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A bridge too far: Dodge rams girder being transported on Dimond Blvd.

Anchorage Police officers responded to the intersection of Arctic Blvd. and W Dimond Blvd. regarding a bizarre hit-and-run collision on July 19. 

A semi-truck was turning eastbound onto Dimond Blvd., from southbound Arctic, while pulling a 150-foot concrete beam. There were several pilot cars on scene assisting with blocking traffic so the semi could safely turn through the intersection. The girder was being taken south to the bridge project near Portage on the Seward Highway.

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27-year-old Dillon T. Hickman was driving eastbound on Dimond Blvd. in a white 2001 Dodge pickup truck. He drove past a pilot car and struck the rear half of the beam as the beam was being pulled through the intersection. Hickman and his adult female passenger both fled the scene on foot. Witnesses provided APD Dispatch with Hickman’s physical description and the direction he ran.

A responding day shift patrol officer saw Hickman walking on C Street near W 76th Avenue.  Upon contacting Hickman, the officer noticed signs of impairment. 

After administering Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, the officer charged Hickman with operating under the influence. Hickman was taken to the Anchorage Jail for further processing; he provided a breath sample that showed his breath alcohol content was more than two and a half times the legal limit.

Hickman was charged with OUI and leaving the scene of an accident. 

He was cited for no insurance, driving with a revoked license, and vehicle to be registered.  Probation officers remanded Hickman for a probation violation.

Hickman’s passenger was not located. She is not currently suspected of committing any crimes.

The girder only suffered scrapes and was not considered to be materially damaged.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. This fella is going to face significantly more consequences than Hunter Biden. Helps to be named “Biden” I guess.

  2. This is what we get for “catch and release.” Dillon T. Hickman’s rap sheet is most impressive. He should have been institutionalized, but the system has him out and about essentially terrorizing society. He was driving an uninsured and unregistered vehicle. He was driving with a revoked license. Most likely he will again get released and then continue his lawless ways. Sooner of later his behavior will kill or seriously injure somebody, but then we’ll hear about his unfortunate family circumstances as his attorney pleads for mercy.

  3. See! I told ya so. Removing scofflaw never will reduce all the “dillons” actuality it’ll just make facing a collision with a delinquent driver more likely. Because of decreased enforcement. This run in with a cement beam isn’t going to stop this Dillion from finding and driving another vehicle as soon as he exits prison.

    • Removing scofflaw will make these collisions more likely? Thats an interesting opinion…
      Would you mind elaborating on how collisions with delinquent drivers will increase without scofflaw enforced?

      • Sadly one must concluded that RINO’s brain is stuck in neutral. Try as he might he just can NOT evict Trump from it and any mindlessly driveled utterance simply must include the Donald. We can hope that RINO will find first gear at some point to propel him back to some semblance of reality…..

    • Fire- I was thinking the same thing – I could use some parts off that truck- my 2001 has near 350,000 and still running beautifully. No Trump or Biden stickers on it but an American Flag sticker for sure.

  4. Wide load? Accompanying and preceding signs? POlice escort? Money maker? We just need: Another bill of attainder, bill of pains and penalties, debt slavery, juryless list of “infractions”🏟human trafficing part B (jailing services).

  5. What can you do about the coming communist one world order? Be their Patrick Henry? Ask the stipenders. They won’t answer. State secrets.

  6. Watch for Health Departments growing and erupting in the north land, ergo men with guns demanding your health records aka “Hippa (new regulation” from other countries/states. Why? Ask Dr. Zink. Read her grandfather’s population problem solving she learned as family science playtime. They didn’t spend much time on the US Constitution. ‘T’will be quite passe soon they and their cohorts have believed. They are earnestly, with all haste working the internationale 🏢itus plan to make health autonomy futile in Alaska and everywhere else. They are all in it together. They and the UN traveling hit boys show want people dead starting with Americans by a preannounced date . They don’t hide their goals. Old what’s her name announced it the other day. “”will be solved by population reduction”. They mean exactly what they say. The stipenders think they will get a treat by playing along. Not so much. They get the gong also in the end. Wake up a bit for best personal results. These are not goals I consent on. The international ennabling agreements are already signed. They are going through a secret amending process right now a few nations (England) can ceremonially amend but no one feels like it. They are offering no amendments/resistance/sovereignity defense and neither is J’iden (joe biden- I contract the name for my typing convenience)is fully amenable. So are his supporters, Princess and Pelto. They know all this cr*p. Every bit of it. American people are carefully kept in the dark. The media….do as told for the now limited bucks. It’s almost time. Get yer camcorders out as Jeanie used to say and placard because it is all you can futilely do before the great round up in the sky. AND🏛 the health safety Treggie was talking about so puzzlingly was/is the forced prison injections MS. Zinke delights to offer for her global monarch budwerds on a first name basis festi-vile. You are not and never will be in their caste and club. They might like to keep a few organs and things from peeps for keepsakes. The last one was just a drill. How did you do?

  7. Fun fact, without that probation violation, the bail schedule says he would be released when sober.

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