Hidden in Infrastructure bill, mandatory alcohol/drug detectors in new vehicles


Contained on page 1,066 of the $1.1 trillion infrastructure bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday is a hidden price hike on new vehicles.

The price hike comes in the form of a mandate that all new vehicles, within six years, will be required to have passive monitoring devices to detect drug and alcohol overuse in the vehicle.

The bill, which is mainly to fix roads, bridges, dams, and broadband, doesn’t say “breathalyzer,” but refers to “passive” systems that monitor the performance of drivers. That is usually accomplished by measuring the alcohol in the air inside the vehicle. If a driver doesn’t pass the test, the car won’t start.

The new requirement has been talked about since before 2019, when Sens. Tom Udall, D-N.M., and Rick Scott, R-Fla., introduced the Reduce Impaired Driving for Everyone Act of 2019, which would have mandated the devices by 2024. A coalition of auto manufacturers is behind the bill, which is also supported by groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The newly passed bill, which includes $550 billion in new spending and $450 billion in already approved funds, also requires automobile technology to measure impairment from prescription drugs or simple drowsiness.

Drunk driving fatalities have decreased nationally by 52 percent since 1982, according to Responsibility.org. Among persons under 21, drunk driving fatalities decreased 83 percent.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports drunk driving accounts for one-third of all traffic deaths, with 10,800 people killed in drunk driving incidents in 2019.

Also in the bill is Section 13002, titled “National motor vehicle per-mile user fee pilot,” a demonstration project to tax drivers based on their annual mileage, rather than at the fuel pump. This helps the federal government recover some lost revenues now that electric car owners don’t pay federal fuel taxes of 18.4 cents per gallon. But it also would allow the federal government to track the whereabouts of every private vehicle.

The infrastructure bill’s new spending includes $110 billion for roads and bridges, $66 billion for rail projects, $65 billion to expand access to broadband and includes a $30 monthly voucher for low-income households to pay for their internet service.

The bill also tackles climate change with $65 billion for the electrical grid, $50 billion for protection from cyberattacks and floods and forest fires, and about $7.5 billion to build charging stations for electric vehicles. Another $7.5 billion will help replace school buses and ferries with electric models.

The bill still must pass the House, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it clear she will use the infrastructure bill as leverage to get the massive $3.5 trillion Green New Deal bill through the Senate and over to the House. She will not allow her chamber to take up either bill until she has them both. President Biden has also stated he will not sign the infrastructure bill until he has the larger bill along with it.

Voting in favor of the infrastructure bill were both members of Alaska’s Senate delegation, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who helped negotiate the package, and Sen. Dan Sullivan.

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  1. Call senator Sullivan’s anchorage office 907-271-5915 to voice your opposition to senator Sullivan’s vote. If we don’t let Sullivan know what we think, he’ll never know that Alaskans pay attention to the votes he makes in the senate. His staff is taking calls and listening to your messages. Please do it ASAP. We cannot allow senator Sullivan to keep voting against Alaska’s interest and advance the Biden agenda.

    • I view it as America’s agenda. Make America great again. Remember? Most of Alaska likes the job Dan is doing. Is it ok for those people to call his office too?

      • Well if you agree with mandating Breathalyzers in cars, technology that allows the government to track the amount of miles you drive per day, and an extra 1.2 trillion in debt the tax payers will eventually have to pay back with interest they sure give Sullivan a call and tell him thank you. As for me I think it’s a disgustingly irresponsible Piece of legislation.

      • Hahahaha troll boy is still here vainly thrusting his fists against the posts. Don’t know what I’d laugh at without your nuggets of recycled grass.

      • If I blew into a breathalyzer right now it would detect pizza and hot pockets. Do you think my car would start?

      • I agree. Sometimes you do have to spend money on yourself.
        Having Congress spend my money without my consent is not “spending money on myself.” And, before you respond, there is a difference between my griping about unnecessary government spending on stuff I do not agree with, and being forced to pay for something I personally do not want out of my after tax earnings.

          • Which is a statement that has nothing to do with my comment.
            Allow me to reiterate.
            I gripe about government spending.
            I am adamant the Government should not have the power to spend my after tax earnings against my will by forcing me to purchase something I do not want.
            If you do not get the distinction, there is no help for you.

