Grand jury investigations into OCS continue to be hijacked



In early 2017, Rep. Tammie Wilson (R-North Pole) accused the Alaska Attorney General’s Office of “hijacking” her requested grand jury investigation into the Office of Children Services.

Her press release came approximately three weeks after an Anchorage grand jury had referred her request to the State Ombudsman. Rep. Wilson was clearly not pleased a state agency would be investigating the OCS instead of an independent grand jury doing so; she laid the blame squarely on the AG’s office.

Wilson had requested the grand jury investigation in 2016 based on her four-page letter containing extremely alarming assertions, such as, “OCS has become a protected empire built on taking children and separating families.” “Poor parents are often targeted to lose their children because they do not have the means to hire lawyers and fight the system.”

Wilson called it “legal kidnapping”.

The representative asserted OCS has an anti-family policy: “Many parents are told if they want to see their children or grandchildren, they must divorce their spouse. Many, who are under privileged, feeling they have no opinion, will separate…. [P]arents will do anything to get their children back.”

Wilson identified money as the root of this evil: “Parents are victimized by the system that makes a profit for holding children and bonuses for not returning the children.” “The separation of families is growing as a business because local governments have grown accustomed to having federal dollars to balance their ever-expanding budgets.”

Wilson also pointed to deficiencies in the legal arena: “Case workers and social workers are oftentimes guilty of fraud. They withhold evidence. They fabricate evidence and seek to terminate parental rights. However, when charges are made against them, the charges are ignored.” Wilson certainly wasn’t giving the Department of Law (“DOL”) a nod of confidence; no wonder she was so upset with the AG.

Apologists for the OCS were in trouble. They couldn’t dismiss Wilson as unreputable – she had been an elected representative since 2009. Eight months later the Ombudsman published a 23-page report substantiating Wilson’s claims. However, their report was mysteriously quiet about the financial motivations of OCS and the prosecution of employees guilty of fraud and fabrication of evidence.

Thomas Garber, a sheet metal worker from Kenai, is one of the victims Wilson wrote about. Garber and his wife were busy raising three sons; their middle son was approaching 18 and experiencing some angst about becoming an adult. After an incident at home, the police allowed Garber and his wife to drive their son to the local hospital. However, at the hospital Garber was separated from his wife and their son was taken to North Star Behavioral Health in Anchorage.

Garber’s wife was told by OCS that if she wanted to visit her son at North Star, she would have to file a restraining order against her husband. She did that. OCS later said that unless she divorced Garber, they would take her 13-year-old child. She did that too, telling the judge the only reason she was divorcing Garber was because of OCS.

Six months later Garber’s’ son turned 18 and North Star released him. No longer a minor, their son was apparently of no value to OCS. Only now he was addicted to the drugs North Star had given him.

An Alaska family was destroyed by State officials for a fistful of dollars. To the best of Garber’s knowledge, no one at OCS was ever held accountable for breaking up his family. Rather they were likely rewarded.

Garber didn’t let this injustice go. He met Wilson during her statewide meetings. In 2022 over a 6-month period, Garber repeatedly approached Anchorage presiding Judge William Morse to request a grand jury investigation into the OCS. Garber gave Morse substantial evidence of OCS’s unlawful behavior. As the presiding judge, Morse had a clear duty to launch the grand jury investigation, but he repeatedly ducked his responsibility.

On Oct. 6, Morse finally relented to Garber’s persistence and issued an order setting a hearing for Oct. 14 in Case No. 3AN-22-00001GC. The order instructed Garber to “describe in detail what he seeks to have the grand jury do.” The order concluded, “the Court will likely present Garber’s request to the grand jury.”

Yet after hearing from Garber on Oct. 14, Morse, continued the matter to Dec. 14. In hindsight, it appears Morse was stalling for time. Garber recalls Morse mentioning some “court rules” about grand juries were being drafted up.

On Dec. 3, Garber received a letter containing an order from Morse. It cancelled the hearing on the 14th because of Court Order 1993 issued by the Alaska Supreme Court, effective Dec. 1. Order 1993 prevents citizens from requesting grand jury investigations without going through the Attorney General’s office. Garber has until Jan. 3 to appeal Morse’s order, but the State says it will cost him $1,000 in court fees.

