for eight years to the vitriol that “The Right” spewed towards former President Obama, and the unremitting obstruction (including government shutdown) caused by the Republican Party, I think that anyone demanding that “The Left” now show respect towards Trump (and Putin?) is utterly hypocritical. Perhaps it is “The Right” that should, “suck it up”, eh?

        • Nope, Eliane called out Republicans with specific examples of their na, na, na, na. Resistance to fascism is not the same as an obstructionist stance against a politician you don’t like.

  17. This is just another tatic being used all across the nation by the Democrats. They refuse to recognize that President Trump was elected lawfully by the system used in the United States. He listened to people all across this great nation and they responded by voting for him. Much is made of the never Trump group about fear. I fear this is a heavily medicated group of people afraid of everything but their own shadows. Notice their violent outbursts, destructive actions, undressing in public to support their gender and to prove they have the right to do anything with their bodies, including debase themselves. Even the men and women in the US Congress, Democrats all, can barely contain their urges to go before cameras each day to spew the most vile intent AGAINST our President. I believe the correct word to describe this behavior common to all never Trumpers is unhinged. I would be very disappointed if Homer decided to support these ideas.

    • It seems to me, Vickie, that the ones who follow a man who spews hate and wants to spend 12 to 15 billion tax dollars on a wall to keep scary people out might be the ones who are afraid. They are certainly the ones calling their fellow countrymen names and disparaging their dedication to tolerance, compassion, and justice. Apparently, in the right-wing mind, anyone who holds those values dear must be heavily medicated. Very telling, Vicky,

  18. First statements in the proposal are incorrect disregarding the law and a review of the facts will reveal that Trump is not against citizens of America and illegal aliens especially the ones from hostile countries Obama identified is not contrary to rule of law.

    The important item to consider is the City of Homer. It has a budget deficit as well as the State of Alaska and challenged to provide resources to operate the expanding services required at the “End of the Road Where the Sea Begins!” Certain council members have a personal agenda, secret motives and underhanded reasons to negate the rule of law including bash our duly elected President Trump according to the US Constitution where we are a Republic under God and not mob rule democracy. Certain council members abuse their power attempting to serve the people of Homer. They neglect the critical issues such as the homeless teens and adults, health care challenges and of course economic development and prosperity for our geographically challenged region. Instead their frivolous activities cost all Homer residents when city staff is required to put labor hours into dealing with these unwarranted issues. They should be held accountable and made to reimburse the city for costs associated with non-city business. With respect to Sanctuary Cities – they are illegal since it is against the law. We do not want illegal aliens here and the cost of supporting them with full services which we do not provide to our vets or disabled community members. I do not want my family in danger of rape and murder as in France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and other nations including “no-go” zones in America too. The Florida airport shooter was from Anchorage and his terrorist training begun in Alaska and exported to acts of violence in the Lower 48. Yes I am a Christian and I do follow the law and Sharia Law is not compatible to the Constitution of the United States of America. I respect life and women and will not tolerate this excuse for anarchy into our area. I noticed too the recent parade to fight the supposed “War on Women” was merely a ruse for Trump bashing. While the LGBT community states they are treated unfairly in America – where Sharia Law rules they throw them off roof tops and this wave of military age males flooding the West maims, wounds, destroys and kills Christians at the rate of one Christian is killed every 30 minutes by Islam. So do your job Homer City Council and know we have your back but you must accept responsibility for governing our peaceful location. Respectfully, Pat

  19. I know Homer residents have always tried to be informed on all the activities in their beautiful Homer Hamlet. Please, those of you who care about this area, add this video to your information about what’s happening around the world, where Muslims have come in. It’s important to do our homework, before we make our decisions, and see what this sort of decision has birthed elsewhere.

  20. Stay strong, Homer! If you advertise internationally both your town and its brave resolution (and the opposition you faced because of your courage) the revenues you will receive from those in the more enlightened countries of the world will more than make up for what little you lose from less-informed Americans! In fact, I’m going to send this article right now to my cousin in Italy, and friends in Hungary, and ask them to pass it on as a definite travel destination (unless the resolution fails to pass; then I’ll let them know and let them make up their own minds on the matter).

  21. I sold 160 acres I owned up on Bridge Creek because of what Homer was turning into. Had planned on retiring down there. Problem wasn’t all the annoying summer tourists because most of them went home. It was because of all the unrealistic artists, writers etc moving there. While I don’t have a problem with them a few at a time if you get to many of them together they end up just like any other large group or mob of people. Their IQ drops rapidly. We probably should have a state law limiting how many liberal artists and writers can live in the same area. I don’t know anyone including me that have a problem with legal immigrants living in our country as long as they are completely vetted first. Anyone else is breaking the law. Look at the problems Canada is starting to have with illegal immigrant criminals sneaking across their southern border. The border residents are scared.
    Anyway Valdez is another great place to spend your money.

