Breaking: Anchorage Assemblywoman Zaletel takes medical leave

Meg Zaletel

Anchorage Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel is stepping back from her duties as the head of the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness, and also from on the Assembly. She issued a statement that said she needs time to heal.

“Today, Meg Zaletel, Executive Director of the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACEH) and Midtown Assembly Member, announced she would be on medical leave from her work in both positions beginning May 24. She will return to the Assembly on July 11th and will return to ACEH on August 1st.”

“I’ll be using this time to heal and connect with my family and loved ones,” said Zaletel in the statement. “I believe it’s important to acknowledge when it’s time for a break, especially after the turbulent times our community has seen over these last couple of years.” 

Zaletel requested privacy: “Zaletel and her family request privacy during these weeks. Community members in Midtown who need immediate assistance can contact her counterpart, Felix Rivera.”

“Both of my roles in the community are so important to me, and I’m grateful for the many community members who have supported me and worked by my side to make our city a better place for everyone. I look forward to returning soon and continuing to work for our community,” her statement said.

Zaletel is known of her hard left positions on the Assembly, her combativeness with the mayor, and her refusal to say the Pledge of Allegiance.


  1. That’s nice that she has jobs where she can take that much time off to “connect with family and friends”. Most of us would not be able to use that as an excuse from work for that long and still be employed.

    • Yup.
      But let’s be sympathetic. She’s a victim, don’t you see? There’s been turbulence in our community, and she’s suffering because of it. I seem to recall (no pun intended) that Fauci stepped back for similar reasons, poor guy. They give so much, and we appreciate their sacrifices on our behalf so very little . . .

      • For any here who might have a smidgen of concern for Meg’s recovery from her unnamed (but almost certainly mental) medical condition, what some having some concern for the putative recovery of Anchorage residents from her disastrous and authoritarian exercise of power while on the municipal assembly?
        When do WE get recovery from HER?

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        • Learn something:
          Then, I guess it definitely wasn’t an immaculate conception. It still begs the question: is Zaletel Catholic?

  2. She shouldn’t be
    allowed take pause to come back. That’s unfair and tyannical to the democrat camp. Fair to those democrats of
    our district for her resign. We got democrat community leaders of district 5 waiting their turn. Be terribly undemocratic (and insulting) to say thanks for filling-in now go away, as well as irresponcible governance. The public deserves predictable stable leadership.

    • Using this logic, the next time you get sick you should resign or be terminated.

      Sure it’s a part you want to travel?

  3. And i wouldn’t be surprised sickness has to do with The Jab. Everyone i know are getting A sickness, and they got The Jab.

      • It’s not a stretch at all, “tucker”.
        There is a massive amount of incontrovertible evidence that the experimental, unsafe and ineffective mRNA clot shot has had serious side effects, up to and including death, on a vast number of its lemminglike recipients.

      • Tucker I personally know three people.. Want more??? Keep your woke mind to yourself

        • Disagree with Daisey Mae, and she will label you woke and win the argument. Granted, she only won the argument in her incredibly feeble and narrow-viewing mind, but she won the argument…on MRAK…. where 10s of drones just like her will read it and approve of the ‘burn’

          Back to reality, she demonstrated the intelligence, emotional capacity, and patience of a toddler, possibly with an intellectual defect, but then she can escape reality again and go further and further into her echo chamber of MRAK and be surrounded by those just like her.

          Thank you for making my day, and allowing me to stop by the “airing of grievances” support group for angry folks who don’t like change.

          Now, back to reality.

          • Thank you for that totally fact-free and ad hominem personal attack, Matt, utterly devoid of any sense, logic or reason.

            Your pathetic, mean-spirited and hateful comment says vastly more about you than it does about the poster to whom you ostensibly responded.

  4. Heal from what?! She is the one who caused all the strife. She should be atoning for it, not vacationing from it.

    • There is a cure.
      It is called “growing up and being an adult”
      And, please do not call them liberal. They are leftists. There is nothing liberal about Meg, or any of the other crybullies on the Assembly.

  5. Will she be taking a break from being paid by the ACEH to grow the homeless industrial complex even further. They aren’t even doing any camp mitigation now and gave those leaving the Sullivan a tent and a sleeping bag. What could possibly go wrong? As stated earlier I wish her a speedy recovery and a speedy departure from public office.

  6. I find it odd that she is the head of the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness and just when this very crisis is at its peak, she leaves. Her statement was nothing more than an artfully crafted way to say that the job is too hard and she doesn’t want to do it. When her constituents need her the most, she bails. Sometimes I feel like the assembly is intentionally trying to run this city into the ground to punish those who voted for a conservative mayor even if that means they have to go down with the ship. This is what politics has come down to now. It’s not about compromising or finding common ground among different ideas, it’s about punishing those that are perceived threats because they think differently.

    • She has historically acted this way. Remember when she disappeared from the Assembly after re-introducing the mask mandate? Literally didn’t show for any of the public hearings that the hundreds of people waited hours to testify against? And then just declared an emergency after lying that they would continue the testimony?

  7. I find it odd that she is the head of the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness and just when this very crisis is at its peak, she leaves. Her statement was nothing more than an artfully crafted way to say that the job is too hard and she doesn’t want to do it. When her constituents need her the most, she bails. Sometimes I feel like the assembly is intentionally trying to run this city into the ground to punish those who voted for a conservative mayor even if that means they have to go down with the ship. This is what politics has come down to now. It’s not about compromising or finding common ground among different ideas, it’s about punishing those that are perceived threats because they think differently.

