Hayden Ludwig: Companies outraged over George Floyd death are silent on Hamas terrorism. Why?

Hayden Ludwig
In 2020, America’s biggest corporations poured millions of dollars into Black Lives Matter while lecturing the country on its “systemic racism.” Now those same corporations are hypocritically mute over the murder of thousands of Israelis by Hamas terrorists. Woke CEOs made their bed—time for them to lie in it.


In 2020, America’s biggest corporations poured millions of dollars into Black Lives Matter while lecturing the country on its “systemic racism.” Now those same corporations are hypocritically mute over the murder of thousands of Israelis by Hamas terrorists. Woke CEOs made their bed—time for them to lie in it.

If silence is complicity, then much of corporate America is all-in for Hamas terrorism. 

That’s the lesson we’re learning from Kohl’s, Miller, and other top Wisconsin companies which blasted America’s “systemic racism” following the death of George Floyd in May 2020. 

Never mind that Floyd was an opioid abuser with a criminal record (recall that he tried to pass a counterfeit bill the night of his death). Or, according to a media-suppressed coroner report, that he had a “fatal level” of fentanyl in his body at the time of his death. 

For “woke” corporations, Floyd’s sad death was yet one more example of “police brutality” and “white supremacy”—and they made sure everyone knew it by backing Black Lives Matter riots across America’s cities. Their motto: If you aren’t with us, you’re against us.

Fast forward to November 2023, and these same virtue-signaling CEOs are still deafeningly silent on Hamas’ savage war against 1,300 Israeli women, children, and unarmed civilians, which broke out nearly a month ago. We know because we have it in writing.

It’s too late for activist CEOs to walk back their commitments to the same Black Lives Matter activists supporting Hamas terrorism—silence is violence, remember? It’s up to everyday Americans to punish these “woke” corporations for shoving the far Left’s social agenda down their throats. 

Miller Brewing

“Racism, inequity, injustice, [and] disenfranchisement cannot be supported, tolerated, or ignored,” the beer giant Molson Coors, which owns Miller, tweeted in June 2020. Because of America’s “long history of collective failures,” it added, we’re pledging $1.5 million to “support organizations dedicated to equality, empowerment, justice and community building.”

They called it “Project Justice”: A response to “the civil unrest” (translation: violent Black Lives Matter riots) and “rising injustices facing BIPOC (AAPI, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American/Indigenous) communities” by promoting “social justice.”

One of those recipients was UnidosUS, a Latino racial nationalist group founded as the National Council of La Raza—“the race.” UnidosUS—which endorsed Joe Biden for president in 2020—was one of the most aggressive lobbyists for President Obama’s Dreamer program for illegal aliens, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). 

In fact, there aren’t many leftist campaigns UnidosUS doesn’t support, including Black Lives Matter, Ketanji Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation, and the fentanyl and potential terrorists pouring across America’s wide-open southern border.

In May 2023, UnidosUS attacked House Republicans as “anti-immigrant” for trying to stop the flow of millions of illegal aliens across the U.S.-Mexico border. Why? Because the group wants these millions granted citizenship and voting rights.

How bankrolling a far-left, Latino supremacist group helps black Americans is a mystery. 

But what’s clear is that Jews in America and Israel shouldn’t expect any such support from Miller Brewing. As of writing, the “Champagne of Beers” brewer has remained completely silent on Hamas terrorists. Do Jewish Lives Matter?

SC Johnson

“Racism and discrimination are egregious, global issues that devastate individuals, their families and communities. We have absolutely zero tolerance for racism or discrimination in any form,” wrote SC Johnson, the Racine-based cleaning supplies manufacturer, in June 2020. “There is simply no place for it at SC Johnson, or in the world.”

The company spent the next 800 words bragging about its deep commitment to “diversity” (per the radical LGBT Human Rights Campaign), feminism, and “respect [for] the dignity of each person as a human being” by funding the Racine NAACP. 

On Hamas? Crickets. Not even a statement condemning a far-left professor at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business for praising Hamas’ fight “for life, dignity, and freedom” against Israeli “colonization, imperialism, capitalism, white supremacy, [for] which the United States is the model.”

Where is SC Johnson’s commitment to ending anti-Semitism? You’d be forgiven for thinking that the company too afraid of criticizing its anti-Semitic allies to bother.


