Gay politics: Anchorage man rages at Assembly because two gay-theme books are not in public library


“Maurice,” is a gay-themed romance novel, considered mediocre by literary standards, by author E. M. Forster. It was published posthumously. “2020” is a collection of poetry by poet Louise Gluck that won the Nobel Prize.

An Anchorage man, River Ramuglia used his three minutes at the podium on Tuesday night to rage at the Anchorage Assembly because these two books are not in the Loussac Library collection.

The Gluck poetry collection is available in the library’s collection of e-books. The Forster novel is available at the UAA library, but is not in the Anchorage Public Library stacks. It is widely available online as a free download, however, all over the internet.

The two books, according to Ramuglia, saved his life as a gay man. He threw his copies down and called them his “carcass.”

Assemblyman Chris Constant was aghast, and agreed with Ramuglia that the Forster gay romance novel should be in the library.

The man also demanded that the Bronson Administration allow him to interview the nominee for library director. Watch his testimony:


  1. Gay Lives Matter! Who creates all this BS? More extreme division for Americans. LGBTQ comprises less than 10% of the population. But educators, writers, Democrats and Hollywood want the numbers to go above 50%. That’s why the Big Push.

  2. There are probably hundreds of thousands of books that are not in the library catalog.
    What makes this guy so special that his politics must rule the day? That the Municipality must bend to his will? if he wants these books in the library collection, how about he purchase them and donate them to the library?
    Why is it that the toddler maturity level leftists must demand everyone else spend their time and money to satisfy their wants?

  3. Grow up Seymour. There were books I wanted in the library that weren’t there either.

    Did you ask if they could be gotten?
    If they were elsewhere in the system?
    Or did you just piss yourself while throwing your tantrum?

    I think the next time he interviews for a job I should be allowed to interview him.

  4. I didn’t care for his commentary. I have no desire to read such material. I don’t want exposure to this angle either. Nor do I want this for any member of my beloved family. We didn’t have much but each other. We held our heads up in self respect and respect for others. If you walk with wise persons you will become wise (scripture). A man of little means has few friends (scripture). Friendship is available among peers (secular adage). So how can you walk with a wise person like Zbigniew Bresezinski who is now dead and was a wealthy globalist elitist if you are a poor, uncurious, lazy, self-pitying student? You can go to the library and check out his books. They are not cartoons or pictorials. You will learn something if you are humble enough to learn a new thing. Try it.

  5. Scream it shout it tell the world about it. The Bible you bet sir. I think Adam and Steve best be a bit humble and quiet about ones life style. We all figure it out no one is above the other. The most important book is in our library it is the Bible lots of them are there. Citizen integrity sir.

  6. He listed a pretty impressive resume, seeing a man who learn to appreciate books from a young age is encouraging and encouraging to see a youth reading. There is not enough youth who read. If more alaskan youth read and followed jesus he wouldn’t been bullied that much. There is a question maybe the three libraries did once carry a copy but it was weeded when no one checked it out. I see the libraries have its own algorithm it fairly weeds out books that hadn’t been checked out. These two books are entertainment books and not considered research and history.

    • This is why christians and conservatives must use the public library, so the book genres we gravitate toward stay in the stacks, and the liberal authors are weeded out by lack of interest.

    • Men and women read from an early age and are sometimes tutored and there is nothing extraordinary about it. It happens often. Some of them are appreciative of Christ and are bullied a great deal in spite of their faith. It is an exaggeration that that someone who reads is exceptional. Reading is the norm in America.

  7. “Chris Constant was aghast.”
    Chris Constant has certainly caused innumerable Anchorage residents to be aghast themselves, all due to his blatant hypocrisy, dishonesty and sociopathy.

  8. Sheesh. Not only is this person Gay, he/she/it is mentally ill as well. My suggestion to the Mayor is to let them speak….they are not doing themselves any favors like this.

  9. The way you handle this idiot Libtard, is to ignore him. Do not give the baby any reaction to his tantrum. This is a prime example of how the left works, how they think, and the type of people they enjoy. If they don’t get their way, they cry and scream and stomp their feet. Sorry little man. The mayor is an adult, and is doing exactly what is necessary. Hiring a librarian without an agenda for the Anchorage people. Ramuglia is a childish baby, Constant is a freak, and if Mayor Bronson caves to any of this mess, they all lose. Let them throw tantrums! Look the other way!

  10. I am angry that any gay books are in the library so they must be removed. Seagulls are ok but I don’t like them at the beach so they must be removed. And there must be a statue somewhere that offends me, I’ll let you know so you can remove it. Chris Constant reminds me of a cousin I don’t like so he must go.

