Fairbanks Espresso doubles down, calls its pro-Trump customers ‘fascists,’ ‘nazis’


The owner of Fairbanks Espresso doubled down, after she apparently defiled the food of a Trump-supporting customer on Monday and became an instant revolutionary celebrity across the state.

Caitlin Gonzalez used a red marking pen on Monday to tell a customer who was wearing a MAGA hat (Make America Great Again) to not come back to her coffee stand because he is a Trump supporter.

The ink from her note on tin foil was wrapped around the customer’s burrito, and the ink transferred burrito, making it inedible, as shown above. The customer tossed both the burrito and his coffee from the food stand, unsure what the contamination level might be. The customer reached out to Must Read Alaska with concerns about whether Trump supporters were having their food contaminated. Must Read Alaska reached out to Gonzalez without success.

But Gonzalez did more. She boasted about on her deed on social media.

Before she handed the defiled burrito to the customer, Gonzalez appears to have photographed her work, and labeled the customer a “fascist piece of shit” while she posted it on social media, as shown below in what appears to be a Snapchat posting.

Documenting her work? The social media message that implies Fairbanks Espresso’s owner believes her customer to be fascistic.

The customer, whose identity had been kept anonymous on this site because he is the victim of a potential crime, found out later on Monday that Gonzalez had found his name from his credit card information he had given her and posted his name on Facebook as the customer she didn’t want to serve.

Gonzalez also added more fuel to the fire on her Facebook posts calling out those who she deems Nazis and fascists:

Her decision to chase off Trump customers has led to a bump in business today, as cars lined up in Fairbanks to get their morning coffee fix from the little stand, which is now decked with #BlackLivesMatter material and guarded by armed men in black pumping their fists in the air:

As morning wore on, the news cameras began to show up and it was certain that the story about the coffee stand’s stand against supporters of the president would become part of the mainstream media narrative. Gonzalez has still not returned the calls or messages of Must Read Alaska, asking for clarification.


  1. This is unacceptable under any analysis. Dear fellow Alaskans, where are the comments against this conduct under any circumstances regardless of who the offended party was.

  2. The Facebook feed of the coffee shop in question says “We’re anti prejudice. That’s the whole point of #blacklivesmatter. If you disagree you’re racist. We do not support racism or facism. MAGA supporters are ignorant, racist and fascists, attacking our business. They’re traitors to this country. They’re nazis.”
    Nothing is more “anti prejudice” that labelling a whole group of people as racists, fascists, nazis, and traitors for the attire they chose to wear…oh wait, no that is actually extremely prejudicial.

    • Especially when the very ones who are spreading false hate and racism are the Democrats!!

      The liberals are so mentally disordered they actually are the fascists they are arguing against ??

  3. So her personal information is a matter public information due to her Corporate filings with the state.

  4. This is disgusting. Nice way to promote tolerance and acceptance. She’s just as bad as the people she claims are racists, fascists, nazis and traitors. There is nothing uglier than a person who spews such blatant hatred for another person/group of people. I’m appalled at the support she has received.

    • Customer should take her to court for viloation of sanitary codes. I would encorage anyone in Fairbanks that is appaled by the blatant violation of civil rights of thos owner to block access to her business and make her go bankrupt.

      • I agree. The customer should have taken the contaminated food directly to the Health Department. I hope he files a defamation of character lawsuit against the business and it is ultimately closed due to unrecoverable bankruptcy.

    • Democrats and Leftists are the least tolerant people in this country. Should be no surprises here.

        • Bendover…Where did you hear that…CNN? Fake news? Sounds like you listen to propaganda. It didn’t happen. Investigate more. Don’t be a sheep.

        • With a name like yours, guess you take it anyway you can get it. Another Democrat construct, marginalizing themselves, but wanting it the dame for everyone else.

        • Typical leftist lie. I did a search of all the President’s tweets from May 1 to today and it returned 0 tweets/retweets.

    • I will not buy coffee from her. We all have opinions, whether they agree with yours or not, you do not contaminate someone’s food with your beliefs, this is a heath hazard. I’m sure the Alaska restaurant inspector will hopefully shut you down. ALL Lives Matter.

    • “just as bad”????

      Because the people she’s vilifying with her unhinged hatred are not the racists, fascists, nazis, and traitors that she ignorantly and dishonestly claims they are.
      They are only those things in her fevered imagination.

      • OK, so I didn’t phrase that correctly but come on, you know what I meant. She is just as bad as what she claims them to be.

    • You are an appalling person if your against this lady. She has real Alaskans behind her. Alaska is not a Nazi state and Alaska doesn’t welcome or stand for white nationalists and Nazi Trump supporters! No more MAGA! No more racism! If you don’t support this coffee shop you are the problem and racist.

      • Yeah ok, whatever. She is welcome to her opinion, as is every other person, but what she did borders on criminal. You’re missing the point entirely. If you think she epitomizes a “real“ Alaskan you couldn’t be further off base.

