Report: Alaska one of top states seeing biggest jump in gender dysphoria diagnoses


A new insurance claims data report using information from the Atlas All-Payor Claims Dataset reveals that Alaska is among the top states experiencing a dramatic increase in medical and mental health diagnoses of gender dysphoria, a mental health condition in which a person believes they are born with the wrong sexual organs.

Alaska has witnessed the fourth-highest surge in insurance claims related to transgender or gender dysphoria cases, registering a 183% increase from 2018 to 2022.

In that timespan, the report showed that 49 out of 50 U.S. states experienced a remarkable increase in gender dysphoria diagnoses. South Dakota was the sole exception, with a decrease in the number of residents identifying as a different gender than they were born with, as outlined in the report.

Virginia, Indiana, Utah, and Alaska saw the highest rise in gender dysphoria diagnoses among U.S. states.

A significant portion of individuals seeking gender-shifting care, which can include irreversible surgeries, hormone therapies, and other treatments, are under the age of 18. The report indicated that young people now make up approximately 18% of Americans with gender dysphoria, a notable increase from the 10% reported in 2016.

Transgenders are less likely to have college degrees, or be employed, insured, or married, the report said. Additionally, transgender individuals reported having more days of poor mental and physical health compared to their non-transgender peers, according to the data.

Insurance claims for mental services among those with gender dysphoria exploded in the period studied, with 60-minute sessions increasing 127% from 2019 to 2022 (data for 2018 was not available). Insurance claims for 45-minute sessions jumped more than 77% from 2018 to 2022, while claims for 30-minute sessions grew a whopping 177%.

Other common mental health services for patients with gender dysphoria include group and family psychotherapy.

Some states have banned the drastic medical treatments that doctors refer to as “gender-affirming care” for those under the age of 18. Alaska is not one of those states.

Ohio was the 23rd state to ban the treatments for youth, although the state’s Gov. Mike DeWine vetoed the ban; he has since seen that veto overridden by the State House.

The report itself shows a clear bias toward transgender treatment for children and youth, stating that laws banning the gender hormone and surgical treatments for youth have a negative health impact on these individuals.

“Nearly every mainstream medical organization asserts that gender-affirming healthcare, including mental health services and hormone therapy, improves transgender folks’ quality of life and constitutes medically necessary care,” the report states.

Read the report at this link.


  1. It is a type of hysteria that has latched onto younger people and is promoted by the medical-pharma complex (big $$$ to be made there) while being supported by the educational and even religious institutions. I believe that when this house falls, it will fall hard and there will be lawsuits beyond imagining. The “doctors” who prescribe, and the surgeons who cut better have great malpractice insurance.

  2. This will definitely not lower health insurance costs. And when many of these children grow up, lawsuits will abound when they find out how they were played by crazy parents and greedy doctors. Buy your confused child a pony, it’s cheaper, and can be eaten if necessary.

  3. It only takes one or two “enlightened” students to cause an entire campus to turn into a flock of zems/zers. I suspect that the transmafia is actively seeking out and indoctrinating as many vulnerable kids as they can to help spread this insanity.

  4. Our schools! The School Board should all be replaced for not doing their job. We have a chance to do that in Fairbanks, so get out and campaign for conservative candidates, run as a conservative for the School Board and for pity sake, get out and vote for the conservative candidates. If you don’t our kids are doomed to this garbage for another two years, at least! AND lobby our legislators to make changes in our policies and don’t forget the governor’s office! The time is now to get active for our kids. Don’t wait!

  5. it is cruel. The parental relationship is given by the Creator not to “government” but to the natural parents and affirmed theological beliefs for eons. even the Law of Nations recognized by contemporary nations. The status of the child follows the father (male progenitor). That parental linkage is if a child’s father is an American so is he. That parent has all responsibility for his progeny until the child is mature. There is no subject matter or personal authority of civil servants to subsume the parental rights. Where exactly is that delegation in the US Constitution. Such usurpation is criminal kidnapping.

  6. I’m so over these sick freaks I could puke! They are grooming children, ruining families, spreading STDs, and stupid physicians (that are part of the LGBTQ agenda to destroy masculinity). You want something to protest?? This here is it.
    We need to not hire them, not pay attention to them, absolutely do not show them anything but disgust. It’s child abuse to allow any kid to take harmful hormones that will cause permanent problems.
    You can thank Barry Obama and Big Mike for all this.
    It needs to be stopped at all costs!

  7. Does this surprise anyone?

    Here we have rules that prevent counselors from actually exploring the reasons for children’s perceived gender issues. Instead these professionals are only allowed to “affirm” these unexplored feelings. Show me the teenager, who didn’t ask these questions or despised their parents at some point during their adolescence.

    I recently perused the online library offerings for teens. A inordinate number of these books deal with LGBT… themes. Long gone are the days of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys or Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss and Judy Blume. Sad!

  8. When Alaska’s parents both low and high earning parents don’t read books, the kids won’t question anything. They’ll fall for anything. Try anything.
    Starting at day one of a child’s existence the mummy and father Must Read high quality children’s literature plus childrens bible stories to the baby. These days finding those good children’s books mothers of the fifties read to the blessed boomers who had mothers reading to them are getting harder to find.

