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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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ACLU trying to figure out how to sue new administration



The ACLU of Alaska is asking anyone who lost their jobs with the Dunleavy Administration to contact the organization, so that it can protect them “and the rights of all Alaskans.”

The item appeared on Facebook on Dec. 3, and most of the comments beneath it were from people who thought the ACLU was overreaching.

“They need to stop whining and hope they have been the kind of employees worth retaining. Every incoming administration makes changes. Get over it,” wrote one respondent. Others disagreed: “Since when are social workers political operatives?” wrote another.

Dec. 3, the day that Mike Dunleavy was sworn into office, was when about 95 at-will state workers were let go from employment. Most of those were exempt employees engaged in policy work, but it’s likely that more than one lawyer at the Department of Law was given his or her walking papers.

The person posting the item above was someone who was sponsored by ACLU of Alaska to traveled to Washington, D.C. earlier this year to protest the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. [Correction: She paid her own way]. Her name no longer appears under the State employee directory online.

Those at-will employees who were released from employment can turn to the lawyers at the ACLU to determine if they can force the Dunleavy Administration to take them back through litigation or some sort of class action lawsuit.

Democrat opponents of the Dunleavy Administration and the mainstream media are accusing the new governor of demanding an oath of loyalty. But in fact, it’s common practice to ask exempt employees to either reapply for their jobs or to state whether they want to continue employment under the new administration.

When the Walker Administration came into office in 2014, the media had no such inquiries about layoffs. Over the course of the first few months, the Walker transition leader, Bruce Botelho, erased nearly every Republican from state service, if they were in an at-will job.


In other news, Cook Inletkeepers have a petition online to demand that the Dunleavy Administration return the Climate Change Task Force information and action plan documents, created under the Walker administration, to the official state website.

Ripping off the design concepts of the popular Dunleavy for Alaska posters, the organization wasted no time in launching the first guided missile into the new administration. The petition was reported by Alaska Fish Radio’s Laine Welch, who takes a strong anti-Dunleavy approach to her advocacy reporting.

Welch, who writes the Fish Factor column for newspapers, opposed Dunleavy earlier this year with an alert to “Vote for Mead Treadwell.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • If ever there were a Totally Useless organization anywhere in the country, it would be the aclu…
    How Fitting that AutoCorrect wants to change it to ‘a flu’…

  • Dear ACLU of Alaska:

    Please represent the rights of 16-year old “Jane Doe.” She seeks legal counsel from your esteemed organization. She was sexually abused through the reprehensible acts of a 75-year old Male who served as a Democratic Lt. Governor of Alaska. You are such a fair, impartial, and honest organization that we can depend on you to help young girls in need of assistance, and help locate fleeing pedophiles who prey on women. For additional help, please consult with Bill Walker as to all the particulars.
    Thank you.

  • Let me see… The ACLU is soliciting customers? And the wrong customers at that. You can’t make this stuff up! “If you know someone in this situation, please contact….” Contact them for what? Are they going to help them find a job? ha ha. Were they seeking out all the people that got laid off on the slope? Nope! Were they seeking out all the people that got wiped out when the timber industry got shut down? Nope! Please represent legit clients, not exempt employees who signed up fully knowing their days were numbered from the start. Get over it.

    • No she wasn’t 16. She is 19 and no crime occurred. Mallott stepped down as he should have and that’s the end of it. Stop reaching.

      • So Iceman, were you there watching? Let’s have Byron Mallott speak for himself rather than through his enablers and protectors. Isn’t old Byron a man enough to step up and provide the facts? Why is he hiding out? Suzanne would love to interview him.

      • Until he tells us what happened we will continue to speculate.

      • ICEMAN, that’s just it. You appear to know what happened. You have countered here with a firm age of this “victim” (words from the former Governor’s office followed up later with a lecture from Val Davidson on the treatment of women). You say she is 19. With that, why did the Governor’s office refer to her the entire time as a victim? If there was no crime and she is legal, was it consensual? Why is she then a victim? That is what I don’t understand. I guess she is a victim of circumstance? A victim of her mother having an affair and her falling victim to Byron extending it to a family affair? I really think that the people of Alaska aren’t “reaching”. This was our Lt. Governor! Not only that, this happened in a State where assault, sexual assault and violence against women is abhorrent! And happened during the AFN gathering, one in which Mallott was once elevated, where they were crafting resolutions to stand loud and proud against violence and sexual assault against women and children. So I don’t give a rat’s @ss if this young lady was 5 or 50. Something went down that was big enough to take down the administration of Alaska’s government so it isn’t the end of it my friend so we won’t stop reaching.

        • Garnet had just given a precise explanation why the Democrats are a bunch of two-faced, hypocritical sophists. When one of their own goes down, they cover-up and pretend there isn’t an issue. This is why Bill Walker lost all credibility with Alaskans. ACLU, Lisa Murkowski, and Democrat women who rallied against Brett Kavavaugh……. get your collective act together and search out Byron Mallott. Otherwise, your message to end sexual abuse against women is nothing more than a farce.

        • Certainly, there is a much larger story waiting to be uncovered here: “How the Democratic- controlled Alaska state government was taken down by a young girl just days before an election.” It would make a great investigative book. Suzanne…..?

  • SO some one needs to sue the ACLU for selective prosecution. ( Insert lawyer joke). AND WHY IS BRYON GETTING A FREE PASS?

  • Where were they when I received my hall pass to unemployment? Every administration has placed and replaced positions to guide the State toward the goals of their campaign. Get a grip.

  • You know where they were Charles? They were in their liberal tax laboratory, cooking up their next crybaby protest.

  • How can we truly live in liberty in fear of the ACLU?

  • Drain the corrupt lib swamp or end up like TRUMP! À

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