Glen Biegel: The seven politically deadly sins of Lisa Murkowski



I know many who desperately want to support Sen. Lisa Murkowski.  Over 20 years, Murkowski has made personal connections to many people I know. They have worked with her, fought beside her, and many have spoken to her or know her personally. 

The folks who elected Murkowski over the last 20 years are often good, conservative, salt-of-the-earth people. This piece is written to present an honest opinion that the Murkowski you knew 20, 15, or even 5 years ago is not the person who has become the most left-wing Republican in the Senate in our nation’s history.

As I present the ways Murkowski has moved away from you, please conscientiously reconsider putting Murkowski as your first, second, or third choice on the ranked choice ballot.

1. Trust – Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships. – Stephen Covey

Murkowski was the sole Republican supporting the left-wing election tampering bill, blaming Republicans for wanting one person, one vote and open, free, and fair elections

2. Wisdom – A person must be big enough to admit mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. – John C. Maxwell

Murkowski was the sole Republican to fail to vote for Justice Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

3. Consistency – It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently. – Tony Robbins

Murkowski fell in love with her “independent” status: She voted for Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, and she opposed the Pebble Mine process.

4. Values – It is our choice of good or evil that determines our character, not our opinion about good or evil. – Aristotle

We need only watch her on codifying Roe v. Wade and federally redefined marriage

5. Representing Alaska – “I mean, I’m not here to be the representative of the Republican Party. I’m here to be the representative for Alaskan people. And I take that charge very, very seriously. So, when there is a conflict, when the party is taking an approach or saying things that I think are just absolutely wrong, I think it’s my responsibility, as an Alaskan senator speaking out for Alaskans, to just speak the truth.” – Lisa Murkowski on CNN

Environmentalists love Murkowski’s support for Biden’s appointments like Interior Sec. Deb. Haaland. And whatever you think of Trump personally, there is no question his presidency was fantastic for Alaska. Murkowski, however, did not vote for Trump.  Also, her campaign is funded almost entirely by Lower 48 special interests.

6. Priorities – If you knew Murkowski in the past, that doesn’t mean she represents you today. 

How do conservatives and public unions both support Murkowski? See these links: Public Unions Support Lisa, Global Warming 5 Years ago and now.

7. Where do you fit in with Murkowski’s new group of friends?

What happened 12 years ago remains very relevant today.  After losing to Joe Miller in the 2010 primary, Murkowski stood on stage with the NEA and public unions to announce her plan to get back to the Senate.  Doing so, she made a fundamental move away from you, to her new group of friends. Over the last several years, these are friends she has gotten to know even better, follow more closely, and rarely or never break trust with.

Is that what she still does for you, never breaks your trust, fellow conservative?

Glen Biegel is a talk show host and cyber security professional in Anchorage.

Report: At least 72 now reporting missing ballots in Anchorage; voters encouraged to go to Loussac Library, or City Hall to vote


  1. Nailed it sir, and thank you. I rank Kelly 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th. And will beg Lisa here and now please ma’am resign your post immediately. We deserve a fresh new start over here you bet we do Alaskans, Kelly Kelly Kelly. Thank you must read Alaska Suzanne of truth.

  2. As I contemplate “Daddy’s Little Princess” I cant help but recognize the significant gap in alignment between her and the Alaska GOP Party Platform. For reference, it can be found here … ‘
    Additionally, I find it extremely difficult to find any meaningful and real “Fundamental Virtue” that we expect of an alerted leader. She simply is devoid wholeheartedly of any quality virtues. In all honesty, her greatest accomplishment is winning the “Manchurian Candidate Award” year after year, all of which, her legacy will be tarnished and stained; for which, Alaska and Alaskans will have to endure the embarrassment, pain and stench for years // decades to come.