  2. Expected Senator Murkowski’s “yes” vote but would dearly love to hear Senator Sullivan’s explanation. We know that this $1.1 Trillion includes much more than infrastructure and is not paid for. He advertised himself as a conservative but this vote & that for the Dept of Interior nominee (to name just a couple) show he is not governing as advertised. Remind us, how is he different than Al Gross? It would seem that we don’t have representation in the U.S. Senate of late. I would appreciate it if someone could get him on the record. Many thanks for your work and providing an alternative for Alaskans.

  3. I think it’ll be cheaper just to permanently remove a person’s drivers license after one alcohol and drug offence than assume every driver guilty.
    In Alaska the 5 strikes and your out has always been ridiculous. I rather drivers who choose to drink or get high before driving they lose their right to legally drive after the first offence. Permanently. The offender will just have to find chauffeurs for the rest of their life.

      • Or maybe if a driver is shown to be impaired there should be a instant penalty. Like a lethal jolt of electricity. Now that would be a deterrent once the word spread.

      • Until my grandkid’s science project spills in the backseat of the car and I can’t get him to the state fair.

    • Circumstances change…it’s not always always the actual owner of the car does the driving. If someone loans their car or temporarily turns their keys over to another person, that device provides another layer of insurance. The owner KNOWS their car won’t become the instrumentality of a DUI.

    • Most multiple DUI offenders are also cited for driving w/o a license. Even with no license, they still get behind the wheel. I do not like the factory installed device for everyone, but for those who are repeat offenders, sure thing.

      • That would be awesome if they could do that. Driving a car is not a right. Certain rules that need to be followed as with anything or you don’t get to participate.

    • It doesn’t work. People drive without licenses all the time. The courts are full of them. Unless they do serious harm or have other more serious outstanding felony warrants, they just bond out. Then, Mr or Ms Scofflaw is back to driving without a license again.

      • Ever hear of the mark of the beast ? Its in the pipeline and you’ll probably accept it . In other words don’t argue with me argue with God. Trump , his minions , over reach , surveillance laws laws and more laws are all end days stuff , get off your —- and look it up . In other words control . All about control . Hot tip – saint michaels world apostolate . Most of the info is in the bayside messages . Order them . But I know you won’t.

  4. Also in the bill is Section 13002, titled “National motor vehicle per-mile user fee pilot,” a demonstration project to tax drivers based on their annual mileage, rather than at the fuel pump. This helps the federal government recover some lost revenues now that electric car owners don’t pay federal fuel taxes of 18.4 cents per gallon. But it also would allow the federal government to track the whereabouts of every private vehicle.

    I have a feeling this test project will turn permanent and everyone shall submit to having a tracking device in their vehicle (commercial and domestic).

    Big brother is now going to be in your vehicle and if you are sober but your three buddies getting a ride home have been having a great time at the bar drinking it up, your car might not start.

    • Could blow in a straw. An number of ways to hard wire it in. It doesn’t have to be a sniffer. There have been court ordered devices installed for decades now that work.

    • Could be an anual odometer statement when you get registration. With the country phasing into electric vehicles, how are you going to pay for road repair? Big brother already knows where you are. Super computers in Utah are plugged into every traffic light, ATM, and sensor. They know when you fart. You’re not this naive are you?

    • It’s basically a tachograph for the masses. Northern Europe has had them for decades in commercial vehicles.
      What you’ll see next are rules on when, where, and how you can drive. Here’s a snippet from the UK guidelines. With these electronic monitors in the USA, they’ll be able to implement these rules at will to regular consumer vehicles easily.
      Break any of these rules, and punishment will be arbitory and legal when dished out (better remove those bumper stickers and adopt you best *gray man* persona).