  11. Did he speak with the library staff? Did he write letters asking questions? Or did he just throw a temper tantrum like a spoiled brat demanding things of other adults? If movies have an age appropriate rating, why not books (just asking)? Also, what is this push with sexual themes as of late? It literally sounds like a bunch of pervs needing a fix.

  12. Obama was awarded the Nobel prize as well, evidently just for winning an election. Dr. Phil would be the appropriate forum to direct your hurt feelings and discuss your unhappy childhood, not the assembly meetings. Modern culture has created many confused “ adults “, growing up in a single parent household seems to be the root of most of the problems. As members of society, we feel apathetic but life must go on and there are very important issues that the government needs to work on, besides your personal issues.Life is not, nor ever will be, fair.

  13. He’s a doctor! He’s read books! He will teach you. With ultimate disdain. He will become flustered and be the same bully he feels he was ostracized by in high school. But now he is a DOCTOR! So listen to him or die! The reality is this is a sad man that could never deal with the struggles all people go through in high school. And now he wants to CANCEL YOU! This is the kind of guy that becomes a shooter. Full of emotion and out of control of himself. Pure anger. Can’t help you at this point, Doctor. You seem to be a lost cause.

  14. Sigh! I guess Chris Constant missed this gentleman’s insult, implying that the assembly was incapable of interviewing the new library nominee and should patiently wait while he interviews and assesses qualifications in private and then reports back to them. What height of arrogance! Furthermore if these book were truly so precious to him, he would treat them with more respect that throwing them on the floor.

  15. After 8 adjustments of his politically mandated face covering, Ramuglia finally realizes that it is so poorly designed/constructed/deployed that it will not withstand even a moderate drama queen tantrum, and gives up completely, spreading his deadly China Flu to all the healthy LGBQ√∞ cheering children (satire) throughout the chamber, a proper numpty he is.

  16. All you have to do is put in a requisition request. I wonder if he did that already? I know I’ve sought books in the anchorage library, which were not there, but did come in via inter library loan. I’m a Catholic. I’m not aware of a dedicated “Catholic book” section at Loussac. I’m not pitching a hissy over it!

  17. In Italy only about twenty percent of the population reads one book a year. In America the percentage of readers is much higher. Cultural differences.

  18. Gay bashing is about all you Trumper freaks have left. Hahaha! Oh, and racism. Can’t forget that.

    • Bonehead, to criticize one homosexual, who is clearly mentally disturbed, is in no way criticizing ALL homosexuals. That’s Logic 101, which you clearly failed.

    • “If you don’t vote for me, then you’re not black.” — Copyright Joe Biden (Democrat).

  19. I suppose he would be happier if all the books were gay themed and he could burn all the books that aren’t. Lots of things in this world that I want too but it’s not anybody’s job to supply it for me. My goodness, these liberals are such sensitive entitled souls! POOR BABY!

  20. I’m with Assemblyman Chris Constant on this. And please research your article accurately. (1) E. M. Forster’s novel ‘Maurice’ is NOT ‘considered mediocre by literary standards’. ‘Maurice’ was certainly underrated in 1971 when it was first published … because its publication in the era of 1970s gay lib made it seem old-fashioned. But it is a wonderful novel, and regarded a lot more highly now, not solely by LGBTQ readers. (2) It is simply untrue that ‘Maurice’ is available as a free download ‘all over the Internet’. (Your linked copy is read-on-screen, looks like it’s probably an illegal knock-off, and – for readers who care about context – not the best edition.)
    The public-library user who was upset that the Anchorage library didn’t stock this classic novel (written more than 100 years ago, and not even sexually explicit) is far from alone in testifying that ‘Maurice’ has ‘saved his life as a gay man’. It is a perfectly reasonable novel for a public library to stock – unless you want to be like (say) Putin’s Russia.

    • This will be the tip of the censorship iceberg, a slippery slope, as always:


  21. We clearly should just ban and burn all books–except of course the Good Lord’s word (well, maybe we can let that violent Old Testament be put to rest). Based on the thought-level of the commenters here, the books won’t be missed.

  22. Wow! He basically threatens suicide if the library doesn’t provide his gay porn to him. And Chris Constant coddles him. This man is unhinged. He is not well and should be put on suicide watch.

    I want someone to tell him it’s not the lack of access to porn that’s causing the pain he’s feeling inside. Like seriously if he was suicidal before and suicidal now, did the books actually help him? No sane adult behaves like this.

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