Gross supporters have a parting gift for Sullivan campaign


Gross supporters closed the campaign cycle out on Monday night by smashing a campaign sign at the Sullivan campaign headquarters and breaking the window of a vehicle.

Most of the campaign volunteers had left the building already, and it’s believed the destruction happened around 9:45-10 pm. Police were notified.

Sullivan campaign headquarters sign destroyed Monday night, along with vehicle window that was smashed.

It’s not the first time the Left has committed violence against the Sullivan campaign.

In July at the launch of the Sullivan campaign in Anchorage, radicals bum-rushed the stage and physically assaulted Sullivan’s campaign staff, and shoved a bloody pice of caribou heart at the senator and his wife.

The Sullivan campaign has had dozens of campaign signs destroyed this season, according to a campaign staffer.


  1. The left have nothing but violence. I am hoping in the near future this uprising will be finally put down once and for all

    • Democrats have a rich history of resorting to violence. In the 19th century the KKK was their terrorist arm. In the 20th century they used union goons. And now in the 21st century, Antifa and BLM are what they use to incite violence and intimidate those who disagree with them.

  2. When freedom loving Alaskans send Gross packing hopefully he takes this a-holes with him. I’m sure there is plenty of room for them in his mansion in Kalifornia.

  3. A lot of the Don Young campaign posters around Juneau have been vandalized. Which is nothing new, hardworking Alaskans don’t have time here to drive around late at night vandalizing Republican candidate signs. They need their sleep so they can continue to work hard and support their families while also volunteering for youth sports, charities, etc.

  4. Antifa is the Democrat party……… Talked to a cousin who is a democrat last night. I told him Philly quit counting the ballots and sent everybody home so they can stuff the ballot boxes. His response was, “Good”.

  5. After Trump wins Florida, liberals post video of Sunshine State exploding

  6. Indeed. I have had the 4×8 No on 1 sign on Dowling and Meadow, twice now. This last time a couple days ago, the entire sign had been tipped, stomped through, with the base busted. Classy. Real classy.

  7. I hope those Gross supporters enjoyed the shellacking he took last night because I sure did. Democrats as a whole took an ass beating and solidly. We Alaskans have had enough of your chicanery.

  8. This thuggish Bolshevik behavior must be met with immediate opposition. Don’t expect the APD to settle it for you. They are hobbled by the thugs cohorts. Destructive acts like this ,left unchecked will only embolden the thugs. Patriots must confront this violence, peacefully if possible, but remember Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty quote and be prepared.

  9. Violence? This trend grew with the advent of BLM and ANTIFA posing as race and class struggle elements when, in reality, the are nothing more than the violent arm of communism as it fully appropriates the Democratic Party. These are frustrated underachievers expressing class envy caused primarily by their own poor choices. They cannot compete head to head so they act out violently. Nothing new under the sun.

  10. I always love how the left tells us they are the party of tolerance and compassion…. but it only seems to work if you fall in step with them and their ” values ” . Once you challenge them they show that they are anything but tollerant and compassionate.

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