Protesters rush stage with bloody caribou heart during Sen. Sullivan meet-and-greet


A fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan was interrupted Saturday evening when a protester rushed the stage and reached into her bag to pull out what appeared to some as a gun, to others as a cell phone, and to still others as the heart of a caribou, or was it a moose?

It turned out that it was some kind of animal organ and some associated blood and other organic matter that she was attempting to lob at Sen. Sullivan and his wife, Julie, who at that point stood as the only line of defense between the attacker and the senator.

A brief tussle ensued as the attacker was brought to the ground and then she and her several accomplices were removed from the hangar near the Ted Stevens International Airport, where the fundraiser had brought together over 150 supporters of the senator.

The Sullivan campaign had been tipped off that Al Gross supporters were coming into disrupt the event, as they had earlier done in Fairbanks. Trackers for Gross have been to other Sullivan events, but this was the most violent attack so far.

Bystander Mike Robbins was in the crowd and saw someone rushing the stage. His instincts kicked in and he grabbed two of the women protesters, and escorted them out, and came back in and ejected a man who was trying, at that point, to blend in with the crowd. The rainbow-haired man evidently was the protesters’ filmmaker there to document the event.

One of the protesters tried to unfurl a banner, but it was whisked away by a woman in the crowd. Rep. Sharon Jackson also sprung into action to protect and defend her former boss, Sen. Sullivan.

Another ecoterrorist is escorted out.

The commotion only lasted a few minutes before the four or five protesters were hustled outside, but meanwhile, the scene was chaotic and unsettling for the people attending, who had been attempting to socially distance.


  1. Yeah, that’s what we want in the US Senate…… Insanity and nonsense. Make this end, now!

      • Huh? He leans right. He’s certainly no fire breathing far right extremist. Actually in the senate, I don’t think there is one of those. But calling Sullivan’s presence insane is ludicrous- tacitly approving of these animals doing this? That is despicable.

  2. This is what lowlife scum Democrats do to get attention. They must be charged by APD and the FBI with felony charges.

  3. Dan Sullivan is an ultra rich,closed minded puppet if the right since his diamond studded and spoiled birth. Americans are kept subservient and disrespected by the office he holds, and the dishonorable capitulation with racism and the duplicity that is Dan Sullivan. His wife must be so conflicted and hurt

    • Empty words full of empty promises/threats are an empty cause.
      Get bent Jeffrey “lefty” Brown!

    • Dude, are you kidding or just trolling? Get a grip on reality. This “protest” was just another juvenile stunt by people who are not interested in an intellectual discussion of the issues. It seems easier for some to simply make dramatic exhibits of ignorance to make their point, then engaging in a factual debate on the merits of issues, for which the socialist opposition always fails.

    • You wrote a lot of words but gave no specifics to back up your claims. I was left wondering what you are talking about.

    • These Al Gross Democrats are truly sick in the head. I can’t wait for the next Sullivan fundraiser in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai, or wherever it’s held. The protestors will get a full contact NFL style hit, that will take them down, legally and lawfully, in defense of the Senator. Bring it on rats, and see what it feels like.

    • Al Gross must be so conflicted and ashamed that he has chosen a band of lawless thugs and social miscreants to represent his interests in his campaign.

    • Sounds like this naysayers is conflicted. Senator Sullivan is doing a great job! Look at his current profile.He gets my vote.

    • Hate with your kind is all consuming! I can only hope that you and your kind consume yourselves sooner than later. We will be glad to shovel the dirt over your remains!

    • Hey Jeffrey, when you use a couple of “twenty-five-cent” words in grammatically incorrect sentences, you just make yourself look less intelligent. You are also obviously moved by emotion which renders you incapable of using logic and reason. I urge you to go back to mommy’s basement and think about this. Oh, and it is terribly silly to personify the word “office”, since an office is not a person and therefore incapable of keeping anyone “subservient and disrespected”. If you feel you’ve been kept “subservient and disrespected”, then that is YOUR problem and obviously how you feel about yourself. I suggest mental health counseling to help you deal with those feelings.

    • The buzz words that you use shows how so very dishonorable you are. Try doing something for your community.

      • Did Al Gross instruct you to write those words, Jeff Brown? I WAS neutral, but now my entire family will vote for Dan Sullivan. God bless Julie.

