Assembly to add ‘Equity’ pillar to its strategic plan for Anchorage


The Anchorage Assembly will vote Tuesday on whether to add another “pillar” to its strategic plan. This one is defined as an Equity pillar.

It would join those pillars of Quality of Life, Public Safety, Economic Development, Homelessness.

What is equity? It is a term that essentially means socialism.

George Washington University Public Health Department defines it as different from the long-sought quality of “equality”:

“Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. … Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.”

Karl Marx, the father of socialism, put it another way: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Equity is socialism in that it does not strive to offer just equal opportunity, but equal outcome.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown just signed an education equity statute that removes the requirement that high school students prove proficiency in reading, writing, or math before graduation.

Last year the Anchorage Assembly authorized the hiring of an equity officer, who was then put on the payroll in April. He has no deliverables and cannot be fired by the mayor without the authorization of the Assembly.

The Anchorage Assembly, which is arguably the most radical of all local governing bodies in the state, will take up the ordinance at the meeting that starts at 5 pm in the Loussac Library. Agenda is here.


    • Let’s throw the Assembly communists out, instead! They and the School Board must be held accountable!

    • No Greg. That is equality.
      Equity is when two people do not do the same amount of work, but are provided the same outcomes. Because of reasons made up to excuse their inability to work.
      Tom Brady gets paid more than his back up QBs because he wins games, puts fans in the seats, and gets the TV ratings. Kyle Trask likely practices just as hard, studies the game plan just as much, and is ready to take over at a moment’s notice, but does not get paid as much. If what you describe as equity is true, Trask would have an identical contract as Brady.
      However, you do have a point. When you examine the knowledge, skills, and experience of two employees, you tend to find out they are both being paid at the level they should be paid. When you consider more factors than just skin color and/or gender, curiously there is little to no difference in equal pay for equal work. When you take into account education, and where applicable, college major/degree, there is generally little to no inequality out there.
      So, yes, equal work, from equally qualified individuals, should result in equal pay. Which is EXACTLY what is happening right now without having to add “pillars” to the Assembly goals.

        • Guess 1984 was not part of your HS reading list.
          Do you really think the Assembly is using the dictionary definition of the word?
          Yeah you probably do. That would explain a lot really.

        • Greg. First, I respect you attribute your comments to your real name (I assume) and you clearly believe the dictates of the ultra liberal line. Commenters here tend to believe in the American experience and feel equality of opportunity is more important than artificial arranged equal outcomes (equity). Also we believe in free speech and crying to Suzanne that voices that don’t agree with you deserves to be “canceled” will just not fly here.

          • Not how the left uses it. See Oregon’s bs. Law on requirements to graduate high school, as an example.

  1. “Oregon Gov. Kate Brown just signed an education equity statute that removes the requirement that high school students prove proficiency in reading, writing, or math before graduation.”
    Haha…why even bother having a public education system at all?
    At least the socialists can’t take the proficiency away from those who’ve gained it to give to those who haven’t…score one big win for freedom!

  2. Stop answering race questions. State that you don’t know your race because it is a matter of science and not of opinion.

    If demanded – then give a random race like Ainu (ambiguous race misplaced by the Japanese.

    However, I would simply refuse to answer until scientific proof of your race is provided 1939 German style.

  3. I was born in the USA where freedom was paramount & we had god given rights.
    I’m extremely angry that our governments: city, state & federal are adopting Marxism.
    Our elected officials are taking us down the path outside countries are laying before them.
    Most elected officials must take an oath of office that they are not following & they need to be removed for not abiding by them.

  4. Considering they have done squat for their other “pillars” and are actively working on destroying them all anyway, so what. Maybe at the next assembly meeting every person testifying, should respectfully ask their assembly person give up his/her seat for the remainder of the meeting to them, to demonstrate their commitment to “equity”.

    • Exactly. If these pillars are so damned important, why are all the assembly members actively trying to move the homeless away from where they live?
      Seriously, if I see a homeless person within a mile of my house, I am going to pick them up, give them a few sandwiches and a bottle of cheap booze, and drop them off in front of my Assembly member’s house. If taking care of the homeless is so important, they can start in their neighborhood.
      Same thing with “equity.” I do not see a lot of color on that Assembly. (Despite the caricature above trying to turn Rivera into a POC), I think every member voting yes on this should step down in favor of a person of color.
      It is always easy to spend other people’s money and time, but it is tough to step up and demonstrate your personal commitment to a cause. Until the Assembly starts doing that, I have zero respect for them, and I will be actively campaigning against any of them that are up for re-election.

      • Well, a lovely woman is running against Dunbar this year. She also happens to be a person of color (although, I think she refers to herself as black.) I am sure Dunbar will choose to step down, rather than run for re-election.

  5. Once upon a time, capability, skills, and achievement were the basis for compensation and reward, … but now is the fashionable age of reward to the unproductive, on the basis of identity status. More motivation to invest in precious metals, … lead, brass, steel, aluminum, …

  6. In other words, they want to take (STEAL) from those who are responsible citizens who have worked hard to attain a good standard of living and have invested in their future retirement and give it to SLOTHS that sit on the couch and do nothing for themselves or the rest of society and may be here illegally. Welcome to forced communism America. They censor your speech, steal elections through fraud to stay in office, devalue your hard earned savings by irresponsible spending and we just sit here and take it? We need to right the ship and expose their system before it’s to late. We need to conduct a full Forensic Audit of Alaska’s 2020 elections and remove all elected officials that stole their seats. I still believe Ballot Measure 2 was pushed through by fraud! An audit will show this! Rep. David Eastman in Wasilla attended the Arizona Audit and we need to approach him to volunteer our time to see this done! Do not wait, now is the time to act or these weasels will take everything you have worked for along with your freedoms! Anyone in contact with folks involved with this, please reach out to me. I want to join the movement for truth and expose those trying to destroy our nation. Also, support Kelly Tsbaka for U.S. Senate 2022. Murkowski must go!

  7. Is equity some newfangled means of fixing roads and making sure all the traffic lights work? Not sure why a bunch of grifters on a city council out in the hinterlands of the USA think that the people of the town want to be dragged into some grand social crusade. Here’s some equity; how about they agree to be paid minimum wage. You know, in solidarity with the oppressed.

  8. I find the highly unrealistic caricature of the municipal assembly deeply offensive, as it portrays them as normal, pleasant, smiling people, instead of the scowling, ugly, bitter, hateful souls that they really are.

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