    • Homer has been full of artist and writers since I was a child (and that was a long time ago). Looks like you might have checked that out before you went to all the trouble of buying land and then having to sell it because of all the terrible artists and writers

      Explains a lot about a certain enclave of right wing nuts up the road about 260 miles. :-;

    • My last sentence is in response to your contention that if you get too many of any group of people in one place, their IQ drops rapidly. I tried to quote you, but for some reason the quote was removed.

    • I am an artist. I follow the laws of our country. Not all artists in Homer are nitwits. I wish you would not let a few people creating chaos decide your future.

  22. Way to go Homer! Best little town in Alaska by far. I can’t wait to get back there and spend some more of my money!

  23. Homer gets that diversity is Alaskas strength! Good for them for standing strong against the most horrible, shameful, embarrassing bigotry, lies, discrimination and fear-mongering ever to emanate from our Whitehouse. The People stepping up to defend our core democratic values will make America great again ????????????????

    • Whst are you talking about? The past tree presidents passed the SAME travel ban. Check it out Homer dummy. The State will not allow your crazy town resolution anyway. Senator Sullivan will shut you down. Or…the US Marshal Service along with law enforcement will start arresting Homer’s dummies. It is a felony to assist undocumented immigrants..check it out. You ALL Homer supporters made my day, some day we will come down there and regulate the Liberal donkey face Snowflakes…

  24. Not going to the town who doesn’t honor the vote of the United States. I will boycott until you find your integrity . Your city voted for Trump! Just because your on Council doesn’t give you dictator status! Not bringing my family this year until you get them out!

  25. Go ahead and pass or not. In the long run, I
    don’t believe that it will change the way that we live our lives. Our public defenders will still do their jobs to the best of their abilities. We all will still go to work as usual. And most of all, we will all remain the friendly and tolerant people that we are, and life will be what we make it regardless of who is in the White House.

  26. I’ve never been so proud of Homer! Here is what conservatives need to understand- you are mistaken about the intolerance of the Left toward the Right. We are not against YOU we are against the President. I don’t expect you to like it…. but it is not there same thing. Intolerance of Trump does not mean intolerance of all conservatism.

    • Intolerance of the President is still intolerance. A bit confusing for people who are claiming to be tolerant and inclusive of ALL [really little letters] except the president.

  27. You are not naive, but you are missing and important part of your own discussion – Trump is NOT following the law. The executive order regarding the travel ban from certain countries for example- it never when through the legislature or any committee. The federal judiciary refused to allow it to be enforced because it violates the Immigration Act. Trump could have achieved that order, and others, if he did as you said and FOLLOWED THE LAW. But he does not. That is what the left is resisting… not conservative people but President who has no respect for the democratic process.

    • Actually he does have that power. According to us code. Also former president Obama did exactly the same thing. In exactly the same way. During the “vetting” period.

  28. You actually have all your facts wrong… but “liberal donkey faced Homer dummy” is so funny that it kind of makes up for your ignorance.

    • The Trump supporter has got to be the most sensitive voter I have ever encountered. They aren’t happy having won – no, they need everyone to fall in love with they’re choice or they feel personal hurt and victims by the disagreement of others. Moreover, they are very upset when people with opposing views actually PRACTICE THE RIGHTS afforded them by democracy. They seem to have a very simplistic view or the process that amounts to people voting every four years and then just obeying and agreeing after the election is over….. uh, NO. That’s not how representative democracy works.

  29. I get so tired of this claim that decent Americans say Trump was not legally elected. He was legally elected and most non Trumpsters accept it. What the anti-Trump side (which includes some Republicans) takes offense to is Trump’s absolute incompetence as an international leader and his vicious attacks on any press agency that points out his many lies and errors.

  30. Great to hear Homer remains populated with highly intelligent people fully aware of the Bill of Rights and the promise of our US Constitution. Valuable leadership against a sloppy tide of misrepresentation from the radical right.

    Yule and many other exceptional Alaskans: judges, lawyers, designers, painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, fishermen, teachers, 798rs, hunters, dancers, muktuk makers; they all taught me well, to see things on a global scale. Now I mentor others in designing software systems for major corporations “Outside”. They tossed me directly into the spiritual guidance of the first American lamas, and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama – I am so lucky.

