Homeland’s Mayorkas escapes impeachment, with Alaska Rep. Peltola sticking with Biden


Alaska Rep. Mary Peltola voted with all Democrats and four breakaway Republicans against the impeachment of Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, for high crimes and misdemeanors relating to his refusal to enforce security at the southern border, where thousands of illegal immigrants have poured through daily since President Joe Biden took office.

During one period in December, over 10,000 illegals surged through the border from Mexico, although some are from other countries, including those that export terrorists.

Normally, a measure of that magnitude in Congress would not reach the floor for a vote unless the Speaker had counted how many votes were in hand. But Speaker Mike Johnson came up short: On a vote of 216-214, the impeachment went down.

America is experiencing the worst border crisis in its 248-year history, with Biden and his Homeland Security secretary seemingly intent on bringing in a record number of undocumented and unaccounted-for aliens.

Peltola had the chance to fire Mayorkas, but voted to save Biden the embarrassment in an election year, said the NRCC, a Republican congressional organization.

“Mary Peltola cares more about saving Joe Biden’s Secretary of Open Borders than securing Alaskans and Americans’ safety from terrorists, fentanyl traffickers and criminal illegal immigrants. This is just the latest extreme, anti-border security vote from Peltola,said NRCC Spokesperson Ben Petersen.

The four Republicans who voted against impeachment were Rep. Tom McClintock of California, Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado, Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, and Rep. Blake Moore of Utah.

The vote may come up again on Wednesday, when Rep. Steve Scalise returns; he has been undergoing cancer treatment.


  1. If Scalise’s health permits his return on Wednesday, and no other Republican drops off, the vote will pass.

    Rep. Blake Moore of Utah is 100% in support of impeachment. It was necessary for him to switch his vote after the outcome was obvious in order to be able to more easily bring the issue up for a vote a second time.

    Sad to see three Republicans fail to uphold the dignity of such an important office as Secretary of Homeland Security. Mayorkas has endangered the security of the United States in a multitude of ways. This was an easy vote.

    I can only imagine what these three Republicans will do when it comes to a hard vote.

    How remarkable that two of these same Republicans voted to expel fellow Republican George Santos from Congress, but could not bring themselves to retire Mayorkas. Hypocritical much?

    The outcome of today’s vote was a direct result of the vote to expel Republican Congressman George Santos and the mid-term resignations of Republican Congressmen Rep. Bill Johnson and Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

    • Absolutely correct Dave! This isn’t over and I believe he will be impeached. I hope he isn’t just removed from office but also that he will be thoroughly investigated. Who was he collaborating with in South America to facilitate the Human Trafficking? What NGO’s were helping him break US Federal Immigration Law? Where does the money connect and who benefitted from it? END THE CABAL NOW!

  2. Today in the Republican Party:

    RNC Chair resigns
    Israel aid bill fails
    Mayorkas impeachment fails
    Trump loses appeal
    McConnell stabs Lankford in back. They must be get tired of all this winning!

    • Why are we trying to send billions of dollars to Israel when our own border is open and the people in charge are sending hundreds of millions of dollars to non profit corporations that are trying funnel several extra millions of illegal aliens into the country?

      • “Why are we trying to send billions of dollars to Israel when our own border is open…….”
        May as well pay the people who will fight the invasions. That sure isn’t here in the states. Ukrainians and Israelis fight. We give our invaders welfare.

  3. Clowns being clowns, which of the clowns should Peltola have gone with–the Red ones or the Blue ones! What a dilemma that must have raised!

  4. Utterly shameful and disgusting!

    That loathsome bald traitor — yes, TRAITOR — deserves nothing less than a rope tie for his betrayal of this country, and his willful encouragement of the ongoing invasion through the southern border.

  5. Blake Moore (R-UT) originally voted yes, but changed his vote to no at the request of leadership.
    It was necessary in order to try the vote again in a week.

  6. Lol. Remember a week ago mayorkas was questioned under oath about how terrible his fulfillment of border security has been, and his response was that he was the child of a holocaust survivor?

    He didn’t address his shortcomings in his job role. He didn’t address that he is a naturalized citizen born in Cuba, he didn’t mention he is excluded from the presidential line of succession.