Order 1993 is another blatant violation of the Alaska Constitution by our Supreme Court. Article I, Section 8 prevents grand jury investigations from being hindered or delayed. The Attorney General’s Office is clearly in on the fix; Garber’s and Wilson’s hijacked grand jury investigations have plenty of company.

Earlier this fall, my requested Juneau grand jury investigation into the OCS and concerns of systemic State corruption was hijacked by the combined efforts of presiding Judge Amy Mead and Attorney General Treg Taylor. They allowed DOL lawyers with severe conflicts of interest to advise the grand jury. Predictably, those lawyers didn’t tell the grand jurors of the duties inherent in their oath. Mead and Taylor saw no need to screen jurors for bias in favor of the State officials subject to the investigation; they blatantly ignored clear precedent set in the Sheffield investigation.

In 2020, John Lehe was the Lead Investigator for the Department of Administration, Oversight and Review Unit. Garber and other concerned citizens provided evidence of OCS misconduct to Lehe, and he launched an investigation. However, his investigation was quickly hijacked, and Lehe told one of the citizens Attorney General Kevin Clarkson was responsible for calling it off. Lehe reportedly continued investigating on his own personal time until his car was T-boned by a dark Suburban with no license plates, leaving him in an extended coma.

In 2018 Ray Southwell, a retired nurse from Nikiski, tried to launch a grand jury investigation into the OCS. Southwell was a juror on a Kenai grand jury and wanted to pick up where Wilson and the 2017 Ombudsman Report had stopped. He tried to present the other grand jurors with evidence of unlawful actions by OCS employees. State officials, including Judge Jennifer Wells and Criminal Director John Skidmore, hijacked his efforts. The following year under the Dunleavy administration, Skidmore was promoted to Deputy Attorney General. Throughout 2022 Skidmore has been involved in blocking my concerns, just as he did Southwell’s.

This makes at least five attempted investigations into the OCS over the past six years that have been hijacked by the efforts of Alaska judges and the Attorney General’s office. Now they’re trying to eliminate every citizen’s constitutionally protected right to approach the grand jury. They’ve literally enacted illegal legislation requiring us to approach the government to be saved from the government. We’re in serious trouble folks.

Contrast Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s attitude towards justice with that of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Two days ago, DeSantis requested a grand jury to investigate crimes and fraud committed against Floridians related to the Covid-19 vaccines. This investigative grand jury is to convene for a year, with the ability to extend another 6 months.

Gov. Dunleavy, how about following your Republican colleague’s lead? Terminate those in the Attorney General’s office who bear responsibility for hijacking 1) Garber’s requested investigation into OCS; 2) my requested investigation into systemic corruption involving OCS, DOL, the AJC, and the Supreme Court; and 3) David Haeg’s requested investigation into the Commission on Judicial Conduct and certain DOL and judicial officials. Restore these grand jury investigations and ensure they’re supplied with the independent prosecutors necessary to advise them how to best fulfill their oaths.

These investigations are clearly the best way for you and your administration to address the issues raised in the amended class action complaint against OCS filed in federal court on July 15, 2022. Just as Florida grand jurors will be looking at federal incentives behind the vaccines, Alaska grand jurors can look at the financial incentives in the federal Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, which have motivated the OCS to kidnap our children. Their recommendations will help restore justice not only in Alaska, but throughout our entire nation.

Alaskans, during our prayers of thankfulness and toasts of cheer over the next two weeks, let us devote a minute of silence to reflect on the many grieving Alaska families with empty chairs around their holiday tables. They were helpless to protect their children from the State bureaucracy that feeds on the innocent and the unwealthy. Resolve for 2023 to support justice in Alaska and help keep the chairs around your holiday table in the coming years filled with merriness.

David Ignell was born and raised in Juneau, where he currently resides. He holds a law degree from University of San Diego and formerly practiced as a licensed attorney in state and federal courts in California. He is a forensic journalist and author of a recent book on the Alaska Grand Jury.


  1. This grand jury needs to proceed, as fairly and expeditiously as possible. I have no doubt that there are good and decent OCS employees, but I have heard too many stories of misguided (and perhaps even retaliatory) actions taken by OCS and similar agencies to separate families.

    • Yes just like there are good and decent OCS employees there are also good and decent police, attorneys and Judges. But why don’t the good and decent expose the bad and indecent they work with?