      • What she has behind her are ill-informed people. You can’t show me where Trump is a racist. You might have heard it on fake news somewhere or taken what he has said way out of context, but show me. Wake up and think for your self ,

        • The racist stain of Trump’s presidency:
          So, racists, xenophobes, neo-Nazis, KKK, and white nationalists have consistently said they believe the president is on their side. They are not wrong. By pardoning Arpaio and awarding obese drug-addled racist hate-monger Rush Limbaugh the medal of honor, 卐 Der Führer von Drumpf 卐 made it clear that institutional racism is not just OK with him. It is a major goal as he emphasized in his “many sides” and “fine people” remarks. Ironically, white racists, nationalists, and fascists elected a white supremacist president who constantly underperforms a black president.

          • Your darling Obaama is the most divisive president since the 17th President. You are brainwashed to believe everything that co.es out of the mouth of Cooper, Maddow, Lemon and their ilk. Obsma has, in his writings, expressed his hatred of whites, Christians and Jews. Aldo, it’s quite curious that no mosques have been defaced or burned in these riots but Christian and Jewish houses of worship were. I will pray for you.

          • Everything you said is an emotionally driven opinion. I would say by reading your words that you are a sick individual that is so full of hate that you will embarrass yourself in this manner. There’s help out there go find it. I proudly support Trump and his administration and I’m the farthest thing from a racist that you’ll find. You can do better in your communication efforts. Or should I say sleeve trash talk.

      • The only racist are the ones pointing fingers and calling everyone who doesn’t agree with them a racist. Look in the mirror and you will see exactly what a real racist looks like.

      • I feel like this entire comment is racist and hateful. First of all, I know a lot of Trump supporters and not one of them are racist — not one. So to vomit out ignorant racist nonsense like this is just, well, ignorant. You sound more racist then any Trump supporter I’ve ever known, and last time I knew every single one of us has the right to our own opinion as well as our own choices.

        Trump supporters don’t act like this. It’s a matter of differences of politics and opinions, not a matter of race. I’m white, I’m an Alaskan, my political views don’t change that.

        I am far from racist, but for many reasons I support Trump, The only racist people I am seeing are you all acting like 3 year olds; it’s sick and pathetic. Grow up.

        • A lovely racist comment. No wonder you don’t recognize who you are and obviously don’t know who’s a racist.

  5. Seems like the business ought to be in danger of losing their license. Clearly a health violation to intentionally contaminate food.

  6. The Department of Health & Social Services, or whoever is in charge of overseeing businesses who serve food and drinks, needs to pay a visit to this establish and issue a fine or shut them down for deliberately and blatantly contaminating a customer’s food. The patron who received this food should also consider suing this establishment for whatever remedies there are available. People can not on one hand claim to be against racism etc. and then exhibit the very racism that they claim to be against. Double standard, and unfortunately a typical one found in those of the liberal persuasion.

    • “racism” isn’t what she was “exhibiting”. Her awful deed wasn’t based on racial bias, it was a visceral, rash reaction born of her personal, political, societal beliefs. And, “double standards” are “unfortunately typical” in “conservative” ranks as well as any other “category” of humanity you choose.

  7. She may have committed a crime by tampering with his food.  At a minimum, the health department should have shut her down immediately.  We have a double standard in this country but it isn’t the one that people are protesting over.  

  8. Looks like she’s setting the example of tolerance, kindness, and healer of people – Oh wait, she is not.

    Not only has she singled out good hard working people of all national origins, but she has made it clear that she is a racist trying to capitalize off of hate and discrimination.

    Her slight bump in business won’t last, small business succeeds based on long term loyal customer’s who just want to get something to eat and drink and not your opinion on your political views.

    I hope the police arrest her for food contamination, and her credit card processor cancels her for using his credit card info to gain access his personal info and making it public.

  9. You don’t have to be smart and you don’t have to be accepting in order to get a business license. Apparently that applies to food server cards as well.

    Vote w/ your money, ‘banxers and don’t let this dog bite the hand that feeds it. I can’t wait to hear the heartfelt AF and tear stained apology once this idiot gets a clue. And it won’t matter as she is who she is.

  10. That is appalling! She should be shut down for intentionally defiling food she is selling. At the end of the day, she intentionally tried to harm someone, regardless of whatever reason she had. Customers now gathering in support of her are condoning those actions, and really are no better than the looters/protesters in the rest of the country. I hope that victim sues her for slander and attempted poisoning.

    • K.A. Swiger: This Alaska Statute may be even more relevant: AS.11.46.480 2nd Degree Criminal Mischief. Class B felony. Delivering food, knowing it has been contaminated.

    • Id be interested to know how sharpie, written on the OUTSIDE of a foil wrapper, somehow contaminated the burrito INSIDE it. Cause no Sharpie is that powerful. Sorry, gullable Trumper folks.