    The more a child is read to by their parent the closer their bond to their parent plus the better they are at thinking, questioning, and reasoning.

    Our poor Alaskan children they truly are poor.

  9. Of course we are. We are a liberal state which idolizes drag queens and works hard to minimize conservative voices.

    This was predictable. In fact I began predicting this here in Juneau years ago.

  10. It’s impossible to be born with the wrong sexual organs. There’s something seriously wrong mentally with these people and those who are furthering their delusions or actually helping them “transition” should be arrested and put on trial for taking advantage of these mentally ill individuals.

  11. There’s no way that this cannot be grounds for a red flag pertaining to second amendment rights. How is this not a mental illness.
    Would you expect anything different in Alaska’s youth with regards to the unqualified school superintendent that was forced upon us

  12. “Dysphoria, a “mental health condition “in which a person “believes” they are born with the wrong sexual organs.” If it is a “mental condition,” then why are Dr’s trying to change their sex instead of treating them for the mental health condition” they have?

    Gender dysphoria. This refers to the distress that accompanies a person’s stated desire to be another gender.

    So to cure the desire they cut off a few body parts , have the person act like the gender they desire and it goes away………… I don’t think so………

  13. Fluoride in the water and a healthcare system that has created needy people on a variety drugs, along with “buying” loyalty.

  14. Mutilation in the name of compassion… on children…
    Stop the insanity!!!!
    One can’t drink until the age of 21, etc.
    Life isn’t that hard!!!
    but all the social media, etc.
    This is evil !!!

  15. Since when did we start using such percentages, i always though 100 percent was all. Are these case numbers or a percentage, percentage of what? Is this some new math i haven’t heard about? How do you get 274%…..?????

      • No it isn’t.
        The percentage number shows you the increase over the number of cases from the last reporting period. This is much easier to read than actual case numbers. It would be nice to have them to see how many cases there actually are, but for comparisons percentage makes sense.
        Last year you had 2 cases, this year you have 6
        Establish your increase:
        Calculate the percentage of the increase compared to the previous year: (4-2)x100=200%

      • This is not valid. It’s basic statistics. A 200% increase means it tripled, just like a 100% increase means it doubled.

    • It is a mathematical comparison. Using the percentage to compare the former value to the new value.
      If, for example, at the beginning of the study there were 100 gender dysphoria individuals, then multiplying 100 by 274% there would be 274 gender dysphoria individuals at the current level. One could also say that it increased by 2.74 times.

    • We have always used percentages like this.

      When something increases at a rate, we express it in percentages.

      I’ll give you an example. My numbers are made up to show the example. In 2022, there were only 1000 king salmon caught on the Kasilof river. In 2023, there were 2500 king salmon caught. That increase of 1500 fish correlates to a 150% increase in the amount of salmon caught. (2500 / 1000 = 2.50 or 250% of the total caught in 2022) 250% – 100% = 150% increase

      Shown another way, 2500 – 1000 = 1500/1000 = 150% increase

      So to get an increase of 274%, something that happened 100 times in the prior year increased to 374 times in the current year.

  16. So many under 18, and many far younger than that. What kind of human tells a young, impressionable child they need to go under the knife to get a sex change? Pure evil. There will be no lawsuits, DEI is untouchable.

    • Aif a public servant does something outside his express authority he has no immunity. They took an oath to secure and defend the RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE. Illegal group activity over which they have overstepped their express authority and is unconstitutional is void for effect from inception. Private individual do not have subject matter and personal authority over their equal before the law fellow man. None of those individuals bring authority to step in at all to take parental rights this is a usurpation and each one that does it nowes $365,000 treble remedy to the victim.

      When we speak of judiciary we are also speaking of the judging by the people in trials by jury which are guaranteed so NEVER waive the jury trials. i believe juries should recommend payment of remedy to the usurped in each instance of usurpations.

  17. INTERESTING(!!!) … South Dakota is the only State with a Negative trend. They certainly must have their heads screwed on correctly, have solid values and ethics.

  18. How raved up do you really need to get?

    These nimrods butcher their own parts in order to enjoy a guilt free rut w/ members of their own sex. Done right the process results in a subsequent generation with fewer inherited defective genes.

  19. I don’t want to buy this because it’s completely insane. However, I’ll bite. Where is this data from? I see it says from 2018-2022. Is there more recent data? How on earth is Alaska one of 8 states with the highest percentage (I also was raised on the 100% is the top scale- good point Ben) of this insanity? Is this surveying adults or children or both? If this is surveying children, why would anyone ask a child an open-ended question about their gender. It’s one or the other. Female or Male. I don’t believe there are colors on the ethnicity table… If so, I’m picking blue next time. The same applies to genders. There are two. What is confusing about that. I’d like to see Must Read or Alaska Watchman do an actual in-depth follow up on this topic. Why are we trying to reinvent being human again?!