  2. OCS is a mess, but this story is absurd. Why quote Tammy Wilson from 2017? She’s worked directly with OCS in the years since then, and would be in a very strong position to verify or contradict her 2017 statements.

    Even a primitive understanding of how OCS functions destroys your allegations of financial motivation. Those responsible for these decisions, from the frontline grunts to the Commissioner, are paid the same regardless of individual or collective removal decisions. If anything, grunts and their supervisors are disincentivized to remove children, as this action initiates a series of state and federal documentation requirements that they could avoid by leaving children at home. The average caseworker is there less than 18 months; seems like it would be much longer if the grift you allege was actually occurring.

    There are certainly issues at OCS, and more transparency surrounding their decisions and business process would be great. But that’s clearly not your agenda; you’re using an easily disprovable theory to gain personal attention and milk your clients in the process. Your grand jury advocacy is nothing more than a con.

    Hey Suzanne – how about inviting Tammy Wilson (a strong conservative) to author a piece addressing Mr. Ignell’s allegations?

    • Having Ms Wilson comment would be out of line with the narrative that is being pushed here. Suzanne knows how to present a fair and unbiased story, she just chooses not to.
      For example, Mr Southwell is also not just a retired medic, he’s also an active member of the militia movement, specifically the Michigan Militia and Timothy McVeigh.

      Nah, nothing to see here, just another Sov Cit with an axe to grind. Just don’t blow any more stuff up, okay Ray ?

      • Really, there can be no such thing as a “sovereign citizen”. Here’s why and all you need to know (Dems always tell us all we “need” to know). God retains His Sovereignty and “citizens” are merely “public servants”. So how can a Sovereign also simultaneously be a “servant”?

      • A retired nurse. Thirty six years of caring for others. It is in my blood. Now I care about the victims of OCS, those children and parents.

        Our rights are like our muscles. If you don’t exercise them they atrophy and become ineffective.

        Please share, with all here, the government charging documents the indictments and conviction of any criminal activity in my lifetime.

      • Nick: Ray Southwell was fulfilling his oath as a grand juror when he tried to provide his fellow jurors in Kenai with evidence of OCS misconduct.

        Southwell was also following AS 12.40.030 which states, “If an individual grand juror knows or has reason to believe that a crime has been committed that is triable by the court, the juror shall disclose it to the other jurors, who shall investigate it.”

        The evidence Southwell tried to disclose included a 2017 Ombudsman Report which stated, “The ombudsman doesn’t understand why OCS will not conduct a thorough review of a caseworker who repeatedly ignored directions from her supervisors and Quality Assurance and misled the AAG and the court and the OCS Quality Assurance Unit” and “…this caseworker’s failure to respond to repeated warnings about a child in custody eventually led to the child being sexually abused by her foster father. The foster father is currently facing criminal charges.”

        Nick, is an OCS employee misleading the court ok in your book? How about repeatedly ignoring warnings and allowing a child to be sexually abused by her foster father?

        Southwell certainly doesn’t sound like “another Sov Cit with an axe to grind” He sounds like someone who takes seriously his oath and his obligations under the law. He sounds like Wilson, Garber, Lehe, myself, and many other concerned Alaskan citizens who care about Justice and are willing to stick their necks out to help make Alaska a better place for families to live.

        Now what about those State judges and lawyers who prevented Southwell and the other grand jurors from carrying out their oaths and duties under the law? What do you have to say about them, Nick?

    • Tammie Wilson now heads the Governor’s Office in Fairbanks. NOT Bill Walker’s old governor’s office. Governor Mike Dunleavy’s governor’s office.
      I bet Tammie Wilson will be the next FNSB Mayor.

    • RV: Some of the early commenters to my MRAK articles seem to be more influenced by their perception of my political loyalties than a desire to ascertain the truth. I welcome readers like you to engage with me on the facts. Some have nothing factual to add and don’t respond, while others explain their reasoning and sometimes we reach a consensus. In this way, MRAK functions as a town hall meeting where divergent views can be reasonably discussed and hopefully resolved.

      You’ve stated I’m “using an easily disprovable theory” so let’s find out what specific facts are behind your assertions.

      Begin by explaining how my grand jury advocacy is a con but Wilson’s was not. What facts do you have to counter Chapter 8 of my book on the grand jury, which lays out how Alaska’s Founders voted overwhelming to protect the grand jury’s right to investigate anything.

