Coffee shop to MAGA hat wearer: ‘Don’t come here’



A coffee stand barista in Fairbanks had a message for a Trump supporter this morning: He can take his MAGA hat and sign and get his breakfast somewhere else.

The customer, who asked to be anonymous, pulled into the stand early Monday morning and ordered coffee and a breakfast burrito. This is a coffee stand he has frequented enough times in the past that he has a frequent-customer punch card. He’s on his ninth hole.

When he took the burrito that was handed to him through the window, the wrapper’s inside foil had a message in red Sharpie pen: Because of his support for President Trump, he’s no longer welcome.

“I saw your MAGA hat & sign. #blacklivesmatter DON’T COME HERE AGAIN,” the note read.

The ink had bled onto the burrito, and the customer decided that it was possible the food had been spoiled in other ways as well — he threw out both the coffee and burrito.

“She didn’t even have the intellectual courage to find out why I and half the country support Donald Trump,” the customer told Must Read Alaska. “It destroys the trust between customers and food service preparers.”

Among the more famous supporters of Donald Trump is rapper Kanye West. But he isn’t the only African-American to support the president. Rep. Sharon Jackson, of House District 13, was an early supporter of Trump and remains a supporter today.

Democrats have, up until last week, been worried about the strong shift in African American and Latino men toward Trump.

An overlooked voting bloc has been emerging as a potential problem for Democrats: young men of color, the news organization wrote. 

“Male African American and Latino voters — particularly those under the age of 35 — are showing a surprising openness to President Donald Trump’s re-election bid, according to interviews with leading Democratic and Republican strategists and a review of polling data,” according to McClatchy.

“Driven by a once-strong economy and a greater acceptance of the president’s behavior, their interest is significant enough to alarm Democrats that the overwhelming support they traditionally count on from this group could be diminished in November, with potentially serious consequences in a tight election.”

Read more here:

The message and spoiled food that were punishment for wearing a MAGA hat.

The owner of the coffee stand, which is located near Steese Hwy. and Third Street, has been left a voice message, text message, and email message by Must Read Alaska about the incident, but has not returned our attempts to reach her. The customer retained the wrapper and coffee cup to assist the shop owner in identifying and counseling the employee who did the deed.

The customer’s truck, with his offending Make America Great Again sign.

Have you been discriminated against because of your support for President Trump? Must Read Alaska would like to hear from you. Leave a note in the comments below.


    • Fairbanks is one of the few places TDS hasn’t become a pandemic yet. I’ve been wearing MAGA hats for 2.5 years without any confrontation, even wore it while flying all the way to Ohio to see my mom. More people have complimented me and still do almost every day. Hopefully Fairbanks will stay tolerant of each other and put our community and state first.

        • Yes that person should be fired. I guess she is one of those godless Liberal democrats who have let satan take over their brain

          • WTF is wrong with you Trumpwitted morons? How can you not see that Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist and incapable of leadership? He makes George Bush look good. Where have the McCain Republicans gone? Is Romney the only one left?

        • As a non affiliated voter, meaning I don’t apply as republican or Democrats, I feel what ever your opinion is once you vote it’s done. If your candidate didn’t win that sucks, but whoever wins is our president and we should all support them. That being said, if anyone listens to trump talk and doesn’t think he is an idiot racist then they are the problem not him. I can tell he is an idiot, but he is our president and all of America should try to lift him up to be better that the person he actually is.

          • Funny, if you actually did the needed mental weightlifting and spent time listening to entire speeches vs preselected tidbits, guaranteed to incite, you might have a reason to speak out. Unfortunately, you are a susceptible sap and have sucked down the b s.
            Common Core educated?

          • Private business. Reserves the right to reserve service to anyone. Typical Trumper though, calls everyone a snowflake and then whines about how mean those liberals are.
            Pff, half the country… 18%, 32% of voters in 2016.

          • I’m going to have to agree with you Michael, I abhor 45 and basically everything he and his followers stand for. That being said what this business did was simply wrong.