Less than a week after George Floyd’s death, Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass released an 850-word statement to all 97,000 employees informing them that “I have thought about little else other than the tragic events that were ignited by the horrific death of George Floyd in Minneapolis—a loss of human life that on every level was senseless and beyond comprehension,” “fueled by a history of the pain that comes from racism, discrimination and injustice.”

She hit all the approved leftist buzzwords: “We cannot operate as a civilized society when parts of our population feel marginalized, victimized or targeted just for who they are,” Gass added, before bragging about Kohl’s “diversity and inclusion efforts” and commitment to “economic empowerment.”

“We are a country in crisis,” Gass concluded. “We need to heal together by uniting to restore peace and calm, and creating space for real dialogue and solutions.”

Where’s the solidarity for unarmed Israelis defending themselves against Islamic terrorists? 

If you’re expecting a strongly worded statement from Kohl’s on the hatred and discrimination fueling Palestinian genocide of Israelis, don’t hold your breath. But the company will gladly tell you about its holiday deals and Black Friday sales.

Where’s Our Apology?

We’ve revealed the same hypocrisy from Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, and other major companies that used Floyd’s death as an opportunity to attack the “racist” country that made their free market success possible.

Remember that no one in normal America asked these companies to weigh in on controversial political issues. They did it anyway in the belief that punishing conservatives would curry favor with radicals in the Democratic Party. Those aware of history will recall that many top German companies like AEG, Siemens, and Porsche were equally quick to lick the Third Reich’s boots and avoid government punishment. 

Hamas mass murderers exposed the Democrats’ deep-seated evil to a stunned American public. It also sent these weaselly CEOs scrambling for cover. 

Instead of trying to hide and hope we forget your assault on our nation’s liberties, here’s a better idea: Apologize to the American people for insulting them as bigots, painting our country as a hotbed of racism, and supporting totalitarian “progressives” who aim to abolish the Constitution altogether. Prove your patriotism, earn America’s forgiveness—and stay out of politics for good this time.

Hayden Ludwig is research director for Restoration of America.


  1. Conflating foreign policy and domestic policy indicates how desparate whacko conservatives are to destroy democracy and annoint King Trump. BTW, IDF identified about 1400 deaths by Hamas on October 6th, a tragedy for sure, but not thousands

    • The current movement striving to create acceptance of the inhumane slaughter of innocent people is representative of the attempts to destroy our society over the last nearly 3 years. It is also representative of the lengths people will go to to protect a bureaucracy that has hijacked the country. We do NOT live in a Democracy, we live in a Democratic Republic, where the rule of law and the constitution are designed to defend the individual against the government or a mob. Pure Democracy is mob rule and has no place in our society because what you are seeing play out, with the current weaponization of the DOJ, and is what you get with a pure Democracy. The current foreign policy is inviting trouble to come to our shores and is a disaster.

  2. No need to overthink it. The reason corporations are silent on the Hamas slaughter is because they don’t fear boycotts and riots from supporters of Israel.

    They virtue signaled after George Floyd because they feared boycotts and riots. Simple.

    • Hamas fighters are calling on Muslims to boycott Coco cola by their version to humiliate Coco cola by using a bottle to hand wash their hands with its contents.

    • Yup.

      Never look for a corporation to take a moral stance they don’t think they can monetize.

      Plus most are profoundly woke.

  3. Unfortunately, most of this article is spot on. Where us our country headed? Depends upon who gets elected president, who is willing to “stand up” against those who are trying to destroy her and how successful we are. Join me?

  4. I wonder what the ‘point’ of this idly speculative article was. The writer could’ve just gone down to the closest coffee hut for take-out to sit in the local Senior Center chatting up an interested septuagenarian while sipping the cooling beverage. My point is not to belittle, but to point out the bias of writer should be stated up front. People (or, at least I do) appreciate reading opinions that acknowledge looking at an issue from different equally balanced angles. First, there’s not really much to compare in the two issues, unless there’s some exploration of underlying historical prejudicial factors in the two very different cultures … . But, how does relate to Alaskans looking to decide on which color of Yukon Extremes (R) Carhartt jacket to purchase this season, and whether the highway department has cleared the road after yesterday’s snow, and whether the mixture propotions of salt and sand is going to be adequate to get back home these first few days of daylight savings time.

