HB 61, curbing government gun restrictions, passes Senate


On a vote of 17-3, House Bill 61 passed the Senate today. The bill prohibits governments from shutting down firearm and ammunition sales during declared emergencies.

Voting against the bill were Democrat Senators Jesse Kiehl, Loki Gale Tobin, and Elvi Gray-Jackson.

In her characteristic turn against conservative values, republican Sen. Cathy Giessel of South Anchorage voted against an amendment that would have strengthened the bill. Others who voted against the amendment were Democrat Senators Forrest Dunbar, Matt Claman, Jesse Kiehl, and Loki Gale Tobin.

The amendment was made by Anchorage Democrat Sen. Bill Wielechowski, who noted that in rural communities, going to buy ammunition was in some ways like going to the grocery store, “since that allows people to subsistence hunt and provide for their families.”

“So shutting down the firearm retailers at the exclusion of, and saying we can keep grocery stores open, for example, for many that is just not realistic in Alaska. And so this just fixes that,” Wielechowski said. His was a cleanup amendment and the only amendment to the bill made on the Senate floor. “The bill passed [the House] without that language, 20 to nothing last year in the body, and I think this is a reasonable amendment.”

The amendment essentially states that gun stores can only be closed if everything else, including hospitals, are closed by the government.

Signing on as cosponsors to the amendment were Senators Bert Stedman, Lyman Hoffman, Kelly Merrick, Donny Olson, Jesse Bjorkman, James Kaufman, David Wilson, Shelley Hughes, Mike Shower, Scott Kawasaki, and Robert Myers.

Hoffman agreed with Wielechowski that in rural Alaska things are different than in places that have a Fred Meyer.

Speaking of Alaskans who pursue a subsistence life, Sen. Hoffman said, “They are probably the true Republicans because they don’t want to get the interference from government. They want to be able to go out and live off the land and feel like they’re providing for themselves. That is why I’m signing on as a cosponsor.”

The House had already passed HB 61, whose prime sponsor, House Speaker Cathy Tilton, is a well-known sharpshooter from Wasilla.


    • Progs here an Alaska need to run as conservatives (Republicans) because mostly they can’t win as Communists (democrats). It’s a common trick nation wide actually. Say one thing to get elected, do whatever you want 9usually the opposite) once in office.

  1. Nurse Ratchet Giessel voting with Marxist Dunbar. No surprise. Far leftists all. But sad she fraudulently played the Republican card and fooled enough South Anchorage moron voters to get elected.

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