        • Absolutely..she’s a nut case. The Troopers need to go pay Gonzalez a visit. She can compensate the customer for the money he spent, harassment, the damages, taking private information from the buyer’s credit card and posting it publicly on FB, and who knows where else. What could be her limit? What a fruit cake..I’m sorry this happened to the innocent customer and glad media has gotten a hold of this story.

      • I wear maga gear all over San Diego,CA and I get nothing compliments. Maybe it’s because I’m black.

        • Well that was a typical liberal racist remark. So you would deny a black man the right to think and vote for himself.

          Liberalism used to have meaning. Now it is only demeaning.


      • Because no one colored wants to confront a maga hat/ white supremacists supporter.

        All you’re missing next is a Confederate flag and extra privilege to wave around more.

        (I applaud your right to use the First Amendment, it’s important, but you need to research oppression and Inter generational trauma before you put that hat on.

        I’m born and raised Alaska Native and many times traveling (mostly Palmer). I get racially profiled and harassed. I grew up traditional sharing, and with ancient Iñupiaq ways and . My parents still don’t have running water.

        If you think…”What’s all the fuss about?” you need to take hard look and see the oppression and control you MAGA hats users put on colored people.
        It’s a reminder of how much control/power EuroAmericans have and the over reach. Not all whites are the same. But regions like Palmer where people wave the confederate flag like they didn’t get the memo that civil war is ended or The modern display of flags used by and associated with the Confederate States of America started in response to the civil rights movement in the 1950s.

        To me maga hats and confederate flags are the new white elitist swastika. It’s a reminder how one sided the system is. And how they want to keep it that way.

        So before you put that hat on… Remember how that side continues to divide and oppress colored people. They’re isn’t unity; it’s divide and conquer. They should be the new maga hats new motto. D-n-C Maga.

        Please educate yourself on why non-EuroAmericans are tired of oppression and lack of any control when it comes to any system.
        I can go on all day, but I digress. I agree with business who “tell off” maga hats users. See how unfair people are when you support a new Nazi version 3.0.

        • Are you for real? You just told a minority to go research oppressions because his experience doesn’t match your rhetoric? Jesus.

    • You dont have freedom of speech as it relates to private business. The first amendment addresses what the Government cannot do.

      • You can have any rights to say or operate as a business, then refuse service to him… don’t ruin his food and make him question if you poisoned him… AND make him pay for it! That is uncalled for.
        Put a sign outside your business and say “Trump supporters are not served here”… and see how far that takes your business. You’re right, that is your freedom. Good luck with that.

      • Really Curt….what if a business refuses service to people with an = sign, or a rainbow gay pride bumper sticker

        Think, they will get away with that?

        We know what the constitution says, but the reality in liberland is different

    • You’re only allowed freedom of speech if it follows liberal guidelines apparently.

      • You and LAL clearly don’t understand the First Amendment and what it protection it provides you and from whom.

        “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech …”

        A private business does not have to provide you or anyone else a platform to express speech.

        No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no hate – no service.

        Phil gets it. Go talk to Phil before you get all What-About-Mah-Free-Speech.

    • Well now I guess they understand how gays, blacks and Mexicans feel when they are refused service. If a baker can decide not to bake a cake for someone based on that persons sexual orientation then I don’t see anything wrong with this.

      • Except businesses aren’t allowed to refuse service to those groups
        Not for the last 40 years a least …& the bakers are forced by our courts to make cakes for everyone, right?

        • If you own your business you can refuse to do anything against your personal beliefs! The baker was exonerated after being fined and drug through the mud first!
          How you refuse service is up to you!

      • This isn’t about being refused service. This is about a hate-filled person adulterating food that was paid for, by writing a hate-filled message on the inside of the wrapper. If you want to refuse service, be upfront about it. Don’t accept money while ruining the food. I have no problem with someone refusing me service because I’m a conservative, as long as they’re honest about it upfront.

    • It is still there. It protects you from infringement by the government, not private citizens or businesses

    • I believe in freedom of speech but telling me that Kanye West supports Trump means nothing West is crazy. And Trump goes after Twitter for denying his freedom of speech. They let him say what he wanted they just said what they wanted and he only believes that he has the right to say what he wants no one else.

