Government spends tax dollars on painted rainbow crosswalks, and even NASA is getting in on the action

NASA's rendition of the Pride Month flag, as designed by government employees at taxpayer expense.

Across America, U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill for painted rainbows on streets, and rainbow adorned literature and social media posts about LBGTQIA+ awareness during June, which by President Joe Biden’s order, is Pride Month: It’s a time to celebrate and broadcast that you have sex with someone or something other than the opposite sex human.

In the news from around the nation this month are items about kids and adults being arrested for having left skid marks on the rainbow flag crosswalks that are found on streets from places like Key West, Fla. to Juneau, Alaska. Skid markers are considered vandals of the government’s art project.

Now NASA is getting in on the rainbow flag action. In a social media post, it designed a “Pride flag” with the various colors that are now used to represent sexual preferences that are all and anything but heterosexual.

For the colors of its art project, NASA picked hues it has in its library from satellite images around the world and space. NASA went the extra step of adjusting the settings on its X/Twitter post so that the public is prohibited from commenting back to the government about its art project, for which the public is paying.


The cost to the public of the NASA Pride Month flag is minuscule, considering the $22 billion budget NASA has, but symbolic of the thousands of ways government grows into whatever container it is allowed to fill, no matter how far off-mission it may be.


  1. Three purposes:
    1. Protect the national integrity and borders.
    2. Provide equal justice for all citizens.
    3. Provide essential infrastructure not better provided by private industry.
    No wonder psychopathic politicians have spent us $35 trillion in debt.

  2. This is a slippery slope where others will demand equal treatment. How can we now deny the Communist Party the right to emblazon public property with the hammer and sickle symbol? Or Soviet Union and Communist China flags? Or (gasp) a Confederate flag? Or the ultimate provocation, the Nazi swaztika? Contending these things are different is disingenuous. We cannot allow any partisan symbolism to adorn public property.

  3. Billions of wasted $$$’s when Big Guv’Ment should be reigning Taxpayer Dollars. Yet, our elected officials are doing exactly “what” to curtail these wasteful expenditures? Is there any hope of holding anyone accountable for this grift and corruption? Any element of Logic, Reason, and/or Common Sense? Unfortunately … NOT!

  4. What letter is used for having sex with animals?
    Goatherders have been pleasing the animals for centuries.
    May as well add some more letters to cover animal species so as not to leave them out.

  5. If we can’t put JC on crosswalks with taxpayer funds we don’t have to pay for their orgiastic symbols either. Fair and equal?

  6. LGBTQ has infiltrated all segments of government. You must fight back through your elected officials and demand that funding be eliminated. Or more of this sewage will just creep in.

  7. So Juneau has one of these stupid flags? Who paid for it? Who authorized it? How do we get them fired? A clear case of fraud waste and abuse! When will the Marxists in Anchorage paint one here? Can we see a Christian flag painted on the street?

    • Interesting thought. Can our church paint a flag of the Knights Templar on a prominent intersection? Order Of St Stephen? Or any symbol representing heroic resistance to the Muslim invasion of Europe?

    • If we have a flag I’ve not seen it. But I avoid City Hall at all costs.

      What we do have is one “approved” crosswalk the Alphabet gang paints at its own expense (allegedly). Allowing them one was a compromise to keep them out of the streets in the busy tourist season. It’s not in a part of town tourists usually reach.

      Whoever might have authorized it is not gonna get fired in this community. Probably nowhere in Alaska.

      My guess is if our local Catholic or Mormon community wanted to do some street art at their expense, it would be permitted after being made to jump through 1000 hoops. But the Catholics are too liberal and the Mormons aren’t wasting time on pointless gestures.

  8. Sorry, but I’m not buying the “I can’t believe there’s a God” stuff when His created human beings are throwing stuff like this in His face! Who do you suppose they’re rebelling against? Who says it is wrong? Who doesn’t like that it’s ‘wrong’? All sin is–at it’s core, is against the image of God. People doing whatever they desire to do and wanting to feel ok about it. Right now in this very moment, God’s hand of mercy is extended out to everyone. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish; but have eternal life. (John 3:16) But there is coming a time of severe judgement.

  9. Just to add that if there’s no God, then there is no right or wrong. But we ALL agree that bank robbery is ‘wrong’, child abuse is ‘wrong’, cheating on your spouse is ‘wrong’, murder is ‘wrong’. We should ask ourselves: WHY it is wrong… or right–for that matter. Did human beings decide on these things a long time ago, or is there a perfect Divine being who is the standard?

  10. Public roads paid for by all have no business as bill boards for political signs/messages. At the same time I think it humorous that a “precious symbol” is applied to a surface where literally EVERYONE has to either tread or drive or waltz over it, do wheelies or donuts. Not sure what that actually says about the concept….
    And to all those places, who give fines to those, who do not treat these areas with the appropriate “reverence”, shame on you for making the taxpayer pay for the political equivalent of a speed trap to further your personal agenda…..

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