  3. Plans were rife in DC to deliver the assets of America to a slew of takers across the world. THERE were attempts on President Trump’s life which were implemented and thwarted. He stood up and said no way are we turning this country over to those we fought in the revolution who we are obliged to now negotiate with. And those oppositional to our republic are to this day still furious about this. Lisa Murkowski was in rocks and hard places. We need people who will without a doubt stand willingly for the republic and US Constitution and stay in constant prayer for God’s miraculous Kingdom to come as Jesus taught at this point.

  4. From Wiki- “In politics, triangulation is a strategy associated with U.S. president Bill Clinton in the 1990s. The politician presents a position as being above or between the left and right sides (or “wings”) of a democratic political spectrum. It involves adopting for oneself some of the ideas of one’s political opponent.”
    Plus she bought votes with taxpayer money on the northern tier to win the primary. That’s what taxes are good for, bribing or blackmailing you with your own (grandchildren’s) money.

  5. I appreciate Lisa’s ability to consider complex issues and make a reasonable decision rather than blindly voting the party line. We need more like her.

    • Ahh… how simplistic of a view you have.
      Reasonable decisions. Like ensuring Brett Kavanaugh is appointed to the Supreme Court by voting Present, which annoyed her liberal supports.
      Or, being the deciding vote on Haaland, knowing full well that as Sec of the Interior she would take every action possible to restrict or stop oil and mining production. Which annoyed pretty much everyone in Alaska.
      If you see that as “considering complex issues” instead of the self promoting political grandstanding it is, then your blindness is admirable.

  6. I met Ms. Murkowski in person at the state fair many years ago. Oddly enough, she was handing out pocket size copies of our beloved Constitution. I already had one, but one can never have too many copies, or I thought I might pass it along to someone else in need someday. I have often wondered if she has actually read it in it’s entirety or if, as she claims, she actually has… does she understand it. Based on several of her comments and even more of her actions, I would say no. There will NEVER be a filled in oval on my so-called ballot next to her name, be it first, second, or hundred and second “choice”.

  7. Is it not possible that Ms. Murkowski suffers from the same slowly increasing dementia that seems to be endemic in Washington? Not to late to pray for her health but I fear asking for remission might be unreasonable at this late date.

    • Lisa may have the problem that I’m now having. I can’t remember a g’damn thing. But I can tell you her mom would never commit any of those deadly sins. The eight deadly sin, which you failed to mention, would have caused Lisa to never have entered this world. We are committed Catholics. Anything less, and you go straight to Purgatory, whether or not you call Washington, DC your official residence.

  8. I will rank the red. Murkowski will be at the bottom of that but she still would be more desired than the lefter leaning choices.

  9. Spot on, Glen! Thank you for writing this. Her 7th deadly sin is the most evil. That’s when she sold her soul to the devil. And voila, she is pictured with one of the devils here. 🙂

    My dear Alaskans, vote for Kelly Tshibaka, or Alaska will lose with more of Murkowski’s betrayals.

  10. The suggestion that Lisa Murkowski “has become the most left-wing Republican in the Senate in our nation’s history” is pretty wild. Remember when there actually used to be Senators who called themselves “liberal Republicans,” like Jacob Javits? By what standard is Lisa more liberal than, say, Lowell Weicker?

        • Lucinda: You are not a far right extremist. Not even close.
          However, my distinction:
          A liberal is someone who is open minded, tolerant, and will leave you alone to live your life.
          A leftist is someone who thinks the collective is more important than the individual. Who thinks Government should be there to take care of everyone. Who thinks the all powerful State is more important than individual choice.
          A liberal does not care that you are black, gay, trans, white, orange, asian, etc…
          A leftist DEMANDS that you celebrate the black/gay/trans/etc… and celebrate it with fervor. Not doing so is tantamount to physical violence.
          A liberal will turn off the TV, radio, or stop the streaming service if they do not like what is on.
          A leftist will demand the TV station drop the show, or they will contact the advertisers and ruin the station’s revenue stream.
          A liberal will not purchase a product from Mike Lindell if they do not like his political stance.
          A leftist will demand every store in the nation stop selling his products.
          The political left stopped being liberal decades ago.

