Biden takes time out from war watch to wish George Floyd a happy birthday


As war breaks out in Gaza after the attack by Hamas on Israel, the president of the free world didn’t want Americans to forget about George Floyd on his birthday — George Floyd, the domestic violence perpetrator, drug user, and thief, who died during an arrest in Minneapolis in 2020, after using counterfeit money at a local store.

President Joe Biden issued a statement celebrating the life of Floyd.

“George Floyd should be alive. He should be celebrating his 50th birthday with his young daughter Gianna, family, and friends. He deserved so much more,” Biden said in his statement.

“Today, we join his family to honor his life and legacy. And we remember the tragedy and injustice of his death that sparked one of the largest civil rights movements in our nation’s history and inspired the world,” Biden said.

Between 1997 and 2005, Floyd served eight jail terms on various charges, including drug possession, theft, and trespass. For instance, Floyd was convicted of possessing half a gram of crack cocaine in 2004 

“George Floyd’s murder exposed for many what Black and Brown communities have long known and experienced — that our nation has never fully lived up to its highest ideal of fair and impartial justice for all under the law,” Biden said.

“A year and a half ago, Kamala and I stood with the family of George Floyd, civil rights leaders, and law enforcement officials, and I signed an executive order, which applies key elements of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to federal law enforcement. This order bans chokeholds, restricts no-knock warrants, establishes a database for police misconduct, and directs other measures to advance effective and accountable policing that increases public safety.  It is putting federal law enforcement on the path to becoming the gold standard of effectiveness and accountability,” Biden said.

Derek Chauvin, a 20-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department, was convicted in the murder of Floyd, after his chokehold resulted in Floyd’s death.

“My order also directs the use of federal tools to support similar reforms in state and local agencies. Across our Administration, we have made significant progress in fulfilling the requirements of my executive order, making policing safer and rebuilding trust in American communities,” Biden said.

Since Biden became president, crime has soared in cities across the nation, in part because of the Biden border policy, which has allowed millions of undocumented criminals to enter the United States.

In the nation’s major cities, homicides were 42.6% higher in 2022 compared to 2019, according to the America First Policy Institute. In the past year, robbery has increased by 13%, larceny by 20%, motor vehicle thefts by 21%, and residential and nonresidential burglaries by 6% and 8%, respectively.

But Biden was not focused on stopping crime. He was focused on police reform.

“But we know that implementing real and lasting change at the state and local levels requires Congress to act. I will continue to do everything in my power to fight for police accountability and urge Congress to pass meaningful police reform and send it to my desk. I will sign it,” he said.


  1. (Sigh) I’m so weary of woke stupid – especially blaming police for doing their job. I won’t second guess George Floyd’s death – that’s yesterday’s story, and I was glad to see it disappear from media spotlights. Is it too late to stop our crime wave? I don’t know that either. But if we don’t let the police do their jobs – as safely as possible for them – crime will just get worse. We need willing prosecutors and jails nasty enough that people won’t want to go there. For brandon to revisit a sorry chapter of our recent past to distract from his failings and absence of leadership at the risk of reigniting civil unrest is worse than despicable.

  2. You would think that the left would want to mute Brandon. People hate him! It seems ludicrous that he is constantly pushed in front of the media. America has become a laughing stock!

  3. Naturally, Floyd is a poster child for everything Democrats believe in – drug addict and criminal. Probably reminds Biden of Hunter.

  4. That didn’t take long for DC to forget about Israel and a bigger and more historic event than one man’s. Israel and HAMAS they going to war far into 2024.

  5. “In the nation’s major cities, homicides were 42.6% higher in 2022 compared to 2019, according to the America First Policy Institute. In the past year, robbery has increased by 13%, larceny by 20%, motor vehicle thefts by 21%, and residential and nonresidential burglaries by 6% and 8%, respectively.” Is this a key part of Bidenomics the way that runaway inflation is, or is this just an additional bonus part of Bidenomics?

  6. Joe, you ain’t Black, man. How would you know what its like to be Black woman, raped and assaulted while pregnant, by George Floyd? I bet there’s more than one Black woman out there saying her thank yous to Derek Chauvin.

  7. PRIORITIES of the Biden Administration … Basically, emblematic of misplaced focus and pandering to ill-begotten importance. Shameful and Lack-of truth and honest character.

  8. How hard is it to to walk, talk, and look at the same time? Looks like the mouth-breathers can’t comprehend that a functional human can handle more than two thingies at once.


    Whatever you think of Floyd, he did not deserve to die that day. To quote MRAK “Derek Chauvin, a 20-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department, was convicted in the murder of Floyd, after his chokehold resulted in Floyd’s death.” Floyd was MURDERED.