    • Of course your point is to belittle the writer.

      As I’ve often pointed out you are nowhere near as clever as you think yourself. In fact, you’re pathetically transparent.

      • Of course, the issue is not ‘belittling’ the writer. Probably the issue is more to do with the title of the opinion. In any case, whatever is the name of the publisher is immaterial, if a person cannot examine an issue from more than one viewpoint. When someone attempts to use a hot-button controversial domestic problem, to sway others to come to some conclusive opinion about a terribly different unrelated sort of problem, it’s troublesome to watch. It brings more harm to society to watch those that readily ascribe to ‘Groupthink’ to tar another ‘not us’ society.

        Understandably, gut reactions to urgent situations is to make quick assumptions, stake out a position, then end up flaying or being flailed for whatever opinion is expressed. Masked Avenger, should know more than anyone that specific issues cannot be directly translated to other situations, despite the ease with which it can be done, and the speed of ‘open, and shut’ on judgments. As for the personal comments by MA, while remarks are occasionally insightful, over the time I’ve browsed here, there’s been no shortage of direct insult. I am not of the persuasion to enjoy it. Perhaps, it’d be too much to justify rationale for statements instead of slinging mud any whichway. As for Carharrt, snow removal etc, I don’t think the folks in Seattle care too much about it, but Chugiak roads were cause for concern after it snowed Sunday. Who you gonna call at 5 PM, if you’ve not had time to put on studded tires? Yes, I know the kid in early morning math class at ACC, up all night from clearing streets, used to drift off once in a while, but there are ordinary issues outside of trying to find some obscure connection among Hamas, Israel, the Palestinians and Mr Floyd.

        I don’t expect philosophical and serious consideration of the issue generally at this website, however, I guess I keep coming back to see what flavor of propaganda is being dished out under the guise of a popularist agenda from Juneau.

        • You are clearly delusional. Coming from someone who does snow removal in the exact area you are claiming was so terrible… there was no excessive snow fall on Sunday. Daylight Savings had nothing to do with the less than 2 inches Chugiak did get. Nor did the color of my Carhartt jacket.
          You shot yourself in the foot on the studded tires issue. Maybe you should spend less time liberal ranting on a conservative news site and more time attending to your personal chores.

          • Ha. I did not say the snow is excessive, nor do I wear Carhartt. Yes, Daylight Savings Time had something to do with concern about road conditions anticipated for a 04:30 commute to Rabbit Creek and no snow tires. Yes, driving slowly, very, very slowly was the correct answer. Yes, I take personal responsibility for my actions (and inactions). Yes, there’s a ‘Mona Lisa’ out there when referring to this as news site, and disavowing rants, liberal or otherwise, considering that I personally hold conservative values. No, I am not offended by your response. It is to be expected. Let’s get that out of the way, and try to think about the wisdom of trying to compare the truths in George Floyd’s situation to Hamas, Golda’s efforts and Beni’s legacy, the Semitic peoples in the region of Palestine, and those with similar heritage that call themselves Jews.

            Or, we could go out on a tangent and discuss my Korean friend with the beautiful singing voice who was befriended by a couple that were married in one of those mass weddings by Sun Myung Moon, and were trying to explain the whole deal with Gramps who traveled from Vienna to see his first little Jewish grandchild? Chances are good that you don’t want to discuss that in the same breath as the violent attack by Hamas on women, infants, girls, boys, men, and George Floyd’s deprivation of oxygen, because ‘one of these things is not like the other’, is it?

        • George Floyd had fentanyl in his system and was a criminal, not alleged criminal, a proven criminal with an actual record- who was trying to use counterfeit money. Come on Mrs N… you can’t have your head that far up your behind?!

    • The writers affiliation with Restoration America is pretty clear from the beginning. If you are only worried about snow removal and carhartt colors, you belong back in Seattle.

  5. Lovely argument put forth by the author: George Floyd was a drug addict and was trying to pass off counterfeit money. Therefore, the punishment for this is death. That’s essentially what he’s saying in this article. Then, the entire thesis of the article is one big non-sequitur, by trying to relate the Floyd murder to the Hamas terrorists. The only place where such idiocy could possibly hold court is here on MRAK and what I’m sure will be enlightened, well-reasoned retorts in the comments section.