        • Just thought of a current example.
          A liberal takes care of their own health, and will wear a mask, isolate, or take other precautions in order to avoid disease. If they see someone without a mask, they will leave the area.
          A leftist demands you wear a mask and get vaccinated in order to protect them from disease. If they see someone without a mask on they will demand the authorities force them to wear a mask, or have them removed from the public area.

          • I love this. I was ready to pen something similar, but you beat me to it, and you probably did a better job than I would have!

            I always say, I am more socially liberal than most of the left, and more fiscally conservative than almost all on the right.

            I follow the principles above. Thank you for your clear articulation!

        • Lucinda:
          My assessment of a leftist was too kind. No where near as harsh as history has demonstrated. I was being kind.

        • Not too soft at all. And, nothing to do with anger at all.
          History is clear. Every genocide ever committed was carried out by leftists. Pol Pot, Castro, Stalin, Hitler, etc… Even here in the USA leftists are responsible for the most horrific black eyes on our history. When the Japanese were rounded up during WWII, it was on the orders of a leftist. The KKK was formed by leftists.
          Even today, leftists in the US government are pushing for legislation that will severely impact the lives of millions. The so-called green new deal will result in millions of people starving, millions more ending up in poverty. COVID proved that leftists are the most restrictive and damaging individuals in public life. Right now, the leftists on the Assembly are taking every action they can to strip authority away from the Executive branch.
          Your HOA chairman/president is almost guaranteed to be a leftist. Tell me, do you get a citation for letting your grass grow 1/8″ higher than allowed? Do you get warnings because your trash bin is visible after 6PM? Then your HOA is run by a leftist.
          I am being kind. There is nothing about leftists that is about tolerance or liberal in any way. It is all about control, power. Perhaps you have examples of a leftist not attempting to force their will on others, but frankly I cannot find a single one.

  11. Ranked choice was designed by the Walker cabal and pimped by Mike Porcaro to permanently change the Alaska political landscape.

    At best, it’s a naive attempt to save Republicans from their stupid and juvenile style of running for office. This is what I prefer to think Porcaro was shooting for.

    It’s real intent is clearly in play right now. The GOP, as usual, is acting like 3 year olds fighting over crayons. The left (this includes Princess) will sit back and wait. The GOP will break most of the crayons and go pout. The Democrat will pick up what’s left and actually use them.

    The pro and con Sarah forces are so busy making purity proclamations (most won’t bother to vote anyway) Mary P just sits and waits until they all go home mad. Then she wins.

    Same in play for Princess. Kelly and the Democrat non entity fight over the scraps. Princess, supported by unions, teachers, and Democrats waltzes back in.

    The Democrats PLAN. The Republicans are in kindergarten.

  12. The only issue I would take with this piece is that I’m not actually sure anyone wanting to vote for Lisa is a “good” person. That is a tough sell…

  13. The problem here as I see it is twofold. Too much outside money pouring in for her re election and people do not pay attention to the issues and how she votes. Her promotion for Abortion and her being a Catholic is so hypocritical that I cannot look at the ad for her on this page next to this great article.

  14. The problem with this opinion piece is that it makes statements and then Biegel does intellectual gymnastics of others quotes to make the point. What he fails to understand is that Senator Murkowski represents more than the far right of center of Alaska. The echo chamber for her opponent, Kelly is the same harp and song that accompanied Joe Miller. How did that movie work out? Fact is that Murkowski represents all Alaskans well, including right-of-center Alaskans that do not blindly do robotic party jumping jacks or take orders from misplaced Mir A Lago sirens.
    Murkowski delivers for Alaska-Veterans, Toursim Industry, Fishing Industry, Infrastructure Industry, and Energy. Kelly is a political kindergartner by comparison and puts Alaska at risk. The Biegal socio babel and emotional issues are enticing but at the end of the day, they fail to address what is really important to every day Alakans: “deliver” economics, jobs, infrastructure or prosperity for Alaska.
    Alaska cannot afford prima donnas or another puppet type Taylor Greene or Matt Gaetz style politician representing Alaska that are ethically challenged. Kelly unfortunately is in this group- on even simple things like illegally claiming Alaska residence on fishing licenses despite being a Harvard trained attorney (an ethical strike out for Kelly). The Polls and Las Vegas odds show Murkowski for another 6 years. Bet on it. The only sin of Lisa Murkowski is that she represents and fights for all of Alaska and not a select group/echo chamber.

