Southcentral Foundation adds security out of safety fears due to its vaccine mandate


Southcentral Foundation, an Alaska Native health entity, has announced there will be visibly more security on its premises, as a result of the negative reaction to its Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all employees.

“This week you will notice increased security at the Corporate Office building. While there has been no threat made, SCF is taking additional security precautions due to increased tensions related to recent SCF mandates,” the memo reads to employees.

The labeling and branding of those who oppose mandatory vaccines as “dangerous people” is evident in the memo, one stakeholder noted.

The memo adds that security officers will be at the entrance of the corporate offices on Diplomacy Drive, and the employees will be required to curtail their hours in the building to 8 am to 5 pm “during this time of increased security measures.”

The organization further requests employees to be aware of their surroundings and report suspicious behavior or items, and to not allow anyone without a badge or known appointment to enter the building. Employees may not hold the door open for anyone.

Last week, several Southcentral Foundation employees joined about 200 people protesting the Covid-19 vaccine mandate at the foundation and at Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, the Native hospital and clinics nearby.

Read: 200 protest forced vaccines at Native hospital and foundation


  1. The Danger to Society is you SCF for mandating what should be a choice between the person and his or her Doctor.

        • In case you hadn’t noticed, whatever your name is, the state of Washington is mandating vaccines for its state employees. And US military is also requiring vaccines for its troops.
          It’s you that is strongly stupid, here IMO.

          • Ahh.. The military. I remember the anthrax shots. Not FDA approved, bad side effects, but the command really wanted soldiers to get them. Most refused. You really should go sling that koolaid somewhere else. No one here is interested.

          • Your opinion only here Herman. You thinking a number of military will be mustering out over this??
            Plenty will be interested if this is the case-I don’t expect this to be an issue but we’ll see in time.

        • The man of the North! a pleasant surprise to see you posting again! Your comments about Billy of the Back Loop AKA Diablo Blanco del sudeste are spot on and appreciated!

      • Mindless name calling is all you’re capable of, how about a little profanity to go along with it. How about something factual if you’re remotely capable.

        • I thought you were opposed to profanity Jimbo??
          Steven made an industrial strength stupid comment and got called out for it.
          Next you’ll be saying his was factual. Heheh!

    • The “law” is the US Constitution. Our rights are the law. To willfully usurp another’s Constitutional rights is a federal offense and may even fit a fact pattern of treason. The Constitution is permanent law of this nation’s creation. It doesn’t change. “Law” isn’t “code”. The words are spelled differently and mean different things. The rule and letter of the law refers to letter of the US Constitution not stuff made-up.

  2. LOL. More Leftists wasting money on Chicken Little ideas.
    Like our ridiculous Woke Assembly and their racist new Equity platform.
    Like the School Board teaching their racist CRT lies to innocent kids.

  3. While the Governor, State Prosecutor, and other agencies investigate why so many people come up missing on AK Native Land.
    Let’s blow the Pandora’s Box wide open.
    Why is there so much sexual abuse on Native lands?
    Can we start there?

      • Greg, if your statement above is true, could bullies, thugs and tyrants also perpetuate even more bullies, thugs and tyrants?
        Please sir your pontifications on this subject…

          • Plot twist – the kids are my neighbors! I left a pamphlet about transitioning in their mailbox for little billy, or should I say little susie hehehe.

    • That is because psychological projection — blaming others for one’s own faults, evils and abuses of others — is one of the classic hallmarks of sociopathic behavior.

  4. Remember last year government employees never missed a paycheck, yet the private sector was badly hurting. How many of the same employees couldn’t understand the no mask mandates and the pro business protests happening last year up to Febuary this year. They didnt get involved because of them being governnent employees and pro mask wearers (thinking all for safety right?) they couldnt see them being affected by mandatory covid shots or having to start over finding a new job?

    Reminds me of Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) story “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out…”

    I think their Forced resignations from ANTHC and SCF actually probably be best for their mental health, they probably will find improved health opening a private practice or working in the private sector agianst the government. There is so much dysfunction from working in ANTHC and SCF, these protestors were probably living in denial just so they can keep a good paying job. We can use more private medical practices and small businesses opening up, and peoples less interest working for government.

  5. The civic-minded moral majority participates willingly, assured that it is for the greater good. Something must be done. The doubters go along too, for their own safety. No wonder today’s authoritarian institutions know, as if instinctively, to whip up hysteria toward the newly minted class of deplorables, the anti-vaxxers and unvaccinated.

