Half dozen F-22s moved from JBER to Poland


The U.S. Air Force is moving six F-22 Raptors from Alaska to Poland, as the military effort expands to protect NATO allies against Russian aggression, which has created tensions across Eastern Europe after the Russia invasion of Ukraine.

The six F-22s are coming from the 90th Fighter Squadron, 3rd Wing, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson outside of Anchorage, and arrived Tuesday at Royal Air Force Lakenheath in England.

The warbirds will next land at the 32nd Tactical Air Base in Łask, Poland, “ensuring NATO Allies are better able to safeguard and protect Alliance territory,” an Air Force press release said. The aircraft will be supporting air shielding as the 90th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron.

“The NATO Air Shielding mission integrates Allied Air and Surface Based Air and Missile Defence units into the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence system under NATO Command and Control. It will provide a near seamless shield from the Baltic to Black Seas, ensuring NATO Allies are better able to safeguard and protect Alliance territory, populations and forces from air and missile threat,” the Air Force statement said.

“The fifth generation capability contributes to the Air Shielding mission with its ability to provide lethality and survivability against any emerging high end threats. The Raptor performs both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions allowing full realization of operational concepts vital to the 21st century Air Force. Integration with NATO Allies and Partners further demonstrates the Alliance’s dedication to deter and defend in an increasingly complex and changing security environment.”

“The Raptor is a critical component of the global strike Task Force, and designed to project air dominance, rapidly and at great distances to defeat threats attempting to deny access to our nation’s Army, Navy and Marine Corps. It cannot be matched by any known or projected fighter aircraft, making it a highly strategic platform to support NATO Air Shielding.”


  1. Its bs . War aggression without congressional declaration of war .
    Poland gives their fleet of 29 migs to Ukraine because Migs are russian and ukrainians more used to flying them .
    In return United states gives alaska based f-22s to poland . It’s been requested other European countries give their migs to Ukraine.
    Green lighted by bidens mr blinken .
    All the while its puts Americans in grave danger of Russian over reactions.
    Thanks useless Congress and evil demented biden.
    Our tax dollars shouldn’t go to help murder russians unless Congress is united and declares war .

  2. The real reason the f-22s are in Poland though, is because Nancy pelosi is supposed to travel to Taiwan. China warned last week that there would be some sort of severe consequences if Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan.
    Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand the woman. But I hope she goes anyway, just to stand up to China. But we’ll see.
    It would be about time someone in this administration showed a backbone.

    • I know she’s not technically a part of the administration. but she’s still a part of this administration.

  3. Godspeed and God bless our JBER-22 pilots BTW.

  4. It was bound to happen. Biden is at the end of his ropes and kind of like Putin, he has nothing left to lose other than the thing he fears losing the most, power. Hillary lost power and what did he do to her, she’s found wandering in the woods talking to herself. Biden already does this so that would be no new news. Not that I care one iota about the speech tearing up heifer, but if I was pelosi I wouldn’t be going anywhere over there. I’d be afraid Joe was using me as a linchpin. It’s all he can do to save the economy and to save face. The problem is all the new world order people that he visited with on behalf of his good boy Hunter, are going to come and collect whatever he promised to them and this is probably the beginning of the end for Joe.

  5. Worth noting is that Obama cancelled the F-22 program after only taking delivery of 186 Raptors if memory serves.
    So in essence, the War Party (Democrat) didn’t think it would be fair to the Iranian’s and Chi-Coms if our forces truly own the tools for something called Air Superiority.

    • I had one of the first F-22 simulators for PC back in the late 90s. I heard it was fairly accurate. It is an amazing aircraft. Unfortunately I kept getting shot down by 9 year olds.

    • That’s because in his first months of office after receiving the Nobel Peace prize for doing absolutely nothing, Barry went on a “I’m sorry” tour of the Middle East. Also since they were compadres of Biden, let us not forget the hot mic incident we’re Barry was caught kissing biden’s butt saying I’ll be more friendly after the next election. There’s nothing that comes out of the mouth of the Democrats AKA smiling snakes that you can believe.

