‘Black Lives Matter’ scrawled in front of Governor’s House



Workers dabbed black paint over the white “Black Lives Matter” graffiti that was scrawled on Calhoun Avenue asphalt last week in front of the Governor’s House in Juneau, an historic site, (as seen in the above photo by Michael Penn that was posted by a Juneau activist at Change.org.)

In an action echoing graffiti-marked streets across the nation’s biggest cities, this particular graffiti was not pretty, and there was no attempt made to make it aesthetic. It was an artless message of revolutionary origins. But it was not there long, either.

The remediation work by the city prompted a swift response from one person associated with the graffiti, who started a petition online to have the slogan permanently painted in front of the iconic white mansion, which is a tourist attraction and serves as the official residence of the sitting governor.

Change.org is the website where thousands have started petitions, from Black Lives Matter to demanding the tearing down of statues. Over 19 million people have signed the “Justice for George Floyd” petition at Change.org.

Another Juneau-initiated petition on the site is calling for the removal of the statue of William Seward from in front of the Capitol building in Juneau.

Rochelle Smallwood, who started the newest Juneau petition at Change.org wants a permanent and official street painting of Black Lives Matter.

“Across the world there have been beautiful “Black Lives Matter” murals painted on streets to stand in solidarity for Black lives. In Juneau, Alaska, we had one painted on the road outside of the governor’s mansion until city employees removed it. At first, I was infuriated because of the blatant symbolism at the core of what they were doing. Then I felt inspired because I know we live in a community filled with people who do believe in equality, the arts, and change,” she wrote on her petition, which has over 500 signatures so far.

The City of New York, under the direction of Mayor Bill DeBlasio, recently painted huge yellow “Black Lives Matter” letters on the street in front of Trump Tower. Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser had her workers paint “Black Lives Matter on a city street leading up tot he White House in June, and also a section of 16th Street officially named “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”

Smallwood is associated with the Sealaska Heritage Institute and is a Native artist. She wants 16 local artists chosen, and each would design one letter of Black Lives Matter and create a collective work of art. Each artist would paint their letter onto the street to “show that Juneau stands for Black lives, dreams, and futures.”

One signer of the petition added that the letter should be designed only by “people of color.”

Smallwood reminded readers that for a while Juneau gay-rights activists painted one of the crosswalks with rainbow colors, which kept being painted over by the city for safety reasons until the city finally conceded and allowed one crosswalk to be painted in a rainbow, in coordination with the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council.

Black Lives Matter is a movement but also a political organization that funnels money to the Democratic National Committee through the fundraising portal ActBlue.com. Some people think it is also a terrorism group because of the violence surrounding its activities.

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Take the Facebook poll at Must Read Alaska: Is Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization?


  1. BLM murals are graffiti of the worst kind, and must be removed wherever it is. This hate group which promotes terrorism and violence within our own country must be silenced, and its organizers arrested for the damage and killings they are responsible for.


    • Yes, I’d hate to see the faint shadow of that garbage. I was just telling somebody in a local gun shop how appreciative I was that we are kind of in a bubble away from that crap that’s happening in the L48. He suggested I look at this website. Apparently I don’t get out enough, ha ha.

  2. Now as to MS Smallwood and her requests/demands:
    “Another Juneau-initiated petition on the site is calling for the removal of the statue of William Seward from in front of the Capitol building in Juneau. CBJ DECISION : NO

    Rochelle Smallwood, who started the newest Juneau petition at Change.org wants a permanent and official street painting of Black Lives Matter.” CBJ ECISION : NO

    We appreciate your thoughts and demands MS Smallwood — time to catch the next southbound Ferry to Seattle. Ride to the Ferry Terminal is on us.

  3. Time for the troopers to post a guard and bypass the folks in Juneau that want this to continue and who cheer it on.. We need to prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law. We used to all be able to agree graffiti was trash- as were the animals scrawling it. Now the left is for this and much worse if it hurts anyone they don’t like. Revolting. In this case, as far as the animal scrawling this mess..I’m guessing it’s some Starbucks swilling white girl in her 20s, who’s got mom and dad paying her tuition.

    Either that or someone who works in that big box down the street and can’t be fired..

  4. According to a reliable poll, 96% of people believe Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization . This means that a vast majority of African Americans do not support BLM, whose weapon of choice to terrorize Americans is a paint brush. It should be a federal crime to apply paint to any surface without the written consent of the owner. Also, support the War President: when in public, wear a gun, not a mask. Win the war against government health and safety orders. Keep America the greatest country in the history of the world, since 2017.