      • No, it was written on the inside of the foil, otherwise he would have seen it right away and said something to her. Sorry, but you liberals aren’t very bright.

      • Are you blind? You don’t see the burrito sitting on the foil? She wrote her hate-filled screed and then wrapped up the burrito with the writing on the inside. And she’s proud of what she did. Go look at her social media postings. This isn’t a hoax like the ones liberals perpetuate.

      • Add this to the things you’d like to know:

        What kind of — assumes it was written on the outside of the burrito wrapper, even if only to fit his or her own narrative?

      • It states right in the article that the owner wrote it on the inside with the intention of making the burrito inedible. It was deliberate and she knew exactly what she was doing as she bragged about it on social media. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then released the customers credit card information in the same social media post. She should be shut down immediately.

      • It was inside of the foil wrapper, not on the exterior of the wrapper. How else did the red get on the food?

  11. Taking a name from a private credit card transaction and posting it on social media is a violation of the card user agreement. Probably a federal crime. Putting ink in someones food is a state and federal crime. This is clearly a hate crime from some unhinged leftist nut. Time for Alaska attorney general to step in and enforce state law. A lawsuit by the victim will easily win and put an end to this nonsense. If she continues to use credit card info to terrorize MAGA customers then her credit card company will share in the liability.
    These type of haters live in a their own bubble. This is not a racist state. Same type of people who came un glued over Black Guns Matter bumper sticker.

    • Agreed, if they don’t come down hard. This will get worse. Prosecute her to the max. If now it will show that the state tolerance allows this kind of behavior.

    • He needs to contact the CC company and get a new card issued, plus tell them why. I certainly would not wait on that.

    • I’m surprised the victim hasn’t been bombarded with calls from lawyers. Who knows…maybe he has.

  12. Unsafe food safety practices, such as tampering with a customer’s food is serious and should be reported.

    Online Food Related Complaint Form

    AS 17.20.020. Adulterated Food.
    (a) Food is adulterated if
    (1) it bears or contains a poisonous or deleterious substance which may render it injurious to health; but in case the substance is not an added substance the food is not considered adulterated under this paragraph if the quantity of the substance does not ordinarily render it injurious to health;
    (2) it bears or contains added poisonous or added deleterious substance which is unsafe within the meaning of AS 17.20.030 ;
    (3) it consists in whole or in part of a diseased, contaminated, filthy, putrid, or decomposed substance, or if it is otherwise unfit for food;
    (4) it has been produced, prepared, packed, or held under insanitary conditions in which it may have become contaminated with filth, or in which it may have been rendered diseased, unwholesome, or injurious to health;
    (5) it is, in whole or in part, the product of a diseased animal or an animal which has died otherwise than by slaughter, or that has been fed upon the uncooked offal from a slaughterhouse;
    (6) its container is composed, in whole or in part, of a poisonous or deleterious substance which may render the contents injurious to health.
    (b) Food is adulterated if
    (1) a valuable constituent has been omitted or abstracted in whole or part;
    (2) a substance has been substituted in whole or part for a valuable constituent;
    (3) damage or inferiority has been concealed;
    (4) a substance has been added or mixed or packed with it to increase its bulk or weight, or reduce its quality or strength, or make it appear better or of greater value than it is.
    (c) Confectionery is adulterated if it bears or contains an alcohol or nonnutritive article or substance except harmless coloring, harmless flavoring, harmless resinous glaze not in excess of four-tenths of one percent, harmless natural wax not in excess of four-tenths of one percent, harmless natural gum, and pectin. This subsection does not apply to confectionery containing less than one-half of one percent by volume of alcohol derived solely from the use of flavoring extracts, or to chewing gum containing harmless nonnutritive masticatory substances.
    (d) Food is adulterated if it bears or contains a coal tar color other than one from a batch which has been certified under authority of the federal act.

    • Uh o Tongo.
      Sad . Just remember our government separates us. Just look at the census.
      I’m am American then former So.
      Californian followed by recovering beach bum.
      Don’t let them separate us.
      American lives matter.

  13. I already filed my complaint with the AK health department. This place is unsanitary and a public nuisance. Yuk!

  14. I’m amazed that such blatant hate is being rewarded by the citizens of Fairbanks. This business owner is a disgrace.

  15. Lance: This Alaska Statute may be even more relevant: AS.11.46.480 2nd Degree Criminal Mischief. Class B felony. Delivering food, knowing it has been contaminated.

  16. This level of hypocrisy is truly nauseating. If you espouse tolerance and fair treatment and then practice the opposite, you either do not truly believe what you are actively promoting or you are the hatred that you say you are against.

  17. The company that owns the property where this Antifa person does business is called “The Gas Line”, I wonder if they are aware of the situation and the negative business effect it may have to continue their business relationship?