      • No, he goes after Twitter for not adhering to the statutes in the CDA sect 230. They receive specific protections from being sued for slander and libel, but it was under the specific guidance that these had to remain neutral platforms. When they start censoring, removing, trying to liberal “fact check”…they have now not adhered to their requirements. Now the protections afforded shall be removed.

    • When combined with poisoning food, frauds and hate crimes? It leads straight to Court!

    • Art what is your petty point. I was there in a professional capacity and the Kent State Incident had nothing to do with the President or V.P.. It was solely caused by young ill trained or experienced National Guard troops sent out to protect property and when faced with thousands of yelling and threatening students and organizers panicked in fear and opened fire for their own protection. Their Commander also a young, inexperienced LT was sent to do a mission his superiors badly misjudged. It became a rallying cry for the posters and leftist as a result. I can think of at least 10 other things that Nixon and his VP did wrong but not this. If u doubt me fly to a city that is having the violent riots and stand shoulder with the police on the front line. Be sure to take clean underwear ? and a first aid kit.

  1. Don’t leave us guessing as I go to Fairbanks often and do not want to patronize this business as a Trump Supporter? Every business should have a right to only serve people they want to serve unless required by law.

    But I have a right also not to spend my money at a business if I don’t have my MAGA hat on that day!

    Maybe they would prefer that everyone be identified by a visible sign of party preference so they don’t mistakenly serve someone they don’t agree with or hate. A sign posted clearly visible to anyone approaching would say Something like no Patriots or Trump supporters served. Or only Socialists served would help. The anguish that poor employee must be experiencing wondering how many Trump supporters she served today without knowing.

    Also she didn’t have the character to just inform the customer before serving him his order and getting his money ?. That is pretty cowardly behavior.

    Oops hasn’t that but tried before and did not work out well for the haters?

    If this is truly a rogue employee acting without the owner’s knowledge and it is not a business policy they should have the employee identify the customer and reimburse him.

    • Let’s have a bunch of Trump supporters go to that shop and have them all turned away. Won’t be good for business.

    • Phil, I remember from my history class that a “certain group” of folks had to wear a Yellow Star, to identify them as an inferior race and against the current regime.

      • Yes they are one group that included but their have been others. I listed several nationalities not wanting to single out any one group. Also my reference as to not working well for the haters pertains not just to the Nazis who lost the war and suffered rightly so for what they did, but the Japanese also, POWS required to wear patches on status. but to any group that treats others abusively. The strive in the religious groups in the Middle East has gone on for centuries not just last two decades.
        I thought about putting a note stating “this is meant to be satire and not to offend anyone” but decided that not to after the blowup over the legislators email. If you are offended please accept my explanation and my apology. I am 73 and grew up for many years when you didn’t have to consider every word or joke offended someone.

      • Wasn’t just a yellow star. pink, purple, black, orange…etc… Do your homework….or you weren’t taught correct history… and don’t single out the atrocities of any one group…for your single agenda. Many more than just jews suffered atrocities.

    • It is not a crime for a business choose not to serve a customer. So no. I don’t think this is a hate crime.

      Hate crimes are typically defined as involving violence and being motivated by prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds.


      This person does appear to be clearly worshiping at the alter of MAGA.

      So yeah, maybe a hate crime based on religious prejudice.

      • Every business has the right to refuse service. But…. No business has the right to sabotage their service after accepting payment, period. That is a broken deal.
        Service for money.
        Only someone who is an employee would take such a risk. Has little to lose. Has the owner taken corrective action and removed this ANTIFA wanna be?

      • I guess it is hateful. Take the guys money and serve him contaminated food. Why didn’t the person just day up front we won’t serve you. And did they return his money or keep it? In my mind that’s fraud or thievery?

    • Learn the legal definition of hate crime ??? not wanting to serve someone isn’t a hate crime nor infringing on anybody’s freedom of speech!

        • It’s illegal to refuse service for reasons based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. I wonder which one you think applies here?

      • Providing him ruined food simply because he is wearing a hat you disagree with may very well be. It is hateful, vengeful, and disgusting.

