Grassley closing in on corruption: Joe and Hunter Biden ‘coerced’ millions in bribes from Ukraine power company



President Joe Biden and his son Hunter “coerced” a several-million-dollar bribe from Burisma Holdings to protect the company and get a Ukrainian executive prosecutor investigating Burisma fired, a long-awaited FBI document made public Thursday alleges.

The document, which details the allegations of a trusted FBI informant, was released by U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.

The informant, referred to in the FBI document as a Confidential Human Source, or “CHS,” said that “Burisma hired the former President or Prime Minister of Poland to leverage his contacts in Europe for prospective oil and gas deals, and they hired Hunter Biden to ‘protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems.’”

Hunter Biden was a paid member of Burisma’s board.

Grassley, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, released a copy of the FD-1023 document on Twitter, saying it shows an alleged “criminal bribe” between a Ukrainian energy executive and Joe Biden, who was vice president at the time.

Among the allegations made by the FBI informant was that Burisma had asked Hunter Biden to get his father to help see that Ukraine’s top prosecutor, Victor Shokin, was fired because he was investigating the firm for corruption and interfering with Burisma’s effort to buy a U.S. company.

“CHS asked why they (Burisma) needed to get CHS’s assistance regarding the purchase/merger of a US-based company when Biden was on their board,” the document says. “Pojarski replied that Hunter Biden was not smart, and they wanted to get additional counsel. The group then had a general conversation about whether the purchase/merger with a US company would be a good business decision.”

The two-page document from June 2020 appears to be an FBI document detailing a report from the informant, who said a Burisma executive told the informant he had recordings of conversations with the Bidens showing he was “coerced” into paying them.

“What did FBI do to investigate serious claims from FBIs own trusted source?” Grassley wrote on Twitter.

The document’s release comes a day after two IRS whistleblowers testified that foreign entities paid about $17 million to a network of companies connected to the Biden family and their business associates.

Ukrainian and Chinese entities are among those that made the payments, which the whistleblowers laid out alongside blockbuster claims that the president’s Department of Justice interfered with the investigation into Hunter Biden.

The whistleblowers, Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley and Criminal Investigator Joseph Ziegler, two IRS employees with a combined 27 experience years at the tax-collecting agency, testified before Congress about Hunter Biden’s alleged tax crimes.

“After foreign companies sent money to business associates’ companies, the Bidens then received incremental payments over time to different bank accounts,” House Oversight Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., said at the hearing. “These complicated financial transactions were used deliberately to conceal the source of the funds and total amounts.”

The president has repeatedly dismissed allegations related to overseas payments but has not yet responded to these latest revelations.


  1. If the left really believes the BS they bleat about equal treatment under the law, they should be leading the charge to see every named Biden face justice.

    But the left rarely if ever believes it’s BS. That cover they feed to peasants.

  2. Anybody taking bets on what happens? I got money on the Biden crime family. Nothing is going to happen except a small slap on the hand and told don’t do it again.

    • Not sure about that. The old fart in the Deere hat likes to slather his statements w/ patronizing references to “the American people” but he also appears to have a bone to pick and he does not appear to be a dummy. Add to that the way the Senate, House and Congress are mostly comprised of argumentative tools like Kennedy that can’t wait to hear whatever might come out of their own pie hole next and you can bet there will be a grilling the likes of which Mr. Traeger would be proud of. Raised voices, partially answered questions interrupted exclusively such that the tool asking the question can appear a larger heinder to others, etc.

      It’ll be a pretty good dust up. Unless you’re uh, what is the term used? Oh yeah, “not smart”.

    • One little dog turd left on the whitehouse lawn may not get noticed by many.
      Pretty soon another pops up and then another one here and oh some more over there and holy s**t who left that pile over there? Oh my gosh dont go near the bushes there’s piles everywhere.

      Soon the tourists take notice and start watching for the canine leaving the piles and they noticed Joe and Hunter sneaking around in the dark of night. The tourists alert the nightwatchman(congress) about the mess and it gets reported to the groundskeeper(GarlandsDOJ). Way too much to pick up so he and crew(WraysFBI) lets the grass grow to hide the mess however dog turds are not fertilizer and the grass dies and the turds are exposed.
      Tourists are pissed off when they discover the Obama’s were living in the whitehouse at the time and ignored the mess being made and it was later discovered it wasn’t the dogs but it was their invited house guests(The Biden family).