      Next, explain how Wilson did not have a “primitive understanding of how OCS functions” to raise her serious allegations of their financial motivation. Provide us with the facts upon which you believe Wilson’s statement “the separation of families is growing as a business” is no longer applicable?

      Next, respond to Jamie’s post below. Her nightmare occurred in 2021, four years after you say Wilson started working with OCS. The evidence brought forward by Jamie makes Wilson’s statements in 2017 still relevant today. Maybe my article isn’t as absurd as you first thought.

      Luckily, Jamie and her husband had sufficient financial resources to hire TWO lawyers and obtain a dismissal of the charges after 6 court hearings. So your response should identify effective ways for less fortunate Alaska families to fight off OCS misconduct.

      Next, what is your counterpoint to Jamie’s concerns that OCS misconduct against her family was not addressed? This after all, is the same issue Ray Southwell tried to raise in 2018. If the Kenai judge and prosecutor had enabled his grand jury to carry out their duties, maybe Jamie’s family would have been spared OCS’s harassment. Wilson initially raised the same issue just a year before Southwell did.

      Next, let’s hear your defense of the OCS against the 95 page federal class action lawsuit filed this summer. Paragraph 10 of that complaint states, “OCS has known about these issues for years but has not made any meaningful improvements to the foster care system. By failing to act, OCS has violated its statutory and constitutional obligations.” This is more evidence showing that Alaskan families are still suffering from the type of OCS conduct Wilson described in 2017.

      Finally, explain your rationale for not wanting the grand jury to investigate and make recommendations involving the OCS. That’s primarily what I’m advocating for in this article. Explain why Dunleavy shouldn’t follow the lead of DeSantis in allowing Garber’s requested investigation to go forward?

  3. I’m not a fan of OCS, never had a run in with them but the article says OCS told a woman to file a restraining order against her husband and divorce him ? When there was no arrest of the husband or charges/investigation into him ? WTF. When did it become the purview of ANY State agency to tell someone what to do with a relationship ? The fact that the couple agreed to get divorced is stupid beyond comprehension. So many questions here, like why did channel 2 never run a story on this, why did the couple not file a complaints with APD or AST against the facility ?

    Citation from article: Garber’s wife was told by OCS that if she wanted to visit her son at North Star, she would have to file a restraining order against her husband. She did that. OCS later said that unless she divorced Garber, they would take her 13-year-old child. She did that too, telling the judge the only reason she was divorcing Garber was because of OCS.”

  4. I won’t Feel better until kenai’s Charlie Pierce is Director of OCS. Change in this matter starts by replacing the director.

  5. His letter to mrak revealed he not only the empathy for how a child feels away from family and village but he also has the administration skills to manage a division. Seeing him i believe in him to expedite the closure 1500 of 3000 child cases within 6 months returning kids who should be with family this christmas and are not. Its become more important continuing state employee jobs than closing cases, all awhile the private sector is needing employees.

  6. I have little doubt that OCS has significant problems and that they have been carefully protected from the light of day. However, Ingell alleges several instances where investigations were ‘highjacked’ but does not offer any actual evidence of this. In fact, he does not even try to describe what ‘highjacked’ might mean in this context leaving the reader to accept on faith alone his version of events.

    • Allow me to explain. Our founders codified our rights as grand jurors to write reports on issues of public safety and welfare in Alaska’s Constitution.

      I announced to my grand jury in 2018 that I would be presenting information in 3 weeks. I was rebuffed by the assistant district attorney two weeks in a row. I had information and witnesses prepared to bring into the jury room on week 3. This time the District Attorney was present I had information regarding his bad behavior. I handed out my purposed report and called my first witness. The DA collected all the reports I handed out and took me before the judge. She would not allow me my responsibility and right under our constitution.

      Highjacked is a good description of what happened.

    • Bob: It was Rep. Wilson who chose the word “hijacked” to describe the actions of a prior AG to interfere with her requested grand jury investigation into the OCS. My article builds on Wilson’s theme to demonstrate the disturbing pattern which has followed.

      The article is long enough already. I described the manner in which State judges and lawyers have similarly hijacked four subsequent investigations into the OCS over the last four years. It’s been sufficient for most readers to understand that the concerns Wilson raised still exist and the State continues to interfere with investigations.