  18. I want to know what is going to be done about things like this.. Its INSANE that this is the level of immaturity we are at in 2020. Instead of Facebook being used for anything good, she uses it as her message of hate towards anyone that does not side with her. THAT is intolerance. These are the same folks that apparently can’t be an adult and conduct business. Yeah this clowns coffee shops are goin down…classless babies that do not have any mind for business. If she did, she would have controlled herself and not done something that elevates it to attack mode. You know how you can figure out what a baby this person is? She can’t even get back to MRAK.. Why? Because she knows she is in the wrong and she also knows she stands to lose alot of people over it. BOYCOTT FAIRBANKS ESPRESSO… Unprofessional children working with very big mouths…

  19. How does a loser get customers after that. She should be out of business and moving to a liberal city.

  20. She sounds charming.

    Brought to you by our public education system and the perpetual Trump-hating, race-baiting mainstream news.

    Her armed, black hooded goons fit the description of ANTIFA perfectly.

    Since ANTIFA has just been declared a domestic terrorism group by the United States, maybe the Troopers should pay them a visit?

    • Just drove by that coffee shack at 4:30 pm Tuesday. It’s being guarded by masked, anti-Trumper/ Antifa types. Trump/MAGA supporters welcome to drive by and purchase gas at the Gasline (same lot) on Wednesday at 11:00 am. Peaceful support for Trump.

  21. According to the FNB property website that the owner of the property is the gas station, “The Gas Line”. I wonder if they support this action and if non-Antifa types should not buy their gas there?

  22. The reason there isn’t more outrage being expressed is because it’s like screaming at a wall. I think we are all quietly waiting for someone with reason and a sense of justice and integrity to, in a very public way, address this. Until then, as individuals, we must conduct ourselves in the manner in keeping with our beliefs. We must see people as individuals and exemplify, as best as we are able in this moment, what it means to have honor, integrity and compassion while seeking truth and all the while, maintain healthy boundaries. It’s a narrow ridgeline path to walk, but it is absolutely one of the most important goals to which we should continue to strive.

  23. DEC needs to suspend her license and shut her down. The customer who received the purposely contaminated food Should file legal actions.

  24. Many reasons to be placed on the Off-Limits lists for the military also! Hopefully action is taken!

  25. Regardless of her ridiculous rant, it is a health violation at a minimum. I hope she gets fined for that.
    As for those FBX folks that continue to patronize the business? Well, they should be running out of unemployment benefits soon enough and might actually have to function in the world.

  26. Purchasing food to go from anywhere is an act of trust. Good thing that it wasn’t the dark of winter and he actually ate the burrito and who knows what the coffee he got had in it. Her actions can be considered assault and then she reveals his personal information publicly.
    Sad day in Fairbanks.

  27. It’s almost worth a trip to Fairbanks just to not patronize ‘Fairbanks Espresso’ and let them know it. Fairbanks is a very large part of UAF. I am sure they have their share of leftist ‘educated’ customers at their “disposal”. If you look at all the videos and pictures of the punks, thugs and idiots being paid to riot in America, it is apparent almost all are of a recent generation, most likely ‘educated’ in the ways of socialism/communism in our schools and universities. As long as leftists have control of America’s education system, nothing will change or get better with the ‘young-uns’. The road to the top in any situation starts at the bottom (school, home, etc.). Politics are a prime example. Change the basics and you change the world. All Americans can do in this current situation is fight for our freedoms and hope for a rapid end to the insanity. History is not repeating. It is ongoing, right this minute. What true Americans do in these current trying times will write history for generations.
    I think it will be a long cold winter ahead. Best to be thinking about it now.
    Remember in November, who brought these troubled times to America.

    • Home school or private school your kids! That is how we turn our country around and save the next generation.

  28. Wow! How disgusting! Shut this person down! I wouldn’t spend my hard-earned money on her goods after a filthy tirade like that, it really shows her character, disgusting.

  29. The woman who owns the coffee stand is obviously a hypocrite. She’s not worth wasting ink on. (Pun intended). Please do a story on the outcome of the lawsuit against her. I’d love to attend the hearing.

  30. It’ll be a joy to watch this owner grovel before the authorities when she is arrested. Oh, and as sure as the sun rises in the East, she’ll blame Donald J. Trump for all of what has happened. She’s the victim here, not the customer. One look at his sign drove her to do this heinous deed. Can’t wait … grab the popcorn folks. Should be a doozy!!

  31. She/we have been brainwashed by dis-information our whole lives by the deep state criminals. To bad she can’t see the truth. MSM is controlled by the same people that should be in jail, There’s nothing but division of race, religion, social status, political views and much much more. Abolish the democrats and republicians. Be Americans. Turn off the TV.

  32. Owner of the property is Gas Line II LLC, 100% owned by Pamela Fillingim who is a registered Republican in North Pole.

    • I get your reference to mongo like candy but you’re 0 for 4 on the rest of your statement.

