States Newsroom in Alaska will soon be largest political news organization in state


The States Newsroom, a progressive news organization funded by liberal philanthropic interests, will soon have the largest staff of political reporters in Alaska.

Yereth Rosen has announced she has been hired as the news organization’s fourth employee, working out of Anchorage. She has been working as a writer for Reuters, and for Arctic Today, an online publication owned by Alice Rogoff, former owner of the Alaska Dispatch News, which is now the Anchorage Daily News. She was also a reporter for the Alaska Dispatch News.

Rosen joins Andrew Kitchenman, who is leaving KTOO-FM’s newsroom; James Brooks, who is leaving the Anchorage Daily News; and Lisa Phu, who is leaving the Juneau Police Department, where she was a public information specialist.

Rosen will cover political news from Anchorage, while Kitchenman, Brooks, and Phu are based in the capital city.

The States Newsroom characterizers itself as an unbiased news source but is ideologically driven and backed by some of the biggest names in dark money in politics, including the Arabella Advisors, the Hopewell Fund, and others who have given to the news project, which intends to shape the narrative toward the Democratic Party. States Newsroom is tax-exempt and was listed by the Nieman Foundation for Journalism as a collection of “hyper partisan sites … masquerading as local news.”


  1. “They want to control the narrative…” Translation: political liars who want to cancel the truth and anything from the center rightward… Keep up the good work Suzanne – and out these fraudulent carpetbaggers whenever and wherever you get the chance.

  2. Ohh boy, lets wake up people. People and companies can have differing opinions, but not if hiding. I am for integrity.

  3. Suzanne, I must appeal to you to PLEASE stop using the Orwellian and self-serving propaganda of the radical left, who are NOT liberal and NOT “progressive” in any way. They are purely statist and authoritarian, with a rigidly dogmatic and insane ideology that brooks no questioning and certainly no dissent. Today’s radical left is in fact the very antithesis of “liberal” and “Progressive”, and you play into their hands every time you incorrectly label them as such.

    • Yet, Jefferson, Marjorie Taylor-Greene wanted Trump to call for Marshall [sic] law. How’s THAT for authoritarian? Tennessee state Rep. Jerry Sexton said “I would burn them” in reference to books he considers in appropriate. How’s that for “rigidly dogmatic”? Sen. Mike Lee R Utah “refused to answer questions on Tuesday about recently published text messages that offer detail on his role at the center of a plot to overturn former President Donald Trump’s election loss.” How’s that for “brooks no questioning”?

      • Deflection, denial and whataboutism — all standard hallmarks of typically hypocritical and irrational radical leftist responses to being challenged and confronted with the evidence of their true nature, that being pure intolerant authoritarianism and statism.

          • I do not need to convince anyone of the fundamentally intolerant, statist and authoritarian nature of contemporary radical leftist extremists, Lucinda —- they (you) do that with their every insane utterance and demand.

  4. A newspaper with full-time, brainwashed Leftists and Marxists spreading disinformation, lies, rumors and Communist propoganda. Even my pet cockatoo won’t allow it in her cage.

    • THEY oppose the US Constitution? It was Trump inflamed domestic terrorists who tried to violate the US Constitution on January 6 2020.

      • Lucinda, still wallowing in your Trump Derangement Syndrome?
        The capitol protest on 1/6/21 was in no way whatsoever an “insurrection”, and your attempt to label it as such merely highlights your extreme hysteria, exaggeration and dishonesty. It was actually a HEALTHY reaction to severe governmental corruption and electoral fraud, and I APPLAUD it wholeheartedly!
        Government SHOULD live in fear of the people, not the other way around.

        • Except … wait for it … the Big Lie is a big lie! You fell for it! And you continue to put ideology above evidence. Sad!

      • Cite? Dr King invited Americans to “their” Capitol to hear his dream speech. If America ever gets a real capitol I would hope if the President Invites people to it and two million show up that democrats will have more patriotic thoughts and they learned something. You don’t think we have any rigbts to travel to the foreign enclave of DC where Constitutional rights do not apply becaise DC literally is not America.

      • Two million American freemen went to DC on Jan 6th. I don’t believe it is safe for any American anymore to go to DC for any reason. DC doesn’t honor concepts of government limits or God-given rights. You think that dishonoring Constitutional rights is “good. Are you superior to your fellow Americans? Why are you superior?

  5. Actually Nieman Foundation for Journalism states “Its sites cannot be accurately described as “hyperpartisan sites…masquerading as local news,” and many of its staff are longtime journalists.”

    Will you issue a correction?

  6. When the readers no longer pay the bills, real news and the free press dies.
    Lucinda, there in a nutshell is the difference between MRAK and this “newsroom” created to be beholden to those dark money folks.
    In this country a free press has always been essential as a 4th check and balance on government. Having shady sponsors pay for news undermines that concept and anything produced should be labeled as a “paid advertisement”.

      • Sure, it’s called donations to support Suzanne in her endeavor to bring us “the rest of the story” so to speak. You think that MRAK could exist if readers didn’t like what she did? What have you done to support the site???

        • Lucinda is a tightwad, using her free speech here at MRAK to advance lies, propaganda, disinformation, hate and ill-will. My bet is that Lucinda is a retired government employee living on a pension, smoking pot, reading her Democrat playbook and letting her narrow mind dream of casting evil wherever she can. Her writings indicate an old, bitter Democrat.

  7. This report and activity would fit nicely in the pages of “Bent Pins to Chains’ and my friend Lew Williams would certainly have had comments on this new creation and its goals….

  8. You’re wrong about something Suzanne. The Neiman Lab actually wrote this: “… States Newsroom, a nonprofit network of local news sites that previously received backing from the liberal Hopewell Fund and did not begin disclosing its donors until this year. Its sites cannot be accurately described as “hyperpartisan sites…masquerading as local news,” and many of its staff are longtime journalists.” Cannot.

    • And let me guess: “The Neiman Lab”, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and by George Soros. No, you’re correct, purely non-partisan and unbiased.
      (rolling eyes)

    • Honestly, Lucinda, you remind me of someone I know who once empirically stated that they listened to a large variety of sources for their information.

      When I asked what sources, citing as varied information, they responded CNN, MSNBC, THE VIEW, and Jeff Tiedrich on Twitter….

      They truly believed that this was a ‘varied’ source of information…

      Where do you get your information from, Lucinda?

  9. I’m just reporting something Suzanne might be interested in. And neither Gates nor Soros are involved, but good work in your pursuit of ideology over evidence.

  10. At larger the facts right. Lisa Phu did not work for the police department. I’m sure with a little journalist sleuthing you can find out her recent employment

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