Democrats unveil $3.5 trillion budget with expanded Medicare, Obamacare, pre-K, free community college, and Green New Deal


The $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation plan rolled out by Senate Democrats on Monday is the Green New Deal, wrapped in the New Deal, wrapped in the President Lyndon Johnson Welfare State.

How big is $3.5 trillion? That’s the same amount the entire federal government spent in 2019.

This bill will make more people dependent on the federal government than ever before, whether it’s socialized health care or the massive public housing expansion envisioned. It incentivizes electricity over oil, and will create a climate industrial complex inside the federal government.

According to Democrats’ talking points, the plan:

  • Establishes universal pre-K for 3 and 4-year-olds and a new child care benefit for working families
  • Makes community college tuition-free for 2 years
  • Extends the largest tax cut for families with children ever (CTC/EITC/CDCTC)
  • Increases the Pell grant award
  • Creates the first ever federal paid family and medical leave benefit


  • Creates a new Clean Electricity Payment Program
  • Provides clean energy, manufacturing, and transportation tax incentives and grants
  • Imposes new polluter fees (methane and carbon imports)
  • Invests in climate smart agriculture and forest management investments for farmers and rural communities
  • Creates coastal and ocean resiliency programs
  • Makes drought, wildfire, and Interior Department investments
  • Provides new consumer rebates for home electrification and weatherization
  • Provides environmental justice and climate resilience
  • Electrifies the federal vehicle fleet and buildings


  • Historic level of investments in public housing, green and sustainable housing, housing production and affordability
  • Establishes the first ever Civilian Climate Corps
  • Invests in workforce development and job training programs to connect workers to good-paying jobs
  • Provides green cards to millions of immigrant workers and families
  • Funds smart technology for safe and efficient borders for trade, travel and migration
  • Largest ever one-time investment in Native American infrastructure projects
  • Rehabilitates aging Veterans Administration buildings and hospitals
  • New economic development investments to revitalize communities and transform regions for new innovationjobs
  • Invests in research and development and strengthens U.S. manufacturing supply chains
  • Expands access to capital and markets for small businesses


  • Adds a new dental, vision, and hearing benefit to the Medicare program
  • Extends the recent expansion of the Affordable Care Act in the American Rescue Plan
  • Invests in home and community-based services to help seniors, persons with disabilities and home careworkers
  • Creates a new federal health program for Americans in the “Medicaid gap”
  • Reduces prescription drug costs

The cost of this plan will be in a revenue section the Democrats did not talk about, but that includes higher taxes on the wealthy, a death tax on inheritances, and a higher tax on corporations.


  1. Suzanne, Sullivan voted for this monstrosity.
    Let that sink.
    Sullivan voted for this – one of the few Republicans that did.
    Aiding and abetting the Biden / Kamala agenda.
    Vote this squish RINO out!
    Sullivan is “Kenai Land Deal” Murkowskis most vocal supporter.
    We deserve better than Sullivan.

      • “This is not an infrastructure bill, this is the beginning of the Green New Deal. The bill I proposed, which Mitch McConnell couldn’t do anything with, was pure infrastructure. I want what is best for America, not what’s best for the Communist Democrat Party. This will be a big victory for the Democrats and will be used against Republicans in the upcoming elections. … Hopefully the House will be much stronger than the Senate.” said Former President Trump..
        Of course, Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski voted for the Democrat version of an “Infrastructure deal”. Being the true Rino’s that they are.

    • Get your facts straight, this has not been voted on. Sullivan voted for the 1.3 Trillion dollar infrastructure bill along with Sen Graham and McConnell.

      • Yeah, that’s a much better deal for the American public. Sarcasm intended. He and the others who approved this folly are all about spending money we don’t have. This tax and spend madness has to stop and we stop it by voting out those who love the bottomless public trough. We are going bankrupt through social spending and endless fiat currency. He’s lost me.

      • Sullivan earned his seat at the RINO table.
        Guarantee he votes to pass both pork, anti-American, no infrastructure bills.
        He’s lost my vote. We need a conservative to run for his seat. He ain’t the guy he portrayed his self to be.
        Best thing one can say is that he’s better than that Gross guy .