      • For years my husband would go get me a coffee every morning at this coffee shop. I feel ill thinking about what was most likely done to my coffee since he has an American flag sticker in his driver’s side passenger window. Consumers put trust in the businesses we decide to support. I am so disgusted. There is no room for politics in business. I feel sick to my stomach when I think of how Fairbanks Espresso has probably contaminated my coffee for 10 plus years ?

        • Faux outrage or stupidity and ignorance on steroids. The owners are not anti-American so the flag would be appreciated. The owners are correctly anti-racists and pro-BLM which is the antithesis of MAGA morons. There was no harm to your food or beverages. What a despicable pernicious comment by you!

          • BLM is anti-American and Pro-Marxist. Marxist ideology and American representative form of democracy have polar opposite. Get some “edumacation’ DA**

  33. Taking a name from a private credit card transaction and posting it
    on social media is a violation of the card user agreement. Probably a
    federal crime. Putting ink in someones food is a state and federal
    crime. This is clearly a hate crime from some unhinged leftist nut.
    Time for Alaska attorney general to step in and enforce state law. A
    lawsuit by the victim will easily win and put an end to this nonsense.
    If she continues to use credit card info to terrorize MAGA customers
    then her credit card company will share in the liability.
    These type of haters live in a their own bubble. This is not a racist
    state. Same type of people who came un glued over Black Guns Matter
    bumper sticker.

  34. I keep asking myself what has happened to Alaska in the past 10 or so years. We used to stick together and be tolerant of differences. Now it’s almost impossible to have a conversation with anyone without someone being offended. This idiot has the right not to serve anyone but she doesn’t have the right to mess with food. I hope she’s prosecuted to give a picture to the next idiot what could happen to them. Hiring her goons to “guard” her place is just a stop away from starting a riot. Heaven help us if we don’t put a stop to this nonsense.

    • Funny. The people she is offending are NOT the people that she needs to hire protection from.

      Well, it’s not funny. It is ridiculously ironic.

      • Obama is going to do some more of that with his webcast today at 1pm AKDT. I’m NOT going to waste time watching it, but I can bet dollars to donuts, it’ll be on the MSM news casts tonight. Where’s my barf bag?

  35. My god. Get your coffee somewhere else. You are so outraged because the coffee lady doesn’t like your political opinions, but have nothing but support or silence when Trump puts children in cages or calls white supremacists “very fine people”. This is why she doesn’t want your business. Your disproportionate reaction to these kinds of events is why she is dismissing you as a racist. Stop blindly supporting somebody who wouldn’t let you within sight of one of his golf courses.

    • I remember my husband and I getting a latte in a Seattle kiosk on Lake Union about 20 years ago after a red eye flight.. The scantily clad barista with rings and baubles hanging from every visible orifice served us up with good will. We didn’t have a problem. Now it’s come to this. I’ll make my own, thank you very much. This business needs to be investigated and shut down, in my humble opinion.

    • I think the outrage isnt due to the Opinion of the Barista. More so for the deliberate destruction of the item they purchased from said Barista. . Simply because their opinions differ. The Barista could have just refused service. That would have been her right to do so. BUT No, she destroyed property that had already been paid for by the customer. It wasnt hers to destroy.

      • Yeah, it was obviously a dip**** move to write on the inside of the foil. But you would think she would’ve just written straight on the burrito if it was intentional food contamination. He should have asked for his money back.

    • You’ve are one of the brainwashed ones, Jared. Pure Trump Derangement Syndrome. Hope you find a good shrink after Trump wins reelection.

      • How am I brainwashed? Let’s have a conversation about this. Did he not order families to be separated at the border and children detained? Did he not say “very fine people” with regard to the white supremacists? Or are you claiming that Trump supports were equally outraged by these things as they are being refused service at a coffee hut? I know you don’t actually believe that Trump would golf with you. So, which part have I been brainwashed on?
        Jumping straight to an insult and avoiding actual discourse… reminds me of someone.

        • Those pictures you saw that showed children in caged cells was from 2014, Trump was not in office at that time but you knew that already. As for the rest of your post, it’s already been debunked so it’s not worthy of debate.

          • There is no debate. These are facts, not conspiracy theories.

            There is nothing to debunk. I watched him say “very fine people”. I know the context, I watched the whole thing. How can you defend him saying that?

        • It’s really quite simple…No, he did not. Try reading something other than your usual socialist drivel.

          • Jared,
            Trump is defending the borders from illegals trying to sneak into our country and not go through the processing requirements written into the law. Why do you want to let the illegals into my country? I do not want to pay benefits, offer employment, give free health care, etc..etc to people who break the law of my country upon entry. Trump is 100% correct to deny entry to persons who purposely break our law and hide behind children. Terrorists do that, you know.

        • Quit watching CNN and MSDNC, they are nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Democrat party. Try thinking for yourself for a change.

    • I don’t know anyone who isn’t racist…..or if not being honest with themselves, a liar. Doesn’t everyone support their own race over all others?

