Gallup: Biden approval near historic lows for his 10th quarter in office


According to Gallup, the only recent president to have a lower approval rating than President Joe Biden during his 10th quarter in office is former President Jimmy Carter in 1979.

Biden’s average approval rating for his 10th quarter is now at 40%. For Carter, it was  30.7% for the same period of his presidency.

The poll, conducted July 3-27, saw Biden slipping three points from June polling results.

Gallup says that Biden’s average quarterly approval rating has not risen above 42% since his third quarter in office, when it reached 44.7%. His average ratings in the first two quarters of his presidency were 56% and 53.3%, according to the polling company.

However, Democrats are still very much still on board with Biden, with 86% of them saying they approve of the job he is doing.

Only 2% of Republicans approve of the job Biden is doing and 38% of independent voters approve.

As for Vice President Kamala Harris, her approval rating is even lower, at 38%. But among Democrats, 80% currently approve of the job she has done as second in command.

“At 38%, Vice President Kamala Harris’ favorability rating is slightly lower than Biden’s and similar to her late 2022 reading, as is her unfavorable rating of 53%. Nine percent have either never heard of Harris or don’t have an opinion of her,” Gallup reports at this link.

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  1. No. I only know for sure one friend who voted for him and it’s because she hated Trump. I imagine this next election will be the same if Trump runs (if he’s not in jail). People better wake up…this is what we get for your apathy.

  2. “ But among Democrats, 80% currently approve of the job she has done as second in command.”
    How the eff?! She has literally done nothing…..nothing except talk in circles and cackle like an insane person. This is what democrats think doing a good job is?

  3. Polls my a**!
    Phony poll numbers was the main reason Hillary and Billy came up with the phony Russian collusion fakery which cost us in excess of 40 million and two years to investigate the lies that they AND Lamestream Media produced and kept alive.
    The polls were fake and she fainted and suffered the worst night of her entire life(worse than Monica’s stains on the pool table) when they announced Trump left her in the swamp.
    Jimmy Carter was just plain stupid at 30%
    Joe Biden is not only stupid but also a liar and used his entire family including Grandchildren to bribe and pilfer millions from our enemies and this “poll” reports him at 40%. Hogwash
    All this is a democrat ploy to try and save enough face for Gavin Newsom to slither into Joes empty shoes either after impeachment or some phony or real health reason and take the reins.
    If Garland cant get a conviction out of Smiths/Braggs phony attempts in a DC kangaroo court they will hit him with “Jaywalking” just make a big enough hole for “Newsom the Snake” to slither in the back door.

    • I hope and pray you are wrong, but the big money commie donors might just get newsome elected – we’ll be better off living in Cuba.

  4. Even democrats are experiencing firsthand the negative effects the current administration has built into America’s demise. They will have to sacrifice Hunter’s liberty and they have no replacement for Harris. Harris may not meet minimum qualifications for US President which are different minimum qualifications than for VP. This is a problem for the democrats.

    • I don’t think Biden’s team is that stupid. But they frequently amaze me.

      Even if she doesn’t qualify (I believe she does) the progressives will do it anyway. The Constitution is only important to them when it suits.

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