      Obama’s couldnt handle the smell and moved to greener pastures due to sudden windfall profits.
      The Bidens wont leave(too much fat lying around)
      Tourists have become very angry.
      No amount of rain will make it go away. tourists demand Nightwatchman and groundskeepers be fired but tenants need them to keep the angry tourists away(had to throw a few hundred in jail)
      Everything has turned to s**t and now nobody wants to visit the whitehouse except for a few occasional mentally disturbed strippers who are invited and welcomed with a huge flag waving in their honor for being brave enough to show off their new t*ts.

      More episodes are expected so stay tuned…

  3. Good old fashioned “influence peddling”. But there is influence first and then then it becomes a bribe when actions are taken by the bribee.
    Just think, If Joe had not been pulled out of the rest home to become President, none of this would have been discovered. I’m sure he thought he would never be held accountable by the deep state. In fact, he probably got a hold harmless guarantee from them.

    • Greg kamel wouldn’t last 1 week in office. Her husband in the same manner as hunter is out committing felonies by the day. It’s past time to clean house. This in your face corruption has got to stop. I’m sick and tired of this crap. Career politicians was not the design.

    • Lost cause. Alphabet agencies ruling through legislation has lost any credibility that they had. Nothing will happen until bureaucrats are put pasture and government goes back below private sector.

  4. Hunter Not Smart… A chip off of the old Block?
    Apparently even The Burisma folks who paid this clown serious cabbage figured it out, and yet they continued to shell out $ to the coke head? No Wonder the Ukrainians cannot whip the Russians.

    We in the U.S. are still pouring $ and Weapons in that loser war. All the while every moron I know has an” I stand with Ukraine” sign somewhere… I stand to urinate too and it pisses my wife off but I don’t go around announcing what an idiot I am to the World.

    We will never win because we elect idiots like Biden and Lisa and Danny Boy into office while those Bank$ters that own our politicians are CA$HING IN. Bend over America, assume the position until you wise up to these criminals and stop electing them.

    • It’s called shuffling funds around, wrapped up in a pretty war bow. It’s been going on for over a century. Yawn. Stretch. Welp. I see Pumpkin, I mean Putin has killed more of his crew. Wonder how many people who are in the USA will die? Stay away from windows and restaurants.

  5. Unfortunately, not a single person will be held accountable and miraculously some of the witnesses will be arkancided.

  6. Obama put Biden in charge of Ukraine relations while Biden was VP. Most corrupt country in the world. And Biden knew it. These corrupt business dealings were all planned out in advance by Joe Biden.

    • No one will ever go there, but it’s a fair question to as “ what did Obama know and when did he know it?”

      Obama is many things, but not stupid.

      But as long as Obama has his magic armor, no one dares push him for answers or real accountability.

      • MA:
        True! Obama is like a black serpent. Laying low in the weeds and striking quickly, then slithering back into the bushes to take further orders from his Master……..Hillary.

  7. Nothing will come of this, the left protect their own while those of us on the right seem to be hell bent on self castration.

  8. It’s not just the Bidens! Members of the Uniparty from both parties appear to have been compromised & blackmailed by Ukrainian oligarchs for years now. That is why Congress is so trigger happy to give Ukraine unlimited foreign aide – they have to! Zelenski, a friend of Epstein, has pictures!

  9. Let’s hear it from the big guy himself…’I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars”… I looked at them and said: “I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.” Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.'”

  10. A great deal of sound and fury that will end up signifying nothing, because the Donkey Shield will be deployed in the Senate on all charges. Lisa is part of the Donkey Shield

  11. The saddest part?

    Far more people are interested in discussing MGT and her show and tell pics of Hunter than discussing credible and growing links to Biden corruption.

    That’s really how we got here. An ignorant electorate more concerned with theatre than issues.

  12. How much more evidence do we need?! We have federal documents. We have Joe in his own words. And we have Hunter in his own words. The fact that no one in the biden crime family has been charged yet (or may never be charged) say all that needs to be said. If you are in the right circle, you don’t need to worry about the law. It simply does not apply to you.

    So how do we fight someone that is outside of the law? I suggest the bud light treatment. If you find any of those scumbags in your town, DO NOT do business with any of them and calmly and publicly tell them why.

    • With their kind of egos, they expect to be the guest of honor, always. Make them as popular as polonium- laced syphilis. They’re in the game for the fun of being sucked up to.

