Anchorage Press self-cancels print edition, goes digital only, as parent company downsizes


The leftist Anchorage Press, which has provided alternative news and facts on a weekly basis for decades, has quit publication of its newsprint edition and packed up its offices in downtown Anchorage. It’s going online only.

The managing editor announced the end of the publication to freelancers and online on Saturday, saying that the parent company, Wick Communications, which also owns the Frontiersman, is having financial hardships, and that readers are increasingly consuming news online, requiring the business model to adapt.

Wick is a family-owned small media company with newspapers, websites, magazines, and specialty publications in 11 states, including Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota and Washington. Co-owner and publisher Bob Wick died in June, 2022 and the company continues on under the leadership of his brother Walter Wick. It is headquartered in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

The weekly tabloid-style newspaper was dedicated to supporting Democrats, and equally criticizing conservatives, and it made its main living promoting entertainment in Anchorage. During the administration of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, the paper sought to protect the wayward mayor, who ended up resigning.

During that era, the newspaper characterized Must Read Alaska and a Facebook group known as Save Anchorage in a wildly inaccurate story about a plot to overthrow the mayor.

In the past few months it has mainly run free content from the leftist online newsgroup, the Alaska Beacon, in addition to its entertainment listings and reviews. Its former managing editor Matt Hickman has left the state and signed up as a content provider for an online betting publication.


  1. A whole lot of this is happening nationwide. A unique combination of events.

    -the death of print
    -the death of objective journalism
    -crappy reporting
    -lack of good coverage of local events
    -the deep mistrust most people have towards media
    -the end of endless venture capital to prop up such things.

    Like the dot com bubble, the media bubble is gonna burst ugly.

  2. Good. Now i don’t need to see the enviro-hypocrites wasting paper and oil at distribution sites for its crummy publications. In 2011 i tried reading it because new to the area and i wanted to know the locals. It was stupid annoying, patronizing, flattering with just the correct amount of arrogance to make one gag.

  3. Get woke, go broke…. Just saying, its not a sound business model… fair, honest, bi partisan, actual journalism, or perish.

  4. Simple business decision. If they made money they would continue. They didn’t make money, so they shut down the print side. I’ll be curious how long the digital version lasts.

  5. “Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, the paper sought to protect the wayward mayor. who ended up resigning”… in disgrace. Good riddance to California trash.

  6. It’s just plain hard to sell fake news these days. People aren’t buying it, literally and figuratively.

  7. Some stories are well researched, flat journalism and are well-written. But I typically don’t read knowing as I do the left keeps a permanent underclass and I won’t be used in this way. I love our best US Constitution so much.

  8. Stopped looking at it after they brought back the gay porn column written by Dan Savage many years ago.
    That was a porn column available free for children to pick up & read.
    Guy’s disgusting ,,,,imo.

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