      A 95 page complaint was filed 5 months ago in federal court alleging, “OCS has known about these issues for years but has not made any meaningful improvements to the foster care system.” Predictably, the current AG is trying to dismiss the lawsuit and oral arguments were scheduled to occur today.

      You’ve admitted there are significant problems at OCS yet they’ve been carefully protected. Alaska’s Founders strongly believed it was important for grand juries to resolve these issues, not federal judges and a couple battalions of lawyers. Hopefully, in reading the comments of others like Jamie below, you’ll come to agree with us and support Garber’s requested investigation.

  7. David,

    Why, in all of the cases you’ve cited in these articles, do you gloss over and minimize the victims? Is it at all possible that those convicted in a court of law are actually guilty, or is everyone wrongly convicted and in need of a grand jury to right the wrongs set upon them?

    • I guess the real question is, are you ever going to present a case that a rational person can get behind? OCS told a married couple to get a restraining order and then to get divorced so they could take their children? You used the pulling back of a shower curtain on a 12 year old girl as a defense for a convicted child molester…and now this. You probably need to vet and present your cases better if you want anyone to get behind your grand jury cause.

      • Steve-O
        In mentioning the shower curtain are you making reference to the Thomas Jack case? If so, do you believe that action is worth a 50 year sentence?
        Oh, wait his Honor reduced it to 40 years.
        Maybe, just maybe you might want to take another look at the Jack case.

      • Steve-O, are you calling Garber’s wife and Wilson irrational? Wilson said “Many parents are told if they want to see their children or grandchildren, they must divorce their spouse. Many, who are under privileged, feeling they have no opinion, will separate…. [P]arents will do anything to get their children back.” These are Wilson’s words, not mine.

        I would also encourage you to read I Kings 3:16-28 where the real mother was willing to give up her baby to save her son’s life. Do you think she was irrational too?

        • David,
          As a forensic journalist and former attorney, have you ever heard of the Alaska court view website? I’m not calling anyone anything, I’m just asking you a few questions. Are you incapable of answering questions and facing any scrutiny? Do you only protect and fight for people who have been found guilty of heinous crimes? Do you not believe in telling the whole story? In your worldview do the ends justify the means?

    • David,
      I would encourage you to do what I have done. Become a court watcher. Actually see how the judicial system works. See how the speedy trial rule is a farce. Watch how the accused is left in jail for months waiting for trial. Every once in a while I would see the significant dysfunction.

      One example. A public defender final week in court. He was done with the failures and going into corporate law. His client may have been guilty but there was a Supreme Court ruling that should set him free. Judge ignored it. Also no bail allowed. He was convicted with two others who were guilty. After months in Wildwood before his sentencing the judge dismissed his conviction based on the Supreme court decision mentioned months ago.

      Many in our jails and prisons have mental illness which our culture ignores. I also observed that issue with patients in my ED working as a Registered Nurse.

  8. In 2021 an OCS investigator came to my home and told me that unless my husband quit his job to stay home with our 3 children, my children would be taken on the grounds that two school teachers reported abuse. We agreed in order to keep our family together. When I asked the school principal about the accusations she said that the investigator came to the school but never spoke to any teachers. The investigator interviewed my children alone (which is illegal), telling them their responses were part of their grades. We were forced to hire two separate lawyers (one for each parent) and after 6 court hearings the case was dismissed. When I started the complaint process with OCS for their lies they avoided, denied, then passed me on to the deputy commissioner of DHSS (Clinton Lasley) who said he would investigate, then over a month later said that he would not investigate, that I was no longer to contact OCS for any reason and to go to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman took my case (with over 100 pages of documented evidence) with great concern, then 6 months later said that my complaints against OCS should have been brought up during the court hearings and now I have no recourse for justice.
    Something has to be done. Someone has to listen. OCS is absolutely kidnapping children with lies and abuse of power and they are getting away with it.

    • What is described I believe is treasonous actionable human trafficing. Follow the money. Audit. Where does the money go. There are stipends, revenues, and corporate profits. CPA’s CAN distinguish the flows of these funds for we the people of Alaska. If they don’t want to answer these questions and publish them what do they want? Exactly, in English please.

      • These families are economic units who have individual human rights even in Alaska. The children have human and property rights to their legitimate family (enunciated in federal codes). The parents, extended family, tribal kin have property rights to these intact relationships. We need to move the capitol from the inaccessible, insular idyll of Juneau to an accessible location of Alaska. I would suggest Anchorage. Agency perpetrators no matter who they are must be punished.