  13. Paul, one positive action that we can all participate in , is to send Bobby Kennedy Jr a campaign contribution. Evidently, as evidenced the other day at a US House hearing, the Dem leadership is quaking in their boots because of Bobby’s run.

    RFK Jr is an old school Democrat. He is pro Second Amendment, Bobby advocates for border protection and believes in the Capitalist system . Send Biden and the Commie sellouts in both parties a message, donate to Bobby’s campaign!.

    • I may not be a major RFKjr fan but I will defend, to the bitter end, his right to speak his own opinion. I’d be surprised if the MRAK crowd here did not support him for the same, since we are here specifically to speak our minds.

      • Barring yelling fire in a crowded theater, I support free speech. Especially when I disapprove of it.

        If I want mine defended, I must be willing to defend others.

  14. I wonder if anyone that read this bit of conjecture ever played ‘The Telephone Game’ in their catechism class to understand the Commandment about bearing false witness as a child.

    • Too busy reading all the FACTS surrounding all tbe bribery and corruption thats been going on for a decade or more that reflects on the Biden Crime Family which is what this article pertains to. Study the facts first which obviously have not.

    • Mrs N. I wish I was raised Catholic or in another Orthodox religion, because the catechism includes instruction of thinking critically. Apparently this instruction was lost on you since despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary you appear to believe that the Bidens are somehow chaste? False witness? Who do believe, the DNC or your lying eyes?

    • So facts (and damning facts) are now merely “conjecture”, eh Mrs. N?

      Pardon me, but your radical leftist double standards are showing again.

      • I can’t stop laughing. Remember how the Trump “pee tape” was indisputable?

        The tell here is the left knows Biden is in deep trouble. And the 716 impeachments of Trump are about to land on their doorstep.

        As stupid as the left is, it boggles my mind how they are ahead of the right culturally and politically.

    • We did. We also discussed at length the pitfalls of trying to twist faith to serve earthly ends.

      We had an even deeper discussion regarding those who know better but try to use faith they don’t understand to justify political or personal agendas.

      It ends badly, and leaves the person -you, in this case- looking extremely foolish.

    • FYI: Mrs N is doing a very bad bit of ecclesiastical bait and switch.

      All Christian denominations have a catechism. It varies a bit here and there, but is essentially the same.

      Other religions have a version of one as well. It’s kinda a religious mission statement.

      While I can’t speak for each and every part of the Body of Christ, most approach it this way:

      it is taught like the alphabet, you learn the basics. Then through ongoing Christian education its meanings are explored more deeply as appropriate for the age of the believer (both in years of calendar age and years of being in the Faith).

      In my many decades I’ve never once attended “catechism” class. Learning it was a part of on ongoing Christian Education, or Sunday School. It’s an ongoing lifelong journey.

      -side note. I am aware of some study groups who focus on it deeply, and I’ve met a couple religious scholars who focus on it exclusively. So the exclusive focus on it does occur, but in limited fashions.

      And again, I can’t speak for everyone in the Body of Christ.

      What is being sold here is a bait and switch.

      • I think it would be rude to publicly castigate someone for their personal belief, and to use the idea of God as your arbiter, which might be strange and understandably so to someone who doesn’t believe in a God of the Jews, Catholics, or Protestants. This is just what I personally believe, and I am happily married to a person that believes in his study of Confucius, Buddhism, and Shintoism.

        When I mentioned the catechism, I referred to 1. Catholic catechism class instruction which was held once weekly during the school year for children when I was a child (and possibly grown-ups if they were planning to ‘join’ the Catholic faith) from first through eighth grade –catechism in the sens of the dictionary definition, “a series of fixed questions, answers, or precepts used for instruction” –as a catechism teacher I never believed in strict rote learning unless I was trying to memorize something like the Krebs cycle to fix the concepts in my head, 2. standard catechism textbooks series for learning about the Catholic religion such as the Baltimore Catechism, and other instructional materials published for different reading and understanding levels e.g. First Grade vs Eighth Grade, and 3. the classroom discussions as part of the armamentarium of an instructor employing various types of examples and presentation for children with active, lively minds, such as using demonstration in learning about the Commandments against ‘bearing false witness against a neighbor’ in a ‘telephone’ game to understand how easily incorrect information, lies, are passed along word-of-mouth by people who don’t necessarily know or care, or have no talent for discerning truth, maliciously repeating stories and altering them in a form of whatever the hearer understands or wishes to not hear (lies as acts of commission or omission), to then further assert it must be ‘true’ based on unverified inaccuracies. See — Exodus 23:1-3.

