Godwin’s law: Comparing Bronson to Hitler is Dunbar’s latest bizarre campaign tactic


A comic-book image that portrays mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar as Captain America and his competitor Dave Bronson as Hitler has been approved and adopted by Scott Kendall, former Gov. Bill Walker’s chief of staff.

The mayoral election taking place in Anchorage may be evidence of Godwin’s law or “Godwin’s Law (or rule) of Nazi Analogies,” an Internet term that asserts that as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler becomes more likely. Now it evidently applies to political campaigns.

Kendall, the architect of ranked-choice voting and jungle primary elections with Ballot Measure 2, is using the image of Hitler being punched in the jaw on his personal Facebook profile. Kendall is also the architect of the Recall Dunleavy campaign, which may foreshadow campaign strategies to come if the recall election ever makes it to the ballot.

Far-left Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant, and Alaskans for Better Elections (Ballot Measure 2) Director Jason Grenn and Shea Siegert, also of the Dunbar campaign, all indicated their approval of the new profile photo Kendall chose by hitting the “like” option on Facebook.

Bronson supporter Dave Stieren raised an eyebrow over the “Bronson and his supporters are literally Nazis” tactic. The election ends at 8 pm on May 11.

The Holocaust.

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  1. This is a perfect indication of the sort of foolishness Dunbar will bring to the mayoral office should he, God forbid, be elected. Eagle River conservatives, get off your butt and vote!

  2. Peplow, in an interview Friday, said he didn’t seek authorization from the union. He said he won’t retract his statement.

    Peplow said his reference to hundreds of union members supporting Bronson refers to members of various unions, not just Local 71, that he has met in Alaska.

  3. Unions are scarred that Bronson will remove the punch bowl…peak desperation from the dems at this point…really a good sign for the Bronson camp IMO.

  4. Democrats, who are always lacking even the tiniest shred of self awareness, always accuse their opposition of what they themselves are guilty of.
    Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist Party, and the Nazis were the ultimate purveyors of identity politics and racial hatred……..just like today’s Democrats.

  5. The left accuses you of what they are. Bigoted, fascistic, greedy, misogynistic, you name it. An honest interpretation of the ad, is that Bronson is the one with the shield..

  6. OLD TACTIC!! Outdated. No longer works. Kendall has been smoking too much pot with his dad-in-law, Luke Hopkins, former mayor up in Fairbanks. These dufus’ are running out of ideas. Maybe Blackface? Brownface? Something a little more CRT oriented, while the game lasts? These pot addicts are going to start succumbing to SARS 2 (Covid), or the vax. Their DNA is already screwed up through breeding. The vax mRNA will accelerate extraneous commorbidity, especially for heavy-duty pot smokers.
    The brain cells are getting mushy. It’s only a matter of time.

  7. Let’s bring in the clowns and superheroes with the Nazis into this. Too much there, Dunbar.

  8. So says the white man who’d never change the Alaska Democrat Chair, staff, leadership next 2022 with anyone except an anglo saxon.

    You want to take race! Put a mirror up in front of Alaska Democrat party’s staff and leadership. Then explain why Democrat leadership are all from the same heritage and social-economic background.

    Scott Kendall is in an influential position he can make the Alaska Democrats all BIPOC leadership, it just means people like himself and Dunbar got to step down, if they and their white crowd werent prejudice themselves.

  9. Here is some weaponized irony: If you study history you know the Nazis were fascinated with peoples lineage. It could be said the woke warriors of today bear more of a resemblance to the goose stepping idiots of the past than anybody else with their apparent fascination with all things superficial i.e. race gender and the plethora of other “victim” categories they seem to dream up daily. As for me I prefer to adhere to the wise words of Dr. King and asses people by the content of their character.

  10. My father served in WW2, to defend a person’s right to make dumb analogies. And so they don’t end up being stacked like cordwood for doing so. When one tries to signal virtue through false moral equivalencies, assume that person has a broken moral compass.

  11. Captain Dunbar to the rescue in a pink satin skirt and velvet high heels? Try putting that graphic up on a dumptruck. ??

  12. Cant the democrats see the irony? They really do like calling the kettle black, don’t they! LOL

  13. The fact that A guy who took a lead role in destroying any illusion of property rights, individualism, autonomy and installed an unelected dictator is portraying anyone to be a Nazi is rich. also by woke standards isn’t this tantamount to antisemitism

    How does the old saying go ”Accuse the other guy of what you really are”

  14. Is Kendall smoking- up pot with his father-in-law again, or is he getting blitzed with Adam Wool?

  15. Dunbar, his campaign team, and all his supporters are naked and ashamed and need to cover up, because they have nothing worthy to show!!

  16. Remember to vote people!!!

    Vote Bronson = FREEDOM

    Vote Dunbar = Loser, Wearing Masks for Ever, Higher Taxes, You name it. Let the burnings begin. Anchorage/Portland 2.0

  17. This is why I detest when conservatives, or people claiming to be conservatives, accuse liberals of being Nazis. Just let the left make fools of themselves, Let’s not make fools of ourselves. When people who literally endorse fascist tendencies accuse their opponents of being fascists then we should be able to point out the fact that they are the fascists, it’s not that difficult when they serve it up on a golden platter. Forrest Dunbar has endorsed fascist ideology and causes, now his backers are claiming he is fighting against fascism, he and his backers are full of feces.
    This isn’t a hard concept to figure out, unless you are brainwashed.

  18. When truth, facts, and intellect go missing play the race card. Throw in some Nazi, neo Nazi, homophobe, white supremacist, etc…This is the Democrat Lefts’ default and final hail Mary.

  19. Dunbar votes to shred the constitution by taking away the individual rights guaranteed us in that document, then points the finger at the man that wants those rights restored. Typical elementary school yard crap from someone that behaves like a spoiled brat. Bronson for mayor!!

  20. Tim, everything that progressives accuse others of, they are themselves. Every racist, every white supremacist I have known was a liberal. Some hide it better than others but they all proclaim it. In earlier days it came with a white hood. LBJ used the power of paternalism to give ‘them just enough to get by but not enough to get ahead. I’ll have them voting democrat for 200 years.’ (look up for the exact racist terms used) Today it is ‘voter suppression’ because they truly believe that people of color lack the intelligence and drive to get the same as ID needed for paternalistic SNAP benefits. As the parent of children of color I’ve seen first hand their racism and it disgusts me.

  21. This might good be a time for folks to take a moment to read some educational material:

    Hitler’s Willing Executioners by Goldhagen

    The Avengers by Cohen

    The “Voyage of the Damned” by Thomas and Morgan Witts

    and let us not forget because we clearly have

    Rohingya genocide

    Uighurs genocide


  22. Jeff talking about genocides when he thinks abortion is a grand thing. Maybe you should take a moment to pry yourself away from your dog and look up the meaning of the word Hypocrite.

  23. Dunbar should look in the mirror and trim his little Hitler mustache. Nazis are the ones who burned books just like Dunbar’s party bans them.

  24. The headline says this was done by Dunbar’s campaign but I read to the end and couldn’t find where it said how Dunbar is responsible

  25. Question: What would Dunbar’s campaign look like if the COVID Panicdemic never happened?
    Seriously, is there an ad, flyer, or commercial where he does not declare that he can “beat” COVID? At best, I guess beating COVID means giving him dictator level powers indefinitely, and doing what he says. Any questioning of his authority is “ignoring” COVID.

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