      • Greg,
        I think all genuine Americans support God, country, family and justice, well before racial ‘tribalism’. Your “comment” is a typical leftist “mouth leakage”.

    • You must have conveniently forgotten that those pictures of children in cages, which were blamed on President Trump, were taken during the Obama years.

        • In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. Stop watching the MSM and believing anything they say without questioning and doing your own research. You are clearly brainwashed. This historically is how the marxists take over. They dumb down the population, change history, steer students away from using critical thinking. Then they have a population of Useful Idiots like yourself to vote in the communists. If Trump loses in November because of sheeple like you not engaging any intellectual curiosity and looking into the truth for yourself, you can pat yourself on the back on your way to the gulag. Because all they care about is your vote to put them in power, and then they have no further use for you. Remember, you can vote your way into communism, but you have to shoot your way out. Except you can’t do that either, because the first thing they’ll do is confiscate your guns. Bravo.

    • Jared, seriously? Obama was in office when the infamous “kids in cages” pictures were taken. Trump said “there were very fine people on both sides” of the Charlottesville events. He was being inclusive and calming. Stop blindly supporting a media that can’t stop lying to your face. Or crack a book sometime.

      This woman running the coffee shop needs to be chicken-walked to a squad car and I hope they have a film crew there when it happens.

  36. I’m doing a staycation thru our amazing state and it’s good to know I won’t support this business.

  37. Here in Fairbanks, she isn’t a “hero,” she’s disgusting and word on the street is its time for her to get on down the road and take her hate filled soapbox with her.
    “Black Lives Matter” is a Soros hate funded group and she’s a mouth piece for it.

    Soros is finished along with over 182 other domestic terrorist organizations besides ANTIFA AND The New Black Panther Party). BLM here in Alaska has been short-lived and has already committed crimes against humanity about 3 years ago for violating a persons human rights.

    Soros has been kicked out of SEVERAL countries to include Russia about 4 days ago. Here in the US not only is Antifa going on the domestic terrorist list, but all the other groups under that umbrella that make up excuses to hurt people and our children under the guise of self-righteousness.
    That lady isn’t a hero here and she will lose her livelihood because of her actions to harm a fellow citizen in our community and nobody cares why she did it.

  38. Fellow Fairbanks’ians. Go find a coffee owner that loves diversity of thought and opinion- the things that this nation strove to embrace. And make that amazing small business owner RICH AS HELL! Don’t forget what this owner did…intentionally…and what this owner doubled-down on. Her supporters? They will love her today — but she’s a passing fad. Because this kind of prejudice, that she condemns…that most good people condemn, is precisely what she is practicing. And her 15 minutes of fame will fade. And GOOD PEOPLE OF FAIRBANKS should not forget her blatant disregard for liberty, diversity, and hatred for true prejudice.

    Go make someone else very wealthy. A deserving coffee shop owner.

    • The woman runs a hate-filled coffee joint, tampering with a prepared food product with intent to harm. Isn’t this a hate-crime? If the consumer got sick, he could file a big lawsuit and the ACLU should back him. Democrats live for these kind of opportunities.

  39. So she was apparently afraid that Fairbanksans might not be aware what a vile, hate filled, single digit IQ moron she is…….so she took to social media to proudly bray it to the whole world…..

  40. Suzanne, why didn’t you just report it as “Antifa Espresso Stand Attempts To Poision Trump Supporter, Then Gives Out His Credit Card Info”. You call yourself a journalist, lol? There is a legal term known as “document abuse”. And banking privacy laws.

      • Move along to your Democrat marching order, Jay. Be a good little Lefty and turn on CNN and go have an anti-Trump protest somewhere. You don’t have a brain, dude. You just have your texting and social media for your next Lefty order. Don’t come back to MRAK and show us more of your ignorance. Go genuflex to your Left-wing God.

        • Sarcasm, Snuff . I was illustrating how the press would report it if it was a pro-Trump coffee shop that did it to an activist. It would make national news. And there is evidently another Jay.

  41. Bravo! Bravo!! Very well played. Insult half of your customer base, then play the victim to the other half. Maybe you can stage a fake hate crime against what’s left of your business as it begins to fail. I would be careful about that one though, you never know who might be watching. Pro tip; consider scrubbing your social media accounts before you try and apply for anything other than food stamps. Your behavior is beneath contempt, and I sincerely hope you get everything that you so richly deserve.

  42. If someone gets food trash from a vender like that, they should file a Small claims suit in Anchorage to get their money back. If that business gets several Small claims suits that would get her attention, because she would have to respond to each suit. Gosh….too many small claim suits might put her out of business.
    What goes around, comes around.

  43. She messed with his food! How freaking disgusting. I don’t care who she decides to serve or not to serve based on her own prejudices, at her business, but what she did is breaking the law. Serving food that she contaminated with total disregard to his health…she should never be able to serve food again, ever! Her food service card and business license should be revoked and she should be arrested. She let her blind rage cause her to taint a person’s food. She is dangerous!