  2. He need to report them to the DEC for selling him a contaminated burrito with ink on it that a violation

    • That coffee shop should be shut down! Selling him containated food with a hate message! Since I’m not sure which coffee stand this is I won’t be going to any coffee stands in Fairbanks. They must not need my money!

      • It’s pretty easy to find, Google it. I found it, wanted to post it here, but Suzanne said no. I understand that. But it wouldn’t have been her posting the information, it would have been me. Anyway, if this post of mine gets through – you can easily Google the place.

  3. Wonder if that is S.E. Johnson summer job of writing creative poetry upon a breakfast burrito.

  4. Good for them! And shame on Suzanne for her biased reporting in this article and shame on anyone who supports a racist, pedophilic rapist.

    • Not sure if the barista is a racist pedophilic rapist Kristin but we should look into that,,, She sure did ruin that burrito and that could be racist depending on what gender you are today… good luck Make America GREAT!!!!!

    • Take your bs elsewhere, and if your not a fake accout dissent causing ass then try to educate yourself because you just look stupid posting that bs here

    • With you Kristin! Who knows what this man did to the baristas. This is EXTREMELY biased and one sided. This writing is awful and by reading between the lines you see how Suzanne is. #blacklivesmatter

      • Turning #blacklivesmatter into a campaign slogan and a cry for pillaging and looting speaks volumes. We already knew but thanks for the confirmation.

      • Kylee, you sound disturbed. Are you living in your parent’s basement and collecting unemployment? Did you sign the recall petition? Are you sending Joe Biden a sample of your hair or a photo of your ***? Hope your mental illness doesn’t interfere with your mail-in ballots.

      • Kylee and Kristin are the same person. Just another little liberal tweaker who lives in the basement of her parent’s home.

    • You must really hate people to lie and slander like that, but that’s what liberal trolls do. Suzanne you can delete this comment when you delete the one I replied to.

      • And what is your socially redeeming character that you serve? You are a hater and a bigot Against one of the best presidents we’ve ever had in US history. He is a president that is for law and order. Sorry that you are not for law and order

    • So you don’t care if someone violates your 1A rights. You can have your opinion but in the service industry you keep your opinions to yourself.

    • Why waste time typing? Shouldn’t you be breaking into someones shop and stealing stuff because you don’t like the president?

      • If you own your business you can refuse to do anything against your personal beliefs! The baker was exonerated after being fined and drug through the mud first!
        How you refuse service is up to you!

    • Kristin … shame on you! You’re just as bad, if not worse than that misguided barista!! Present your evidence for calling our President any of those things. Bet it’s all stuff you read on the Internets. Is that how you get your news nowadays? Obviously your mental acquiescence has been clouded from too much smoking of the tree … Do us all a favor and stop coming in here and spouting such tripe unless you have unfettered evidence that leaves no one questioning your motives … and Suzanne isn’t biased. She’s fair-minded and unequivocally sincere.

    • pretty ugly talk for somebody that just believes leftist rhetoric. she would only have good things to say about the previous president, well someday it will be proven that he instigated the largest crime coming out of the White House in our whole country’s history.

      • Yes that is absolutely true. Barack Obama committed treason against our country but will he ever have to pay for it? I doubt it. Yes and he commanded the people that committed treason with him such as James Comey, John Brennan, Peter Struck, Lisa Page, Clapper, Rod Rosenstein, Mueller, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner just to name a few, and also we must not forget the left wing hate filled media. May they all get what they justly deserve.

    • Kristin, you sound quite uneducated. Do you live at home with your parents?
      Did you sign the Dunleavy recall petition? I’m guessing that the last sentence you wrote is really about yourself being shamed if you were a supporter of Bill Walker and Byron Mallott (the alleged pedophile/rapist Lt. Governor who took the Walker Administration down in flames). Hope you apply yourself better in your future college studies and learn some reasoning skills. You sound a little slow and brainwashed.

        • BS. Walker didn’t have to team up with Mallott. But it was Walker’s decision. When Walker’s wife found out that Mallott was hitting on under-aged girls, Mallott yelled obsenities at Mrs. Walker. Walker sure knew how to pick em. Idiot governor!