    We can all do better. We can all learn. But we must be able to recognize when a person is not a qualified leader, because we NEED someone who knows MORE than we do about the job, someone who IS smarter than we are, then find a QUALIFIED person to be a replacement.

  31. Your Hatred for Trump is impressive. I notice that your town voted for Trump over Clinton in any case. But obvious that’s just too bad for your Trump people-maybe they’ll move to Canada.

    • Its the morons on the hill that think they are the masters of all of us, we all need to make sure this is the last political office these scumbags have, they have nothing but contempt for the people and now they are so arrogant they are going to use the office to punish those who don’t believe in their globalist socialist agenda

  32. Somebody has to resist the return of Nazism. Thanks Homer!!!!!!!!!! I am sure your visitors will even out or increase with these demonstrations of compassion. I loved Alaska when I lived there for those very reasons, the acceptance of diversity. Regards, Stone

  33. Clearly the city of Homer has never read the constitution of the United States or the Alaska Constitution. Homer has no power to enact such resolutions. What merit does Homer have? None. Homer should be the only Alaskan town to house these illegal cowards. If I ran from my home and country I honest to god expect to be called a coward. PS your whereas is slander and accusatory and without proof and will be held accountable to the highest extent possible. Hope you never need state or federal funding.

  34. Most of people of this ordnance are ill informed. If you listen to the news media, you’d think President Trump has a massively beefed-up Immigration Gestapo randomly rounding up illegal immigrants by the thousands. In fact, the 683 arrested in raids in early February (an operation planned when Obama was still President) were just the tip of the iceberg. The current acting ICE director told the Senate last May (you know, when Obama was still President) that between a short-staffed ICE and “sanctuary cities” refusing to cooperate, the agency had a huge backlog of nearly a million criminal illegal aliens with “final orders of removal” for deportation by courts, still walking the streets, threatening Americans.
    But Trump critics say the recent raids are different, because the ICE is randomly sweeping streets and pulling people from their homes, cruelly separately families by deporting their relatives just because they’re under active deportation orders. ICE says that isn’t even true. In a series of tweets you can read at the link, ICE claims this month’s operation is similar to “Operation Cross Check” that netted over 3100 criminal illegals under deportation orders. But again, that happened when Obama was President, so for some reason, the media deemed it barely worthy of reporting, much less evidence that the President was a fascist. ICE calls the claims that they’re conducting random sweeps or public checkpoints false, dangerous and irresponsible, and says the media are needlessly spreading panic in immigrant communities and making officers’ jobs more dangerous.
    Sure does make Trump look bad, though. And isn’t that the media’s real job?

  35. This resolution is about to rip this town appart. I have never see this kind of rage in my entire life by friends and co workers. This is going to get out of control fast, and someone is going to get hurt before its over. I dont like to hear talk of violence but i fear it may be coming. What were they thinking, and why would they do this?

  36. Hopefully no one goes to the plentiful guns of the Kenai Peninsula. I think that the law for immigration should be followed until the law has been changed. An executive branch, states, and communities should not be able to pick what law they choose to enforce or not. The people of Homer can remove the Mayor. Obama was doing a lot of ignoring laws and should have been removed as well. If you can’t change the law you must follow the law or suffer the consequences if caught. The left is very intolerant and profess to be. San Francisco is full of it. We have to tolerate people deficating/pissing on the sidewalks or nudist in public. They walk right into your cafe and sit down. That may be next for Homer. Good luck!

  37. The numbers show the majority of voters voted for Trump, yet this council, without a vote, determined there need be such legal statements against Trump on behalf of the majority?
    Yes, very biased reporting, but I was glad to see the entire document.
    If they are so principled in “live and let live” morality, why invite this drama?
    Homer. It was a nice place to visit, but certainly wouldn’t want to be involved in their politics!

  38. Lol. Look at everyone commenting. The last thing I want to do when fishing or going on vacation is talk about politics. If this seriously bothers you, good riddance. Homer doesn’t need your business. End of the day we’re all in the same boat, some people just don’t like the captain.

  39. My mother, Beverly Munro, is rolling in her grave right now. This anti-Americanism would not have been tolerated in the Homer she loved.

  40. As a Lower-48 U.S. Citizen, and veteran, I can say that I have never been prouder of my nation than I am reading that resolution from Homer, Alaska.

    I think I would like to come visit as a tourist, just for a week, to come say thank you to the people of Homer for their courage.