  6. These people are a bit behind the curve. The jab was built with the supposed purpose of preventing the first round of c19. Now with the variants its useless!
    So now, you only get the negative affects of the toxins. One of the worse, is the hit to your magnificent immune system. Once youve broken the immune system, you wait for the next booster and suffer the well documented side affects to the vascular system.

  7. I would like to read a copy of this memo. Labelling people as “dangerous” because they oppose a MANDATORY shot of an experimental substance? You’ve got to be kidding me. I do believe, once jabbed, the rational mind disappears.

  8. When you’re whole foundation is 100% dependent on taxpayers, you have zero rights to threaten employees with job loss. After all, their tax dollars are coming full circle to keep your grants coming and your doors open.

    I look at the forced vaccination to keep your taxpayer funded job as a potential deadly threat. Seems to me, it ought to be the employees that don’t choose to take the poison, as the ones that need guards from the management, not the other way around.

  9. SC Foundation has taken a page from Pelosi. Call people with genuine concerns dangerous and beef up security.

    How much longer before the yellow armbands come out? Soon at this rate.

    Whatever happened to dissent is patriotic? Apparently it depends on who is dissenting.

    • It went the way of “my body, my choice”!
      The irrational reaction to a disease, where no one gets to be sick and simply recover and move on with their lives, is getting more ludicrous by the minute. More and more our world resembles George Orwell’s “1984”.

  10. Sounds like SCF is threatening their employees. Why else would they be erecting a steel wall around the campus unless they were trying to intimidate their employees into complying with their illegal mandates.

  11. That is a really old picture. Where there are trees is now a parking area. It was taken during a better time when Native peoples as a whole should have been mandating families get to work, work, work and getting the Native community off Government dependence. Then! Today IHS would be so small the buildings would look like a private practice or better IHS wouldn’t exist at all! For the Native peoples and their better educated grown children will be seeing private family doctors and surgeons, private dentists and eye clinics. That is how sovereign millennial and gen z Natives should had been raised–Raised so sovereign our independence eliminates government BIA, IHS, and Native corporation jobs for lack of community need and use.

  12. “…and report suspicious behavior”
    Suspicious behavior like acting you like little totalitarians, and forcing people to choose between having gainful employment or being guinea pigs for an untested vaccine that is dangerous enough that the United States government is protecting its makers from any shred of liability for adverse side affects or even fatalities?
    That type of suspicious behavior?

  13. This story is an illustration of how Tyranical organizations operate. They rule with Fraud and Force. Once the Fraud is exposed they rely primarily upon Force. The only new twist here is their attempt to play the victim!

  14. I wonder if the vaxxed, when they are laying in their bed at night, think about the fact that they possibly made a big mistake taking the jab as more and more deaths and horrible side effects come to light.
    They can’t possibly believe the government and BigPharma really cares about them – can they?
    Since it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to say this gene therapy is safe in the long term – remember many drugs and vaccines have had to be taken off the market because long term side effects revealed themselves – wouldn’t it be the height of irony if all of the vax nazis suffered bad side effects in the coming months and years? What would they do? How often do they ponder that scenario?

    • Wonder no more kemosabe. When we lie in bed I’m pretty sure we sleep like a rock knowing we’re not going to die tomorrow because we didn’t get the shot. We worry about the end vaccinated and the crowding of hospitals. We worry about doctors having to tell parents why their children can’t breathe. We hope those parents can live with themselves. I think that’s the kind of thing we think about at night.

      • Aww, bless your little heart.

        You are pretending to care.

        We know you don’t care. If a kid grows into an adult who won’t take a vaccine, you would turn on them and shame them into submission.

        Your tactics as an abuser are very apparent.

        You aren’t fooling anyone.

      • Greg, as you lie in bed, do you ever worry about dying from the flu or common cold? If you haven’t, consider that more people die from the flu or cold than covid. I would be more concerned about the unknown effects from the experimental mRNA shot and WHY our current socialist government is so desperate to force it on us. To prevent a measly half percent of a 100 from dying? When have socialist/communist regimes ever cared about keeping their people safe? That’s right…never. We are expendable.

  15. Those who are making rash decisions whether mandating the COVID shot, request additional security for labeling personnel as ‘dangerous people’ yet they have the right to refuse an experimental vaccine…(Nuremberg Code) goes to show you are being played by the puppet master. Get a back bone! Rescind your mandatory bravo sierra memo.

