Homeland Security Committee finishes work and calls on House to impeach Secretary Mayorkas


Led by Congressman Mark Green of Tennessee, who chairs the House Committee on Homeland Security, all 17 Republican members of the committee on Thursday called on the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, an appointee of President Joe Biden.

Hearings ended Thursday, after a week of proceedings. Up next: Charging him with failure to protect the nation’s border from the surge of illegal immigrants. Three articles of impeachment have now been filed against Mayorkas for dereliction of duty, violating laws, and creating a national security threat.

A majority vote in the House is needed to impeach Mayorkas over these “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Two-thirds of the Senate would need to convict him in order to remove him from office, and Democrats control the Senate.

“The truth is that Secretary Mayorkas has disregarded court orders, laws passed by Congress and has lied to the American people,” Green said during the hearing Thursday. “Who wants a secretary that can just disregard the fundamental pillars of the Constitution? We cannot tolerate that, whether they are a Republican or Democrat.”

Green, who is a medical doctor, has led a nearly year-long investigation and subsequent impeachment proceedings, and “having exhausted all other options to hold him accountable, it is unmistakably clear to all of us—and to the American people—that Congress must exercise its constitutional duty and impeach Secretary Mayorkas.”

Majorkas has “consistently, willfully, and systemically refused to follow the laws passed by Congress, abused his authority, and breached the trust of Congress and the American people on numerous occasions. The result of his failure to fulfill his oath of office has been a border crisis that is unprecedented in American history—a crisis that has cost the lives of thousands of Secretary Mayorkas’ fellow Americans,” he said.

A hearing, “Voices for the Victims: The Heartbreaking Reality of the Mayorkas Border Crisis,” examined the impact of Secretary Mayorkas’ intentional border crisis on Americans, including testimony from moms who have been forever impacted by his refusal to enforce the laws of the United States. Unfortunately, Secretary Mayorkas chose to meet with Mexican officials rather than testify before Congress and face these mothers,” Green said.

The committee held its first impeachment hearing last week titled, “Havoc in the Heartland: How Secretary Mayorkas’ Failed Leadership Has Impacted the States.”

The hearings follow the committee’s nearly year-long investigation into the causes, costs, and consequences of the unprecedented crisis at America’s borders and the impact on Americans and Tennesseans. 

The Committee held its first hearing on Jan. 10, with testimony from three border-state state attorneys general who agreed that, in addition to the crisis wreaking havoc in their states, Mayorkas’ actions rise to the level of impeachable offenses.

Throughout the five-phase investigation that culminated in these impeachment proceedings, the Committee published detailed reports of its findings, totaling nearly 400 pages:

Green’s office said the reports conclusively establish that Secretary Mayorkas is chiefly responsible for the chaos and devastation that has unfolded at America’s borders over the past three years.

“His willful and systemic refusal to follow the laws passed by Congress has incentivized unprecedented mass illegal immigration. He has abused his power by directing his Department to implement policies contrary to federal statute and abandoning viable enforcement initiatives, and he has breached the public trust by willfully misleading Congress and the American people on numerous occasions about the consequences of his decisions and the operational realities on the border. As a result of his refusal to follow the law and abuse of power, the criminal cartels have been empowered, Americans and migrants alike are suffering in record numbers, and cities and states across the country are assuming massive financial costs,” Green’s office said.

The Committee conducted 10 full and subcommittee hearings, gathering testimony from more than two dozen witnesses.

The committee, along with the House Oversight Committee, conducted transcribed interviews of chief and deputy chief patrol agents responsible for the Border Patrol’s nine Southwest border sectors as part of this investigation.

These senior agents said:

Throughout the process, Secretary Mayorkas refused to cooperate with committee requests for him to appear and provide testimony on his handling of the crisis and his alleged refusal to enforce U.S. law. 


  1. This Admin has forever changed the fabric of our Nation, for the worse. Stay in the 907! I moved to Santa Monica for a job, and I’ve regretted it nearly every minute. If it’s not bolted down, it’s gone. And I live near the beach, a “nice area”. We have illegals sleeping in our alley, and they’re fresh from the border. It’s disgusting!

  2. The border is a mess no doubt. But I have yet to meet an Alaskan who said “Yeah, I was a high paid slope worker until those illegals showed up.” Substitute commercial fisherman, miner, school teacher, etc. Yet daily you hear the outrage about what’s going on 4,000 miles away. Once again it is a problem but it shows you the power of Fox News et. al. on driving public discourse. It would be similar to every 5th person in Texas whining to their friends all day how the lack of ice pack on the Arctic Ocean is causing trouble for the polar bears. The same forces at Fox News have convinced the same fans that 56K white people in Iowa still supporting Trump is HUGE news!

    • Sebastian, your willful and disingenuous head-in-the-sand approach to this issue is both pathetic and contemptible. Even after having read and heard some of the completely irrational and illogical nonsense from radical leftist extremists like you, here and elsewhere, I still find myself shocked by the level of profound anti-intelligence you ‘people’ can engage in and display.

      So our nation is being slowly destroyed by invaders, and your response is “If I don’t see it personally in my daily life, it doesn’t matter and doesn’t exist”? REALLY?!

      It frankly disgusts me to even have to sink to openly respond to such idiocy.

  3. This seems like a political stunt. In its rush to advance the impeachment resolution, the committee did not even allow Secretary Mayorkas to testify. I think the Republican Party uses the immigration crises to advance its political agenda, and has no intention of fixing the problem. Trump claimed that the wall he built would keep illegal immigrants out, but it hasn’t done a thing. Republicans in Congress could work to pass reforms to the immigration laws, but they just announced that they would refuse to do so, even though the Democrats agreed to try to find common ground. No President can change immigration policies on his own, since they have to follow the laws that are on the books, or they will be sued and enjoined from doing things that are not permitted under the current laws. And rather than change the laws, republicans in Congress just want to use immigration as a political issues to get re-elected,

    • Washington, your logic regarding President Trump’s wall is flawed. The wall was never finished. If you still believe this, please build yourself a new house with no roof. See how warm you stay. One could argue that there is a house there, but without being finished, does not serve the purpose. Regarding the bi-partisan common ground you speak of in congress, that is a plain hustle and everyone knows it is, thus – NO. This negotiation would be like arguing whether or not to provide a band-aid to a compound leg fracture, all while trumpeting you are offering medical assistance. To stem the flow if Illegal Aliens to this country, the only negotiation available is to stop everything cold, then negotiate up from there. Cheers –

  4. Also is it a felony act against nature to persistently dump hazardous chemicals upon unwitting populations for science to steer the weather using harp and chemical dumps to steer the arctic river blast to weaponize weather to create illusions of weather patterns change for the one world order? Asking for a friend. This may be yet a Godly inquiry for those so inclined. No hoodwinking allowed.

  5. These stories tend to be about issues not private Inhabitants. Why do you need attention from me, dog groomer? Stick to the topic. Perhaps you may appear to be a more credible nut job yourself.

  6. Our country has been literally invaded for three years . This is best DC can do ? What a bunch of stooges on both sides . Impeachment after this guy has repeatedly lied over and over to congress and has been giving America and all Americans the middle finger . Impeachment is like slapping the hand of a toddler . He should be hauled off in shackles and imprisoned until trial !

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