    • The odds of floyd surviving to the next day were pretty close to zero. The amount of opiates in his system would have led to his death in 90+% of these situations.
      And, if you really think Chauvin got a fair trial, I got a bridge to sell you.

      • Chauvin may have been guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Reasonable people can debate that.

        But there was no way he was gonna get a fair trial as a cop in a hard left city. He was served up to prevent massive BLM inspired riots.

        • Do I have a doctor?
          Why do you ask… Oh, I got it.
          Unless I have a medical doctorate I cannot speak about opiate overdosing. Last time I checked, one does not have to be a doctor to realize the massive amount of drugs in his system was likely fatal.
          Or would you demand I have a doctorate to decide drinking 12 beers and then trying to drive is a stupid idea?

    • It’s hard indeed for Biden to walk, talk, and look t the same time, so good point. And yes, I agree that our silly president is using Floyd as a distraction and as a campaign platform to woo “black and brown” (his words, not mine) votes. I recall, being the mouth breather that I am, that the coroner’s report said Floyd’s heart disease and drug use were factors in his untimely death. He was in rough shape because of his years of drug use. No doubt that the chokehold finished him off, but is Joe Biden correct when he says that Floyd would be alive today, in 2023? From his health and pattern, he’d either be dead from drugs or in jail. But thanks for playing the devil’s advocate. The devil always needs a good advocate like you.

  9. 3 years crime free George. Keep up the good work.

    Btw, knee restraints on the neck was taught to American police by the Israeli Defense Force. Thousands of American police were sent to Israel to learn how jews treat unarmed Palestinians and apply those techniques on Americans.

    • By the way,,,the terrorists who flew into the world trade center along with the pentagon were trained right here in the US by our USAF. Just saying.

      • And?
        The USAF trains pilots for many nations. Saudis among them.
        If (and that is a big if) any of the 9/11 terrorists were actually trained to fly by the USAF, it was as part of regular USAF international efforts.
        Curiously, the Fort Hood shooter was trained by the US Army. And, the Navy Yard shooter as well.
        Just saying that your point is meaningless, and in fact does nothing to help.

    • Stupidest take of the week. And nice but failed attempt to work in some anti Semitism.

      Not sure it’s a standard to be proud of, but you do you.

  10. He positions warships in the area to progress WWIII while he tells Americans, his countrymen in the area, to use credit cards to move to a safer location. Those are your democrat values, Alaska. Can you learn a new thing?

  11. Criminal POTUS supporting another criminal! Anything new here? The most UN AMERICAN President to date!

  12. Biden is a sob nothing more. Incompetent sack. Was he drooling down his chin when he said that. ??? Is this the same Grorge Floyd that had a felony rap sheet as long as your arm. ???

  13. Police are learning quickly that arresting people of color is indeed a dangerous proposition. Much easier to ignore any criminal activity from that sector. Better to pick on the working class in order to reach their quota. Enjoy your traffic ticket, outlaws.

  14. Guess it’s time to dust this off:

    The Dance of Derek and George:
    The perp’s name was George Floyd
    The police became quite annoyed
    They said what the heck
    Put your knee on his neck
    As they watched him go into the void

    Oh Derek what did you do
    Eyes on the tvs like glue
    The whole world complaining
    As Floyd’s life was draining
    It made for quite a toxic brew

    His rap sheet was quite a list
    Robbing with his large fist
    For his victims he felt no remorse
    Best back off, let him run his course
    Nothing to do but get pissed

    Said he wanted to clean up his act
    Get his rap sheet to redact
    Moved from Texas to Minnesota
    Adding crimes to his quota
    He couldn’t come clean, it’s a fact

    Got caught passing fake bills
    Working with crooks and shills
    Fentanyl and meth he was so high
    So the cops pulled up to try
    But in the cruiser he said he was ill

    He fought his way back out
    The police tried avoiding a rout
    I can’t breathe he would say
    Was he higher that day?
    As they tried to move him about

    It was all to no avail
    The cops couldn’t prevail
    On the ground they would go
    Way too long, Derek should know
    As the world began to wail

    That night places were aflame
    Urging those to say his name!
    Nine minutes in shock
    The world watching the clock
    And the knee that brought Derek his shame

    But is it right to canonize
    A criminal in our eyes
    To give George his fame
    And Derek 22.5 for his blame
    And the cities to terrorize

    I hope we can all learn from this
    Though I’m sure I am amiss
    Some will hate this diatribe
    And accuse me of lies
    And drag this further into the abyss

    But I’ve had my say, how about you
    Have you really thought this all through
    Derek and George had a history
    Ending in a greater misery
    Let’s be done and not continue

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