    • “and shame on anyone who supports a racist, pedophilic rapist”……So you agree that nobody should support Joe Biden?

    • Yeah, the only thing that’s worse than the employee is a bunch of ANTIFA supporters. Anyone who puts the first amendment under the bus should move the hell out of the country Veterans fought and bled for. I hated Obama and his whole admin for 8 long years. Not because of the color of his skin but because he was a horrible POTUS. That being said I never disrespected people who loved him, and I wouldn’t, because I’m an American.
      So take your hate somewhere else.

    • Kristin, Is this your opinion? Unless he has been found guilty of such, you have slandered him, and that is against the law and not freedom of speech.

    • Is it not prejudice to assume just because someone is wearing a maga hat, that they are a racist or fascist? Also, it is illegal to tamper with someones food like that. If she had simply said, we don’t want to serve you.. that is her choice. Instead she falsely served and messed with the dude’s order. That is unprofessional and very childish. That won’t make the changes we need, it will just rile people up more.

    • Are you referencing Joe Biden? “You ain’t black” comments while sniffing little girls hair?

    • Funny, if you actually did the needed mental weightlifting and spent time listening to entire speeches vs preselected tidbits, guaranteed to incite, you might have a reason to speak out. Unfortunately, you are a susceptible sap and have sucked down the b s.
      Common Core educated?

    • Kristin. You are entitled to your opinion of President Trump. That is what makes this country great. But please don’t just believe what you hear from the MSM and do some research into Pizzagate and what Adrenochrome is… alot of your democratic party is involved in that stuff like Saint Obama and Killary.

    • Yes, Kristen, do not support the racist, child groper and influence peddler Joey Biden.
      “You ain’t black” brought to you by plugs Biden, dying to be the corrupt DNC’s next plantation foreman.

  5. your article has no continuity and does not make any persuasive sense. what does a racist commander in chief have to do with coffee hut employees who are using their free speech rights? More over, Trump has overwhelmingly shown his inability to think of anyone besides rich white people. I hope your fundraising fails because your article is worthless.

    • Wow, you think it’s ok that his food may have been poisoned by that ink? It’s ok that she did that on company time? Man you’re a good example of why I’m not a liberal. I bet you look the other way on Biden’s sexual harassment charges too.

    • Your idiotic rant just convinced me to send Suzanne a $50 dollar bill for her continued outstanding reporting….

    • What’s the matter with you? There are no free speech rights when you are fixing someone’s food and then you ruin it and then serve it to them and Make them pay on top of that. Get the food inspector in there or the board of health

    • Which is exactly why ten seconds before corona virus shut down the economy black unemployment was at the lowest its ever ever been ever. You know like ever. But yeah I’m sure only rich white people benefit from black people having jobs… you’re probably right.

    • You like to call Trump a racist who only helps rich white people but I bet all the African American people who were in jail for life sentences following a minor crime, and who Trump pardoned and set free after Obama refused to do so, would disagree with you. And gee for a racist, he sure has alot of minorities and women in high ranking government positions. Also, let’s not forget the fact that he ensured that American companies opened factories in the U.S. and provided more jobs for Americans and that in doing so the economy has flourished, the unemployment rate of minorities are at the lowest in history, and people are doing much better than they ever have. The benefits have been to ALL people of this country, not just the rich white people, so I suggest you learn to educate yourself on what you are talking about before you spout your ignorance.

  6. I’d like to hear from the owner. Do they condone the behavior and feel the same or is this a rogue employee that they’ve fired? I don’t want to condemn the business without hearing their side. Could be just an employee acting out.

  7. Sounds like a MAGA Boycot is about to take place. I give that place a month and it will be up for sale.

  8. Shame on you Kristin for exposing intelligent people, that follow Suzanne, to your unwarranted, immature, idiotic, uninformed rant.