  6. One way for Biden & the corrupt Dems to stay in power is to ramp up tensions with Russia over the war in Ukraine which is going very badly for NATO. The October surprise may very well be a full blown nuclear war with a demented Commander in Chief at the helm!

  7. Remind me why we throw hard earned American money at a corrupt regime in a corrupt country?

    Does Ukraine have that much on the Biden family?

    This is a European problem requiring a European solution.

  8. Biden could have stopped Russia from invading Ukraine.
    He failed to do so.
    He threw an entire Nation to the dogs to cover his corruption.
    Left Billions in gear and many lives in Afghanistan. The rest of the equipment we have left in reserve, he is sending off for Russian target practice.
    After Trump fills the National Petroleum Reserves and rebuilds our defenses from Obama in Libya and Syria, Biden sells the oil to China and gives the arms to out proxy war effort.
    It’s too much to believe. Now, our fighters too?
    Biden is going to get us all killed.

  9. Stumblin Joe props up the virulently corrupt Ukrainian dictatorship, much like Joe’s, by provoking an unwinnable World War III with the Russkies in Eastern Europe?
    Joe does this by sending state-of-the-art war machines which secure America’s westernmost border to Eastern Europe, forgetting perhaps what the Russkies and the Chinese have ready to roll, fly, and float from the Far East toward America’s western border
    …which leaves America’s westernmost border wide open to whatever the Chinese and Russians want to do with it.
    Sure and it’s only half a dozen planes, a mere speck in our very own Battle of Britain armada, themselves ready to stand off the combined arms of Russia and/or China.
    Remember what Joe did to America’s southern border. This’ll be like that, more open, undefended except for a few units of vastly outnumbered, leaderless, vaccinated, kids with suicidal tendencies and incipient myocarditis who are managed, not led, by wokesters, not warriors.
    Maybe it’s all for a higher purpose. The Biden crime syndicate has a major stake in Ukraine. If Joe can have a Ukrainian prosecutor fired to protect his and Hunter’s interests, God knows what hell Joe’s ready to unleash on the Russians, at the expense of America’s blood and treasure, if they mess with Biden business.
    Then we have Hunter’s and China Bill Walker’s secret China deals which, given the current state of economic affairs, one has good reason to suspect involve some means of gifting Alaska’s natural gas, Permanent Fund, and Pebble Mine rare earths (for starters) to China.
    Now Hunter’s and China Bill Walker’s China deals start to look like the ultimate protection racket: the Middle Kingdom may not invade us militarily if we allow them to rule us economically.
    No? Hear any U.S. or State Senate talk about a resolution against moving Alaska’s defenses to Poland, about passing a state law against foreign ownership of Alaskan property, passing a state law against selling Alaska’s natural resources to Communist China, America’s top rival and enemy, nullifying all forms of debt-trap agreements with China and Chinese proxies? Of course not.
    What a damnable, treasonous legacy, provoking World War III just to support one’s bloody Ukrainian mob, and their “sanctions” against sitting U.S. lawmakers, while driving America into bankruptcy, making her an object of world contempt, demoralizing and killing her citizens, literally erasing her borders, language, and culture.
    Guess until the real Antichrist shows up we’ll have to make do with the one we got, no?

  10. Sounds like another absolutely brainless move by this administration. We have Russia and China rattling sabers and he sends our best Air Superiority Fighters to Poland to sit on a runway. Well, I guess he has to support his money laundering operation through Ukraine with something since the Russians are collecting all of our weapons being sent over there as he empties all of our militaries inventories of the weapons Trump put back. What a corrupt piece of cow dung!

  11. Alaskans lock and load as this administration is on a mission to destroy us like the the 9 demons in the assembly. Tar and feather should be going on sale soon.

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