Supreme Court declines to take Alaska government worker union dues case


The U.S. Supreme Court took a pass on a contentious issue regarding union fees and government employees. The case stems from the 2018 landmark case, Janus v. American Federation of State, County, & Municipal Employees. The high court’s decision leaves intact a lower court ruling that says government employees who are not union members can, indeed, be required to pay fees covering contract negotiations that end up possibly benefiting them.

The recent request for the Supreme Court review was brought by the State of Alaska, which sought to stop the practice of automatically deducting union fees from state workers’ paychecks without workers’ explicit consent on a signed consent form.

The Alaska Supreme Court had previously ruled that such deductions don’t violate the Janus decision. Consent is adequately provided through membership and dues-deduction forms signed by union members, the appeals court said.

The U.S. Supreme Court made no comment on why it denied the State of Alaska its day in court to take Janus up a notch.

The Janus case had been a significant turning point in labor law, ruling that non-union government employees could not be compelled to pay union fees, a major blow to public employee unions, which are now the most powerful in the nation due to the rapid expansion of government. Currently, over 7.1 million employees in the public sector belonged to unions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As of September, there were nearly three million employees in the federal workforce, a number that has tripled since 1944, according to


    • Yes they do! Unfortunately the State Supreme and U.S. Supreme are not willing to help those who do not want to be union members. Wonder what would happen if they all walked out. Hmm, I got that they need jobs, but maybe there are better ones out there unless they are tied to the benefits the union offers, in which case you can’t have your cake and eat it too😊

  1. Next week, welfare recipients will be forced to unionize to protect their rights to not work and get paid well for it. Oh, wait, that’s already happening with the government workers. The get stoned at home program for an example. Giddy up. The roads should be plowed by May, according to the head of the department. Pay your property taxes or you will be forced to surrender your property to the government. Remember, a large percentage of your property taxes also pays for this union in reality. This needs to be addressed at the local level.

  2. Snap that suspender! On that fat cat if you will. Rome wasn’t built in a day! However, Dubai spent its oil Glam money in engineering a world-class city and economy. What has Alaska with its comparable oil wealth done with it? Oh, carefully secreted it within the pockets, mysteriously, of the fat cats. Was (past tense) that “wise”? LOL. Quick, we need another post Constitution felony definition, Mozart.

  3. The Anchorage assembly, the school board, and the utilities are run by people the unions have elected with donations and votes. The next election could likely add the Mayor to the group. Do the citizens of Anchorage want to have city managers chosen by unions that we are paying for but have no control over? In the old west townspeople sometimes had to get together to run off gangs who had taken over their towns. Do we have any hope of taking our city back?

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