    • No doubt Roland. But it seems the radical leftists have free reign to do whatever they want. Laws don’t apply to them. Being civil doesn’t apply to them either. They’ve run out of any type of normal debate about issues. They have no argument to support their communist agenda because there is none. All they have left is to show everyone what complete, inept, jackasses they truly are. In the words of DJT, “lock her up!”

  4. Trying L48 tactics in Alaska may get them seriously injured. We won’t put up with that crap up here. Anyway, wasting a good caribou heart is beyond the pale.

  5. I guess I was looking for Al Gross’ condemnation of this behavior. Haven’t seen it yet. Maybe I should not hold out much hope…

    • Gross is just another thug, like his supporters. I’m not encouraging this, but a pile of excrement would make a nice statement about how Republicans really feel. Gross apparently wants his campaign to get down to blood and guts. Sad commentary for a supposed professional MD.

  6. Certainly charges against these idiots are appropriate. The left seems to want to get themselves hurt.

  7. Jeffery can you point out any faults of Sen Dan Sullivan that are intelligent factual criticism? No. You’re incapable of intelligent dialogue without using Democratic diatribe to attack an honorable senator and military officer. You stoop so low to insult his wife. I will stand by him and support him from the violent socialist that you stand with. The day of judgment is coming and you and your socialist friends will fall like wheat in a newly harvested field my friend. It is not to late to change your course. Those you advocate and practice revolution eventually pay the ultimate price.

  8. It won’t stop until these people are charged, I was there was nothing short of assault and all those involved need to be prosecuted.

  9. The unhinged and violent Marxists amongst us. The Senator better invest in better security.

  10. A protester interrupted a fundraiser, and that proved “chaotic and unsettling”? Oh my, the poor snowflakes! This perp “attempting to lob” “some kind of animal organ” is an attack? Just to be clear – they weren’t armed with any weapons, right? I mean, other than… a piece of meat incapable of inflicting physical injury? Not like fully armed, screaming and chanting, totally NOT trying-to-get-attention, Trump supporting protesters, right? And a banner. Can’t forget the banner, cuz it probably had some REALLY scary leftist crap on it. *shudder* Did anybody see what it said before it was stolen…oops, “whisked away by a woman in the crowd”? As far as that goes, do we have any quotes from the protesters? Any – you know – protestations? Any journalistic attempt whatsoever to investigate, in order to provide some context of who, what, why, etc.? No? Oh well. Who needs it, am I right? Leave it to the lame stream media to get answers that we can then dismiss as “Fake News”. Besides, things were happening SO FAST… this unknown woman went from protesting/disrupting to an “attacker” committing “the most violent attack so far”, just like that! Whew!
    Let’s take a better look at that assault against the Senator and his wife who – wait, what? There was no assault, actually? No physical contact, according to this report? Just somebody’s interpretation of intent, “attempting to lob”? But, to be sure, there was an assault, according to Ms. Downing… against the protester, who was tackled to the ground, and her accomplices, grabbed and physically removed from the scene. Those attackers who committed those assaults…oops, I mean heroes… could claim self-defense, of course, but I’m REALLY curious about the charges – Federal, felonies even! – to be leveled against the protesters. Take a look at Alaska Statutes, as I have, and point out to me a crime that’s been committed by them. (This one’s for you, Tom Dooley and Roland Cabiad!) I’ll be checking back…

    • And what pro-Trump rally has been violent? None! How many idiot socialists have been tossed, several! OBTW, how many anti-socialists have been at Bernie rallies? Damn few! Why, cause we don’t roll that way. Oh, as to armed, yep an armed society is a polite society.
      Assault hmmm what they did was assault in the 4th degree. The “assault” you mention by supporters of Dan was defending him from the assault that if they had reached him and Julie and had tossed the animal parts, would have been assault in the 3rd degree.
      Not to mention disorderly conduct, another charge. Then if the cops had been there, sounds like not, and done their job, any resisting would then have been other charges.
      Dan was in Palmer on Friday. Nice and peaceful Gee wonder why? Maybe the socialist know that we Valley Trash/Deplorable would have whooped thier ass with a smile on our face! Kind of get what ya deserve for being so stupid!