  16. This is bizarre. The vaccine is not experimental, unlike some of the extreme measures used to keep President Trump alive when he contracted Covid. It has been extensively vetted. The only reason it has not been approved is because it takes a few years to see if there are any long term side effects.
    Such is not the case with Covid. Long haulers are people who have lingering, chronic symptoms after the initial phase has passed. These symptoms are fairly common, much more so than side effects from the vaccines. Some of them are serious or deadly.
    Nationwide vaccination is an effort to limit the damage done to the citizens of this country. It has already been shown to be more effective that anything else, including masks, where people gather together. The quickest course to beating the virus and getting back to normal life is to vaccinate as many people as possible.
    The vaccine is not some surreptitious scheme to turn the US into a communist or socialist state. It is not an attempt to limit our freedoms; it is an attempt to give us back the freedom to gather together again without fear for our lives or health. Any contrived arguments to the contrary are simply false.
    The science is clear. The vaccines work. You can believe in science, which has given us such things as cell phones, space flight, automobiles, jet airplanes, modern medicine, and computers, or you can believe in witch doctors, who have given us suspicion, superstition, conflict, and confusion.
    It is your choice, your freedom. Choose wisely.

    • Actually greg, it IS an experimental treatment, officially NOT a vaccine. You have successfully been brainwashed by the left, too bad for you. I’m sorry that you donated your body to this experiment, but I, and many others, refuse to be used as lab rats.

      Why don’t you spend some time researching this “treatment”? The actual inventor of the mRNA experiment warned about the dangers of it! Hello, is anyone listening to him?

      I hope you sleep well at night, thinking about this experimental treatment churning through your system, doing Lord knows what.

  17. How many times has government, politicians and the media been caught lying, deceiving or misrepresenting facts and truth at minimum ? Answer: TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT.

    *** Those who choose to get jabbed and put faith in government, politicians and media OVER GOD will understand – “inevitably” .

    *** This is exactly why God gave us free-will. Fear and Faith CANNOT coexist.

  18. Just a few of the recent vaccines that had to be taken off the market – after 10+ years of trials – because of horrendous side effects and death. This is just a few, and the list of prescription drugs that had years and years of trials but had to be taken off the market is staggering.
    I’m sure the Covid gene therapy (it’s not a vaccine) is different though – it has to be safe, right, Fauci said…
    Cutter Incident – 1955
    Simian Virus 40 – 1955 – 1963
    Swine Flu and Guillen Barre syndrome – 1976 (unusual amount of the GB syndrome with the Covid vax)
    Hepatitus vaccine and multiple sclerosis – 1998
    Rotavirus vaccine and Intusscepssion – 1998 – 1999
    GBC and Meningococcal vaccine – 2005 – 2008
    Hib vaccine recall – 2007
    H1N1 vaccine and Narcolepsy – 2009 – 2010
    Porcine Circovirus in Rotavirus vaccines – 2010
    HPV vaccine recall – 2013
    But don’t worry – I’m sure the Covid jab is safe after 6 months of development – long term side effects – don’t worry about that Biden and Fauci said it was safe.

    • And what about the many that haven’t been taken off the market.
      Annual flu
      Polio (both Sabin and Salk)
      HTML (just kidding)

      Someone,. somewhere will have a reaction to any inoculation. Some people react to shellfish. Some to snake oil. Allergies, some fatal, can occur without the victim knowing he/she has been sensitized. As an analogy, every time you get in your car, you roll the dice.

      The vaccine may not be perfect. It may not be 100% effective. But according to data the Pfizer and Moderna versions are around 95% effective and remarkably safe.
      So, you can close your eyes and run across the street in downtown Anchorage and make it most of the time, or you can look both ways and make it all of the time, unless that guy going 100 down 5th Avenue happens to be doing it when you are there. If you don’t take the vaccine, it’s like you are closing your eyes hoping the Covid virus doesn’t collect you, or you can get the vaccine and give yourself 95 out of 100 chances you’ll make it, even if the person you are crossing the street with is spewing the virus.
      But still, watch out for cars.
      And don’t make up apocryphal stories about how dangerous established vaccines are when they’ve saved millions of lives. It could be yours. Even with new ones.

  19. At this point the shot being safe or it giving eternal life is not the point. The point is Freedom to choose what you will and will not put in your body vs the government and private business forcing you to comply with what they want for your body. Shame on all people that make the choice then demand others be forced into it. I will never surrender my American God given free will!!

    • For some, most hypocrites on here say the shot is poison, when they have had it too. They just want confrontation for some reason. They haven’t had covid but claim they are experts. A sad bunch.