    • It’s official – he voted for it.

      Watch the Cyber Symposium on Frank Speech – we need to clean up this mess!

    • There are two infrastructure bills being voted on, the one that just passed is the physical, bridges, ports harbors etc. The one Mustread is referring to is the “everything is Infrastructure” bill. A dangerous wild progressive agenda. Most likely, not one Republican will vote for it. However, it will pass through the budget reconciliation process. Our only hope is the not so crazy Dems like Sinema and Manchin will not vote for it.

  2. This is great news. While digging on my property I discovered an Electricity deposit. I believe it could power tens of thousands of EVs and maybe a few crypto banks. I’m now looking for an electric mining company to help develop it.

  3. Something for everyone-woohoo! And bankruptcy for anyone responsible who earns their own way or tries to get ahead.

  4. Everything’s going to be free. Except you’re going to be paying 25 to 35% higher for everything else.
    Get those beans and rice ready. Lucky to have ham hocks on a good day!
    $10 a gallon for crappy milk. Okay I think I’ll take a local milkshare, thank you very much.
    Alaska Life

    • Don’t knock ham and beans. I was raised on them. We never got solid meat until I went to visit my grandpa on the farm. Chip beef and gravy on toast Wednesday night. Yum yum. It might be time to only purchase what you truly need and cut up your plastic. Live like everybody used to back in the good old days.

      • Life’s that simple?
        Learn Spanish, buy gold, stock the pantry with Spam, get shot (for Chicago-ites), cut up your plastic, ride out the storm
        …chip beef and gravy on toast Wednesday night
        …church on Sunday
        …Grand Ole Opry on the electric radio.
        Esto es bueno, no?

    • I’ll assume you mailed your $1400 right on back to the Secretary of the Treasury, then? And you won’t accept those expanded benefits that Medicare and Medicaid will provide? Right? It’s all part of the Roosevelt-Johnson-Obama-Biden continuum of American Socialism. That’s why I’m certain you can’t possibly want any of that FREE money — or that filthy, SOCIALIST, Social Security money or Veteran’s Administration benefits.

      • Sophie, there are a few of us here who try to open closed Conservative minds, but with limited apparent success. That doesn’t mean we will stop trying! Hang in there, and invite your liberal friends to join the effort here on MRAK. It’s a right-wing echo chamber at present.

        The more the merrier!

  5. Stupid Gimme-Gimme communist programs based on fake climate science and taking away YOUR rights. Lisa M is a turncoat and a Fool!

      • Until all incentives to work and produce are gone through the demoralization of the workforce and confiscatory taxation and the fools on the hill run out of printing press ink. Ask the former Soviet Union and folks in Zimbabwe, Venezuela or other quasi-commie states how that utopia plan worked out for them. Someone has to produce.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about.

      Despite what many here think about the strength of China’s economic power, the United States controls the ebb and flow of the global economy. All you have to do is look at the 2020 lockdown. Not until the UNITED STATES locked down did the World economy grind to a halt. China’s lockdown didn’t do that. Europe’s lockdown didn’t either.

      So — unless or until the United States ceases to maintain it’s own monetary system and adopts the yuan, the Euro or the GBP as the Federal Reserve standard, there will never be hyper-inflation in this country.

      • And if that is your only reason for denying the possibility of hyperinflation, you have no idea of what you are talking about.

        • Right, Brian, I forgot that you need a map.

          Hyperinflation — for countries that use USD as basis of their monetary value (VENEZUELA, for example) –occurs when the government puts more money in circulation because they STARVE the means of production of goods and services in the country. In the case of Venezuela, hyperinflation occurred courtesy of a dictatorship that nationalized industrialization.

          • Hyperinflation
            By WILL KENTON Reviewed by CHARLES POTTERS Updated Aug 10, 2021

            What Is Hyperinflation?
            Hyperinflation is a term to describe rapid, excessive, and out-of-control general price increases in an economy. While inflation is a measure of the pace of rising prices for goods and services, hyperinflation is rapidly rising inflation, typically measuring more than 50% per month.