    • I would hire BDO and shove them up their ass. Get a GoMeFund started. Many want to see the Big Boys and Girls Club take down agencies. Yes. It is money, that drives, that power thirsty people, who do horrible things. To you. To me. To anyone.

  9. Furthermore God rest that man’s soul. his research was a light into a dark cave. May his work continue by another courageous resident with the intellectual means not to fear death for continuing the probing ocs and research done by deceased leaders. You know what prevent more case from being opened is churches clergy and other well connected members forming a support circle around its single parents and other deemed vulnerable families either upon meeting one as a visitor or they are regular attendee. Cause right now the churches i don’t see them totally providing that protective social network to protect the vulnerable families pastors, their wives, and members currently overlook, alienate, and exposed to predators. The bible is clear how our God! Feels about the fatherless and defenseless in two strong direct spoken verses as proverbs 23:10-11 and psalm 10:18, God protects the defenseless and defends.
    That’s what shepards of God’s Church flocks should be doing leave no room for a devil to wreak havok on a family because of being isolated. Sorry for more emotion talking it comes from my fear of experience being isolated and ignored by church family groups whom i see ignore the single parents and poor in their pews whom needs some group’s protection either the churches or a good samaritan group of leaders.

  10. Hopefully OCS will get reformed, it appears this occurs more with Native kids, it took caucasian children being impacted before coming to light

    • Please do not turn this into a woke issue. There is nothing in here that pits caucasians vs the natives. The native villages’ close kin molestation rate is so high that it will blow your mind. Moot there as far as I am concerned arguing OCS corruption point concerning native villages.

  11. My one and only experience with OCS was not all that pleasant. My wife and I were foster parents for a friend for a couple months. The case worker was really nice and helpful. Everyone else, not so much. Conference calls were filled with OCS persons that had excuses of “sorry I am unprepared” or “I wasn’t able to get that information”. This after 30 days!

    As a foster parent I was totally disgusted. In the last conference call, I said I had heard lots of stories from customers, friends etc. about how OCS breaks up families but never heard a story of how OCS puts a family back together. Then asked, What would it take to put this family together?

    Every waiver of signed docs you can imagine were immediately given and the kid was reunited with his Mom and Dad in 30 minutes. I am still amazed.

    I am still really happy for that family.

  12. This is a disturbing story. All you need is some secret tunnels under a pizza joint to drive that mysterious Suburban through and you could have a best seller among the QAnon types.

    • Travis, Apparently you live in an insulated world and have not yet experienced the trauma that Governmental Agencies can bring upon an individual. Perhaps you haven’t had the pleasure of a School Official inventing some baseless claim of neglect or abuse against you personally. Oh sure , we need offices like OCS to protect children, but in the real world abuse of power happens frequently. Who Knew! You might enlarge your thinking if you are capable of such an endeavor and pull your head out of your southern extremities and learn something. But then it’s always easier to use invective to diminish the messenger and remain a clueless idiot, secure in your QAnon beliefs isn’t it?

    • I find your spite and contempt of your fellow citizens’ concern more disturbing than any QAnon types I have encountered.

  13. The wages of sin is death. Just a fact. Sleep arounds create rootless children. Children, like plants, need a root system otherwise known as “family” to grow and flourish. Parents, not others, have a job to do to raise flourishing children. If Mom’s fall in love bottle to bottle or week-end to week-end well then…whatever do YOU create? I do not worship you, your offspring, or your addictions, or wonderful carnality. Some of us are more “kind” and noble than others. We do what we can to help. Ultimately it is broke down, drunken, good for nothing parents, or thoughtful, reliable, loving, stoic, Jewish, Christian parents or not who either loves his kid enough to provide for it or not. ALASKA what is your leg acy?

  14. OCS is a prime example of a state agency operating without direct public oversight. We cannot trust administrators of other agencies to be impartial and what amounts to meddling in the corruption and abuse of power in another state agency fiefdom. A grand jury made up of citizens is best assuming the states attorney is not also corrupt. I can attest to the long term damage OCS can do to children resulting in lifelong issues as adults. Once OCS takes a “side” and keeps children in an unsafe and abusive home they will not review the assumptions made upon first contact. I have seen this to the point of knowingly leaving a girl in a home whose close relative was raping her and refusing to remove and protect her. Because to do so would lead to loss of control of all the children, along with the funding for the cases. This is factual and unforgivable. Individuals who have a predilection to abusing children in their care tend to abuse everyone around them, and OCS directly set in motion a series of subsequent tragedies following this failure of their basic proported mission. Bottom line is many people from one family have lifelong grief and issues to deal with. This must be ended for the current youth now.