  9. 1. People are doing the exact same thing they complain about the left, and harassing the business, I should say ironic but the reality is that people don’t have any integrity and always end up doing the same thing they complain so much. 2. You can’t say that a business don’t have the right to serve you and then trying to act like vigilantes when people do something that you guys support in the first places. 3. Great way to gas light you readers when the country is literally burning and Trump have done a mediocre job and have show he is not a real leader, and oh course the “woke” people are going to fell for the gas lighting and harassing the baristas because they don’t want to deal with the reality that with the man that though was gonna protect them and make America great end up helping the country going into flames.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. That was dirty, underhanded, and thievery. Of course she has the right to refuse service, but you tell the person upfront. You don’t write dirty messages inside a wrapper on someone’s food. You are also a problem in America if you think that is ok.

    • Get over yourself, it’s not about that st all, it’s about ruining the food he PAID for stupid…wth you guys sound like highschoolers…get a lufe…

      • A word, I know I cannot change your mind, which ever side you are on, so I’ll not waste my time. You cannot change my mind. That having been said, ranting here serves no purpose. Better still vote with your money as if the owner / business is running for election to stay open or to close. Don’t agree with the policy? Don’t patronize. If you do, then patronize. Simple enough. No better lesson than to hit a business in the wallet.

    • Lololololololol Lima you are a moron wow. Time to call the health dept on that place. If that guy had eaten that he could have possibly ended up in the hospital. Fairbanks is not that big of a place best not make to many customers mad. I am giving them til the end of the month and they will not have enough business to pay the electric bill. A little business like that should know better than that to keep politics out of it if they want to survive. Shame on you.

  10. Not “good for them,” this is inappropriate and illegal behavior for a licensed business serving food to the public. Violations can be reported here https:// dec.alaska. gov/eh/fss/ complaints/
    Per their business Facebook, page, however, they appear to be proud bigots.

  11. I’m curious how many of you condemning this action, support a business refusing to serve folks in the LGBTQ community? I, for one, would gladly support this small business. Good to hear there are people in Fairbanks that are not sheep being led by Pied Piper Trump.

      • What an idiot comment. All the flames and all the looting and everything were in Democrat controlled areas with Democrat governors who sat on their a** while they could have been preventing some of this period so now trump said if they can’t do it if they don’t have the guts to do it then he will send the military in there so don’t sit there and say that anything about this is Trump’s fault. You are a hater.

    • DENISE, trolls like you that stand by the other violent entity, LGBT is no surprise at all. Lump LGBT and ANTIFA Together as domestic terrorists … Zero time for this type of moronic behavior and comparing… Totally different… You’re a child… as I said before: Grow up…

      • “Lump LGBT and ANTIFA Together as domestic terrorists”

        Here! This here! Found it — a prime example of why somebody might choose to not serve a customer openly promoting the MAGA platform that encourages this sort of over simplification of hate.

  12. Did they fire the barista? Maybe they are 100% behind the barista and they really only want to serve people who agree with them politically. More likely there is an ignorant child working there who thinks spitting in drinks/writing on a burrito is fine and regardless of the political side they take they should be fired. Once the child is fired why take anything out on the other employees or the owners?

    • Nope she is good with it , I’ve posted on her Facebook and she is all for calling people racists and then played the victim

  13. I think there is a few TRUMP and Suzanne trolls on here today. Trump 2020. And than you Suzanne for your unbiased reporting.

  14. So are you going to name the business? I know where it is by the photo. If not I will name it tomorrow.

  15. The people that are propelling the hate on this feed make me sick. Calling the President names, calling Suzanne things like a bunch of CHILDREN are the very ones like this “barista coward”. You all doing this should be ashamed of yourselves. Something sketchy and ridiculous happens to some criminal thousands of miles from Alaska and now we have the same apparently violent Libtards using a food stand as their poison pen. Got news for them and ALL businesses that try to do this… You will be boycotted and no one will come to your place of said business. Period. Grow. Up. Now…

  16. Unscribble the name of the coffee shop so we know where to not do business. And contact the owner. This “person” didn’t have the balls to say it to his face, and decides to take his hard earned money and sew discontent by leaving a petty remark on his food.

    What a disgrace, I hope she is fired and publicly named.

    • Agree.
      The victim should call the cops.
      Messing with one’s food is a serious matter.
      Publicize the coffee stand and charge the employee.
      Not a joke, don’t let this happen to others.

