Homer city council to consider ‘softened’ resolution after blowback

Homer, Alaska (Creative Commons photo, unknown photographer)

The Homer City Council will tonight consider Resolution 17-09, but not the original draft of 17-09.

Tonight, rather than take on President Donald Trump directly, the council will vote on a sanitized version, one that is more careful in its wording but may not satisfy its critics.

The council is split on the resolution offered by three of its members — David Lewis, Catriona Reynolds and Donna Aderhold.

But the loud left-wing of Homer is gearing up for a fight at City Hall to call on all the citizens of Homer to “stand against intolerance and resist expressions of hate toward any members of the community.”

The meeting begins at 6 pm and the matter is 16th on the agenda. It’s likely that Mayor Brian Zak will limit public comment to three minutes.

The original resolution began by rebuking President Donald Trump and his entire cabinet for high crimes and misdemeanors of political incorrectness.

The new resolution is about 50 lines shorter, but critics say that the original version tells the full story as to what is behind Resolution 17-09: Creating a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, putting “resistance” language into a city resolution intended as thinly veiled common cause with the “Indivisible” movement of Democrats nationally who oppose Donald Trump.

The original resolution caused a furor in Homer and garnered nationwide attention when it was released on Must Read Alaska last week. Locals are predicting it will be a long meeting and Homer conservatives say the resolution may have done more to split the community than to bring it together.




  1. “…Homer conservatives say the resolution may have done more to split the community than to bring it together.” Way to absolve the perpetrators and blame the conservatives. Homer is beautiful, the folks are friendly, but it was weird living there for six years.. kind of like being in a foreign country. Was glad to move up the road a ways where folks are more… well… real.

  2. The liberal left is acting like a bunch of children that can’t get their way so they are throwing a temper tantrum. Lead by example. Love thy neighbor. Treat others like you would like to be treated. Do you really need to legislate this?

  3. This entire website is a joke. Could you be any more biased in your “reporting”? You are leaving huge pieces of the picture out. As a lifelong Alaskan, I have yet to see anything on your site I couldn’t have gone the rest of my life without reading – nothing “Must Read” here. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time besides spread hate and false information?

    • I think your problem is not being able to appreciate a different point of view. If there hate or false information then point it out.

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