Google rolls out ‘Sensitive Event’ rules for 2024


Google, the multinational tech giant, has announced updates to its “Inappropriate Content Policy,” to take effect in February 2024 to provide a clearer definition of what constitutes a “Sensitive Event.” The update comes just before the 2024 Super Tuesday, when when the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections, caucuses, and presidential preference polls.

The policy update aims to reinforce Google’s commitment to preventing the spread of what it sees as insensitive or exploitative content during critical events that have significant social, cultural, or political impact.

A “Sensitive Event,” according to Google’s updated policy, refers to an unforeseen event or development that poses a substantial risk to Google’s ability to deliver high-quality, relevant information and ground truth.

Google, owned by Alphabet Inc., is a multinational company operated by Bay Area liberals. In the 2020 election cycle, Google employees gave $5,437,048 to Democrat candidates (88% of donations went to Democrats), and $766,920 to Republican candidates (12% of Google employee donations went to Republicans).

During a Sensitive Event, Google may take various actions to uphold its content standards. Examples of Sensitive Events provided by Google include civil emergencies, natural disasters, public health emergencies, acts of terrorism, conflicts, or mass acts of violence. These events can have far-reaching consequences and demand responsible content management, the company said.

To prevent the spread of inappropriate content during Sensitive Events, Google outlined a series of prohibitions in its updated policy, some of which are as follows:

1. Exploitative Products or Services: Google prohibits the promotion and sale of products or services that exploit, dismiss, or condone the Sensitive Event. This includes actions like price gouging, artificially inflating prices to limit access to vital supplies, or offering products or services that are insufficient to meet the demand during a Sensitive Event.

2. Keyword Manipulation: It is against Google’s policy to use keywords related to a Sensitive Event with the intention of driving additional traffic to content that may exploit or misrepresent the situation.

3. Victim Blaming: Google strictly forbids claims that victims of a Sensitive Event were responsible for their own tragedy. This also extends to any insinuations that victims do not deserve support or remedies. Additionally, Google prohibits claims that victims from specific countries were responsible for a global public health crisis.

The policy updates come as Google continues to refine its content moderation practices to maintain the type of messaging it prefers on its platforms.

By providing a more precise definition of “Sensitive Events” and outlining specific prohibitions, Google is exerting greater influence over messaging during times of crisis.

Recently, Google, which owns YouTube, has removed several channels operated by people who represent political ideas the company doesn’t approve of.

Google, which sent out the notice about the “Sensitive Event” policy update on Thursday, encourages its users to report any content that violates these updated policies, as community feedback plays a crucial role in identifying and removing inappropriate content from its platforms.


  1. Google is one of the worst for discriminating against white, straight Americans. Do not use them unless there is no other choice. They do not deserve our money or support.

  2. All of life is a sensitive event like digital spying on Americans 24/7 and selling false data to whomever wants it. I never affirmed it was ok to invade my privacy simply because I purchase and use hand held phones.

  3. “The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best”
    Thomas Sowell

    (in adaptation from Blazing Saddles)

    “Truth! We don’t need no stinking truth!”

  4. Probably along the same line as FB fact checkers. No real standards except how they feel and perceive the content. This will lead to one sided reporting and it will be their side of the truth depiction event or story; all opposing views will be edited out.

  5. So it is now up to Google to decide what is a “sensitive event ” and then up to Google to decide who and what can be said prior to and during that event? Do I have this correct? Sounds rather authoritarian to me. Who exactly are the fascists?

  6. It’s all over the internet how Google social engineers us in favor of the liberals. It’s said that Obama won by this method. There are other search engines and I use Brave. There are also phones you can buy that are de-googled.

    • Where do you see that in the story? Or do you just see race as a part of every story to the point that you insert content that just isn’t there?

  7. Me thinks Google’s BoD is not in search of the truth, but rather results. Results that leads to control. Results that leads society to the nihilist utopia they dream of. The world would be a better place if a state actor delivered a few cruise missile directly into the Google complex Monday morning about 9am destroying the entire corrupt enterprise. I could think of a few other entities that need to go away also, but that would be a good start.

  8. I’m sensitive to any rainbow, alphabet people, dysphoria, liberal garbage. Doubt they sensor any of that.

    Use something other than Google.

  9. Want to bet that all the “sensitive events” will be decided against a presidential candidate named Trump. Short Stairs Biden & his cohorts at Google & Facebook need to be charged with election meddling! Free and fair elections my ass!

  10. What a bunch of erroneous subjective gobbledygook. Alphabet Inc makes alphabet soup. Basically they are allowing themselves to determine if they like what one says as long as it furthers their Marxist causes. All else will be banned.

  11. Only the most ignorant and insouciant idiot who is completely unconcerned about their privacy and their personal data would have ANYTHING to do with Google.

  12. The correct response to disinformation and misinformation is information and facts. Not censorship. But, nope. The most used internet search engine in the world is going to decide 1, what is a sensitive event, and 2. what information is allowable.
    Got it.
    We need to give Google the Bud Light treatment.

  13. Google is colluding with the Chinese Communist Party to install a global surveillance police state. As an example look at Tibet on google map. Every Tibetan place name on the map has been replaced with Chinese names. This means that google is participating in the genocide of the Tibetan language, culture, religion and people.

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