  44. Going to be funny when she gets slapped with felony food tampering and unable to own or be around firearms ?

  45. Oh how we have let the Great Divider divide us! Come November, it will be time to elect a new President who will restore civility and dignity to the office, and who can bring this Nation together again.

    • LOL…….like Barack Hussein Obama did? Forced socialism on the People? Your Divider. Go to your shrink, Whidbey. Or, go to your church and pray.

      • Without freedom of speech, we wouldn’t know who the idiots are. Thank you for exposing yourself.

  46. Evidently this action taken by some Coffee Lady has caused many to lose their collective minds. She as a business owner has every reason to her right of property, including refusal of service. This is bedrock constitutional / conservative thinking. It is her right to free speech also. Individuals have the liberty to either support her business or not.
    There isn’t any evidence that the food was tampered with aside from her stupid note with red ink. The customer should have demanded his $ back and left. Respect for right to property and expression of speech are conservative principals, using various government agencies against an individual is what statist do.
    Let the market place reward this woman or punish her.

    • Agree with Older. Except, the ink on the food is contamination and an improper action. The name from the CC is a violation of the card agreement. Both should be reported.

    • Nice to be able to stand back from the feeding frenzy of the so called ‘conservatives’. And let us not forget the neo/nazi left……

    • Older – it’s one thing to deny service, it’s another to take a customer’s money, taint their food and post the customer’s name publicly from a credit card receipt. You missed the point entirely.

      • He was not charged for the food. She erred in not thinking through that the Pen ink would leak onto the burrito.

        • She did charge him for the food then have him a refund, according to her but she used his credit card info to expose him to her lefty leaning friends. There is nothing legal about any of it.

          • Hunter – actually, I looked into this and he says he did not get a refund. Perhaps she was mistaken. – sd

          • He was not charged for the food, period. Care to show the statement to correct the owner’s statement? BTW running around with racist and fascist signs is not smart. Do you still cling to your Confederate Battle Flag? Well you will soon be able to add your MAGA collection to the same memorabilia on failed white wing endeavors.

          • Rob – He was charged for the food. I have the receipt. And at this point the charge has not been cancelled by the owner. – sd

  47. Totally with you on her right to refuse service to anyone – and I think the Supreme Court agrees with us on that. The crossing the line parts were using his credit card to “out” him on FB and the non-food ingredient she added to the outside of his burrito. Can you imagine if a Trump supporter did that to her?

  48. The real tragedy in all of this is the wasted burrito. RIP breakfast burrito. Services for the discarded burrito will be held at 11 am at city hall. Guest speakers include a half-eaten hot dog and a churro that fell on the floor, but was picked up in under 5 seconds. A GoFundMe site has been created as well.

  49. This is too funny. When you wear an item of clothing that intentionally sends a certain message, and you don’t like the feedback you get, you cry about it on social media. Sorry folks, but actions have consequences. Deal.

    • He didn’t cry about it on social media, the owner of that soon to be out of business coffee dump started the thread on FB. You lefty’s should really do your homework before posting such dumb comments.

  50. This is what I don’t get. The lessee’s coffee joint is run by a Trump hater, but the Gasline filling station is owned and run by a conservative Republican. What’s going on here?

    • Smart Republican. Lease to a Lefty Democrat, watch them trip over themselves and cause a stir, get lots of media exposure, and sell gas and snacks to more Republicans. A Trumponian approach to business. Luvin it!

    • Republicans of integrity and principles disdain the fascist, porcine, and impeached Trump. The list is very long and notables are the Bush family, Steve Schmidt, McCain family, George Will, etc. Some are even campaigning to eject the obnoxious embarrassment this November. Only hardcore obsequious sycophants remain his national favorability is now wallowing in the upper 30s – the lowest ever for a sitting president at this stage in their incumbency and trending downwards.

      • There’s a phrase for you……”obsequious sycophants.”
        Defines to a tee, the exact nature of non-thinking Democrats and Lefties. Obsequious sycophants.
        Right over the multi-cultural cliff……single file…….do as your leader Barak Obama has ruled from his Chicago mansion.

  51. “We do not support people that are part of a racist and fascist regime” I’m confused, I thought you didn’t like the guy because he supported Trump. You are saying in this statement you are against Democrats and their policies, but you lash out on Republicans?

  52. Where is the Fairbanks Health Department ? MRAK, please write a follow up on this. There is an obvious food safety violation by this bigot that owns the espresso shack.