            Although hyperinflation is a rare event for developed economies, it has occurred many times throughout history in countries such as China, Germany, Russia, Hungary, and Argentina.

            I don’t see anything that says it has anything to do with the USD.

            Love how you like to belittle as you condescendingly state non truths.

        • Regarding Paxton and Potter: I’ll see your worthless BAs plus that M.A, and raise you a Ph.D. from U. C. Berkeley in Economics –belonging to husband — since we’re using references.

          • The only thing you argued is academic qualifications while beating your chest over your husband’s academic accomplishments. Throwing around your degree (or your degree via marriage) just let’s everyone know how long your term of Marxist indoctrination was.

          • Reminds me of the “rank-wearing” wives at the Officers Wives Club. They had no accomplishments to their credit, but thought they could boss other wives around, because their husbands are now a lieutenant…

    • But politicians will live like kings while you live in squalor wondering where all the free stuff is that you were promised.

  6. Making America Venezuela! As I recall, we tried this once, in 1620, where everything was shared for the common good. Half the colonists starved and the survivors lasted only by the largess and pity of local tribes (leading to their ultimate demise). But memory is short and money is cheap-they don’t even have to print it any more, it just magically appears on a thumb drive, just like all those Biden votes. Perhaps America gets what it deserves.

    • The first Thanksgiving worked out pretty well. You must not be talking about Roanoke Island. What led to their demise was they landed too late to plant a crop. Learn Spanish, buy gold, stop the pantry with Spam, I recommend the turkey, get the shot and ride out the storm. We’ve all been there before, well you probably aren’t old enough to remember Hoover.

      • Life’s that simple?
        Learn Spanish, buy gold, stock the pantry with Spam, get shot (for Chicago-ites) and ride out the storm
        …chip beef and gravy on toast Wednesday night
        …Grand Ole Opry on the electric radio.
        Esto es bueno, no?

        • Grand ole Opry is good. Go there twice a year. For a real kick, watch Molly B’s polka party on RFD TV. Justin Wilson. Simpler times. Reduce stress. Watch a tractor auction.

  7. Remarkable how rapidly the Dems move when they hold the presidency, senate and house. Waves of executive orders and all their legislative goals moving in first months with all hands on deck. And this with a drooling dementia patient, incoherent on camera as their leader.
    Contrast that to Republicans. When the congress was firmly in GOP hands and a Republican president they did nothing, mumbling Trump wasn’t conservative enough for them to do anything. But if they take control next time they really, really promise they will do something for the country.
    One thing is for sure, the Dems get the real deal with their politicians. All we get is excuses, incompetence and cowardice.

  8. This is it – the socialism the Left has been seeking for generations. This legislation would create entitlement and give-away programs that would be impossible to reverse or repeal.

  9. You’ll own nothing (but your governments debt) and you’ll be happy.

    This means indentured servitude for the next several generations of Americans, if there is an America then, and the left and the establishment is happy to oblige as they manage the decline and get even richer on the way down.

    • Are you saying that everybody on the left is going to get rich? Or just the rich get richer? Because if it’s the latter, no party is exempt from the rich getting richer. You can’t just spend all that on the left. I know a lot of Rich Republicans. National debt is going to become a thing of the past. If you can open your mind just a little bit and vision a world where there is no debt and sickness and starvation and everybody is just working for the common good what would be so wrong with that? Yes I just described Starfleet. Everybody has a dream.

  10. FOR SALE –

    One vote
    Registered through 2022
    Only used a couple times a year

    $3.500,000,000,000 OBO
    Partial trade for universal basic income considered

  11. Alaska is in the worst situation it’s EVER been in. More deaths and figurative destruction from covid then in earthquake of 1964. Our natural resources restricted by government. We will be the last State that any future solar power programs will impact, until battery technology becomes FAR more advanced.
    90% of resources will be bought directly from China.
    If it were up to the democrats, Tourism would be the only resource we have. And right now, that’s barely happening. The current Democratic Party is an outright enemy to Alaskans.

