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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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From spit on to spoiled burritos, Trump supporters wonder about restaurants


The first known Alaska incident of tampering with a Trump supporter’s food, when politics became poison for a customer, may have occurred in Fairbanks last month at the Fairbanks Espresso shack.

A young man wearing a MAGA hat and with a Trump sign on his truck ordered a coffee and breakfast burrito, only to find marking pen all over the burrito, telling him to never come back again.

He told Must Read Alaska that he surely won’t return, after he had red ink all over his burrito and was called a fascist by the Fairbanks Espresso owner.

In Juneau this month, a restaurant owner coined a new flavor of ice cream, “Fuck the Police,” or “BLUEberry Lives Murder,” as he alternately called it, with “Defund the Police blueberry jam. Some readers and those in law enforcement say they plan to stay away from The Rookery and the In Bocca Al Lupo restaurants after the incident.

Last week, soldiers from South Carolina’s National Guard, who were recently deployed to protect the nation’s capital and the White House from rioters, found shards of glass baked into a pizza they had ordered while stationed in D.C.

The pieces of glass were discovered both in the dough and the cheese after the delivery was made at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, where troops had been staying, according to The Post and Courier newspaper, which cited the Department of Defense.

This week, New York police officers were taken to the hospital after having their drinks poisoned by someone at a Shake Shack restaurant in New York City.

The trend of restaurant violence against supporters of the president goes back at least a year, although incidents were also recorded during the election cycle in 2016. The trend against law enforcement appears more recent.

Last October, a Vero Beach, Fla. man who was caught on a restaurant security camera hitting and spitting on a 67-year-old Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat was sentenced to 90 days in Indian River County Jail, a report said. The assailant had walked across the restaurant’s bar and told the victim, “You should go back to Russia, you f–king communist.”

One year ago in June, Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, was spat on by an employee at an upscale Chicago cocktail bar. The employee was questioned by Secret Service agents but faced no consequences.

The incidences of restaurants disrespecting conservatives may be causing them to change their dining habits and stay away from restaurants known to be populated by liberals.


Must Read Alaska is compiling a list of restaurants in Alaska where readers can wear their MAGA hat, conservative swag, or walk into the restaurant with a Bible in their hand, where police officers can stop in for a bite without worrying about their food being contaminated.

If you know of an Alaska restaurant that should be on the “safe list” for conservatives, add it to the comment section below. Be sure to mention the community the establishment is in.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • I’m not sure how these businesses stay in business. I hope they are paid up on their insurance premiums. They are hanging it out there for sure.

    • Agree. When the consequences of their behavior return to haunt them, they expect someone else to rescue them, as always. Anything goes, consequences are for schmucks.

      • Glad you are able to understand why that Trump vote is gonna cost you.

    • Regs don’t allow for poisoning people are putting shards of glass in their pizza. Wrong again… usual.

  • Little Itay, Sewards Folly, South and Southside Bistro in south Anchorage.
    Club Paris downtown Anc

    • Exactly right!

      • …but I’m not so sure about South.

        • From ADN:

          Laile Fairbairn is an owner of Snow City Cafe, Spenard Roadhouse, South Restaurant + Coffeehouse and Crush Bistro. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz is an investor in three of the four establishments.

  • Tug Bar in Knik, Settlers Bay Lodge, Everett’s on Wasilla Lake (formerly Mat-Su Resort), Vagabond Blues in Palmer and many more in the Mat-Su.

  • My dining room and kitchen.


    Self sufficiency is a dying virtue.

  • I know I’m breaking the first two rules of Fight Club, but that film was over twenty years ago. The Brad Pitt character urinates in the lobster bisque and all the hi-falutin’ rich people compliment its unique flavor. There’s been a whole lot of fiction-becomes-reality in 2020.

  • Gwennie’s in the Break-a-way Republic of Spenard….

  • Donut King in Wasilla. Evangelos seems to run a tight ship as well.

  • My first choice for safe eating and some good conversation is Kriner’s Diner on C Street.

  • Matsu Diner in Wasilla and the Big Lake Diner. Kings Pizza in Meadow Lakes. Personally I won’t eat anywhere in Anchorage.

  • I would like to have a list of the places not to go. If the workers are allowed to be so disrespectful and dangerous, they can turn on anyone for whatever reason they choose.

  • Pack your lunch, fill your own water bottles or take your own coffee. Lots of people have done that for years. Go places that you won’t have to put up with this treatment or just sue the ___l out of any business that stands in your way for your legitimate reason.

  • What these idiot people that are contaminating food don’t understand: They’re just adding to the division of our country. Not long from now, you’ll see more sections of cities that are voluntarily segregated, even more than what’s been in the past.

    The only safe place for a police officer or someone wearing a conservative piece of clothing is basically Subway. Pita Pit. Any location where you can watch them make the food from start to finish.

  • I have a friend who was a pilot for Continental Airlines for over 30 years. He retired as a full captain on the DC-10. Back in the late 80’s and 90’s he went to work with a brown bag lunch and his own thermos. He never trusted the male flight attendants, who would serve the cockpit crew first class meals.

    • Was he a fan of open carry or perhaps even openly dismissive of his “inferiors?” You people don’t seem to realize you do that all the time. Sorry to pop your bubble of willful ignorance!

      • Maybe he just had someone do something to a meal they were supposed to prepare for him? The whole reason this is an article and a thread is because there are some sick, petty, leftists out there that think it’s ok to do this if you disagree with someone’s politics. It’s not like there aren’t sick, petty, right wingers, there are, but they are the fringe. This sort of incivility has become the norm on the left. It’s just a sad fact of where we are now.

      • Erik,
        You, the epitome of ignorance, have a lot of nerve calling someone else ignorant.
        I’m a fan of open carry and concealed carry. What’s that make me? I know. An American.

    • Was he a scab? Lots of them had to do that after they crossed the line in the 83 strike.

  • Bullwinkle’s Pizza and the Hot Bite in Juneau respect and serve all our customers

    • I wouldn’t trust any place in Juneau. Full of Leftists nutjobs, even a business that wants to be respectful will have no choice but to hire out of that gene pool.

  • Noisy Goose in Palmer gets my vote.

  • We have lost a great deal of commonality. When people think it’s ok to do this to strangers because they support a different political ideology than they do, it’s hard to keep any unity. You have to utterly loathe someone to do this sort of thing. They don’t even know the people they are doing this to. Just the idea that they may see the world differently or support a different policy, is enough for them to commit these sorts of acts. It bespeaks an intolerance of astounding proportions.

  • Lawrence,
    I think a lot of the disrespect and antipathy towards anyone with a different opinion is being taught in our schools and has been for about 50 years or more. This kind of real antisocial, communist behavior is not natural. It must be taught, beginning at a young age. That is “public employees”(most teachers, professors) major theme, it seems. Control the minds and behavior of the young and sooner, not later, you control the country. It worked in Russia, until it didn’t (1913-1989). Why not give it a try in America?

  • The Noisey Goose and Sunrise Cafe in Palmer , The Last Frontier and Tokyo in Wasilla are righteous places to eat in the valley.

    • FYI: Last Frontier has employees who post pro BLM/Antifa messages on Facebook. I would stay away.

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