Government officials show love to KTVA reporter


Rhonda McBride, was honored by the Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday for her work as a reporter.

A member of the Assembly representing the Fairview neighborhood, Christopher Constant, introduced the resolution to honor her.

“In this age, we find that the media is often vilified and villainized and used a whipping post; whether you’re a politician or somebody who’s had a story told about you that you don’t like,” Constant was quoted as saying. “The fact is the media plays a instrumental piece a role in our community.”

Constant was away during the Nov. 30 Anchorage earthquake, and said he relied on the local media to find out what was happening. He said McBride is one of Alaska’s premier storytellers.

McBride moved to Bethel in 1988 to work at KYUK, and is now host of public affairs show, “Frontiers.”

She also was rural advisor to Gov. Sarah Palin before returning to the news business. She worked as a reporter at KTUU. She graduated from high school in Maryland and has a degree from the University of Kansas.

Assemblyman Constant has, in the past, shared his views on social media about Must Read Alaska, which while maintaining a strong sense of irony, is not a government-approved news source:



  1. Ah yes. And Suzanne, I do believe I recall you being very gracious and accepting an apology of sorts from Mr. Constant? (which I don’t think was a public apology), but you let us readers know that he apologized. Very good of you. His mnemonic is sophomoric at best and representative of the intelligence of the majority of the Anchorage Assemby. Embarrasing. Carry on Suzanne. You are the BEST. No mnemonic needed.

  2. When a supposed adult male, such as Christopher Constant, has to resort to ad hominem attacks, replete with the invective on a female reporter, it usually means they have diminuative genetalia and they are displaying frustrations for their lack of man-hood. Obviously, Chris Constant needs to see a psychiatrist for evaluation of “little penis” syndrome. When he gets over his “littleness” he will learn that it does no good to use 5th grade language while pretending to engage in intellectual debate. We wish Chris well in his long-term therapy.

  3. She’s definitely in his class. Just another biased liberal and slants all her opinions accordingly
    Nothing to be proud of here

  4. Chris Constant got his earthquake news from Rhonda? That’s fabulous. I have no intentions of disparaging Rhonda McBride. She serves who she serves. However, Chris Constant needs to serve who he is supposed to serve as well. Isn’t that the people of Anchorage and isn’t he the Fairview area assembly rep? If I’m not mistaking, he has a hell of a lot on his plate. Hmmm… Black Angus Inn anyone? Illegal campsites abound! But wait! We are a little busy working on plastic bag bans and journalism awards to premier storytellers.

    • Another disenfranchised Liberal Democrat, with Trump and Dunleavy derangement disorder. Get used to it, Buster. It’s going to be around for a L-O-N-G time. Go get lots of psychotropic meds, marijuana, and take a long vacation with your PERS cashout.
      If you see your old friend Byron, tell him the Troopers will be paying a little visit soon.

      • My understanding is that LOTS of Libs and Dems monitor Suzanne’s site. Nothing like getting a degree from Must Read Alaska. Just make sure to shake the tree and part with a little $$$. No free goverment education here.

  5. If I was Ms. McBride, I would be embarrassed by Mr. Constant’s acts and move back to Maryland. Maybe she could pretend to be an Alaskan Native back there.

    • I have to chime in. I recall in the past that Rhonda actually declined a position somewhere because she was uncomfortable with the optics that she was represented as native. Perhaps the editor can recall this but it is in my crusty memory. I don’t believe she pretends to be Alaska Native; however, she does report on native issues and to those that haven’t been around a long time could easily draw that conclusion.

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