    • What’s been “delivered” is $30 trillion in debt to us fierce, proud, independent Alaskans (our descendants, actually). Remind me again who’s “ethically challenged”.

    • Why does Lisa produce false ads about birth control? Does she not know the difference between birth control pills and abortion pills?

      Why does Lisa vote for so much pork? Doesn’t she understand how harmful excessive spending can impact the economy? If everyone treated their budget the same way, we’d all be bankrupt.

      Why does Lisa stand with a corrupt President? Why is our strategic reserve oil being shipped to Hunter’s CCP company? As a member of the Energy and Natural Resource Committee, shouldn’t she stop this?

    • “Murkowski delivers for Alaska-Veterans, Toursim Industry, Fishing Industry, Infrastructure Industry, and Energy.”
      You mean like opening ANWR for oil exploration, but then voting for a Sec of the Interior who will never issue a permit? That kind of delivery? A meaningless, futile gesture?
      “on even simple things like illegally claiming Alaska residence on fishing licenses despite being a Harvard trained attorney (an ethical strike out for Kelly).”
      What? Look, I know I am not a lawyer, and I am not completely up on AK State Code and Regulations, but I am pretty sure where you want to college is not a disqualifier for getting an AK resident fishing license.

  15. Kelly is our only chance at adequate representation.

    I too, will be bullet voting for Kelly.

  16. Voted down Justice K, but voted up Ms. Brown-Jackson?
    Pretty much says it all.
    The woman is a Democrat.

  17. The core of Lisa’s re-election campaign is “experienced leadership and her senior Appropriations Committee position through which she is taking care of Alaska”. She says this herself over and over in her commercials, she pounds home the point that she’s Alaska’s pork barrel queen and that’s what’s best for Alaska-Lisa’s pork. But the truth is that Lisa had multiple opportunities to open ANWR from the unbeatable high ground with our proposed N.E.W./ANWR legislation that splits ANWR’s governmental revenue 1/3rd National Endowment for Wildlife N.E.W., 1/3rd Alaska, and 1/3rd federal government, with us her own constituents and major donners to boot, personifying the legislation. We literally put it in her hands right from when we first met her in October of 1999 and she solicited us for money for her campaign, her father’s campaign, and even her sister’s campaign. We helped them all with thousands of dollars. Yet, for more than 2 long lying decades, Lisa has failed to open ANWR voluntary so that she could TALK ANWR BUT DO PORK that benefits her, not America, not Alaska, and not wildlife. Imagine what a trillion dollars worth of ANWR oil and gas would mean to our country, our state, and wildlife too, over the past 20 years. Imagine today’s economy in America and Alaska and buck fifty gas with our pipeline full of ANWR’s oil, and a full gas line too. So what’s more important to our country and Alaska, Lisa’s self-benefiting pork or ANWR oil and gas that she’s voluntarily failed to deliver on? Indeed, ask Lisa, or ask Glen who now has the proof of Lisa’s lying! Ted and Francoise GIANOUTSOS, Anchorage, Alaska

      • No it isn’t.
        There is no substitute that has anywhere near the energy per gram. Not a single one.
        It is a luxury of a wealthy nation to care about the environment. When that nation places caring about the environment before maintaining that wealth, that nation will lose both their wealth and the environment.
        Starving the economy of an energy source that as abundant and inexpensive as carbon based fuels has only one inevitable outcome. The economy will crash to the point that people will stop caring about carbon emissions. Do you see 3rd world countries caring about pollution? Neither do I, but cut out carbon based fuels before we have an equivalent replacement and that is exactly what will happen in the USA.

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