    • Alaska isn’t a civilization though. They are dependent on everybody else to keep the lights on. It was destined to fail from the beginning. Nothing has changed since the gold rush. Carpet bagger politics are rampant. Everybody trying to get theirs. Everybody but the natives. They’re just taking whatever money comes their way in exchange for a vote. They don’t care who gives it to them and neither do I.

    • Bingo, just talked to my brother they’re having a. Hard time finding people to work on the slope! Apparently it’s difficult to compete with 800$ a week free rent and food stamps

      • That’s a lie. I’ve been looking at job/ career postings online. The slope doesn’t have any problems finding workers. When a slope job even appears, there’s MANY applicants.

  12. What’s the catch? All that expanded ‘Free’ government services, what Do the people using one or more services have to go give up? And to what extent? Cause You Know the government doesn’t give things Free without taking something more important from you than the services you use.

  13. It will be interesting to see, if they actually get the votes for this monstrosity. This is why Murkowski worked on the $1 Trillion reconciliation bill. Then they pull the rug out from under her. She should have seen that coming a mile away.
    The things that scare me the most are the squishy “environmental justice and resilience”, “green cards for all” (permanent dependent class) and the “civilian climate corps” (speak environmental wacko brown shirts). Then top it off with free indoctrination camps for our 3-4 year old. It is of note that countries with socialized medicine like Britain and Germany are limiting and restricting benefits, because the cost is out of control.

  14. And the great conservative leaders will say hell no this will not pass,
    Then come back with a 3.25 trillion dollar ‘’fiscally conservative’’ budget

  15. Listen to Lindsey Graham as he explains what a disaster the bill is about. Youtube… Then listen to Murkowski as she introduces to the Senate how much this Trillion Dollar Bill is needed for America… Commie Murkowski is a twist in the insanity of the world. Someone shrunk her brain…The idiot Murkowski, is Fired…fired…fired and if you have reason to bring charges against her, go for it!!! She declared war on the fossil fuel industry, opened the border to the world of illegal entry, brought extreme illegal activities to the United States, increased taxes to a height that is unbelievable, Obamacare is returned and 2022 is the reckoning of Commie Murkowski. She too, can be recalled….NOW!!!!

  16. Marxists want to take control of your kids at ages 3 now. Teach them CRT from early on. Are you gonna stand for this Khmer Rouge garbage?

  17. Say good bye to your privately owned homes and other properties, the government will take them and give them to someone else. Inheritance? Your children will see none of it. They will strip us from use of petroleum products before we have a viable replacement. I know someday this country will fall, I just didn’t expect it so soon.

    • Stop trying to scare everybody with stupid stuff. We already have a replacement for petroleum. We have had for years. Just had to let the oil money play out first.

      • Oh??? Do tell! Replacement for oil??? Really you say there is something that will reliably, consistently and compactly provide the energy needed or make all the plastic, lubricants etc.

          • Electricity absolutely, but that’s only half the story. Oil provides the basis for plastic, lubricants etc. Can’t make a North Face rain jacket out of nuclear byproducts, even if you are okay with glowing in the dark. Or how about the case for that nifty smart phone….

  18. This is what happens when you let socialists run rampant in our education system. Generations of useful tools (like ‘Greg’) for socialist agendas.

    Socialism: Vote your way in, shoot your way out!

    • Why are you hating on education so bad? Yes I was a teacher sort of. I’ve taught shop for a year and a half that’s it nothing more. I got in on a class c teaching certificate which means you don’t even need a college degree to get one. I’ve seen good teachers and I’ve seen bad ones. I did a lot of good in my 20 years in the bush but I didn’t teach all of them. You don’t know me. I’m beginning to think you don’t know a damn thing.

    • Totally agree with you there!! It’s disgusting! Especially hearing from the useless fools that want socialism… I miss the days when one reported communist sympathizers… And they were destroyed..

  19. We are at a point in our history where apathy has set in and the wolves are taking power. This has happened in all previous “free civilizations”. Hard times are coming and most people have no clue.
    By the time people realize they have been taken it is too late and the control the government has over to populace is too great to overcome!

  20. I think maybe the Amish nailed it they don’t get hacked they are dialed into the game in a way we mocked. Look at what dominion has accomplished all democrats have the power our media has been bought outright.

