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Wednesday, September 15, 2021
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Gross attack: Al calls Sen. Sullivan a coward for not answering CNN’s ‘gotcha question’

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Sen. Dan Sullivan, a colonel in the U.S. Marines Reserve who served in Afghanistan, was in the Senate subway when a CNN reporter approached and asked him his thoughts on the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump on Tuesday. The answer given to the reporter prompted Sullivan’s opponent, Al Gross of Juneau, to call him a “Coward.”

Sullivan had responded to the reporter: He didn’t see the debate because he had been hosting one of his own events at the time.

It was, in fact, a campaign event at the Dimond Center in Anchorage, which took place at the same time as the debate. Sullivan had to teleconference into the event because the Senate had been called back to Washington. But he attended his own event nonetheless.

Then, as the doors were closing, the reporter asked Sullivan the “gotcha” question: Did Trump’s actions “refusing to condemn white supremacy” hurt Sullivan’s re-election chances?

The doors to the subway closed and the reporter said Sullivan stared silently for 8 seconds. Others said it was all over in a second, not 8 seconds, but this was CNN.

Al Gross, the doctor who embellished his involvement in killing a bear, had one word for the Marine who served around the globe and who spends three weeks training with the Marines every year: “Coward.”

It had been a set-up question from a CNN reporter who knows that Senators are not allowed to talk about their campaigns while they are in the U.S. Capitol.

The president has on several occasions denounced white supremacy, but also knows that this is a political attack and has responded forcefully to such questions.

As for Sullivan, he is married to an Alaska Native and is the father of Alaska Native children. But that somehow escaped the narrative for CNN and Al Gross.

Sullivan’s office released the following statement: “Senator Sullivan doesn’t know what the President actually meant by his comments. For his part, Senator Sullivan has consistently and unambiguously denounced white supremacy and expects all others to do the same. Period.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Gross is an avid Liar and complete idiot. He stole money from the Medical system and retired from the Medical field because of incompetence on his part.

    • Why on earth do you Alaskans put up with an idiot like Gross. You dems up there could certainly find a more capable and honest candidate. Between this guy and that crazy Anchorage mayor, there is always good fodder for the press. Too bad that it is not constructive for the fine people of Alaska.

    • No, he didn’t. He was identifying genuine problems in Alaska’s health care system. It’s very clear. To make it into an election “scandal” is shameful.

  • It is possible to be a soldier and a political coward at the same time. Trump’s indecisiveness, or at the very least, inconsistency, when it comes to condemning white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys is a national embarrassment, and Sullivan is a political coward for putting his own political well-being in front of our national integrity. But he’s not alone. Everyone that supports Trump is in the same boat and on the wrong side of history. And for context, you would all do well to remember that President Trump (Mr. Bone Spur himself) has zero problem attacking decorated veterans that don’t agree with him (even dead ones) — so mind your hypocrisy.

    • “Trump’s indecisiveness, or at the very least, inconsistency, when it comes to condemning white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys is a national embarrassment”

      You either live under a rock or are so bewitched that you can neither hear nor read. This is the most ignorant statement I have read in a comment in a long time. No president has been asked to do so as often as this president has, no one has done so as often as this president has and no president has been a colorblind as this one.

      To repeat BS stories over and over and over and over even when they have been absolutely disproven is typical of the marxist left now though. You must be so proud of the corpse you have running for office, in a single debate he managed to bring up at least three absurd false news stories that have been completely debunked and try to pass them off as news. Meanwhile your corpse has decades of recorded examples of being one of the most racist and corrupt men in a party of racists corrupt men. Such a joke.

      Is your party seriously now going to try to redefine the coast to coast rioting and looting they have promoted at the hands of LEFT wing scumbags as having come from the right? Really? That is rich. There isn’t a single example of a right wing group in the streets attacking businesses, motorists, diners, or the police. Not one.