  5. Smallwood probably wouldn’t even have a life if not for the way history has played out. Before the advent of modern American culture into Alaska the indigenous landscape had limited capability to support human life, of whatever color.

  6. No graffiti is pretty, and who cares if “there was no attempt made to make it aesthetic”? It’s visual garbage coming from a garbage leftist hate group. All the useful idiots supporting these terrorists are slitting their own throats in trying to force a race war. I just wish they’d cut deeper and quicker.

  7. I think Rochelle should have BLM tattooed on her forehead in reverse, so she can smile each time she looks in a mirror.

  8. I’m offended by that phrase and as such they should take in account my feelings. That’s what they want so why not me.

  9. If black lives matter, why aren’t Black People up in arms about the ‘black on black’ shootings, homicides and terrorism perpetrated by blacks against each other? Enough is enough. All lives matter. If anything needs to be commemorated, it’s “All Lives Matter”. BLM is nothing but a terrorist attempt to intimidate America into accepting their Soros funded marxist crap. Democrat socialists are right there with BLM. Soros funded. Why is Soros banned from his own country and others in Europe? Because of his communist authoritarian attempts to destroy legitimate governments. That’s plural, governments. What does he do? Moves into a mansion in America, where he is closer to his latest attempt to destroy America. Democrats are with him all the way. BLM is a front for Soros. America is at risk.

  10. Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage in ‘Virtuous Victim Signaling,’ Says Study

    So: Here’s some fun new research looking at “the consequences and predictors of emitting signals of victimhood and virtue,” published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The paper—from University of British Columbia researchers Ekin Ok, Yi Qian, Brendan Strejcek, and Karl Aquino—details multiple studies the authors conducted on the subject.

    Their results suggest that:

    “a perceived victim signal can lead others to transfer resources to a victim, but that the motivation to do so is amplified when the victim signal is paired with a virtue signal” and “people high in the Dark Triad traits emit the dual signal more frequently.”
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    “evidence of how these signals … can predict a person’s willingness to engage in and endorse ethically questionable behaviors …. frequent virtuous victim signalers are more willing to purchase counterfeit products and judge counterfeiters as less immoral compared with less frequent signalers, a pattern that was also observed when using participants’ Dark Triad scores instead of their signaling score,” and “frequent virtuous victim signalers were more likely to cheat and lie to earn extra monetary reward in [a] coin flip game.”
    “that a dimension referred to as amoral manipulation was the most reliable predictor of virtuous victim signaling.”
    “frequent virtuous victim signalers were more likely to make inflated claims to justify receiving restitution for an alleged and ambiguous norm violation in an organizational context


    I think this study is VALID.

  11. This unauthorized graffiti is vandalism. The vandals need to be caught and punished. If she wants to do a mural, then do it the right way through the application process. But, remember others can can request space to paint a mural that she might find offensive..

  12. They need to be deemed Domestic Terrorists, and dismantled. As well as this Change.org site who is prodding this garbage all over the nation… We need to say no to this. Push the pigs aside and when they act like petchulant children drawing on state property with graffiti toss them in jail. No trial. No nothing. Just jail. I’ve lived here 51 years and the Alaska I used to know is crumbling and bowing to this.. Why??? Interesting that when you go to these sites, there is no way to contact anyone. Nothing. In my opinion it is a radical group trying to seem like they are positive.. When they are doing nothing but the negative. They all need to be stopped.

  13. Much as I disagree with their philosophy, painting BLM on a roadway or buildings seems like a pretty minor crime, an overzealous form, or abuse, of speech. I much prefer it to the bombings of the sixties.
    Clean them up and move on. I’ll save my ire for the serious stuff, the riots and fires.

  14. So much for the Governor’s security!
    Where were cops and Troopers while the vandalism was happening?
    What’s to say at the time the vandal wasn’t some black lives matter terrorist testing the Governor’s security?
    Oh… it’s associated with Sealaska Heritage Institute… so “vandal” might be a naughty word.
    Good news is the vandalism didn’t happen back in the day when and where such things mattered (!), otherwise the waste of DNA might be doing a bit of performance art too, like cleaning up its mess… with a toothbrush.

  15. A half dozen well placed paintballs would remind the artist not to deface property that doesn’t belong to them.

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