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Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Gross’s dark vision: COVID-19 devastation could have silver lining of ‘Medicare for all’


Sen. Dan Sullivan finally took the gloves off this week and called out his Democrat opponent Al Gross for his radical plans to create a government health care plan for all — nationalized medical care.

“After months of trying to hide his well-documented support for Medicare for all, Al Gross was just caught on camera admitting to donors his support for this radical government takeover of healthcare – which would eliminate private, employer, union and even military sponsored healthcare,” Sullivan’s ad says.

In interviews and on TV, Gross denies his support for Medicare for all, but in closed door fundraisers he admits the truth.

Sullivan’s campaign, however, found Zoom meetings where Gross appears to be promoting Medicare for all, and hopes that COVID-19 will have the silver lining of creating such a system. When asked directly if he supports Medicare for all, he said “it’s a matter of what you can get through.”

Then he explained how COVID-19 could lead to nationalized health care.

“What I’m hoping is that as an aftermath of COVID-19, and having so many people on Medicaid, that they will finally understand that they need to come up with that.”

Medicare for all would slash reimbursements to medical professionals by at least 50 percent, which means doctors, nurses, and technicians would all take a big pay cut.

Now that Gross is not practicing medicine as much, this won’t affect him or his family’s bank account. He has told reporters that while only working 3-4 days a week in Juneau as a surgeon, he made over $3 million a year. He left that practice in 2013 after being sued for malpractice.

Today, Gross gets paid as an expert witness by a law firm that defends doctors accused of medical malpractice.

According to his 2019 financial disclosure, he has worked as an expert witness for Hoffman & Blasco LLC in Juneau since January, 2014, shortly after he quit his practice after being sued. That suit was finally settled in 2017.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Socialist! Why not put a bull ring in everybody’s nose also? How’s he going to pay for this? I know, raise your taxes. Since Biden is going to be raising everybody’s taxes if elected, I’m glad that Democrats and leftists and extreme socialists want to give more of their money to the government. Why not give it all to the government give up that life of being a hypocrite and just give it all to him and become a member of the globalist ant colony? That way they can control every aspect of your life, how many cars you own how many babies you can have like China does, even what job you have. Just think you could be a drone for the socialist Democrat party and be the guy that gets to clean out all the sewers I know that your dream job but only a few chosen people get those kind of jobs. Put your name on the list your number will come up soon I’m sure.

  • So the good doctor is hoping that covid is so bad that millions of Americans will get so sick they will be forced on to Medicaid and then become wholly reliant upon government healthcare.
    This guy claims he killed a bear he didn’t kill.
    This guy claims he’s not for Medicare for all, but hopes Alaskans and Americans get so sick from covid that we get to the point we are forced into Medicare for all.
    This guy is not good for Alaska or America.

    • Why can’t he work as a Dr.? If God gave him the talent to pass medical school then he must have a future in this field. Is there anything preventing him from working in his practice? Or, is politics the only way he can make as much money being a Dr? I understand that people need to make a certain standard of living but people who are vested in the public interest are givng back to the people. There are people out there, prominent people losing sons and daughters, to alcohol, meth and vehicular accidents. I feel as citizen Q, we need to think carefully who we impower. Will the money they advocate for Alaska go back to the people? Will we have another Menard Center, will we have elected officials advocating for higher education, or local jobs for able bodied workers?

  • Wow, it appears ol’ Al kills more than just prowling grizzly bear cubs.

  • ..Because socialism doesn’t sell well (yet) in America, these would be rulers have to hide their brand for anyone to buy it. One thing is for sure, “independent” is the LAST thing this Gross guy is..

  • Dr. Gross sounds more and Marxist every day.

  • Incompetent doctor becomes Marxist politician.

    • Expert medical witness are whores. They get paid $600 per hour by lawyers to spin their own version of a claimant’s medical record in a lawsuit, whether it be a plaintiff’s or defendant’s case. Makes no difference to guys like Gross. The pay is all the same, whichever side he testifies for. Usually, expert medical witnesses are second or third-rate docs who have less interest in the practice of medicine, and more interest in being a whore to his favorite lawyer. Al Gross will not be good for Alaska. And, someone please check Gross’s own medical malpractice background? I bet he’s been sued for medical errors and sloppy work.