  8. Zaletel isn’t fit to serve in public office. It’s disgraceful that she refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Will other municipal employees be allowed to take medical leave utilizing the same excuse?
    Zaletel should do us all a favor and leave the country.

  9. “MAYBE ITS A RUSE” for the blowup of handing out tents publicly, as announced across the state by media. Then consequently, IF we have a dry spring/summer and numerous Anchorage homeless fires begin, then she’s not present to take responsibility of her full-time job at the Anchorage Homelessness Coalition (AHC)

    After all she makes a $250,000 a year at AHC, almost double of the Alaska Governor’s salary. And for what, to increase our homeless situation so it becomes another entity the government and herself can make more money at through federal aid and other fiscal means. This same situation is a “clever” playbook used by other major cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles) across the country, and it is called the “HOMELESSNESS MACHINERY COMPLEX.” Look it up! Its for real and its here and live developing in Anchorage!

    The Mayors call to round up the majority of the homeless and put them in the outskirts of Anchorage at Centennial Park was brilliant! It kept the situation at one of Anchorages oldest and non-used parks in the state. As I should know, I am a retired Park Ranger. But Meg and the Media played reverse physiology to the public on this topic. Of how in-humane it was to stick all the homeless in tents at one of our most non-financially profiting parks. Excuse me who handed out hundreds of tents through AHC to homelessness when you had no plan to shut down the Sullivan Arena with no plan earlier this month still at freezing temperatures. Consequently, NOW there are hundreds of tents and homeless-feces for our kids to play in at Loussac’s Cuddy Park and across Anchorage. WELL-PLAYED Zylotol…. well played….

  10. Do you have liberals moderating posts!

    More people need to be educated what exactly is going on….

    (THERE is an agenda)

    Hopefully they haven’t infiltrated your organization as well!

  11. “…the turbulent times our community has seen over these last couple of years.”
    Turbulent because of… what? Oh, perhaps it is your plan to put sexual predators and addicts into family neighborhoods, or your continued support of meaningless and job/business destroying lockdowns, maybe it was because of your resistance to hearing opposing opinions (part of your job duties, by the way). Wonder where the turbulence is coming from???

  12. Well, surprise, surprise.. This proves she’d never make being the mayor, from all the garbage she’s helped threw at Mayor Bronson, it’s all coming to prove she’d can’t handle it. So much for a person who thinks she can be mayor.. NOW, maybe she might understand all the phooey garbage they’ve been thrown at our Mayor…it’s two fold.

  13. So the pertinent question is:
    Are we paying her, while she “heals and reconnects with family and friends”?
    “Healing” seems an odd choice of words for dumping your constituents so unceremoniously.
    Call me skeptical, but this sounds like she is distancing herself from an uncomfortable situation. One wonders if the coalition is getting too many questions of how they spent the funds the city gave them. I never figured out how tents in Centennial park were “unacceptable” but tents anywhere else in the city are “A okay”.
    ….or maybe she is preparing a run for higher office and needs the time to explore that option, hence the call for “privacy”.

  14. Time to heal? She leaves just before Memorial Day and comes back in early August. Sounds like a nice summer vacation to me. Meg, take even more time, come back around 2026.

  15. Starting the day after school lets out. I thought that was called a SUMMER VACATION.

    Muni Employed Grifter.

  16. Is this a true medical condition where you have a doctors note and are on file and getting paid. Or are you just taking leave time and still getting paid?

    • Lal, merely asking that question proves that you are anti-non-cis-heteronormative, a white supremacist, a homophobe and a racist. Mind your pronouns!

  17. Pathetic, typical of the countless parasites that entrench themselves
    In government positions all over the country, many which are totally created positions that basicly create meaningless jobs for people who would more than likely just be a welfare recipient . If your wondering why our country is so in debt, you can thank the hundreds of thousands / millions of others out there who suck the government TiT for decades and then suckle these plush retirement benifits all on the back of the American tax payers . Although I Do believe in some Government and essential services which do make a real difference in our lives. The fact is most these positions are completely unnecessary and just provide employment to large groups of people who should be pushed out into the private sector and become contributors to society rather than total bleeds on it. It’s amazing how half the country actually pays all the bills around the country, the others just continue to require more and more tax payers dollars to feed the overbearing appetites of these countless public sector parasites ! Pretty pathetic stuff!

  18. Maybe if she wasn’t so greedy, w/ 2 positions that pay 310K a year, she wouldn’t need such a long break to re-connect w/ family & friends.

    Her 2 jobs are totally in conflict w/ each other, but who cares, as long as she makes a lot of $
    Is there anything as hypocritical as a high earning prog. liberal, that is no good at there job?

    Try helping the poor Meg, instead of profiting off them.

    • Holding a political office, and being on the board of a charitable organization that benefits from your political office is only bad when a conservative does it.

  19. Yes pretty dam disgusting, how in the world this is allowed to go on in all these tentacles of buerocracy is mind boggling, while the people sleep these scoundrels fleece our wealth,, it’s beyond ridiculous at so many levels, yet they just continue their onslaught of corruption and disfunction!

  20. If it was Bronson or Tshibaka taking leave, y’all would be bringing flowers and casserole. But because of a differing political view, you dump your empathy and civility.

    • Meg is an authoritarian witch and a raging radical leftist extremist — why should anyone with any sense of decency have any empathy for a sociopath such as she?

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