  53. The coward deleted any comments calling her out on her bigotry on her Facebook page and blocked the commentor.

  54. UNBELIEVEABLE!! First of all, I lived in Fairbanks for 20 years, where I worked, bought a home, raised a family, & helped support many GREAT businesses, over those years.
    We were always a community who became family, as it is necessary & instinctual, when you live in a place with such long, harsh winters. It is in that same Spirit, I feel compelled to comment & share this with anyone I am able, as I still have a lot of Family (friends), who live there.
    It is my hope that EVERYONE who reads this, looks out for the community, (which includes the military bases, North Pole & all other outlying areas) and shares it on social media, with your neighbors, friends or anyone else in the Tanana Valley!
    I don’t care what your political stance is, if you run a business and choose to contaminate a customer’s food, call him a racist, fascist, Nazi on Social Media, & gained his info from the credit card receipt, which he paid you from, to slander his name; you should be in jail! I truly hope ALL of my Alaskan Family (friends) share this; so she can be rewarded for her new angle of advertising & go out of Business!!
    This is dangerous & I’m surprised the Health Department didn’t shut them down, right away!
    We also need to do the responsible thing and go to any website, such as Yelp, Trip Advisor or any other place which informs the public,
    and are used regularly by tourists, who would otherwise be innocently exposed to such hate and malicious actions, and leave feedback & ratings, to reflect these criminal acts!
    My niece, who still lives in Fairbanks, posted on my FB last night, that she has also targeted church groups & bragged about burning their shots & oversteaming the milk that goes into their drinks. Anyone who serves the public & would do any of these things, MUST BE STOPPED! Especially if they’re posting on social media & bragging about their actions! They are either the most arrogantly ignorant, of the law and how to run a business or are just plain crazy! For if these are what we know about, how many of those people they disagree with, either politically or religiously, have children with them, who may have had their food spit on or been attacked in ways that wouldn’t even cross our minds!
    Think about it, for a moment, as they could have just refused to serve him, being so offended by his MAGA hat (whatever happened to the customer is always right), but chose to take actions which give him a good case (which I hope a local attorney offers to take for free, as noone should be subjected to such hate), against this business for: tampering with a customer’s food (imagine if he wasnt paying attention & just ate his food while driving, as many do & later got sick or had an allergic reaction to the Sharpie ink, that had transferred to his breakfast, due to being heated & then wrapped in this foil she chose to write that hate message on); slandering his name on social media & including the evidence she did this, by including a pic of her crime; not to mention taking his information off the credit card receipt, from which he actually paid for this crime!
    Lastly, I would like to say “Thank you,” to “Must Read Alaska,” for having the courage to share the truth, as we don’t get that from the mainstream press or media, anymore! Share this, follow & support these guys; for although the truth is gaining momentum there is still a lot of press & media working for the machine & spreading lies!

    • Yep. Without Suzanne and MRAK, we would be thinking out loud to ourselves. Suzanne is the Paul Revere of Alaska, and I’m not saying this with any sexist sarcasm. She has pulled us Conservatives together. Thank you, Suzanne. From the bottoms of our hearts.

  55. Suzanne, please keep us informed of any news regarding this horrid incident. Look for my donation to keep you going … Jeff

  56. This is inappropriate and never should have happened. This is not the way to treat people – we have to be better than this.

  57. You will not see me there again and I’m going to ask all my friends not to go there in support..

  58. Suzanne Downing you may well have a receipt of purchase but more importantly, do you have a copy of the white wing fascist’s credit card statement? Until then you have two different versions. Instead of being a neutral and professional journalist, you have let your bias and partisanship influence your investigation with a premature conclusion.

    • Rob, I have seen the electronic receipt for the victim of this hate crime and was told by the person that it has not been reversed to his knowledge or ability to see on the app. As far as the alleged perpetrator, I have left messages via text, email, and voice, but she has not returned my call or notes. And now, I hope you have a good day. – sd

      • Suzanne has much tolerance for Left-wing stoogies such as Rob. Speaks volumes to journalistic objectivity and nicety.

  59. The FBX admin folks still wringing their hands or have the indefinitely suspended this nutbar’s food handler card yet?

    That would be the first step in correcting this nonsense amongst future potential miscreants.

  60. Wait, so she took this man’s money and then made him a coffee and burrito??? During which she decided to write a message on the inside wrapper of his burrito, so he wouldn’t see it until after he’s left her establishment?? All the while documenting her actions on social media??
    I think it’s obvious her actions were purely for the “likes” and attention she hoped to receive on social media.

    Anyone who stands in their convictions and beliefs wouldn’t have provided a service and taken money they felt so strongly towards.
    Ms. Gonzalez actions were cowardly and purely for the attention she was seeking online. She made assumptions and discriminated against this man simply based on an item of clothing he was wearing. Isn’t that the same issues black and brown Americans are upset about?
    Shame on you, Ms. Gonzalez, and shame on anyone who supports her actions.You are absolutely part of the problem.
    Kudos to all of her supporters for continuing to support the spread of prejudice, racism, and discrimination in this country ????????

  61. Private business owners have the right to serve whom they please. That said, this woman did not have the right to put this customer’s name “out there” for vilification. She also displayed her intolerant hatred and leftist insanity for all to see! You always know what leftists are guilty of by what they accuse conservatives of being.

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