  41. Well geez, imagine Homer Ak making a big difference in the world , NOT. More people voted for Trump than not but a few crybaby wanabe politicians just can’t stomach what the majority wants. Here’s the deal snowflakes, most of the people that charter your boats voted for Trump. Your little bar at the end of the world is filled with Trump voters. I voted for him and spent $4000.00 or more in just the art galleries on Pioneer Ave. in my 5 trips there in the last 2 years. I bet you will sell me whatever I want if I decide to come this year Trump bumper sticker or no. Unlike some intolerant little whiners that live amongst you I’m not going to hold it against your artists and woodworkers because then I would be as bad as you.Valdez, Fairbanks, Seward, Soldotna , even Talkeetna, ……………………Homer, Whoops.

  42. I can’t wait to see how large your immigrant spit rat population is and how much you love them when they wan’t to come inside when it gets cold.

  43. Wow, Suzanne, pretty snarky. To me this seems like a brave, principled stand, and I hope the good people of Homer know that millions of people support you!

  44. Council please perform your essential duties, your emotional garbage makes you look the the plastic phony creeps some of you are, don’t live here we don’t need your crap

  45. I retired from Anchorage Police and moved to the lower 48 in the late 80s. One thing I enjoyed about the many years I lived in Alaska was the “Free Will Spirit”. I spent a lot of time in Homer, even homesteaded land and intending to retire there, but aging parents needed me. I loved it there but things have changed since I left. I was set back to find so many Trump supporters there. We shall see what happens soon and if it does not go in support of this agenda then I likely will not return, knowing the mentality has changed so much.

  46. Look at all of the lines being drawn and sides being taken..are we so caught up in the banter and arguing that we’ve forgotten we’re all just people? That we have no idea how hard the lives of others are? That we all have basic human needs? That whether we’re hardcore, god fearing, gun owning, true patriots OR pot smoking, world traveling, LGBTQ supporting, hippies OR someone from a country other than the USA…we’re all just people.

    And just a thought since it’s only been a few hundred years (not a large amount of time for our species)…unless I have 100% native blood running through my veins, me and my whole family are immigrants to this country.

    Remember those four letters we all crave from the moment of birth to the moment of death?

  47. When I lived in Alaska (where I retired from) people were not tolerant to abusing nature and the environment. However, under this administration, the goal is to render the Environmental Protection Agency useless to open the door for pollution to benefit the wealthy oil companies. That should not be tolerated. Billionaire companies, such as Exxon (who polluted the virgin pristine Prince William Sound) and other billionaire oil investors who fight against competing clean renewable energy development, should not be tolerated. Yet, they are the ones being hired by Trump to meet his big money oriented agenda. The reduction in women’s rights should not be tolerated either. Illegal immigration? Sure, we should stop illegal immigration but not deport those who are well established here. We should make and enforce laws that jail those that hire illegals, especially those that work them like slaves and pay them a fraction of minimum wage because the workers fear deportation if reported to ICE. Breaking up families by deporting parents who snuck into the USA to find work to feed their hungry parents, has not committed a serious crime, and is harder working than our own citizens. They do the job no one wants at below minimum wage (illegal) because they are vulnerable and fear deportation. They fear for their starving parents and know no jobs exist there if deported. Some are removed from their established families (born here) who depend on them. They should not be deported but are under this pathetic administration. I could write a lot more reasons why NOT to accept our newly elected president’s agenda. Even his supporters are decreasing rapidly. That is why he is campaigning now, with speeches and organizing GOP town hall meetings. He should be meeting with our allied country’s leaders and NATO to gain support. Instead… He sends his Vice President, cabinet member, or a supporting experienced politician to do what he should be doing. He either feels he is incapable of handling the work or, more importantly, spend his time trying to stop the rapid decrease in his public support. I could give a lot more reasons to be intolerant to our newly elected president’s agenda and more tolerant to the environment and humanitarian progress.

  48. These comments are priceless. Alaska, the Republican Party rapes it’s own first, then blames the left. It’s their standard method of operation. But this time you can’t. What you’re getting and are going to get is your own creation. I’m looking forward to the next few years.

  49. There is no more of a reliable source (based on facts) than Snopes. If a source is not biased in support of the right wing you assume it is biased. Even Fox News, a known right wing source, is critical of Trump and his agenda. The problem in this country is people that refuse to open their minds and accept proven factual information.

  50. Just a fisherman from homer,,, the jerimias, and Elaine’s of homer are a uneducateable bunch , so to those of u wanting to visit homer don’t b afraid to show up , we ( the rest of us) will b nice and appreciative of ur visit . Go TRUMP ,,,, and u leftist stoners , go smoke a joint and whoo saaa!

  51. Jeremiah Emmerson is just another disgruntled voter whose candidate lost and he just can’t cope. boo hoo , grow up and stop with the tantrums

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