  20. More people have died from the Covid generation therapy in 6 months – than all other vaccines combined for 30+ years.
    Swine flu vaccine was taken off the market after 35 deaths.
    The CDC VAERS website admits to 9800 people dying already – and that is only 1 of 5 CDC reporting vehicles for vaccine deaths and side effects.
    Nothing to see here – sleep well vaxxers…

  21. Medical doctors, administrators, have not been taught nor will their personal pride allow them to acknowledge that they as well cannot ennunciate the rights given by God to their patients forever. The Constitution has never been taught properly. They can’t respect rights they know nothing of.

  22. Imagine a vaccine so safe that the government has to coerce you to take it… for a virus so deadly that you have to be tested to find out if you have it.

    Just a reminder…
    A genuine pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you that it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda . . . but, psychological operations DO

    • I didn’t need a stupid test to tell me I had it. I did get a test just to verify that my temperature and other vital numbers weren’t deceiving me. My oxygen saturation dropped like a rock. It was pretty scary there for about 48 hours. Only steroids saved me.

  23. Great post from Joe Millers Restoring America:

    If you want a lifetime of health problems, please get the jab. All of this is so unconstitutional….if a woman get murder her baby in the womb because it is her body and her health, the same goes for the people who refuse the jab. It is my body….I know my percentages of getting over Covid….I do not know my percentage of living after the shot. Because this is NOT a vaccine….it is an experimental gene therapy and the reason it is called a vaccine is to protect Phizer, Moderna and J&J from law suits. The shot causes the body to produce the spikes of Covid and the body immediately goes into overtime to destroy them…these spikes make it into the brain across the blood barrier which can cause nerve damages…and they are picked up by the lymphatic system and dumped into the blood stream where they end up in the tiny capallaries and since they sit on the walls, the walls are no longer smooth creating clots. The news agencies of America along with the corrupt government have joined together to NOT report any bad about the shots…this is how Germany in 1938 began their assault on the Jews….they separated them from everyone else and cause the population to hate them….can’t you see what is going on here….they are separating us from vaccinated to unvaccinated and blaming all of these hospitalizations on the unvaccinated. We have communists running our government now …. and like Germany, they will probably want to slaughter all that refuse the vaccine….remember 6 million people…men, women and children were slaughtered by these communists. America is beginning to look like Germany….when the Faux President can issue Executive Orders that he knows are against the law. The fake news is one of the greatest danger of America ever.

    • Regardless of your conspiracy theory, let’s get back to reality shall we? Hundreds of people are dying every day because they didn’t get the shot. Is the government killing them? According to you, these people aren’t dying. According to you they must be putting these people under the sheet and smuggling them out in the middle of the night and taking them to make into Soylent Green or some damn thing. If I hadn’t read it on here I never would have believed that people can be afraid of our democratic government. I’m never going to convince you, and just to be clear I voted for Trump, but Biden won the election. Trump shot himself in the foot by shooting off his big fat mouth. Trump let us down. The internet can be a good tool for information, but it can also be abused to whip people up like you and let them stew all day long on conspiracy theories. I got one for you. No party is in control of this country. No party has been in control of this country for almost 200 years. Choke on that for a while.

  24. I just heard that the assistant Warden at the prison here who was hospitalized with covid has passed away. He was about 50 years old and did not have the shot.

  25. The “law” is the US Constitution. Our rights are the law. To willfully usurp another’s Constitutional rights is a federal offense and may even fit a fact pattern of treason. The Constitution is permanent law of this nation’s creation. It doesn’t change. “Law” isn’t “code”. The words are spelled differently and mean different things. The rule and letter of the law refers to letter of the US Constitution not stuff made-up.

  26. Anyone below age 55 is a .0001 percent of dying. We’re at a point where we’re shutting things down based on something less deadly that flu!!!!!

  27. I’m so torn… why is covid even considered an epidemic? From what I understand, people under 55 have a .0001 percent of dying. Less than annual flu. Less than getting murdered or dying in vehicle accident. COVID IS MOSTLY A NON ISSUE! Statistically, here in Alaska, we should barely give a shit

  28. It’s your body and you have the right to do with it as you wish. Nobody’s going to come knocking on your door and tie you down to a gurney and stab your ass. You do not however have the right to work at a business that says you have to get a shot to work there. You don’t have that right. That’s their right. You also don’t have the right to go around and make a bunch of other people sick because you didn’t want to get a shot. You don’t have the right to make a bunch of people sick. So if you don’t want to get the shot that’s fine. You may have to quit your job and you may have to stay the hell away from everybody else. That’s the choice you make. So I’m glad we got that cleared up. Don’t get the shot that’s fine. But don’t run around society like typhoid Mary spreading the illness and make an intelligent decision on whether or not you want to follow your employer’s mandates because it’s the right to create those mandates.