  15. Brian,
    I would encourage you to get and read David Ignell’s free book or listen to him reading it on Jason Floyd’s podcast . The grand jury is the only direct public oversight of government agencies and public servants. It has a long history documented by David Ignell.

    I’m listening to The Conservative Hour of Power and Enlightenment Salon. | Special Episode David Ignell, The Alaska Grand Jury… Introduction and Chapter 1 on Podbean, check it out!

  16. What another agency out of control with no checks and balances. How dare they. Well this is what was voted for sit back and enjoy all your freedoms that you’re loosing because of uninformed voters. Better wake up just like history has shown first you hear about it then your neighbors are in trouble with the state then it’s your turn.

  17. My grand babies are in ocs care and this is the 2nd time. The first time they were kidnapped by ocs my grandson was coming to visitation with bite marks all over his body and bruses every where and a big hand print bruse and was sent home after the foster parent got a dwi with him in the car. Now 3 of my grandbabies are in ocs care because I was forced to call them. I was trying to get them to keep them safe from abuse from the moms boyfriend I called ocs and now i only get to see them for 1 hour a month. And ocs is allowing the foster parents to be called mom and dad. And when i talk to my grand son and i say your dad he doesnt know who is his dad. He knows who his dad is but he is confused and asked me witch dad. This is wrong. Those kids should not be in ocs care. They are. Not helping these kids in anyway. Its all about the money. Last month I saw 2 of my grandbabies and my granddaughter had a egg size lump on her forhead. Why is it ok for them to be in ocs care and come to visitation with worse bruses , bite marks and injuries i ever seen them get at home from playing. But thats ok because ocs says its ok. Those injuries are not investagated. My grandson was being abused by his foster parents the whole time and ocs did nothing. Because its all about the money. The foster parents should not be mom and dad to these kids. My nephew was taken by ocs and sent to seattle where he was told that his family did not want him and we serched and ser hed for him and ocs would not let anyone know where he was. He was 5 years old. What they did to him was devastating to him and it messed with his head thinking his family the people he knew and loved and was greatly loved by us and to have all that taken away was so bad for his mind, his heart and every aspect of his life. He will never get over it. Will will never be the same! It screwed his mind up so bad to think as a child all the family that loved him, they all stopped loving him and caring for him and now he will never live a normal life. He has things in his head he was told bye ocs and the foster parents that now at 20 years old he can not even talk to us because of what ocs had done to him. I have a big family and my nephew had lots of love when not with his birth mom. But ocs took him from his mom and wouldnt let anyone in the family even know where he was. He is a lost young man now and h web is not the same child! He is very angry! He feels so unloved! To have a big family and to be loved bye all those people and then taken away from everyone and told nobody loves him must have been devastating for him. Ocs is evil! These people have no right taking these kids. Every kid i see come out of ocs has mental issues because of what ocs is doing to these babies. Its so wrong and ocs needs to be shut down completely and the kids need to be with family not strangers. Ocs does not care about these children. I can see it at every 1 hour i get. Its screwing with these kids minds and its horrible to know that this is our government that is allowing this to happen. Kenai ak is a curpt city the courts, law enforcement and ocs. The curuption is so bad down here if you dont have money you will not get any kind of justice what so ever. And so many children are being taken thousands. I havent seen or heard from my granddaughter in over a year. I lost my son to carbonmonoxide poisioning, Ocs took her and sent her away and she is all i have left from my son and oce sent her out of kenai and i havent seen or heard from anyone. This system is beyond broken! And all these kids taken will have mental issues. I see it in my grandbabies already. The confusion is so wrong. Ocs needs to be fined and the whole operation locked up for abuse to minor children. And this is the most damanaging abuse ever. Abuse of the mind. And these kids need there minds to make it in this world that going to shit really fast. Ocs aint helping these kids do anything. My grandbabies dont go to school. He is 5 and not learning anything. He should be in school with other kids. He loves school! But nope 5 years old living with strangers cant go out in public because he might be seen by family. Its wrong!! Ocs is Abuse in the 1st and biggest degree. They screw there mind and another child is lost forever. Because Ocs.