  17. In 2016, I had 2 Trump signs taken from my yard on Wolverine Rd. outside of Palmer.
    I have set out my Trump sign and Dunleavy signs, so expect the same this year.
    The Left are cowards, and fools.
    You can’t shut down people’s thinking by taking the outward material expression of that idea.
    The Nazis tried.
    The Soviets tried.
    The Communists keep trying.
    One day, they will get what they want. A civil war.

  18. Everyone that has the time should line up in a nice long line during peak hours at this coffee shop and when it’s your turned to be served….procrastinate for as long as you can then say…bye

  19. I don’t have a problem with you or your opinion on Trump but I know a lot of people don’t like his tweet of “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” That’s not a role model for kids or any of us right now with the way blacks are being treated. He didn’t come on TV to try to get control of the rioters and looters, he’s just gonna kill them. I don’t condone to looting and burning your own city down. I definitely don’t condone just cause you are the president that you can kill a bunch of people. How did he even stay in office the way he way is is degrading women since the 1st day in office?

  20. After you place your order, do not pay until you first inspect the food. If suspicious, contact the state health department and report them. Also, notify FPD.

    • A place like this doesn’t get my business, period. I’m coming up to Fairbanks in the near future and I’ll be damned if I get my morning latte at this hate-filled establishment.

  21. Why hide this business name they dislike President Trump that fine. Hiding the coffee stands name deny us our right to not patronizing the business. If you are holding President Trump responsible for Mr. Floyd’s death, Black Life Matters should hold Obama accountable for the death of Black Life during his administration. If Black Life Matter why has this organization never protest weekend killings in Chicago?

  22. Line up 20 or more maga hat customers. All of them be very nice and compassionate, seemingly blissfully unaware of the aforementioned incident. Order lots of stuff and smile a lot and thank her and leave a big tip. Do it several times days in a row. ?

  23. Bakery says no cake for someone else, right wing says that’s fine, that’s the baker’s right.

    Coffee stand says, no cofefe for you, MAGAhat, right wing says that’s no good, customer rights are being abridged.

    • Coffee stand says no coffee for you, left wing says that’s fine, that’s the coffee stand owners right

      Bakery says no cake for someone else, left wing says that’s no good, customer rights are being abridged, we must sue you out of business and destroy your lives.

      • Refusing service based on race, religion, or sexual orientation is illegal. Not a right wing/left wing issue for most patriotic Americans. Thinking somebody is a racist, even if they’re not, is a perfectly legal reason to refuse service.

        • Adulterating someone’s food is illegal too. Want me to make you a cake and you guess what’s wrong with it?

  24. I am the owner of America’s Most Conservative Coffee Shop known as Conservative Grounds. Conservative Grounds was inspired and created when Starbucks asked 6 police officers to leave. Unlike almost every Coffee Shop in America, we celebrate our President and appreciate what he is doing for our country. Every Day atleast .20 MAGA HATS. Trump Shirts and other paraphernalia come into our shop. Our customers know that we support their beliefs and that is why they support us. Go check us out on Facebook or at our website. We sell coffee all over the country, we would love to mail a couple bags of coffee to the gentleman who was treated so badly.

    • Uhh…. I need to get some of that coffee. You got a link I can follow to get to your website, or FB page?

  25. It’s a crying shame to read all of this and all you can think about is Left or Right! Why can’t you all see things as human beings and Americans! Or did it escape your notice that Trump supporters aren’t the only ones on the receiving end. I hope and pray for all of you and that you and your families never have to be separated, raped by border patrol agents, refused medical attention and die of fever, not allowed proper hygiene, fed spoiled cold cuts while sleeping on a concrete floor with a foil blanket. I hope that none of you ever experience getting pepper sprayed while standing still with your arms up. I hope that your children can safely go on a jog without being hunted down over an assumption. I hope that nobody storms into your front lawn hanging fake dummies with your face on it and have your children see it. I hope that your families don’t go hungry, while the Rich stay Rich, and the poor get poorer. I hope your child never experiences police brutality by the hands of a Black, Latino, Asian, (or any other race other than white) cop. I hope that one day we can all look at each other as people, humans, friends, brothers and sisters. As Americans! Not as White, Black, Latino, Asian, (Immigrant). We all bleed the same color! I hope we can end the divide and unite for the one race – the human race. #StopTheMaddness

  26. Trump is no good and the red hats are the new brown shirt. But so all of you MAGA feel better America is burning but Trump and his family are safe, they are hiding out in their bunker with the White House, lights off, but if his fans really cared about him you would proudly put on ALL of your MAGA gear head to toe, and stand up to the protesters. Protect your God MAGA with your life and safety.