      • Hey, Mr. Coons, thanks for the reply!
        I wanted to run down some of the instances of violence at Trump rallies, but you already seem to be knowledgeable, based on your second sentence. Not to mention the numerous documented incidences of “incitement to violence” by your Dear Leader himself at those rallies. To be clear, my actual reference was not the rallies, but the “Trump supporting protesters”, and the last couple lines of your post make it quite explicit where they stand in regard to resorting to violence against those they disagree with. Moving on…
        Alaska Statute 11.41.230. Assault in the Fourth Degree:
        (a) A person commits the crime of assault in the fourth degree if
        (3) by words or other conduct that person recklessly places another person in fear of imminent physical injury.
        Republicans are a fearful lot -no doubt – and I’m no lawyer, but I HAVE seen the video (not the useless snippets on this website, but the whole thing now uploaded to YouTube), and the protester who approached the Sullivans, Kathleen Bonnar, stood respectfully by and calmly waited to address them. When confronted she put her hands up and announced, “I would like to talk to you.” Anyone this side of the most sheltered snowflake could not reasonably be induced to feel “fear of imminent physical injury” by these words and actions. The other woman who tried to rush the stage, Crystal Berwick? She was violently thrown to the ground, then restrained, until it was time to be manhandled out the door. “Neutralized”, you might say. Again, would a reasonable person find her conduct compelling enough to feel “fear of imminent physical injury”? Moving on…
        Alaska Statute 11.41.220. Assault in the Third Degree:
        (a) A person commits the crime of assault in the third degree if that person
        (1) recklessly
        (A) places another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury by means of a dangerous instrument;
        You’re seriously proposing that a raw caribou heart meets the definition of a dangerous instrument? Sir, I… yeah, um, no. Just no.
        And the intent behind the heart? According to an ACTUAL reporter, James Brooks, of the Anchorage Daily News, who bothered to ACTUALLY gather some first-hand information for publication, it was to be “presented” to the Senator, “meant to act as medicine to heal Sullivan’s heartlessness regarding Alaska Native issues”, according to Rina Kowalski, who claimed responsibility for organizing the protest (so… she would know, as opposed to right-wing liars… oops, I mean “alternative fact” tellers). The absolute, undisputed fact is that it wasn’t thrown, or lobbed, or in any way, shape, or form used in an “attack”. And now we know it was never meant to be, either. “Bonnar said the heart fell from her hands when her arms were grabbed, and that’s why people may have thought she intended to throw it”, according to Brooks. Moving on…
        Alaska Statute 11.61.110. Disorderly Conduct
        This one’s kind of long, look it up yourself if you’d like, but none of the provisions apply to this incident. ESPECIALLY because the conduct engaged in clearly falls under the protection of a little thing called the Bill of Rights. (You like the American Constitution, don’t you? Don’t think it’s got “phony” clauses in it, like your Dear Leader does?) This is kind of short, but sweet, and worth mentioning. “Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”
        Resisting arrest? Purely hypothetical; no need to comment further.
        Thanks for playing, though!

      • Mr. Forkner,
        Yes, here it is:
        AS 16.30.010. Wanton Waste of Big Game Animals and Wild Fowl:
        (a) It is a class A misdemeanor for a person who kills a big game animal or a species of wild fowl to fail intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence to salvage for human consumption the edible meat of the animal or fowl.
        It was quite obviously salvaged properly, so no crime committed there. Sharing fish or game with anyone you please is a common, traditional practice, so… ditto. Furthermore, it wasn’t “weaponized”, despite the right wing media attempt to do so.
        That dog won’t hunt, as they say.
        I appreciate your sensibility toward wildlife conservation. Thank you!

        • Nobody wants to eat a boy heart after it has been unrefrigerated and bounced off a dirty vivid floor, so I submit it was wasted. Dan never said he wanted it, so it was wrong to gift it to him. Add on dry cleaning bills, custodial clean up of the airport, and you have losses which is punishable. It was an attempted assult which is a crime. It was an unpeaceful gathering, so she could be charged for enciting a riot. There were more than one perp so it was a conspiracy against a sitting senator. Need more?

          • Mr. Forkner,
            Yes, I do, and that would be somehow backing up your allegations. I’ve cited Alaska law in establishing that no crime was committed, and in fact not one protester has been cited for any criminal infraction.