    • Cynthia, I am so sorry for the way your grandchildren and nephew have been treated by the OCS. I am starting to hear from other grandmothers in Alaska who are grieving as well. Thank you for raising your voice in public. This government tyranny must stop now!

  18. And once the mind is broken. You can not fix it! I want to see them fix my nephew. I want the young man he would of been if ocs didnt destroy his entire life. Fix my nephew! Take all the horrible things ocs told him and make him normal again! It cant be done! The damage is a life time of hell. He will never be the same.OCS IS DOING THIS TO MILLIONS OF BABIES. SOME BABIES IN OCS CARE DIE BEFORE THEY GET A CHANCE TO GO HOME!!! BUT ITS OK WHEN OCS IS THE CAUSE OF THE LOSS OF A CHILD. THESE PEOPLE OCS ARE ACTS OF EVIL. THEY HAVE SOLD THEIR SOLE TO SATIN!

  19. Soon, OCS will be coming to your door with a warrant because the parents wouldn’t allow the child to have a sex change or attend a drag show. This is how screwed-up OCS is.

  20. I hope Cynthia your Grandson may have many more hours with you. Western civilization devalues Grandparents on a grandscale. Perhaps get a new and caring lawyer to extricate your family youngsters and restore the children to their family of origin and resources including knowledge, concern and protection. This sort of review should happen for all cases!

  21. Whether these concerns are a wide spread issue or not, these cases center around children who often do not have a voice. Unfortunately the tough decisions made to protect children by OCS appear to include too many negative stories lately, creating citizens mistrust. What harm would a grand jury be to the children? If all is well this would only provide reassurance to the community that the State is effectively managing these responsibilities. If there are bad actors involved I suspect many in OCS would support a grand jury to bring this to light and improve this difficult public service.

    Not having a grand jury to hear the evidence/accusations feels to be of greater risk to the children. I don’t like the idea of proceeding under the assumption that all is well, nothing to see here, when children are involved.

  22. Great comparison of DeSantis and Dunleavy. I have always noted this. Keep the pressure up. DeSantis stands bold and proud while Dunleavy cowers and bends the knee.

  23. I’ll just put out a Reader’s Digest version for those who haven’t the endurance, constitution, or interest in reading another editorial by Ignell.

    Ignell is saying this, entirely based on complaints with no evidence except statements:

    OCS is bad bad. They take children away from nice people. Tammie Wilson is good good politician.

    I am simply amazed at his ability to forget law school and anything anyone may have tried to teach about evidence, torts, or just his total absence of common sense.

    Sorry, if OCS is so deeply involved in your life that you file a DVPO against your spouse (or your spouse against you) and your teenager winds up at Northstar, your credibility is pretty near zero.

    No one gets committed to Northstar because they “have troubles adjusting to adolescence.”

    I’ve never worked for OCS, but my experience with them in the courts is that they bend over backwards to NOT take custody of children, often to the detriment of the minor child.

    So…do a little bit of Courtview checking on these people making the complaints…

    Ya know, a little bit of due diligence any good attorney would have done.

    • 17th: So you’re back trying to practice your craft, hoping to undermine the truth while hiding behind an alias with zero concern for any accountability.

      Wilson gathered evidence from her constituents and by holding hearings around the State. Southwell got his evidence from the Ombudsman Report. My evidence came from court transcripts and a notarized affidavit by an OCS employee. Presiding Judge Morse reviewed Garber’s evidence and found it credible.

      Four grand jury investigations requested on solid evidence were hijacked. A common denominator among the hijackers? They were all members of the Alaska Bar Association who were employed by the government.

      I most certainly did my due diligence. What’s your excuse? Is it still, “They hate anyone promoting justice at the city gate, they detest anyone who speaks the truth.” Amos 5:10

  24. I keep hoping the Federal Government won’t stop on those investigations. Attorney General, Adam Crumb and Dunleavy need to be investigated completely and removed from the positions they are presently holding. Jail time for their future should be the goal of the federal investigation with results!! Too bad about the state and who they allow to be employed or the Bar Association. Too many attorneys have been found to be in positions of removal from practicing law but this goes beyond that and more.

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