    • Cman
      He died from stupidity. Drugs being a criminal resisting arrest all values you must really like just like your lying politicians. Spence you don’t like us consecutive maybe you should move to Gaza where you will be welcomed with open arms.

    • Cman,. ……is
      Exhibit “A” for a derelict, idiot, promoter of Marxism in American politics. Go somewhere else with your “ideas,” where uneducated saps will believe you. And go to George Floyd’s ex-girlfriend who was beat up by him while she was pregnant and threatened by death. Floyd got the justice he deserved, by a cop who was hung by a bunch of promoters like Cman. That’s why Trump is going to get back into the White House next year. That’s why law abiding citizens are packing and running AR-15s off the shelves. It’s HUGE!!!
      You un-American idiots are in great jeopardy.

        • Because some of them clearly are not Americans, in any sense of Constitutional agreement. BTW, it IS a legal term, just very seldom enforced… like treason, rioting, communism… etc.

      • Last time I checked we had the freedom to have our own opinions in this country, correct? I’m just as much of an American as you are, so calm yourself princess.

        • Go back to your recreational dope, cman. You can do that here in America. And you can still opine at a conservative website, and even get published, for being stupid. You’ve proved it. Conservatives don’t get their comments published at lefty forums, because Democrats pick and choose their own brand of free speech. That’s no secret. MRAK only publishes your whiney, Marxist speech because it reflects on your basic stupidity and disdain for freedom. And we all get to chuckle at you.

    • “……..George Floyd was a drug addict and was trying to pass off counterfeit money. Therefore, the punishment for this is death……..”
      Mr. Floyd wasn’t killed because he was a drug addict and counterfeiter. He died resisting arrest. You may now re-pivot regarding police restraint tactics or that particular officers actions, and whether or not that officer intended to kill Floyd, but your silly “death penalty” proclamation pretty much now identifies you……..as if we didn’t already know………

  6. Hamas has been presenting George Floyd in interviews as a parallel to what Hamas is experiencing from the US and Israel. This idiocy is representative of the drive to the bottom going on in our country. If we can’t get this trajectory changed, we will be fighting on OUR streets. BLM is a BS movement that has nothing to do with Black Americans and has everything to do with gagging the rest of us.

  7. Appeasement politics. This is what is being taught in colleges, high schools and even grade schools around the US. Affirmative Action has progressively dumbed-down the standards that traditionally were required for entry level success.
    Those who worked hard, studied hard, and applied themselves would have a better than even chance to gain entry into law schools and professional graduate level programs. Reward was based on meritocracy and achievement. Not anymore. Now you can present your skin color and squeal out “oppression.” Many corporations now have these brainwashed adults running their business models, which is to appease the non-achievers. We end up with people like the Obamas in charge, who have no business sense, nor common sense. They have been trained to get into the achievement circle by screaming, “racism.”
    And that’s why are country is so screwed-up today.

  8. Well(?), I personally think your better idea of … “Apologize to the American people for insulting them as bigots, painting our country as a hotbed of racism, and supporting totalitarian “progressives” who aim to abolish the Constitution altogether. Prove your patriotism, earn America’s forgiveness—and stay out of politics for good this time.” is certainly noble and worthy. However, and unfortunately, it’s analogous to requiring – demanding that these CEO’s prescribe to Logic, Reason, and/or Common Sense! It’s just not going to happen and folks will continue to ignore the facts, believing the corrupt narrative being spewed by the MSM and, continuing their life of insatiable consumption of cheap and inferior goods from China.

  9. Simple. Corporations felt they could make points of supporting George Floyd. They now are more afraid of Muslim backlash than Jewish backlash.

    Corporations will always take the path of least resistance which gives them the hugest intersectionality score.

  10. Question: Companies outraged over George Floyd death are silent on Hamas terrorism. Why?

    Answer: Because they all empowered the DEI apparat within their own companies. Those DEI apparats are behind the burgeoning anti-Israel and in turn anti-Semitic movement. If you are anti-Semitic, by definition, you are pro-Hamas.

    Turns out DEI was a mistake, hopefully not a fatal one. Cheers –

  11. One could hope that the corporate world has finally figured out that they should keep their mouths shut regarding politics and ideology and stick to commerce…………but I’m not stupid enough to actually believe that………..

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