    • Nothing is allowed to be done about the perpetually offended. Complain about the fires while throwing gasoline.

  27. Sadly, we have let the Great Divider divide us. Come November, it’s time to elect a President who can restore civility and common decency, and bring us back together.

    • Sure. You can vote for a demented old man whose loyalty is to Red China and corporations, in that order. Or you can vote to reelect President Trump. Those are your choices. Only one of those two will win. If sleepy, creepy Joe wins, we’re screwed, because Red China and the corporations will get whatever they want.

  28. It’s too bad there is so much hate in the world. We don’t all have to have the same view or all look alike to care about each other.

  29. People like them have no idea who Mr. Trump really is. We already voted for him. There many billionaires out there lying, paying big $ to vote Democrat and indoctrinating the youth to hate Trump simply because he is bringing the Washington swamp to its knees.
    These politicians for the last 3 decades have been lying to us and they’re getting richer with our money working for their families and friends, not the American people. They hate him because they fear him. We deserve a new Democratic party. This one all corrupted. I will include some Republicans.

  30. Check out the business page, it was the owner who did it and has admitted as much- while attacking everyone and calling everyone racists. She’s literally proud of what she’s done.

  31. I know exactly the business…. I steer clear of it, regardless. She’ll be out of business soon, pulling that.
    Pretty pathetic how ignorant 1/3 of our countrymen are. Maybe after Trump wins again in November, these folks with TDS might open their eyes and realize how great of a president DJT really is. #45N2020 #MAGA

  32. Except she has given this business a chance to respond and they have not done so. What we have right now is concrete proof that an employee defaced someone’s food and left a note instead of voicing her/ his grievence.
    I don’t really see one sided, I see reporting.

    • The people who do not support Donald Trump simply have been brainwashed by their liberal media. They absolutely believe they are correct. They absolutely will attack the highest office in our land (the President). And they absolutely will refuse to be educated otherwise. The only people in our country who actually know the truth, are the ones not brainwashed by everything the liberal media feeds them. People, not Sheeple!

  33. Yeah this is horrible but as a Trump supporter myself, it’s a private business and they should be able to do what they want, just like the baker shouldn’t have to bake the cake; we have to be consistent on this topic.

  34. Why do we have people dressed in black there? Is ANTIFA in Fairbanks? This is disturbing!!!

  35. I am in Fairbanks frequently and know exactly where that stand is. Will make sure never to visit unless I hear of a formal apology.

  36. I believe folks are getting the Office of the President of the United States confused with the person occupying the position of POTUS. I fully support the Office of the President of the United States.
    However, IMHO, I do believe the person currently holding that office is NOT demonstrating the best attributes of the Presidency. Anyone elected by a razor-thin margin of fewer than 80,000 votes in three states is probably going to face strong criticism. Those persons supporting the current WH Occupant should not be chastised, just as many us were chastised for supporting Obama.

  37. Bottom line is the Barista knowingly contaminated food to be sold by the Establishment she was working for. She should be fired!

  38. Hope the customer that purchased the burrito sues the hell out of this shop for contaminating his or her food…and violating the person’s private info…so how many crimes did this shop commit?

  39. LibTards are very similar to Irritable bowel syndrome.

    Love my MAGA hat – been wearing the same one since June 2016.

  40. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I was at a Kroger and as always I wear my MAGA hat. I was in line to pay for my groceries an the bagger was bagging everyone’s groceries but when it came time to bag mine they left the line an stood next to the wall an did nothing. After I left the line he went back and continued to bag people’s groceries.

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