      Goods Vehicle GB Rules
      Drivers may drive no more than 10 hours a day.
      The maximum duty permitted in one day is 11 hours. Drivers are exempt from the maximum duty allotment on a working day they do not drive. Drivers are also exempt if they do not drive more than 4 hours on each day of the week.
      Recordkeeping Requirements
      Employees must keep written records of their hours on a weekly record sheet or use an approved and sealed tachograph. Drivers are required to check and sign each weekly record sheet.
      Passenger Vehicle GB Rules
      Drivers may drive no more than 10 hours a day.
      When driving for 5.5 hours, a driver must take at least a 30-minute break. Alternatively, within a period of 8.5 hours, a driver must take breaks that add up to at least 45 minutes.
      Drivers must take a continuous rest of 10 hours between consecutive working days. This can be reduced to 8.5 hours up to three times a week.
      Recordkeeping Requirements
      Drivers of passenger carrying vehicles do not have to keep records of working hours.
      Drivers governed by the GB rules will also have to follow the Working Time Regulations 1998, which sets a maximum 48-hour working week, 4.8 weeks of annual leave, and a right to health checks and adequate rest.

  5. This is why we roast Swampy Dan. We knew Princess Lisa would support it. Swampy Dan was supposed to be conservative.

    We roast Swampy Dan here for exactly this kind of vote. He proved he’s Lisa lite. He’s just as bad as Giessel, Von Imhof, Shaw, ect.

    Sometimes I actually regret not voting for Begich. As slimy as he was, he was honest about being slimy.

  6. That’ll make those regular Poker Run events interesting … Boatel to Ivory Jacks to Turtle Club to Chatinika Lodge to Elks Lodge to Badger Den. I’m sure someone will develop an App that can by-pass the Guv’ment Safety Device.

  7. Out of 1.2 trillion dollars, about 250 billion will actually be ‘directed’ at infrastructure. The rest to lots of pork and socialist agenda items. America loses. Now add the next 3.5 trillion dollars to the total. Electric everything. Free money, illegal immigration and the works for everyone, except those working that actually pay that ‘free money’. America can’t pay the debt service, much less pay off what we already owe. What now? Just keep printing money and everything will be ok? The time is rapidly approaching that America will be forced to declare “Force Majeure”. That means renege on all our debt, which is currently skyrocketing. That will be the only option. We arrive at the gates of financial hell. Our ‘politicians’ seem to be taking America there. I never thought America would be a third world country.
    Dan missed the conservative boat on this one too. Alaska’s voice in the senate was solidly on the left. Will it be the same on the big one?

    • The National Preserves and Wildlife Refuges were “set aside” for the vast mineral wealth as secure assets for the massive debts accruing to socialize the country. There will be no more environmental and climate change nonsense referenced when there assets are exploited to pay up when the foreigners call their notes.

    • We are not the only country doing this spending. We have the farthest to fall so the numbers are big. Canada and others are spending into oblivion as well. It is to achieve a world economic balance to introduce the new one world digital currency.

  8. Our senators have judgement problems!

    In addition to McConnell, the other GOP senators who voted for the massive legislation were Roy Blunt of Missouri, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, Mike Crapo of Idaho, Deb Fischer of Nebraska, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, John Hoeven of North Dakota, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Rob Portman of Ohio, Jim Risch of Idaho, Mitt Romney of Utah, Dan Sullivan of Alaska, Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

  9. One man’s pork is another’s steak. Depends whose plate you are looking at. We don’t intend on paying our debt. That’s the beauty of it. China can’t afford for us to fold. Dominos effect. As long as we have the weapons 50 years in advance of what anyone else can even imagine, let alone build, we are untouchable and rule this roost. Star trek, star wars….been there done that already. You going to pick a fight with somebody who can do that? I think not.

  10. It is important to call and Email expressing disgust with Sullivan. He is far worse than the Democrats in that he is two faced, spineless, and fully corrupted. All the while he fakes being “conservative” and representing citizens who cherish family, work, civil liberties and a strong private economy.
    Sullivan sullies the name Republican and he is ethically far worse than Murkowski who openly flaunts her ignorance, incompetence and corruption. Murkowski is too stupid to care, Sullivan needed to play the part to get into office, wait out the Trump administration and cash in for family and donor friends skimming off the massive appropriation from the special interests who bankrolled his obtaining the office. These massive legislative bills are pay day.
    Of 700,000 people in Alaska and this is who represents us.
    Sullivan is laughing smugly with his DC buddies McConnell, Schumer, Graham and the rest.

  11. If you blow into a breathalyzer it can also detect if you’re a virgin (like me). It’s a good thing I don’t have a car in the village and just use uber eats. I just ate mCdonalds and it was good.