    • You should all consider taking a basic math course before you start making calls on the complexity of the human identity.
      If I have 10 people, and that increases by 100% that means I have 20 people. Because 10 is 100% of 10. 10+10=20.
      If my 10 people increases by 200% then I have 30 people, because 200% of 10 would be 20. 10+20=30.
      So, is it possible that there are other things you don’t understand? Like human sexuality? Maybe that’s a bit more complicated than basic statistics.

    • It is a mathematical comparison. Using the percentage to compare the former value to the new value.
      If, for example, at the beginning of the study there were 100 gender dysphoria individuals, then multiplying 100 by 274% there would be 274 gender dysphoria individuals at the current level. One could also say that it increased by 2.74 times.

  20. Our children live a tougher lifestyle up here. Sometimes they don’t get the attention they need and that’s when they strike. Shrinks need to quit saying kids will commit suicide if not called right pronoun. Well village kids have been killing themselves at an alarming rate since the family unit was split. These kids fall for anything for attention and to belong. Kids are starting to sue and win lawsuits against these people pushing children to harm themselves. When they start losing money they will stop. That’s All this is, a lifetime of medical treatments and pills. You can’t escape once they suck you in. If at all possible Homeschool your children and don’t allow them to be brainwashed.

    • Jefferson, I absolutely agree.
      Hey, in fact I think I said exactly that!
      Is this really Jefferson or Claudine Gay?

  21. What this report is not showing is that gender dysphoria is largely due to environmental factors, primarily the incessant bombarding of information that encourages young people to accept and adopt the behavior of transgenders. This method of teaching, some will call it brainwashing, is due to the continued efforts of radicals with an agenda to transform our society.
    The slow and steady flow of information to young people, combined with rewards-based outcome has thrown young people into total confusion. Without the guidance of reasoned parents, spiritual advisors, and well-meaning teachers, our country is quickly succumbing and devolving into a pathosexual society.

      • Korny,
        the public schools. The focal point of where the kids pick up most of their learned behavior. And the internet, after school.

      • Yes. Plenty. Statistical data from the past seven decades shows very little transgender
        reporting in public schools up until about 2005-2010, when it started becoming a media topic. A longitudinal study shows that transgenderism was dealt with and treated as a mental illness, though some outlier cases can be attributed to chromosome phenomena and biological interruptions. But the majority of the cases seem to be a result of media and political driven acceptance. Children naturally pattern much of their behavior around social constructs from their environment. The LGBTQ agenda includes accelerating an acceptance all the way down into the grammer schools, where social imprinting has it’s roots. By the time these kids are in high school, their social behavior has incrementally moved into an area which many adults would consider abnormal, maybe perversional, behavior. Yes, the LGBTQ movement has woven itself tightly into the public school system and that’s why you see an explosion of highly confused young adults who really don’t know their own sexual identity. The LGBTQ promoters are pushing their agenda into mainstream, which shows that a small minority of sexual misidentifiers can profoundly impact our culture, and not for the better.

  22. I treat “new data” the same as I treat the “latest poll numbers” 😳
    It all depends on who is pushing the narrative. I find this “new data” that places Alaska as the highest ranked with gender dysphoria bull shit!

    • You can THANK the whole covid quarantine for that.. yes, we are gradually getting back to living, but it really started back then and the youth couldn’t participate in sports or their other activities.. Yes we ARE recovering, but it doesn’t happen overnight.probably in another year or so, thing will change for the better..Higher expenses and the cost of living has caused alot of this.,.

  23. It’s all Satan’s religion of feminist witchcraft androgeny and the more people buy in, the more they are asked to believe, sacrifice, and cut off. God’s masculine religion of father rule patriarchy and womanly feminity is diametrically opposed. The solution is found in God’s rule, a return to the Father of lights.
    James 1:17
    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

  24. The FAA is looking to hire people with these specific mental illnesses to maintain air transport safety, and the marines to recruit them to bring the military to proper combat readiness for continuing the endless starting and then losing wars program. The “mainstream” medical organizations (code word for hospitals including Alaska Native Health, and doctors who prostitute themselves for Big Pharma financial remuneration) are more than willing to castrate and physically/emotionally assault and deform children for money. Just as they are all in on pressuring parents to jab their children with “vaccines”. “Some states have banned the drastic medical treatments…, Alaska is not one of those states.” The Dunleavy administration and the AK legislature do nothing to protect the public from exploitation by woke big businesses. Yet they call themselves “Republicans”!

  25. Rumors can become “the truth” if enough people believe them.
    The rumor mill or in this case planned polls of gender dysphoria were more than likely planned by Mr.Levin, the alphabet people group, the Mat-Su health foundations among other health groups trying to get those bucks to butcher kids.
    Hollywood agents often start bad rumors to make you pay attention to a dwindling celebrity.

    Parents, spend time with your kids- talk to them, teach them about morals, get them the f away from their phones, their tvs, and other electronics- Make damn sure you get to know the parents of their friends- what they teach their children is just as important as what you teach yours.
    They are boring – but go to those school board meetings, those PTA meetings, make regular visits to speak with their teachers , again … pay attention to the adults in your children’s lives- are they teaching other children and yours.
    Also make sure you give your children full permission to walk out of any class that teaching them about this crap.They need you to help protect themselves against the grotesque people.

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