Hall-Jensen, Dem. associate of Mayor Berkowitz and Gov. Walker, runs for House District 16, Anchorage

Carolyn Hall-Jensen. Photo credit: LinkedIn bio.

Carolyn Hall-Jensen, a registered Democrat associated with far-left political forces in Alaska, is running for House District 16 to represent the West Anchorage neighborhood in the Legislature. It’s an area that has been tough for conservatives to win; some precincts in the area voted for Joe Biden in 2020.

That District 16 seat is now occupied by the far-left Rep. Jennie Armstrong, a Democrat, who is said to be not running for reelection after her first term. Although she filed a letter of intent to run with the Alaska Public Offices Commission, she has allowed her campaign site, jennieforalaska.com, to expire.

Even if she ran, Armstrong would have a tough time winning against Hall-Jensen, who has deep ties with insiders in Democrats circles.

Hall-Jensen may cause concern to some conservatives, however, since her campaign chair is far-left Bill Falsey. Falsey ran for mayor of Anchorage, did not win, and threw his support to far-left Forrest Dunbar for the runoff. Dunbar lost to Mayor Dave Bronson.

Falsey was also city manager for Democrat Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Falsey signed the recall petition to try to remove Gov. Mike Dunleavy from office shortly after Dunleavy was sworn in.

Hall-Jensen’s campaign treasurer is Austin Mahan, who does campaign accounting for Democrats and who worked for Democrat Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant.

Hall-Jensen’s husband is part of a political operation to which many lobbyists and sitting legislators pay handsomely to not be mentioned in.

Hall-Jensen was communications manager for former disgraced Democrat Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. She was operations manager for the failed campaign of Bill Walker for governor in 2022; Walker was considered a false-flag Republican until he became an undeclared candidate, losing to incumbent Republican Mike Dunleavy.

Thus, as a communications professional who has a lot of experience in politics, it makes her a likely win for that West Anchorage district, which has only become more liberal in recent years.

Candidates have until June 1 to file for state elected office, and so there may be other entrants in the race for House District 16 as the filing season heats up.


  1. Ah yes, the smiling face of state socialism. When they come to disappear me and take all my property, they will be smiling and probably very pleasant.

  2. So let me get this straight. The girl from Louisiana who fought in court to be in the legislature has decided to one and done?

    This reeks worse than dead salmon rotting in the sun. Ordinarily I don’t do conspiracies, but this…?
    Way too much like when the Democrats told the “bear doctor” Al to stand down or be ruined.

    The AK Democrats are playing 3 dimensional chess and the useless AK Republicans…I can’t say what they are doing or I’d probably be banned. But it isn’t any version of chess, or even checkers. Not even Go Fish.

    • Let’s focus on getting a strong conservative candidate to run, and worry less about the other guys disgusting past habits.
      We need someone not named Liz Vasquez to run. I like Liz a lot, but since she was voted out of the AK House in 2014(?), she’s now the perpetual conservative candidate who loses.
      Surely theres a strong conservative that district 16 will get behind.

      How do the liberal neo-socialists keep getting elected throughout Alaska???

  3. Sticking with Bronson. We definitely don’t need any more of these wacko – unhinged liberal women trying to do a man’s job!

    • Even I, a conservative, find your statement to be extremely sexist and inappropriate in today’s day and age!

      • Actually, Rob’s point is on target, as it is undeniable that women, as a group, are significantly less rational, and much more emotional, than men. Survey after survey for decades have have shown that women much more value security — or the illusion of security, such as the ‘security’ provided by a paternalistic and totalitarian government — over freedom.

        Woman should never have been granted the right to vote. Our descent into statism and tyranny went into overdrive with the 19th amendment, because women tend to vote, much more than men, based on their feelings, rather than on reason and logic.

        • As a misogynist, I tend to agree (excuse us Suzanne, you are in a class of your own)
          But the bigger issue is MEN, who vote like their liberal wives/girlfriends.
          There are a lot of good, solid conservative women out there, one of them runs this site.

        • 😂😂😂 Obviously you have not met the Mayor of Matsu. Or attended one of her monthly government/civics classes that are free and open to the public. It is not women voting or leading that is the problem and many women have been exceptional, conservative, leaders. I think much of the blind and dumb socialism so many women fall into is a carryover from the dregs of the women’s rights movement that went too far and ran amuck.

          • You do raise a valid point, Elizabeth. Note that I did say “women AS A GROUP”. There are admittedly men who vote just as stupidly and irrationally and as emotionally-based as any woman.

            It would be nice if we could somehow design a system wherein citizens had to pass an intelligence test in order to vote. That would be the fairest way, but in practice it would of course never fly.

        • First set of Pearls flew away at the end of a great and wonderful multi-year relationship. Second set of Pearls were “stolen,” at the decision – directive of the Divorce Judge, as well as the other $35K in jewelry … Lesson Learned: never give the jewelry as a “gift” but rather ensure you loan it to them with stipulations and/or expectations (aka: claw-back provisions).

      • INDEED … We’re living longer and our societal cultures seen to be changing faster than one can reasonably adapt. But then again, we are encouraged to be tolerant of differing view points, including those “suggested” and “claimed” sexist and inappropriate!?!?
        “Women Run The World” … Appears to be somewhat inequitable given: Title-9, Affirmative Action, “Mee Too” as well as the Unfair Divorce Judges. But, I’m guessing that one gender enjoys exclusive benefits!?!?

    • I am curious: Is a RINO a non-MAGA person? Beyond repeating the words behind the acronym, I have never been able to figure what a RINO is. Who decides who is a RINO? Are there rules for determining RINOism?

      • J mark
        A rhino is someone like Niki Haley or the bushes .

        Basically someone who says they stand for liberty , freedom , family values and financial stability but turns around and and votes against all those things.

  4. A neo-liberal from west Anchorage…?
    Sadly this one will win by a large margin, we can’t even get rid of double dipping meg zaletel..

  5. All districts should be limited to only change things in their own districts. Let them have their own utopia. In the meantime, do not do business in any district that doesn’t support your own interests and values. The valley has everything you need and is a pleasant drive during the hours that the emancipated workforce is not commuting. In five years time, private homes in Anchorage will decrease by about 70% under current efforts of the leadership. Anchorage will only have an airport and a dock. Another ghost town, although zombie town seems more appropriate. Free LSD. Free everything. Sell out while you still can.

    • Greenies will buy our houses; they are still migrating up to enjoy and “save” Alaska
      Just met one the other day, very smart – MIT 5.0 grad degree, 5.0 Masters degree – worked as one of the 1st engineers for Air B&B , so probably set for life.
      Unmarried, lives in Spenard , doesn’t drive a car.
      Problem is, they don’t have children, so the big houses might get hit, they’ll want my 1957 “tiny house” though, it’s right up their alley.

  6. Communications Director?
    She should shamed by leftists for okaying the release of the “posterior photos” (talk about a major screw up!)
    But that’s Commies for you “By whatever means necessary”

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