Canada to start printing health warnings on each and every cigarette


On Tuesday, Canada will be the first country to require printed cancer warnings on each and every cigarette. Since 2001, the country has required the warnings on the outsides of the cigarette packages with increasing visibility, but now, users will see “Smoking causes cancer” every time they light up.

The law will be phased in and won’t take effect for one year. Starting with king-sized cigarettes, the law will then apply to regular cigarettes, and eventually rolling papers. The warnings don’t appear to apply to marijuana cigarettes. Marijuana is legal in Canada for all uses, both recreational and medicinal.

The new law is designed to stop young people from taking up the tobacco habit. Lawmakers said that many youth don’t buy packs of cigarettes, but rather get them individually from friends and family, so they don’t see the packaging on the boxes and packs.

According to the Canadian government, in 2020, the prevalence of current cigarette smoking among youth aged 15 to 19 was 3% (63,000), a decrease from 5% in 2019. The prevalence of daily and occasional smoking among youth was unreportable due to small sample size.

The Tobacco Products Appearance, Packaging and Labelling Regulations that were adopted under the authority of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act of 2023, amended the previous Tobacco Products Regulations (Plain and Standardized Appearance) to standardize the appearance, packaging, and labeling of all tobacco products under stiffer regulation. It repealed the previous Tobacco Products Information Regulations of 2000 and the the Tobacco Products Labelling Regulations (Cigarettes and Little Cigars) of 2011.

The new law mandates:

  • Health warnings on packages covering at least 75% of the primary display area of most tobacco product packages
  • Health warnings on cigarettes, little cigars, rolling paper, and tubes; health warnings extending from one end of the product on cigarettes.
  • Health information messages on the inside of cigarettes, little cigars, and cigarette tobacco packages
  • Toxicity information on the exterior surface of all packages

View all the current warning labels required on cigarette packaging in Canada, not including what will be now printed on the cigarettes themselves.


  1. Womb to the tomb nannying. Fidel Jr gotta do what he does best.

    There are maybe 26 people in Canada who don’t know this.

  2. Why stop there?

    AIDS warnings on every individual condom, and reminders that abstinence is the only way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. All individual birth control/morning after pills must be stamped, itemizing all possible health side effects. All foods containing ‘insect products’ must be unambiguously labeled as such on the front of the package. Starbucks must print, on every mocha latte they serve, warnings regarding caffeine and caloric intake.

    If left wingers simply want to drive up costs for corporations they ‘don’t like’ – the game can work both ways. Why not inflict regulatory damage on corporate entities that cater to Democrat interests?

  3. What a joke, Pierre’s kid has become.

    This message is there to make certain people happy. And has nothing to do with warning smokers.

  4. Seems like there should be similar warnings on food items that also may cause cancer, clogged arteries,and diabetes among other things. A lot more dangerous things than tobacco out there. Cigarettes became more harmful during the Obama administration when the government made it a requirement to spray them with fire retardant. This is still being done.

  5. I wasn’t gonna stop…..but now?!?
    I mean with a warning on every cigarette…now I know for sure they’re bad for me. Why didn’t the government ever say anything before?

    Good grief.

  6. Next thing you know there will be labels on coffee cups telling the sheep that the contents are HOT.

    When humans are too fearful and stupid to figure things out for themselves, big daddy government is right there to make it all better.

  7. Now people!
    All those Canadians with those tiny little pens writing all those messages on each cigarette NEED those jobs, eh!
    Seriously this is what you get with socialized medicine. The government in your face all the time about everything they deem bad for you. Not because they care so much but because it is costing the system money!

    • Next the warning will say “The only treatment offered for tobacco-related illness under the Canadian healthcare system is MAID”.

  8. When do they start printing the warning labels on every radical leftist politician?

    “CAUTION: Voting for this politician may cause you to lose your freedoms, culture, society, and standard of living.”

    • What about the carpet glue that is now required? Fire retardant in case you fall asleep with your cigarette. It’s sprayed on every cigarette. Roll your own or be poisoned. What would they do without the $6.00 a pack tax anyway.

  9. Notice MJ gets a free pass? Anyone? So the word in Canada is, “it’s okay to smoke weed and get stoned out of your mind, but not to enjoy a bit of nicotine!” Got it… good God!

    • Steve, how many times does it have to be said?

      If radical leftist extremists did not have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

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