  29. My advice to everyone concerned about the extra security, lower your expectations and start drinking heavily.

  30. Greg, didn’t you retire to Florida? Why don’t you go enjoy your retirement rather than trolling on a website on the opposite side of the country?

  31. The Next Scheduled PROTEST against mandatory experimental biological gene therapy being forced on workers Is August 19 at 5 PM at the corner of Elmore and Tudor. Please show up to support all the nurses that worked all last summer at the Covid swab line, in the emergency room and in the hospital that CHOOSE NO FORCED JABS.

  32. People should come out by the masses and defend not just those nurses rights but your own right to choose what happens to your own body! It is pure China rule to allow a hospital to force a choice between the nurses job (way if life) or take a shot they do not want! If we allow this to happen now, I promise you there will always be another shot required against your will. There will be a day we all line up annually to take all the vaccinations that the current politicians or employers own stock in. Or just the most recent scare. I’ve worked 22 years in the medical field and I work with Covid patients….Fact-The reporting system inherently doubles and triples the numbers, so most cases you can divide the numbers in half or potentially more. The 50 or so covids I’ve cared for or are people I know, have all either not been sick at all or have been moderately sick, what’s wrong with being sick and getting better then moving on. Hospitalized patients with Covid is a joke, most are hospitalized for reimbursement which is big for the Covid diagnosis! Sure people are dying, people get sick every day and die of secondary issues etc. yes there are some folks that are unlucky and it hits them differently, but so does pneumonia and 1000 other things. Move on and don’t worry this is truly more scam than anything. Mask, scam. We know this because we’ve known for years the limitation of surgical mask, lol. It’s a fact they are not effective but suddenly in new upside down America we have forgotten what we known for years to be true. The vaccine, I absolutely won’t be taking it and if forced you will have one less highly experienced knowledgeable leader/medical worker! I’ve seen first hand that it is dangerous and at best just ineffective. Since it’s now clear it’s rarely preventing Covid, They have pivoted to claiming it lightens the symptoms if you get Covid, lol. I watched 98%-99% of my patients have light to no symptoms before the shots even came out, lol. That’s the kind of manipulation going on here. Hold true to our freedoms!!! I promise you I could put together a PowerPoint, blast it on all media nationwide and everyone would be panicked about how dangerous and out of control diabetes is, how millions are literally killing over from it, children even pregnant girls!! Remember it’s nothing wrong with getting sick and then getting better!

  33. Greg YOU need to realize if you are afraid of the flu or Covid, YOU should wear a mask and YOU should get vaccinated. Your thoughts that I will need to hide in the woods, wear a mask or get forcibly vaccinated because YOU are afraid to get sick and build natural immunity is gravely mistaken. Frankly if you believe mask and vaccines work you should be satisfied that you are safe. You should spend time reflecting on where does your ideology lead us and where does it end? Help me understand: 1. why does my employer suddenly have the right to know my private medical information, let alone make medical decisions for me? A short time ago folks thought my privacy mattered so much they went as far as to pass very aggressive Hippa privacy laws. But now I not only don’t have the right to privacy but I don’t even have a choice..oh wait I do have a choice, homelessness or conform and comply! I promise you Greg it will be you and your loved ones that will have no medical worker to save them when we in the medical field walk out on an already critically short system. We that know a thousand times more about the vaccine than you. We that see with our own eyes not what political influence has put on paper to read. We will not be forced! YOU should be asking yourself why does all the medical professionals not want the shot, lol! But no don’t dare ask yourself that!
    Two: think about where it ends now that my employer gets to make yours and my medical decisions. I mean seeing that I normally make my own decisions with my doctor. Now that CEO’s and HR directors will make it, what other shots will they read about that I will need? I mean if they watch fox news I may need different one’s than if they frequently watch CNN!
    I suppose if my employer decides they require you to stop smoking because statistics say it cost them money in the form of lost performance and medical claims on your insurance…I guess that will be ok and super American too. Frankly I hate smoking but I don’t get to pick and choose who gets to be discriminated against.
    We cannot pick and choose when we want to be China and when we want to be America! We can not pick and choose when we are going to strip people of their human rights and when we will restore them.

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