    We put our trust in politicians and look at what they have done here if you or I did our jobs as they our bosses would of gave us all the boot long long ago.

    Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, the squad, Murkowski, Young Sullivan — the list of incompetent representatives failures can go on and on and on. Just imagine if we had term limits we would not be here.

    I picture us all in our little China suits here soon. Watch OAN news immediately, all citizens, our country is at hand.

  21. Suzanne – you do a great job – wasn’t trying to “bust the proverbial balls”. Debate and disagreement is healthy.
    But, Dan is showing why he is one of the most liberal senators in DC.
    It was pretty easy for the administration to get Lisa and Dan on board – in the big picture it didn’t take many $’s to “secure” their vote – a little largesse and pork for Alaska!

  22. The democrats just did a test run with the BS infrastructure bill to see how the weak republicans would respond. I think they are very happy with the results and will cram this new bloated budget bill down our throats knowing full well the republican senators like Murkowski will support it, but we will have to pay for it.

  23. Dan and Lisa join the Democrats to vote yes on a massive deficit spending infrastructure bill…zero fiscal responsibility in evidence. Both probably have stars in their eyes as they daydream about the constituent votes they can buy with this. This constituent will never vote for either of these RINOs again.
    Nineteen Republicans joined Democrats in voting for the bipartisan infrastructure deal on Tuesday. They are:
    Roy Blunt of Missouri
    Richard Burr of North Carolina
    Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
    Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia
    Susan Collins of Maine
    Kevin Cramer of North Dakota
    Mike Crapo of Idaho
    Deb Fischer of Nebraska
    Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
    Chuck Grassley of Iowa
    John Hoeven of North Dakota
    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
    Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
    Rob Portman of Ohio
    Jim Risch of Idaho
    Mitt Romney of Utah
    Dan Sullivan of Alaska
    Thom Tillis of North Carolina
    Roger Wicker of Mississippi

  24. When passed, I guarantee that Conservatives will love a lot of it, and will fight to never let it be rescinded (Medicare improvements, child care, college tuition, lower prescription benefits).

    How many elderly Conservatives out there who endlessly b***h about Big Government in these pages would give up their Medicare or Social Security coverage? Darn few, that’s how many.

    Such hypocrisy.

    • Unlike “free college”, “free child care” which are entitlements, Medicare and Social security funds were set apart and everyone pays a specific part of their income for that purpose. If you can’t see the difference then you are willfully blind.

      • Medicare and SS are a wealth destroying Ponzi scheme that is forced upon people and should be looked at with as much contempt as free college and free child care. FDR is probably the third worst president in US history and the roots of conservatism were formed fighting his policies

        • Agreed!
          While the theory and reality of Medicare and SS are a gaping divide and the Medicare fund is nothing but a place for Congress’s IOUs, both programs require a mandatory dedicated contribution unlike the “free everything” in this bill. I also agree with your assessment that Americans would be much better off, if they could instead have a choice to invest their contributions into their own health savings account or retirement accounts. Worst President: Andrew Jackson, FDR, Woodrow Wilson.

  25. An honest question for anyone supporting this bill: Why doesn’t the Fed just print and distribute enough money for every american to live comfortably?

  26. Wow, Suzanne I think you set a new record for comments on on of your articles… This will not end well. I’m glad all the people who would give me an inheritance have already died… but my son may not like the outcome from me.

  27. Both the 1.2 Trillion monstrosity passed by RINOS and this Bill that is still being deliberated are designed to kill the U.S. Dollar for good. It will cease to be the world reserve currency placing China as the new world power. Your savings and retirements will not be worth squat and that’s what the Elitist criminals want so you will come groveling to them for sustenance. These bills are not about infrastructure and are filled with amendments that continue to strip you of your Constitutional Rights! It is a grab bag of money given away to their corrupt friends both domestically and overseas. Any Senator or Congressman that supports these bills needs to be removed from office. They are stabbing Americans in the back! One of these bills came up when Republicans had power and McConnell opposed it. Now, he backed the Democrats bill and signed on to it. Corruption, corruption, corruption! The swamp is deep and wide!

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