    He was asked why he isn’t securing the border and his response was to filibuster and complain about the holocaust for 5 minutes straight. It’s on CSPAN and was reposted all over social media.

  7. We all knew how her vote would go, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

    This invasion is planned. It’s all part of Agenda 2030. Just look up “MIGRATION IN THE 2030 AGENDA”.

    There is a reason the left uses the term “migrants” when they are actually illegal alien invaders.

  8. Mayorkas’ coverup of “bomb” plot at dnc hq jan 6 by destroying secret service cell phone records is unlawful. This lack of pursuit about “bombs” on j 6 is quite revealing and only points towards mayorkas’ complicity & corruption .

  9. It doesn’t have a prayer in the Senate but yeah, go ahead and scream your outrage at the impotent GOP House majorities carnival show.

  10. The Border Patrol supports the Senate Immigration bill as a big step in the right direction. Speaker Johnson appears to be headed for the exits along with the Freedom Caucus in the next election.

    • When you say Border Patrol, you mean their management, right?
      Because I doubt any rank and file Border agent supports this in any way.

  11. Mary is only doing what H. Jefferies is telling her to do. If you were in her position, you would do exactly the same. She is on team Democrat…if the people of Alaska don’t like it then vote her out. Otherwise zip-it.

  12. Trying to impeach Mayorkas is a political stunt. The current immigration crises is just the latest wave of migration from failing countries in Central America. Over 8 million refugees have fled Venezuela due to the collapse of its economy, and many of them are trying to come to the U.S. because our economy is so strong. If Republicans wanted to fix the immigration crises they would vote to pass the bipartisan immigration reform bill. But Donald Trump ordered his stooges in a Congress to vote against fixing our immigration laws, because he wants the crisis to continue throughout the election so he can try to blame Biden for the problem. Wake up MAgA stooges, you are being manipulated.

    • Economic asylum is not a thing. There is a legal process for entering the country.

      These aren’t migrants. They are illegal aliens. They broke our laws to enter the country. Keep blaming the last guy. Your TDS is shining through. Maybe the current administration should try actually enforcing our laws.

    • Sorry Steve, but you know the ONLY thing that has changed is who sits in the White House. There was no immigration bill under President Trump or if memory serves under Obama either, yet somehow we were able to keep illegals at bay. The trend of illegal crossings was going down before 2020 and we seemed to finally get a grip on this issue. Then President Biden came into office, changed the rules of engagement for the border patrol, dropped the vetting process and now 13 million illegals later, he blames it on republicans??? Talk about dereliction of duty!

    • …and another issue for you to consider.
      When people flee economic or natural disasters, it is mostly women and children.
      The latest numbers I read state there are 37000 Chinese Nationals, who have illegally crossed the border most of them young military age men. The Chinese are our major competitor on the world stage. Having un-vetted individuals in the country, whose motivations and background we know nothing about, poses a serious risk to our industrial and other innovations.
      Then you have 20000 individuals from countries like Syria, Yemen, Libya.. most again military age men. You know the countries that chant “Death to America”. Several individuals on the terror watch list have been apprehended and one can assume the rest aren’t all here to now embrace mom and apple pie.

  13. America need to close the borders NOW. Pelota likes a good sheep votes in favor of what Biden wants not Alaskans. Pelota works for Alasakans not Biden or the liberal democrats. Alaskans can change this by voting Peltoa out of office. This Alaskan supports closing the border, Dunlevy sending National Guard to support Texas in securing the border, Support Israel and not Hamas or Palestine.
    Alaskas should close it borders to all illegals. A illegal should not have the same rights as a citizen of the United States

  14. The GOP can’t pass legislation in the house, much less get it through the senate. Twice impeached #45 is directing the party to do his dirty work to try and draw attention away from his upcoming trials. You must impeach somebody! Biden is corrupt, I have no evidence but I know it you need to do something or I’m going to lose again! Send all future contributions to the Federal Bureau of Prisons attention Prisoner #45. TRUMP FOR TREASON!

    • Wow! What a sad and ridiculous diatribe.
      Biden has been in office for almost 4 years and you still find a way to blame everything on Trump, pathetic!
      I suggest you add another layer to your tinfoil hat and call Dr. Dan for an emergency consultation for your delusional TDS


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