  15. Speaking of facts, why is it that this was known by the Trump admin while Trump was president (check date on Form 1023) and Trump’s AG was aware of it and would have looked into it and found nothing apparently as nothing was done about it… but 3 years later so many assume there is something more than was discovered initially and by an antagonistic administration?

    • Trouser Bark, you raise an excellent point which needs to be fleshed out. Why didn’t Trump’s AG go after this?

      I submit that the Biden’s actions in the Ukraine, along with their deals with the Chi- Coms are probably ” business as usual” in our Nation’s Capital. Meaning everybody has plenty of dirt in their collective shorts. To prosecute an idiot like Biden for this criminal behavior would open the floodgates and reveal how corrupt our elected officials really are.

      The John Deere hat wearing Senator from Iowa likely understands all of the above and is willing to weather the storm or blow back.

      • Trumps people were loyal to the bureaucracy, not the boss.

        When Kennedy signed off on the chief executive can’t fire his own people, we have been run by unelected and largely unaccountable pencil pushers.

        • Esoteric conjecture. Antagonistic administrations don’t do whatever it is you’re implying. They’ll happily break into each other’s facilities, record opponent strategy and more for over a half century.

  16. Two points:
    1. Gven the benefit of doubt as to those that may have never seen nor know what a telephone is … I guess I need to spell out how ‘The Telephone Game’ is played. This is a quick cut-n-paste, “May 4, 2016 by Tina Žagar Have you ever participated in the broken telephone game? It is a game where you come up with a phrase and then you whisper it into the ear of the person sitting next to you. Next, this person has to whisper what he or she heard in the next person’s ear. This continues in the circle until the last person has heard the phrase.” Each person hears the tale only once before whispering to the next in the circle. When there’s one-to-one conversation there is usually very little ambiguity in the content of the message, but by the time it’s a ‘he said, she said, they said’, as repeated over and over, there is little resemblance to the even the actual message.

    That being said, 2. the second point, despite even someone researching for example the actual ‘signed agreement of a repair contract for a computer means if it’s forfeited, its content is completely permissible as Display No. 1 in the US Congress’ all the article references as dogma is actually ‘hearsay’ on a FD-1023. Even the FBI was reluctant to provide it to the COMPLETELY biased politicians involved in the vendetta against the Bidens because of the predictable emotional response by those aligned with the biased politicians.

    • The irony here is insane. Donald Trump was excoriated for 4 years off completely fraudulent lies and the left treated it as gospel. Or as close as the left comes to gospel.

      Yet when there are mountains of tangible, documented, and growing evidence of Biden corruption, it’s all “speculation”.

    • It was a telephone CONVERSATION that Joe (The big guy) had while in Ukraine insisting the prosecutor be fired(who was investigating Burisma(Hunters cash cow) or Ukraine wasnt going to get a half billion US Tax dollars which was the conversation that constituted the bribe which resulted in millions wired/with proof and collected by the BIDEN Crime Family all recorded for you to listen to if you had the ears for it which you dont seem to have.

      It was not hearsay or a Telephony game. It was Joe the big guy bragging about how much POWER the Bidens had which resulted in a huge payout for all members of the Bidens including hundreds of thousands to the grandkids. What a Grandpa involving his own grandkids in a bribery scam.
      It is stupid simple. Now Back to catechism Mrs N for more telephony games if you cant understand or care to google it and see/hear it for yourself. It is available but only if you look for it. Or not.

    • You are incorrect concerning auctioned and/or disposed of property and your telephone analogy is childish. Raise your expectation of yourself to participate in this arena or start shouting nonsense about bills of attainder; there is no middle ground here.

  17. Did I miss a memo? Is the left using this stupid telephone game crap as todays dodge?

    • It all depends on what the definition of “is” is.

      Biden had to engage in bribery in order to find out if it was bribery.

      Joe didn’t build that corruption; somebody else did that.

      And so on and so forth.

  18. This article goes into detail about Viktor Shokin, his background and involvement (or not) in investigating Burisma.

  19. Remember: the left always accuses us of the things they are actually doing.

    For some time I wondered why they were making such a fuss over certain things clearly not true.

    It makes sense now. Laying the by e ground work to cover Biden’s ass.

  20. Saddest part of all: barring something really drastic, the left will lockstep behind him because he’s the current face of the Democrats.

    All the complaining about how winning is more important to the right than doing the right thing was camouflage.

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