Gov. Dunleavy goes on Twitter to discuss House dysfunction


Gov. Michael Dunleavy took to Twitter tonight to remind the House Republicans and Alaskans as a whole that Alaskans voted in a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican governor, and that voters expect a change in the House from the way it was run over the past two years.

“Elections have consequences, & the majority of Alaskans have chosen conservatives in , and expect a republican led majority. With the budget coming out tomorrow and the house absent from work for the last month, it’s time to get to work and do the people’s business,” Dunleavy wrote.

For the past 30 days, the House of Representatives has not had a leader, and Tuesday afternoon, Republicans caucused, while  plans were also under way to return Democrat Bryce Edgmon as Speaker, as he was over the past two years of Democrat control.

Only now, Edgmon has reregistered as an “undeclared” with either party, in order to make his leadership more palatable to Republicans.

It’s unusual for a governor to weigh in on the organization of the House or Senate, perhaps an indication that Dunleavy has run out of patience on the eve of his budget release.


  1. Finally.

    Not sure why Mike Dunleavy locked his Twitter account @MikeDunleavyGov the day of the election and never tweeted from it again.

    His digital communications person needs to post a pinned tweet to his old @MikeDunleavyGov with his new account @GovDunleavy so that his over 4000 Twitter followers can migrate over to his new Twitter (which only has 670 followers)

    Not good. I’m a big supporter and I didn’t even know he was on Twitter anymore.

    I don’t use Facebook, and a lot of other Alaskans I know don’t use Facebook either.

    I think it’s important to use all available digital platforms to communicate with his supporters. Especially if he plans to run for re-election.

  2. Edgmon, Tuck, Ledoux, these are the discredited people of the past. Alaska turned out Seaton, and they banished Westlake, Fansler and Parish. Walker-Mallott is a bad memory. It’s a new year, a new day. Let’s make Alaska great again.

  3. Make no mistake about this…… the Democrats will try to disrupt the Dunleavy governorship in any manner possible, just as they have with Trump. It’s the same playbook. Obstruct. Accuse. Destroy. Here in Alaska the Democrats new weapon is: GARY KNOPP. And he’s stupid enough to let himself be used as the instrument. The Kenai Republicans and conservatives have to take Knopp out.

    • Bingo! The Dem playbook has been deployed, with outside advisors fully prepared (and funded ) to destroy the state.

      Prepare for more biased news coverage by Alaska’s fake news affiliates, and sudden pop-up Republican “puppet” candidates who appear out of nowhere with well funded campaigns.

      This is a very serious socialist liberal attack, not to be under estimated in it’s threat to Alaska. If they get their fangs in, it will be fatal to our Alaskan way of life.

      For those who doubt the Democrats are now full-fledged socialists, look no further than new DC congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal”.

      • you mean outside advisors like like Dunleavy’s budget hack lobbyist from Michigan? or does it only count when it’s a Dem?

        • Dont be a smartass, Doyhof. There is a huge difference between a constructionist and a destructionist. The loser Democrats fall into the latter category because that’s all they have left in their tank. If you Lefties want a fight, you’ve come the right place.

  4. I’m amazed at the lack of work being done in the legislature. Lack of Republican leadership. We vote them in and this is how they operate? Unacceptable.

  5. Bottom-up budgeting from the Dunleavy Administration and the Republication Party needs to do some bottom-up scrubbing of the way they do business. I’m not an expert here, but it is time to go deep, deep within and find the missing link. What in the hell is happening? Is it a vetting issue? Was it a Babcock issue? A lack of viable candidate issue? How did they end up with all of these shapeshifters? LeDoux should be charged with a crime, Knopp needs to go – I have run out of words for him, Stutes provides nothing of value. They need to be severed. No one can be trusted. I am betting they are all looking over their shoulders, wondering who the next mole is.
    What I am afraid is going to happen next is, the Dems are going to get their way. Someone has to cave and I am guessing it is going to the be the R’s. The chaos lies with them. I bet the newbies are wondering what happened to their world! They didn’t see this mess coming. They couldn’t just have the old “who’s doing who” regular scandal in the capital city. They got baptized with this disaster.

  6. Just because Rep. Edgmon changed his his party from Democrat to Undeclared doesnt make him fit to be the speaker. Remember how he covered up the scandal of his colleague Westlake. He tried to bury this story as quick as he could. He is no leader as far as I am concerned.
    We just need to put pressure on those who are Republicans to vote for Talerico for Speaker. We cant put a Democrat as speaker.

  7. Dunleavy’s administration is a hydra with many new heads, that could demolish these crime and budgetary problems and thrive, but not for the thousands of embedded government employees who are actively working to undermine him. It’s not the commissioners and department heads, it’s the average government working stiff, who loudly mocks the governor in meetings and do all they can to stall and stymie the implementation of his plans across the various departments. It would be WELL worth the expense to hire a team of ten to scrub emails from the past year across all departments to find these malcontents and truly clean house.

    • And they all have unions to back them up. That’s the roadblock. Vinny B. and the gang. I read a post here on MRAK, and it was spot on, that Vince, Marky Mark, and Walker are probably all behind the scenes somewhere pulling the strings on some things. Wouldn’t doubt it one bit.

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