  12. It’s all great until someone who might be minimally impaired or sleepy or whatever and is being attacked, has the doors locked and needs to flee but the car won’t start and they are killed/murdered. Or worse the devise malfunctions (like my rear backup camera has been doing) or the driver is panicked and screws up the test and can’t start the car to flee and they are killed/robbed/raped…you name it.

    • Then, I guess you should how to set up the SOS function on your phone, figure out what that little phone on your lock screen is for, and get OnStar installed in your car (you can get it at Best Buy if you don’t have a GM car). Once you get a new one with the sobriety detector, that is…

  13. I Love the picture that leads into the article. A right hand driving car! Ha! Maybe she works a postal route?
    Maybe this is for additional impact/effect? Or…the picture is taken from the reflection in the mirror?
    Either way: you have my attention.

  14. Good going Dan you bleeping RINO! How could you possibly think this was on Alaska’s best interests? And electric school buses? In 40 below weather? Brilliant. Good grief.

      • Certainly you realize that in the cold depths of space the batteries either have heaters, or are not conventional batteries. Deep space probes use a decaying radioactive isotope (typically plutonium, but could be other material) to generate their power. The ISS and most near earth satellites actually have an overheating problem most of the time. They need to turn on the heaters for only a short period of time when they are occluded by the Earth.
        Is this similar to the time you claimed we wiped out polio? I think your scientific knowledge is a bit lacking.

          • And, my response apparently went right over your head as well.
            Just because the tech exists does not mean it is viable for everyday use. Please tell me what battery tech you have that is ready to be put into school buses in the interior that is ready to go? Or has a chance in hades of being ready in the next decade?
            Oh… I know. It is in the textbook right next to where we eradicated polio.

          • You mean the lithium ion batteries that are temperature dependent? The ones that provide a significantly lower charge in cold temps?
            Here is an experiment for you, Greg. Pop your lithium ion battery charged smart phone (or other device) into your freezer overnight. Then check to see how long the device thinks it can run in the morning. Bet your runtime is significantly reduced from that simple experiment.

    • Electrified horseless carriages, they’ll be kept plugged into the dirty old (reliable) diesel generated public power utility, all day and night.
      That way they’ll be kept them warm and charged, ready to shuffle masked & jabbed party kids to their indoctrination centers. #nothingtoseehere #otherthanagenda3030 #moresmokeandmirrors

  15. I know it’s down there on the list of importance, but a $30 monthly voucher for low-income households to pay for their internet service…seriously? We hand out free phones with free internet access already, now we are going to be handing out an additional $30 a month on top of the free food and utilities and rent and…and…and…

  16. Why this talk about blowing into a straw? These are supposed to be passive systems. Who’s the one being naive here? While it’s a laudable goal to keep impaired drivers off the road, we cannot allow our government to become so huge and overbearing.

      • No, it will not.
        What, if anything do you know about the effects of EMPs?
        Seriously Greg. I understand the desire to troll a bit, I succumb to it sometimes myself. But, did you learn anything about science, physics, electronics, or any of the STEM fields in your education?

  17. Then, I guess you should how to set up the SOS function on your phone, figure out what that little phone on your lock screen is for, and get OnStar installed in your car (you can get it at Best Buy if you don’t have a GM car). Once you get a new one with the sobriety detector, that is…

  18. I wouldn’t wish to improperly post a link here but the NY Post ran an article yesterday which anyone can find easily online entitled “Biden’s infrastructure bill is chock-full of anti-white racism” wherein we can see that the bill includes boatloads of race-based set-asides in contracting to squander taxpayers’ money and I think we can guess which Alaskan enterprises will benefit the most. From there, we can connect some dots and further guess who’s pulling the strings of Lisa and Dan.

      • The “woke” among us are more than willing to cut off their noses to spite their face.
        It is not enough that they are not racist, they have to reject their culture and history, and adopt one from a different race to prove their wokeness.

  19. Counted 68 posts with 22 coming from the same poster. They obviously like to hear themselves talk. Not naming names, but I don’t think I have to. Of course, I have always been partial to enjoying a small serving of quality steak instead of trying to choke down three plates full of beans.

  20. It’s always been argued how much the federal government should get involved in our daily lives. Most of the time, I disagree

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