      • Wow, how’s that KoolAid taste? Keep swilling it down.

    • B,
      You’re lying just like your hero Biden. Crawl back under your rock. BTW, the Proud Boys are not white supremacist. Their leader is a black man, they don’t riot, they defend America and most of them believe in God. How about your antifa, bowel movement matters, mostly ‘peaceful’ BS?
      Sullivan has done more for American Alaskans than all your leftists put together.
      I support President Trump and I’m proud of what he does and stands for. Your hypocrisy is astounding.

      • I refer back to my comment above. Enrique Tarrio is a latino with Anglo roots, not a black man. But I get it, they all look the same, right? White and not white, that’s how you see things. Why don’t you do a little research on who likes to wear Fred Perry polo shirts with the laurel wreath — who started doing it in the 70s — and get back to me. Information will free your mind.

        • Okay, I did some more reading and found out he is the organization’s chair and identifies as Afro-Cubano, and is clearly dark skinned. That said, I also know that Proud Boys are rightly associated with racist rhetoric and activity. So I don’t get it. It’s probably a function of their loose structure. But, let’s not forget that this started over Trump’s stubborn refusal to condemn racism — the Proud Boys only came into the conversation when he asked for a definition, or a group, and Biden through out Proud Boys. That’s when he said stand back and stand by. The real point of frustration is his strange waffling on the topic of racism. That strangeness doesn’t go away just because the Proud Boys might — MIGHT — be misunderstood.

    • B is one of the biggest idiots who posts at MRAK. Rank amatuer troll, with his/her/it commie speak. No logic, no game. Inability to form meaningful sentences. Too cowardly to identify his/her/it self. Candidate for major drug treatment and psychotherapy.
      Maybe Dr. Gross can prescribe.

      • Actually, I’m of average idiot size and I’m quite a good troll. And it’s so hard to shake opiates out of Gross these days. He’s just way too busy getting under MRAP’s skin. I’ll let you know when he’s back on tap.

        • Your the idiot that posts on ADN as Bill Tobill, ANTIFA, Dump Trump etc…

          Run along now little lib idiot…

          • Why Mr. Holmes, so clever.

        • Can’t even get the moniker right…

          • B is a big joke here at MRAK. And that actually pisses me off.

    • How many times was Biden refused service in Vietnam, for asthma? 5? Hmmmm seems to be a discarded fact. Guess you missed that the leader of proud guys is a cuban/ African American. Might want to get with the times before spouting manure.

      • Biden had a Y deferment. Know your facts, so we don’t have to clean up after you.

    • You must be unaware that The Proud Boys have denounced racism and specifically white supremacy. The rest of your statement is jarring in its ignorance too.

      Good luck

      • I’m aware that someone at the Proud Boys made a statement. Do you have some special insight?

        • “Some people did something”…

    • Baloney, just like the Charlottesville lies. He has often stated he is against the white supremacists AND antifa……….

      President Donald Trump on Thursday clearly condemned white supremacists, the Proud Boys, and groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

      In an evening phone interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, the president — who tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday — squashed any notions that he somehow endorses or turns a blind eye to white supremacist groups.

      “I’ve said it many times, and let me be clear again,” he told Hannity. “I condemn the KKK. I condemn all white supremacists. I condemn the Proud Boys.”

      Trump added, “I don’t know much about the Proud Boys, almost nothing, but I condemn that.”

      “But he should condemn also Antifa. Antifa’s a horrible group of people,” he added, referring to his repeated calls for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to call out Antifa. “They kill people. … They’re causing insurrection, they’re causing riots. [Biden] doesn’t wanna do that. But the press doesn’t go after him, and that’s a really bad group of people. But I condemn them — and if I say it 100 times, it won’t be enough because of fake news.”