  11. I once had some sense of safety from the socialist/eco/terrorist here in our State. This, BLM in Palmer and Anchorage, Comrade Ethan, nope, that idea has gone out the window! Just one more reason to be prepared for some really bad stuff when President Trump wins re-election!
    A fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan […]

  12. I support Senator Sullivan.
    Look for more of these episodes going forward directed at Republican Candidates. These Bolsheviks will continue their disruptions until Republicans figure out that these lefty ” protestors” understand one thing, fear. They are not unlike Garbage Bears, you cannot reason with them, you must confront them early and make their little tantrums painful for them.

      • You need to just stop. People on here actually can have adult conversations that do not include name calling and being a raving lunatic… Grow up or go to Yahoo chat they don’t care what gets published.. Or what kind of mental defect writes it… Folks that read MRAK every day and comment don’t act like you…

  13. Sullivan is a trump toady. He claims to be a military man, yet cannot follow the the military leaders as they denounce trump as devoid of any intelligence. He has failed Alaskans and done nothingto make this State a better place to live. Vote him out.

  14. What a good way to make everyone sympathetic toward ‘native causes’ than to act like a savage and throw a caribou heart at your senator! You can’t make this up

  15. People have to be on guard all the time anymore, as the criminals that are trying to disrupt our way of life continue attack people that are simply going about their lives.

  16. What no comment from Gross. You know he has read this article. Silence is Golden. None of this is surprising. As reality sinks in that Dan will be our next Senator the attacks will escalate. That being said, looking forward to attending Dan s next get together.

  17. Fellow Citizens of the great state of Alaska:
    The last bastion of wilderness can no longer be plundered by resource extractionists (or, extortionists?) and short-sited capitalists. The natural order is speaking… will you listen?

    We must elect the best person for the job, not the one that might share our core “beliefs”. A lobotomized Trump Puppet will not propel us into an equitable and sustainable future.

    Take a moment and look around; things are certainly out of whack, and business-as-usual no longer suffices. Granted, chucking an organ at “opponents” may not be the best way to get the message across.

    I wish you all well in these challenging times. God speed and bless you all. We’re in this together, whether we like it or not.

  18. Kind of surprised that the mayor didn’t have at least one undercover APD officer there . I would think that would just be a common courtesy for a dignitary of that rank. But glad no one got hurt and apparently the correct response occurred by some unintimidated women!!

  19. Modern day Brown shirts. “Rainbow colored hair,” nice way to blend in and be inconspicuous. These idiots need to be punished. No cookies or cartoons for a week!

  20. Democrats are slimy, hateful people.
    Mean and angry too. But this kind of behavior is not going to end well for them, especially when Republicans decide to hit back. Beware! Al Gross is going to get a taste of his own “medicine “

  21. I read nothing in the article about arrests or charges.
    Hopefully there will be a follow up on charges against these nut jobs. If no consequences, there will be more of this violence. Throw the book at them and send a message that violence will not be tolerated. This is despicable behaviour.

  22. And what are the supposed anti native actions Senator Sullivan has committed? The Daily News article didn’t list even one but they did attach a letter from some guy in fairbanks who took credit for the protest. In it he listed only two offenses: ANWR, which is supported by N. Slope natives and funding for Eilson Air Force Base. Eilson is a native issue? This was clearly an empty election stunt from the Gross campaign. Very disappointing.

  23. Oh and running over and shooting protesters is alright. Why of course it is, as long as your running over and shooting liberals. Brought to you by the party of hypocrisy.

    • Do you mean the black guy that ran over the two white ladies in Seattle as they were blocking the freeway? Or the BLM thugs who shot the 8 year old girl in Atlanta?

      • Game. Set. Match.

        Facts are lethal to a Democrat. It’s like liberty. That stuff is kryptonite to those guys. They hate it.

    • Candidate Gross is just another hateful Democrat with a left wing agenda to further the destruction of this country, and our great state of Alaska. A Never Trumper and Dunleavy Recaller. I will work actively against Al Gross. He’s a coward!

  24. Suzanne, The photo of the woman wearing a name tag that says “Dana Dardis” is definitely not Dana. The woman in the photo is wearing a wig and false nametag (thus trying to steal Dana’s identity). To the best of my knowledge this woman is actually Rina Mae.

    • That is all in a follow up story. She was wearing a wig, using a false identifier, and we’ve since identified her as Rina Mae here at MRAK. -sd

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