      • Docs that are wealthy and exit the business early are not to be trusted.
        There is something wrong with this quack doctor. How many patients has he buried?

  • This guy is an industrial strength sleaze ball! I guess that would explain why Democrats and liberal special interests are throwing so much money at him.

  • So he was sued for malpractice and had to quit his practice yet he is a professional witness for a law firm that defends dr’s being sued for malpractice? That makes sense. lol

    • Ding ding ding! Winner winner chicken dinner. Winning comment of the day, ha ha!

      • Misery loves company, especially when some sleazy attorney is paying for the visit.

    • The first axiom of politics is: “The action being taken by the person is not the source of the offense. It is the political affiliation of the person taking action that causes the offense.”

      And, since Dr. Al is a full on leftist, any sins are forgiven without question.

    • Oh dear those were immediately my thoughts as well. Something doesn’t add up….?

      • No healthcare for those who won’t pay up the exorbitant fees charged in the U.S. Let’s usher in a new era, a new, gilded age without financial parity and economic justice for the working class.

  • Could this also be why Berkowitz is tightening the screws in Anchorage? Medicare for all? It would sure help if no one were allowed to work, lost their source of income and conveniently became a ‘ward’ of big government. Much easier to control.

    • Communism/Socialism/Democratic Socialism (all the same thing) supporters never will proliferate when there is not chaos, starvation, inflation and lack of jobs. This lockdown is to force all of those. In my opinion Berkowitz’s lockdown end goal is to destroy our economy leaving us with big corporations only. Training the sheeple into doing whatever they are told including wearing nonsense masks and in the future having poison injected. Creating a dependency on the “state” for income, food, and medical. The big con is the people will demand for all of this to occur and will willingly give up every right they have in the process for a short term modicum of safety. This entire event is bottom up enforcement meaning we have become our own cell, bars and prison guard for fear of whatever. On a side note the Vegas shooting occurred 3 years ago.

  • I’ve never heard about the malpractice lawsuit! And he actually raked in $3MM a year doing surgeries part time in Juneau????

    Why does anybody trust this guy?

  • Summation of Al Gross’s candidacy:
    White, Liberal privilege.
    Full of puffery and fantasy.
    Dubious past as a medical doctor.
    Radical political beliefs.
    Dishonest and deceiptful.
    Money coming your way, Dan Sullivan.

  • So he gave up his practice of 3 million a year because of a lawsuit? There has to more to that story that we are not getting as it doesn’t make sense. I wonder what exactly the lawsuit was for? Could it have been bad enough that stopping his practice was part of the settlement? Sounds like a possible story in there..

    • Bob,
      Money and privilege came easy for Doc Gross. A good chunk of that $3 million per year was from prescription profits to this Dark Doc. The subsequent trail of his destructive path can be found in ruined families, methadone clinics, and cemereties. Opiod addiction is often caused by selfish doctors who prescribe pain medication without concern for tapering. Opiod addiction is a serious and life threatening epidemic in this country. And Doc Gross needs to be held accountable.

  • Yesterday, Oct. 3, an Al Gross worker visited my house in Fairbanks. She was targeting registered independents which my wife is. She had absentee ballots in hand. She spoke to my wife about Al Gross and encouraged my wife to vote at that time. Apparently she was not offering to take the ballot after the person voted.
    I wasn’t home at the time, which may have been a good thing. It disturbs me that campaign workers are also carrying ballots and encouraging people to vote on the spot.

    • Report this to the Division of Elections,. ….. Immediately.

  • I have been getting a lot of campaign mail from Al Gross lately. Its all postmarked out of San Jose, CA. Why does this come from California? Why can’t his mail come from Alaska where he’s running for office? He has sold out to the Left and they’re trying to buy his way into office. They will expect a return on their investment, guaranteed!

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