    • B, I think Senator Sullivan’s reaction to the reporter was entirely correct. A stunned look would have been my reaction to such a stupid question.
      B, if you would stop drinking the kool-aid for just a moment you might realize that Dr. Al “Grandes Cojones” Gross, calling Sullivan a coward was indicative of his Al, big cajones Gross’s arrogance.
      BTW B, why has Al Gross stopped wearing his fathers wolf coat? His DC handlers order that stopped? Yeah, real independent there.

      • I don’t know, but I’m really glad he stopped wearing that stupid coat. Sullivan’s a great guy, but he’s a coward for supporting Trump. Trump is a horrible leader and an even worse person. We deserve better.

        • B, we disagree on clothing and much more. Over the years I saw Al’s Father wearing that coat more than once. I complimented old’ Gross for his beautiful wolf hide parka. He liked hearing it I think.

          Grandes Cojones Allen, wore that coat for an interview with ADN a couple years back. I thought it a moving gesture, an assuming of his Father’s mantle so to speak. I hope he didn’t put it in storage just because his back East $ handlers told him too. Just sayin.

          I think calling Sullivan a coward is a bit disingenuous. Just because you disagree with someone’s view point, I agree with you that we can do better, which is why I will vote to return Dan Sullivan!

    • This comment is shallow and sounds like a racist to me. Viva la Lucha por libertà. More people of all colors are running to this president because of comments like this. “Walk Away!” Or better yet Run against them.

    • This comment is shallow and sounds like a racist to me. Viva la Lucha por libertà. More people of all colors are running to this president because of comments like this. “Walk Away!” Or better yet Run against them. it is possible to be brown and not a Democrat anymore.

  • Al GROSS. His name says it all. Like many of the other pansy physicians up here, all “smarter than you”…just ask them. His commercials betray too, his view of us as “not too smart.” In the end, he fools very few.

  • Political gossip. Tis the season.

    Any informed voter would simply look at the record. Actions speak louder than words.

  • There is an old saying in politics. If you cannot get the people to vote for you, get them to vote against your opponent.

    Dr. Al is the poster boy for that. He offers nothing, but jumps at any chance to attack, badmouth, or dismiss his opponent.

    I will be so happy when this election is over.

  • Al Gross is the coward, what has he ever done with his life other than make himself rich off of poor SE Alaska residents? First we find out that he lied about the bear story and now he’s calling a Marin that served in Afghanistan a coward because he didn’t answer a gotcha question. Al Gross isn’t worthy of polishing Senator Sullivan’s boots.

    • Dan was in the rear with the gear. Think he ever fired his weapon? Think he ever got shot at?

      • Any idea how many “in the rear” have died in Afghanistan and Iraq? If you don’t know you should look it up – your comment is far off the mark. Second, most military do not serve “outside the fence”. Most military do not carry a “weapon” as their primary duty (infantry, MP, etc) or ever get shot at. But when they sign the dotted line they open themselves up to doing so – that “blank check” with their life. By this logic all military are “cowards” unless you carried a gun for a living and were unfortunate enough to be shot at. A “doctor” who’s served himself, made millions of dollars, and hidden from serving in his nation in a role where his life is at risk and then has the disrespect to call a military service member a coward? Gross should take a long look in the mirror. The only “coward” in this narrative would be the guy staring back at him in the mirror.

  • Once again Dan Sullivan shows exactly whom he represents first, the Republican Party. Time for a change!

    • TT, great logic on your part! He ran as a republican and didn’t falter in keeping to the agenda or promise that we elected him to accomplish. Now tell me about this Allen Gross? The ‘Independent” who sounds like Comrade Schumer? Allen Gross is getting huge infusions of cash from people who will expect him to be of use to them in the future. Who are these people? What do they expect from our Allen Gross? Your Thoughts sir.

  • Al Gross is making me puke. What a sorry, unprofessional sounding fellow. His Democrat stripes are loud and clear now. More $$$ coming your way, Dan Sullivan. Everytime Gross says something…..anything…..I’ll send you another check.

