Peltola gets a delay in filing financial disclosures with House Clerk’s Office


Alaska’s sole member of Congress, Rep. May Peltola, has filed an extension on her required financial disclosures with the U.S. House Clerk’s Office. She made the request on May 11 and will now have 90 days to complete the filing and pay a $200 fine.

Her own finances appear to be straightforward enough, but recently her husband Gene Peltola has created a number of business entities, with financial ties that will have to be disclosed, including Alaska Carbon Solutions, NYAC Holdings, DLG Services, and Peltola Solutions. But Peltola’s extension now allows her until Aug. 15 to disclose all of Gene’s financial dealings.

It’s a requirement of House members and candidates to have a financial disclosure on file and visible to the public so voters understand what financial interests might influence the politician. It’s a duty detailed in Title I of the “Ethics in Government Act” of 1978.

Congress in 2012 passed the “Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act Act,” which prohibits members and employees of Congress from using “any nonpublic information derived from the individual’s position … or gained from performance of the individual’s duties, for personal benefit.”


  1. Any member of Congress that has not filed their financial disclosure statement should not be allowed to vote on any legislation until such time their disclosure is filed and released for the public. I have to file an OG450 and if I do not before the deadline it effects my position even though I do not work actively in the Acquistion field at my current place of work.

  2. She was given funds to rent and use an office in Alaska immediately after she took over Don Young’s position. However, it took Peltola one year before she managed to do so. During all that time and according to the property manager of that office space, Don’s former office was unused and fully available. Apparently it wasn’t good enough for her. So, what did she do with the unused office rental funds? Did Gene get his hands on it?

  3. The money hasn’t finished the rinse cycle yet, needs to spin the water out before going in the dryer, then being ironed and pressed for that clean freshly laundered crispness

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