  • Funny how the man talks down about health insurance costs while he made his fortune from health care!

  • Al Gross brings joy to me. We are honored to have him as the Democrat-backed candidate for our Senate seat. That is because he is so disingenuous. His dishonesty exposes the weakness of his own convictions and those who back him. I’m so happy that big-money outsiders are wasting money on his candidacy. That is money they’re not spending elsewhere. Alaska will take your advertising dollars. That makes me happy.

  • Dr. Gross is revealing his Marxist tendencies. Alaska is much better represented by the people we have now than what the potential alternatives could possibly be.

  • Kinda funny how dear old Al, has hidden his Malpractice suite, as the reason he left his practice, as well as his problem with prescribing oxy and creating the problem in Juneau. Him
    And Alyse are both outsiders attempting to gain political office. Wake up Alaskans, these people are not running for Alaskan interests.

  • Dr. Al Gross should apologize for calling Sullivan a coward. Pretty sure that will not happen and for good reason. Gross has become an invention of the leftist marxist wing. His campaign is fueled by massive infusions of East Coast and Left Coast cash. This $ comes with strict instructions for Dr. Gross and his behavior. A true ” Independent ” candidate in our midst! Pardon me if I am sarcastic.

  • Al Gross must have read the part of the Democrat Party Platform where it says the it is ok to lie in order to get elected and even after one is elected. The alphabet media will not hold Democrats accountable for their lies.

  • And Gross’ position on Antifa and BLM is precisely what? Cheers –

  • Sen Sullivan is a decent man and genuinely cares about Alaska and America. He’s not one of those politicians who shakes your hand and you immediately want to wash it. And he’s not stupid enough to answer a gotcha question from another member of a fascist left rag like CNN.

    He’s doing his best, but he’s just one guy in a room full of 99 other a-holes with their own agendas. So it is up to all of us to answer some pressing questions.

    How much longer are we going to let wealthy Californians, New Yorkers, multinational corporations and tech moguls determine who represents Alaska? What is it going to take for Alaskans to insist on campaign finance reform that bans financial support from outside interests and let’s constituents choose who will represents them?

    Who is going to be a grown up and make the hard decisions on balancing municipal and state budgets, clearing homeless criminals and deadbeats out of our neighborhoods, and making our schools relevant again?

    Answer by voting Leftowitz, Murkowski and the liberal judges who’re coming up for reelection out, and Sullivan in. And only vote for folks who will stop the plunder of Alaska’s resources. Vote for Alaska First policies.

  • We are witnessing the destruction of America, and with it, Alaska. The lack of ethics and truth-telling, especially from all the trolls you’ve attracted Suzanne, is just one more symptom of evil attacking us. Does the msmedia understand their role in destroying the freedom they exercise to tear down our freedom? Freedom can only exist where a moral and religious people exercise self-restraint. Does the msmedia understand they could not say or do what they do and say in China, Cuba, or Venezuela? Why are they so bent on our destruction? Who is paying them?
    Gross is an idiot and worse than a liar – his ads are all the proof needed to show that.
    Keep up the good work Senator Dan – if you’ve attracted the attention of the communists you are definitely doing well.

  • If Al Gross was a real man – then he would have the honor and “cojones” to call Dan Sullivan a coward to his face. If he does not? Who’s the real coward?

  • Why did Dr. Gross leave his lucrative part-time medical practice to go to school for a lowly Masters of Public Health degree?
    How did Dr. Gross support his family after quitting medical practice and going back to school?
    Where did Dr. Gross go to school to get his Masters in Public Health?
    What has he accomplished with said degree?
    What qualifies Dr. Gross to be a US Senator?
    These are questions that I would like to see answered. Not that I am voting for Dr. Cajones, but it seems we have folks like Cajones and Galvin rising up and thinking they are the same caliber as Senator Sullivan or Representative Don Young.
    Seems like Cojones and Galvin have something in common – they can’t hold a job.

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